How to Activate 3G Services on BSNL Mobile?

Thanks to the BSNL broadband service because of which the Indians have got used to the Internet world and increasing their productivity. Although the BSNL Internet speed is quite good, the thirst for high speed Internet doesn’t end and that is where the latest technology 3G comes handy. BSNL has recently introduced 3G Services in India and many of the users have got their 3G SIMs handy. But most of them don’t know how to activate 3G service on their BSNL mobile.

The BSNL 3G sim costs around Rs.300/- and it comes with ‘0’ talk time and a validity of 7 days. So after purchasing the 3G Sim from BSNL, you need to recharge with any of the vouchers, let’s say you recharge with First Monthly Recharge (FMC) worth Rs.399 it will give you a free data download of 1GB along with 30 Days validity. You can then choose between BSNL 3G prepaid and postpaid plans from the second month onwards.

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Bsnl 3G India

I – Manually Update 3G Settings on BSNL Mobile

Your device should display a 3G icon next to the network on your mobile screen. If it is not being shown, simply go to ‘Phone Settings’ and change the ‘Network Preferences’ to have it displayed.

Now, go to “Connection settings” and Create a new connection profile or create a new Access Point Name (APN) and type the following details.

Connection Name : BSNL 3G

Note: If you are a BSNL 3G customer from North, West and East then APN will be, and respectively. Also please note that the remaining fields like Proxy, Port, Username, Password, Server and Authentication lds should be left blank as it is.

After creating a new connection profile on your mobile, you are ready to use 3G Services on your BSNL mobile phone instantly.

II – Receive BSNL 3G Settings Automatically through SMS

Send a text SMS to 58355 (toll free) in which your message should be typed in the format as “Handset Brand Followed by Model Number”.

Ex : Nokia C7 to 58355

You will then receive a message from the BSNL services with the 3G setting in your inbox. Just save those settings and Boom…You can now use the 3G services on your BSNL mobile phone without any hassle.

Note : Use the PIN “1111” if required to open the messages.

That’s it! Enjoy the awesome Internet speeds using the 3G service on your cell phone. You can also connect your BSNL mobile to your computer and access the high speeds without needing a broadband. But, it is not recommend to use the mobile-PC internet for a long periods as your mobile may lose its lifetime more sooner. Simply, use 3G on your mobile and connect it to PC when your broadband isn’t working properly.

Useful Info: You can turn your laptop into a wi-fi hotspot without needing a router and share your Internet connection with other devices for free.

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