Best Fitness Bands in India 2016

After the Android Smartphones, the wearable gadgets are a new trend in the market, especially in India. Almost all the top mobile manufacturers are eying on the fitness genre by launching their own fitness bands and activity trackers. Until a year ago, these fitness bands used to be a very costly affair, but thanks to Xiaomi and Yu’s competitive pricing, the market is seeing a lot of new and feature rich fitness trackers very often. These fitness tracker bands will help you track your daily steps, calories burned and quality sleep hours.

Best Fitness Band India (Our Top 5 Picks)

Fitness BandFeaturesRatings
Fitbit Charge HRLED display, Heart rate monitor, Silent alarm, Good Battery Life, Well known Brand
Jawbone UP3No Display, Food logging Support, HR monitor, Water Resistant, Sleep tracking
Garmin Vivofit 2OLED display, 1 year long battery life without charging, Heart rate sensor (extra strap)
Honor Z1Looks like Regular Watch, Round display, Touchscreen support, fast charging, Wakeup alarm
Mi Band 2Vertical Display with Touchscreen button, Heart rate monitor, Lock/Unlock Mobile, waterproof, Sleep tracking, vibrating alarm

If you’re currently leading a sedentary lifestyle, and wanted to get fit, then you should consider purchasing the best fitness tracker, as it can make a huge difference with and without it. These bands will record and store all your fitness information (data) and let you see the progress when you sync it with your Smartphone, PC or Mac via the dedicated apps. There are a few apps and web services which help you set up daily diet goals to make it more interesting.

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When it comes to the fitness band, we should look at three different criteria while purchasing it. The criteria include:

  1. Accuracy: The first thing you should look for while purchasing your new fitness band is its accuracy. Yes! Without the band showing you the accurate results, it is no doubt, useless. So, it should be your first priority.
  2. Battery: Since you’ll be using these fitness trackers all day long, you should check whether they’re giving you ample battery backup or not. If the battery dies out in a day or two, then it is surely a big NO.
  3. Appearance: Does the band look good? Are there any color options available? These are the few things you should check before finalizing your wearable gadget, since you’ll have to wear it with all kinds of outfits.

To cut the long story short, I’ll be sharing the best fitness trackers in the market that are pretty much affordable.

Best Fitness Bands in India Under Rs.10,000

#1.Fitbit Charge HR

Fitbit Charge Fitness Tracker in India

The Charge HR comes with a heart rate monitor along with the other basic features like sleep tracking (also silent alarm), calories burned, distance traveled etc….You’ll also be able to track your workouts using the mobile app. It has a bright LED display that helps you see all your call notifications, daily stats and even the time. The band supports Android, iOS and Windows platforms.

  • With the LED display on all the time, you get around 5 days of battery backup.
  • Silent alarm lets you alone wake up without disturbing your partner or the kids.
  • Ability to log workout sessions.
  • Heart rate monitor and caloire tracker is almost accurate.
  • Ability to track step counts when climbing the stairs.
  • Caller ID
  • Quality of the strap

  • Not useful for activities like cycling, but can efficiently track all the other activities like workouts, running etc...
  • Not recommended to wear while swimming as it is not waterproof to that extent.
  • No music control option (you might have to consider upgrading to the Fitbit Surge if you need this feature badly. It costs around 22k)

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#2.Jawbone UP 3

Jawbone Wristband Fitness Tracker

Unlike all the other fitness wristbands in our list, the Jawbone looks different. It resembles a stylish bracelet rather than a smartband. It can efficiently track sleep hours, which include the time you fell asleep, number of wake ups in between, and the total hours of quality sleep. It is compatible with Android (4 or above), iOS (v6 and above) and Amazon Fire Phone. The other features of this wristband include steps, distance, calories burned, idle versus active time etc… You can track your daily stats on your Smartphone using the UP mobile app. The device weighs just 27 gms and gives you a 7 day battery life. It suits both men and women.

