Best Note Counting Machines in India

The demand for the best note counting machine with fake note detector in India is increasing day after day since the fake currency notes are being circulated extensively by the so-called white-collar criminals.

Recently, people are getting fake notes even while withdrawing their money from the bank ATMs, which tells us how worse the situation is. What is even more worse is that if you take the fake note to deposit in the bank (unknowingly), the bank officials (cashiers) simply tear them into two pieces and may even put you in jail (although you’re not directly responsible). This has happened to one of my friends and it took a lot of struggle to prove to the police men that he is innocent.

So, even though you’re not a criminal or a fraudster, it is advised to check your notes using a currency counting machine with fake note detector, just to be on the safer side.

Best Note Counting Machine India 2016

Money Counting Machine BrandFeaturesRatings
Godrej Crusader LiteSoftware Updates, Identifies pre-2005, Fake notes & half notes accurately
Strob ST-5000 Acu-CountUse UV & MG sensors to identify fake/torn/duplicate currency notes
Mycica 2820UV & MG Sensors. Supports Rs.5 to Rs.1000 notes
Gobbler 2100Also supports USD currency. Accepts denominations from Rs.10 to Rs.1000
XElectronSupports USD and EUR too. Accepts denominations from Rs.50 to Rs.1000

The good thing about these bundle note counting machines is that they’re widely used by the banks, gold shops, supermarkets and several other small to medium businesses and hence you can easily detect the fake notes if use these machines. In order to detect the counterfeit notes accurately, these money counting machines will use the technologies like UV (ultraviolet) and magnetic sensors. Since, the original bank notes come with fluorescent symbols printed on them, they can easily be noticed by placing them under a backlight provided in these machines.

Best Currency Counting Machine with Fake Note Detector in India

In this guide, I’ve compiled the top currency counting machines in India that accurately detect the fake cash.

#1.Godrej Crusader Lite Note Counting Machine (under 20,000)

godrej cash counting machine

Godrej is well-known brand in India that manufactures the best quality products. The Crusader Lite is an advanced and accurate cash counting machine designed by Godrej with a counting speed of 1000 notes per minute. It is also very compact in size and can easily be carried with you.

The display unit helps you understand the internal process handled by the machine like the number of notes, fake notes etc….

It comes with the Ultraviolet and Magnetic sensors, which can easily detect the counterfeit cash.

For example, if you place a bundle containing Rs.1000 notes and there is a Rs.100 note placed in between the 1000 notes, then the magnetic sensor can easily detect it.

Another interesting thing about the Godrej fake currency detector is that the software can easily be upgraded to handle future issues. Additionally, it also identifies pre-2005 and half notes pretty accurately.

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#2.Strob ST-5000 Acu-Count Automatic Note Detector (under 10000)

strob currency counting machine

As the name suggests, the ST-5000 is one of the most advanced currency note counting machines with UV and Magnetic sensors that easily detect if the note is fake, torn or a duplicate currency. It also uses the Infrared technology to detect any double notes or half notes while counting the currency.

The best thing about this machine is that it automatically stops when an unusual note (fake/torn/duplicate) is detected. It also has a LED display, which is foldable when not in use or carrying with you.

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#3.Mycica 2820 Black Note Counting Machine (under 10000)

mycica 2820 black note counter machine

This is one of the best cash counting machines below 10000 in India with fake note detection option. The machine uses the magnetic sensor and UV sensor to detect duplicate note, cut note and chain note easily and accurately. It can count up to 1000 notes/min and accepts denominations including Rs.5, Rs.10, Rs.20, Rs.50, Rs.100, Rs.500 and Rs.1000.

The LCD display shows all the details regarding the counting process like number of notes, errors with notes etc…

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#4.Gobbler 2100 Money Counting Machine (under 6000)

gobbler 2100 fake note detector machine

This portable fake Indian currency detector & counting machine comes with advanced UV and MG technology. It can count up to 1000 notes per minute.

Unlike the Godrej machine, the Gobbler 2100 is able to count the American dollars (USD) without any issues. It accepts all denominations starting from Rs.10 to Rs.1000.

There is also an LCD display that tells the details regarding the status. Other features include Color change option (display), speaking option and error alerts.

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#5.SToK ST-MC01 Cash Counting Machine (under 5000)

stok st-mc01 indian rupee counting machine

This is one of the best budget money counting machine with fake cash detector option in India. It can easily detect double notes, fake currency, half notes while counting the notes easily with the help of UV and magnetic sensors.

You’ll hear an alarm notification when the machine comes into contact with any fake, torn or dirty note while counting. Definitely a must have for those who’re into business where the cash-flow is huge.

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#6.XElectron Money Counting Machine with External Display (under 5000)

xelectron money counting machine with fake detector

Another budget fake currency detector with counting mechanism. It comes with an external display, which is useful in shops or banks where you need to place the display close the customer (not possible on other devices as the display is built-in). This machine helps you count bulk notes in just minutes.

The machine uses UV, IR and magnetic sensors to count and detect fake currencies. It also supports USD and EUR notes along with INR and accepts denominations starting from Rs.50 to Rs.1000.

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Our Verdict:

Since, the market is flooded with fake currency notes, it is always advised to use the best note counting machine with frequent software updates. Why I stress on the fake detectors with software updates is because the fraudsters are always try to stay ahead of the technology and come with hacks that go undetected when using the outdated software. So, if you’re into serious business, I’d recommend purchasing the Godrej Crusader currency counting machine. Although a bit costly, it is definitely worth and saves you a lot of money in the long run.