Best Air Coolers in India

Summer is here with all its might and with the arrival of summer there has been an increase in the demand of air conditioners. But if an air conditioner does not fit your budget then you can always opt for an air cooler. It might not be as effective as an AC in creating a winter-like chill, but it does a good job of producing cool air. They cost less than half the price of air conditioners and have less operating cost which saves electricity bills. But when it comes to choosing an air cooler for your room, there are a number of factors that need to be taken into account such as, the type of air cooler, size of air cooler, type of cooling pad, adjustable speeds, electronic thermostat, water level controller and indicator, etc.

How Does an Air Cooler Work?

Air coolers are an enclosed box-like device that consists of three main parts – a fan, cooling pad and a pump. The air cooler has a tank that has to been filled with water. When the cooler is switched on, the hot air from the surrounding is soaked into the cooler and sent through the water cooled pads. This in turn cools down the air before it is released into the room.

Things to Know before Buying an Air Cooler

Types of Air Cooler

There are two kinds of air coolers – desert cooler and room cooler and both have same functioning.

  • Desert Cooler – Desert coolers are fitted outside the window. They take in air from outside, cool it down within the unit and release the cool air into the room. The fan present in the cooler works as an exhaust.
  • Room Cooler – Room coolers are placed into the room. It absorbs air from inside the room, cools it down a few degrees and releases the cold air in the room. It is less powerful compared to desert coolers.

Size of Air Cooler

Air coolers are available in various sizes to meet individual cooling requirements. The differently sized air coolers are rated by air delivery (cubic feet per minute of air (CFM) that the cooler can blow out in the room).

Features of Air Cooler

  • Cooling pads – Most air cooler shave either honeycomb cooling pads or Aspen or wood wool cooling pads. Honeycomb cooling pads are made of cellulose material and look like honeycomb. These pads are more durable compared to Aspen wood wool cooling pads. Wood wool cooling pads are made of wood shavings and synthetic fiber. They are less expensive compared to honeycomb pads by are less durable as well.
  • Pad Thickness – The cooling pads play an important role in the air cooling operation. The cooling pads are located on the two sides and rear of the air cooler. Thicker pads are mode effective in providing better cooling. These pads should have a minimum thickness of 90mm.
  • Electronic Thermostat – Some high-end coolers come with electronic thermostats that allow you to change the speed of the fan and switch on/off the pump and fan automatically.
  • Water Level Controls – Modern air coolers come with automatic water level controllers that ensures that water is filled up to preset levels which helps to prevent flooding.
  • Water Level Indicator – All air coolers come with a water level indicator on the water tank that helps to you to know how much water is left in the tank.
  • Automatic shutoff dampers – Dampers are the flaps present on the cooler. These flaps open up when the fan starts and shut when the fan stops. This feature prevents loss of cooling effect of the cooler.
  • Castors – Most modern room coolers come with wheels or castors at the bottom so that they can be moved from one room to another freely.
  • Timer – Some modern air coolers come with a Timer option. You can set a sleep time on the cooler and it will automatically switch off at the set time.
  • Remote Control – The latest feature in air coolers is remote control that allows you to change the fan speed and modes with the touch of a button.
Orient20 litres of water tank with auto fill
Symphony12 litres of water tank
Bajaj36 litres of water tank
Crompton20 litres of water tank
Kenstar12 litres of water tank
Maharaja45 litres of water tank
Cello60 litres of water tank

Best Air Coolers in India

#1. Orient Electric Smartcool Dx CP2002H 20 Litres Air Cooler

Orient Electric Smartcool Air cooler

This is an efficient and powerful personal air cooler that provides strong air gust and possesses super cooling abilities.

This air cooler features a 20 litre water tank with auto fill capability, so that there is no risk of tank overflow.

It has an air throw capacity of 11 metres that is good enough for cooling a small room. It has air delivery capacity of 1100 cubic meters per hour with 3-speed motor.

The four-ways air deflection capacity of the air cooler ensures that cool air is distributed uniformly to all sides.

This air cooler is compatible with inverter so that it can be powered even during power outage.

The air cooler can be mounted on castor wheels to move it easily from one room to another.

The manufacturer offers 1 year warranty on the product.

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#2. Symphony Diet 12T 12-Litre Air Cooler

Symphony Diet Air Cooler

The Symphony Diet 12T is a compact room air cooler that has the capacity to cool a 100 sq.ft room within the temperature range of 38 degrees.

This air cooler has a tank capacity of 12 litres and comes with honeycomb cooling pads which are highly efficient and durable.

There are three different speeds setting for the fan – high, medium and low which ensures optimum air throw at all speeds.