  • Premium quality strap, which is made of Nylon, rubber and aluminum
  • Food logging, Smart coach and heart rate monitor
  • Water proof and shock resistant
  • Decent battery life for upto 7 days
  • Accurate results

  • Could've provided OLED display for that price.

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#3.Garmin Vivofit 2

Garmin Vivifit Wireless Fitness Tracker Below Rs.10,000

The Vivofit wireless fitness wrist band and activity tracker is the one of the stylish bands in our list. It is both comfortable and water resistant. It gives you a very long battery life of more than 1 year without charging the battery. The display shows you the time of the day and all your fitness information right on the wrist. It can count steps, calories, BMR (base metabolic rate) and even monitors the quality of your sleep and heart rates. To track your overall progress, simply sync your Vivofit with Garmin Connect app wirelessly via Bluetooth. The users can also link their band to MyFitnessPal, which is a free calorie counter and easily track the calories contained in the foods they eat throughout the day.

  • A very long battery life (up to 1 year)
  • Always on display
  • OLED display
  • Personalized daily goals
  • Accurate results
  • Stylish design

  • Heart rate monitor strap should be bought separately, which costs additional Rs.5235

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Best Fitness Tracker Bands Below Rs.5,000 in India

#4.Honor Band Z1

honor-fitness-band-z1One of the best fitness band designs I’ve seen these days is the Honor Z1. It looks slightly similar to the Moto 360 Smartwatch but comes for an affordable price. The Z1 comes with sleep tracking, calorie tracking and is also able to track walking, running, cycling etc… Another interesting thing about this fitness tracker is the touchscreen functionality. You get around 3 days of battery backup with 1.5 hour of charging time (fast charge support). You get call notifications, date & time, battery status, activities etc..on the big roung OLED display, which is dust and waterproof.

  • Build quality
  • Touchscreen support
  • Fast charging support (1.5 hr for full charge)
  • Can use different watch faces just like the Apple watch and Motorola.

  • Since the dial is a bit small, people with big hands won't find it suitable
  • No heart rate monitor

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#5.Sony Smartband SWR10

Sony Smartband with Activity & Sleep Tracker

If you’re on a budget and wanted to buy a fitness band from Sony, then you can count on this for sure. This is a waterproof fitness band that can be connected to your Smartphone using NFC or Bluetooth and it logs all your stats using the Lifelog android app (v4.4 or later). It can track all your daily activities like steps, distance, calories and even sleep hours. The best thing about this band is that it will vibrate when you’re not within 10 meters of your Smartphone. This ensures that you will never forget or lose your mobile phone anywhere. Also, it notifies you of the calls, messages or other alerts by vibrating gently. The device weighs around 998 gms and supports Android.

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#5.GOQii Life

GOQii Life Step & Calorie Counter Smartband

Unlike the other bands in our list, the GOQii Life fitness band gives you an awesome experience by stimulating your body, mind and soul, thus giving you a permanent lifestyle shift. It comes with precision motion sensors and advanced algorithms that calculate the steps, distance, activity time, calories burned, time asleep, karma points and even shows time and date. All these stats will be synced with the GOQii app on your mobile via Bluetooth. It also has an alarm to wake you up. Well, the GOQii band includes fitness tracker, intelligent app that tracks nutrition, lifestyle and karma, and a personal coach. Compatible with iOS and Android phones.

  • USB charger is integrated with the band so that you don't need to search for the charger all the time. Just plugit into the PC whenever you need a charge.
  • OLED display shows WhatsApp, Email, SMS and call notifications
  • You get a certified personal coach for 3/6 months, depending on the plan you're opted for.

  • It is advertised that the battery lasts for up to 14 days, but in the real-case scenario, it lasts for just 5 to 6 days (of-course, it is not that bad either, but just mentioning that if you're worried about the battery backup).
  • Android app is a bit slow. You can instead sync with the Windows app on your PC for better results.

