Best Drone Cameras in India

Are you passionate about aerial photo and videography? Or are you a wild life tracker or construction site mapper who constantly needs to have a bird’s eye view of an area? Then using a drone camera or Quadcopter is a great alternative to using a helicopter or climbing up and down a watch tower.

A drone is a fast, safe and convenient option for aerial videography that provides access to remote areas where it is not possible to reach with a manned aircraft.

With the advancement in technology, drones come equipped with 6-axis flight control systems that can accommodate the highest quality camera for full HD quality videography.

But, before you go on to buy a drone camera for yourself, it is important to consider a few factors such as its flight time, ease of use, camera specifications, controllers, etc.

Drone Camera Buying Guide

1. Flight Time

This refers to the amount of time that a drone is capable of flying in a single charge. Flight time of the drone is determined by its weight, battery size and flying manoeuvres. Most standard quality drones have 25 to 30 minutes of flight time. Other basic models have flight time of as less as 7 minutes.

2. Camera Specification

In order to have crystal clear and sharp video footage, you will need to have a decent quality drone camera. Most decent quality drones come with HD cameras that are capable of taking clear footages.

3. Easy Control

How easy of complicated it is to fly a drone depends on the skill level of the flyer as well as the transmitter or the controller that it features. The transmitter allows the flyer to control and manoeuvre the drone. Most transmitters operate at 2.4GHz frequency and come with two analog sticks. Some quality transmitters show real-time statistics about the drone (its speed, height, throttle position, etc) which gives a more realistic flying experience.

4. Integrated GPS

This feature is found only in premium quality drones. The GPS system lets you know its location and it also helps to improve its stability and navigation skills.

5. Gimbal

This is a support feature for the drone camera that keeps it steady even when the drone is moving at elevated altitudes and through strong winds. It helps the camera to capture clear and crisp video footage and photos.

6. Range

Range of the drone lets you know how far it can move from you before the transmitter loses control over it. Expensive and professional-level drones have better range compared to cheap quality drones.

Best Drone Cameras in India

Drone CameraWiFiFlying HeightFlying TimeWeightBuy Now
Syma X5SC 2.4GNo50 meters0.2kgs Check the Price
Kiditos Syma X5HwYes50 meters8 minutes0.3kgs Check the Price
Syma X5SWYes50 meters5-8 minutes0.3kgs Check the Price
JXD Selfie DroneYes30 meters8-10 minutes0.2kgs Check the Price
JJRC H37 ElfieYes50 meters8-10 minutes0.1kgs Check the Price

1. Syma X5SC 2.4G Drone Camera

This is a decent quality Headless Quadcopter that comes equipped with a HD camera that allows you to take great aerial footage.

This lightweight drone weighs just 0.2kgs and its flying height is 50 meters.

It features a 2MP HD camera that can take crisp and sharp pictures and videos.

The 6 Axis Gyro provides better control over the flight of the drone.

This drone comes with Headless/Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC) function which makes it easy to manoeuvre even for new users.


  • Built-in 2MP HD Camera
  • 6-axis flight control system
  • Headless/Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC)


  • Can’t withstand strong wind

2. Kiditos Syma X5Hw HDCamera Quadcopter

This is a superior quality drone camera that comes with a number of advanced features.

It features an HD camera that is capable of recording high quality video footage and snapping crystal clear images.

It comes with WiFi connectivity that allows real time transmission of the images and videos from the camera to your smartphone.

Barometer set height of the drone makes it hover over a set height and allows easy and steady control.

360 degree eversion function can be used to perform 360 degree flips using the drone.

6-axis gyro flight control system ensures that the drone flies in a stable manner.

Weight of the drone is 0.3kgs, its flying height is 50 meters and flying time is 8 minutes.


  • HD camera
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Barometer set height
  • 360 degree eversion function
  • 6-axis gyro flight control system


  • Mediocre camera quality

3. Syma X5SW Explorers2 2.4G Quadcopter with Wifi Camera (FPV) Drone

This is a high quality Headless Quadcopter from Syma that comes with Wifi camera for real-time sharing of videos and images.

This drone features an HD camera with Wifi connectivity that allows you to take clear and crisp videos and images and transfer it to your smartphone.

It comes with Headless/IOC function that allows simple control and easy manoeuvring of the drone even for a new user.

It comes equipped with the latest 6-axis flight control systems that allow smooth and flexible control over the flying mechanism.

The drone can perform 360 degree flips with just push of a button.

The weight of the drone is 0.3kgs, its flying height is 50 meters and flying time is 5-8 minutes.


  • HD camera with Wifi connectivity
  • Headless/IOC function
  • 6-axis flight control system
  • One key 360°roll


  • Unstable flight and landing

4. JXD Selfie Drone With Foldable Arm HD Camera WiFi RC Quadcopter

This is a standard quality selfie drone that comes with a lot of functional features.

It features a HD quality camera that can take crisp and sharp videos and images.

The camera comes with Wifi connectivity which allows real-time transfer of the images and videos to your smartphone.

The drone is controlled by the 6-gyro control system that ensures that the balance and stability of the drone is maintained at all times.

Barometer set height of the drone ensures that it hovers at a preset height which allows easy control and manoeuvring.

The drone is capable of performing 360 degree roll over with the push of a button.

Weight of this drone is 200 grams, flying height is 30 meters and flying time is 8-10 minutes.


  • HD quality camera with WiFi connectivity
  • 6-gyro control system
  • Barometer set height
  • 360 degree roll-over



5. JJRC H37 Elfie Foldable Mini Rc Selfie Drone

This is a compact and functional drone camera that can be controlled using your smartphone.

This lightweight drone weighs just 0.1kgs and its flying height is 50 meters and flying time is 8-10 minutes.

It features a quality HD camera with light sensor that is capable of taking great images and video footages.

It is controlled using the 6-axis gyroscope for better stabilization and control.

Build-in GPS in this drone allows it to be located on the map when the drone is out of sight.

Altitude hold feature of the drone ensures stable flights and steady landing.

Wifi FPV allows the user to use his/her smartphone as a remote control for the drone.

This drone is capable of performing 3D flips and rolls which provides agile movement and precise positioning.


  • HD camera with light sensor
  • Build-in GPS
  • 6-axis gyroscope system
  • Altitude hold feature
  • WiFi FPV
  • 3D flips and rolls


  • Smartphone app is not very user friendly

The Syma X5SC 2.4G Quadcopter with HD Camera, Multi Color is our top from the list of best drone cameras in India because of its reasonable price, high quality camera, easy controls and useful features. This drone features a 2MP HD camera that can take great videos and images. It is a lightweight drone that has decent flying time and flying height. It features advanced 6 Axis Gyro system that provides better stability and control over the drone. The Headless/Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC) allows easy manoeuvring of the drone.