It makes use of dry-pump technology that ensure greater durability and long lasting life of the cooler.

The cooler is set on multi-directional wheels that make it highly portable and easy to move around in the house.

It also features a mosquito net and dust filers and provides clean and fresh air.

It has a sleek and compact design than taken minimal space in your room.

The manufacturer provides 1 year warranty on the product.

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#3. Bajaj Platini PX97 36-Litre Room Cooler

Bajaj Platini Room Cooler

This is a highly efficient compact and movable room air cooler from a reliable brand that is good enough for small to medium-sized rooms and shops.

The body of the cooler is made from rust-free thermoplastic material that makes it durable and long lasting.

It works on a powerful motor that produces less noise and allows silent cooling.

This cooler has a huge 36 litres of water tank capacity that is suitable for full-night usage without refilling.

It has 150 sq.ft cooling capacity with air throw distance of 30 feet.

The Chill Trap technology used in the cooler along with 4-way air deflection allows better distribution of cold air.

This air cooler comes with castor wheels so that the cooler can be easily moved from one place to another.

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#4. Crompton Marvel PAC201 20-Litre Evaporative Air Personal Cooler

Crompton Marvel Air Cooler

This is a powerful personal air cooler form Crompton that comes with advanced cooling technology that ensures powerful air throw, speed control and air deflection mechanics.

It has a water-tank capacity of 20 litres that is good enough for full-night usage without the hassle of re-filling the tank.

The honeycomb cooling pads are highly absorbent and provide effective temperature control.

It has three different speed temperature control options – high, medium and low.

It has an impressive air through range of 20 feet that provides cooling coverage for up to 150 square feet and is suitable for small to medium-sized rooms.

It features a built-in ice chamber that increases the cooling effect of the machine.

The auto louver movement and oscillating function ensure uniform distribution of cool air on all sides.

It can be mounted on castor wheels for easy movement all around the house.

The manufacturer provides 1 year warranty on the product.

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#5. Kenstar Little Dx 12-Litre Air Cooler

This is a compact personal air cooler for Kenstar that is lightweight and has a sleek design so that it can fit in a small room or office cubicle.

The cooler has a water storage capacity of 12 litres which can run up to a few hours without refilling.

The cooler fan can provide cooling of up to 125 sq.ft or 900 cubic metres and air throw distance of 35 feet.

It features 4 way air distribution capacity that ensures uniform distribution of cool air on all sides.

The honeycomb evaporative pads are highly absorbent and do a great job in cooling and reducing humidity which makes it especially suitable for coastal regions and arid climate.

It is a blower type air cools that comes with three different speed controls – high, medium and low.

The castor wheels provided with the cooler makes it easy to move around in the house or office.

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#6. Maharaja Whiteline Atlanto CO-109 45-Litre Air Cooler

Maharaja Air Cooler

This is a powerful desert cooler with a robust water tank capacity of 45 litres and cooling coverage area of 750 sq.ft which is suitable for areas that experience extremely hot summers.

This desert cooler makes use of wood wool pads which are much cheaper compared to honeycomb pads.

The cooler has air delivery capacity of 3100 cubic metres and cooling coverage area of 750 square feet which makes it suitable for cooling large rooms.

The fan comes with three different speeds and 4 way air deflection feature that ensure even distribution of the air on all sides.

The powerful motor used in the cooler ensures low noise and silent functioning. The louver movement ensure both horizontal and vertical movement of air.

It also has a built-in ice chamber and water level indicator for easy monitoring.

The air cooler can be mounted on castor wheels to ensure easy movement.

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#7. Cello Marvel 60-Litre Air Cooler

Cello Marvel Air Cooler

This is a powerful mega-size air cooler with huge 60 litres water tank capacity and powerful 18 inch fan blades that ensure powerful air throw and effective cooling even during the hottest summer days.

It has an air throw distance of 54 feet and air nominal capacity of 5000 meter cube / hour

This mega-size air cooler has the capacity to cool big halls and is suitable for offices, banks and restaurants.

The highly absorbent cooling pads ensure effective cooling and reduce humidity in the air.

The powerful Surround Cooling system and 4-way air deflection provides uniform and even cooling in all corners of the room.

The cooler is compatible with inverter so you can run it even during power outage.

The fan has three different speed settings – high, medium and low which allows you to set the speed as per your requirement.

The built-in castors allow easy movement of the cooler all around the house.

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This brings us to the end of our list of best air coolers in India and Orient Electric Smartcool Dx CP2002H 20 Litres Air Cooler is our top pick because it is a standard size air cooler that is suitable for personal use. It has powerful cooling capacity and a number of advanced features such as auto-fill capacity, 4-day air deflection, castor wheels and inverter compatibility.