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Best Fitness Bands under Rs.2,000 in India

#6.Xiaomi Mi Band 2

mi band activity tracker
The Mi Band 2 is the much awaited fitness tracker from Xiaomi. It was recently launched in India and comes with an OLED display and Heart rate monitor. Both these features are absent in the earlier version. It is both water resistant and dust proof. The band gives you up to 20 days of battery backup once charged fully. Interestingly, you can unlock all your Xiaomi and other Android 5.0 or above Smartphones using the Mi band’s phone unlocking feature (No password needed). The Mi band tracks your steps, calories, distance travelled and also sleep hours. All the stats can be monitored using the Fit Band app on your mobile phone.

  • OLED display with touch button
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Very good band quality
  • Waterproof to some extent
  • Ability to lock the devices using the Mi band
  • The mobile app is excellent and less buggy.

  • Just go for it. Worth the price tag

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#7.Intex FitRist Pulzz

intex-fitrist-pulzz-heart-rate-bandIt is an upgraded version of the FitRist, which comes with a much bigger display and a heart rate monitor. It is suitable for both men and women. The features include touchscreen support, water resistant, step count, sleep monitoring, hydration reminder, alarm, camera/mp3 control, notifications etc…If you’re low on budget and want a stylish + useful fitness tracker, then the Pulzz is just for you. It offers most of the features that a premium brand offers at an affordable price.

  • Stylish design
  • Touchscreen capability
  • Hydration reminder (didn't find on other devices)
  • Camera/mp3 control (just like its previous model)
  • Notification alerts
  • Water resistant
  • 1 week of battery backup
  • Alarm (absent in its previous model)

  • The mobile app is a little buggy. May be an update would solve this issue.

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#8.Intex FitRist Smartband

Intex FitRist Tracker

Intex has recently launched the FitRist Smartband in India for a price tag of Rs.999. The fitness band comes with a 0.86 inch OLED display and is available in white and blue colors. You can use the device to track your steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled and to monitor your sleep. The FitRist also displays date, time and incoming call/message alerts on the OLED screen. There is a single button on the band that lets you navigate between different options. Once charged (2 hrs) fully, you can get up to 7 to 8 days of usage time. Everything can be tracked on your mobile using the Intex FitRist android app.

  • Band with OLED display at an affordable price
  • Color options - White & Blue
  • Battery backup
  • Camera & Music control options
  • Accurate step count
  • Message & Call alerts on the display
  • Anti-lost feature

  • Not accurate in terms of sleep tracking
  • No alarm

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#9.YU Fit Band

Yu Fit Activity Tracker Below Rs.5,000 in India

The Yu Fit band is another look-a-like of the Mi Band, but it comes with a bright OLED display that shows you time, activity record and task reminder. Using the Healthify Me app, you can track your diet, as well as monitor your activities like steps, calories etc… You can also choose to hire an expert who can design a fitness/diet programs specifically for you, based on your schedule and budget. The device is waterproof and you can take it with you 24/7.

The Yu Fit band is priced at Rs.999 in India, but it is always out of stock. Just try your luck.

#10.HealthSense PD-102 Pedometer Smartwatch

healthsense-pedometer-watchDon’t you like these sleek fitness bands and want to have a regular watch with tracking options in it? Then the HealthSense PD-102 is just for you. It looks like your regular digital watch, but will be able to track your steps, distance traveled, calories burnt etc…You can also use it as your stopwatch, timer or alarm. It can store the details for up to 7 days in its memory. In case you don’t want to track your activities, then simply swithc off the pedometer option. There is also an option to choose between Run or Walk, which is very useful.

  • Good for elder citizens as they need a large and clear display. Not meant for youngsters though.
  • asily accessible modes
  • Fairly accurate results

  • No heart rate monitor
  • Can't be helpful for cycling
  • No mobile app support. You can track the data by pressing the mode twice.
  • Not recommended for highly active users or athletic people.
  • Watch strap is delicate.

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That’s all friends! These are the best fitness bands in India under Rs.10,000. I’ve picked only top 10 fitness trackers in the market to make the things easier for you. In case if you find any other Smartband that is worthy enough to be included in the list, please let me know in the comments below.


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