Best Power Banks in India under 1000, 1500, 3000

As phones get faster and smarter, they are falling short on power backup. But power banks can solve this problem by supplying extra power to the smartphones.

A power bank is a portable energy source that can be used to charge smartphones and other USB powered devices when you are in office or traveling in a bus or train. Power banks consist of a lithium ion/lithium polymer battery that is encased in a special casing.

There are a few points that should be taken into account while selecting a good power bank.

  • Capacity: Capacity is measured in mAh. For example, 20000 mAh power banks can charge approximately 6 to 7 times while 10000 mAh power banks can charge almost 3 to 4 times.
  • Connector: Select a power bank with multiple connectors so that you can charge multiple phones or devices at a time.
  • Portability: Choose a compact and lightweight power bank that fits in your pocket or purse.
  • Safety: Opt for a power bank that provides short circuit protection, over charging protection and temperature protection.

Best Power Banks for Mobiles in India (our Top Picks)

Power BankBattery CapacityUSB PortsRating
Anker PowerCore20100mAh2 USB; 1 Type-C Port
PNY BE-74010400mAH2
Mi Bank10000 mAh1
Asus Zen Power10050mAH1
ADATA PT10010000 mAh2
Intex IT-PB 11K11000 mAh3

Anker PowerCore 20100 is undoubtedly out biggest pick that comes with a 20100mAh capacity, VoltageBoost to sent stable current through charging cable and PowerIQ so that it can adapt to any device. It can charge your Galaxy S6 upto 5 times and also comes with 1.5 year warranty.

Best Power Banks in India under 3000

After going through in-depth research based on the above-mentioned factors, we have come up with a list of the best power banks for mobiles and tablets in India.

#1.Anker PowerCore 20100mAh Power Bank

anker powercore portable powerbankIt is a high-end USB-C power bank with 20100mAh capacity that can charge an iPhone 6-7 times, an iPad Mini 2 times and a 12 inch MacBook 1 time.

The PowerCore is equipped with two USB ports with 2.4 amps power supply in each that charges devices super fast. The PowerCore takes just 10 hours to charge using a 2amp charger.

It comes with built-in VoltageBoost feature that automatically delivers most stable current to the charging cable. The PowerIQ feature identifies the amp charge of the device plugged into the power bank and delivers the correct amp charge to it.

The device comes with a Status button along with 4 LED lights that give you the status of the PowerCore. The PowerCore is definitely larger compared to other portable chargers and weight around 12.6 ounces, so it can’t be carried in your pocket, but it can definitely fit in your bag pack.

  • 20,100mAh capacity
  • 2x 5V/2.4A/12W USB outputs
  • 1x 5V/3A/15W USB-C input/output
  • PowerIQ and VoltageBoost
  • 10-LED status system
  • Auto-on/-off

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Best Power Bank under 2000 in India

#2.COOLNUT 20000mah Power Bank

coolnut power bank with 3 usb portsIt is a high-performance power bank that can charge a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 around 3-4 times and an iPhone approximately 5 to 6 times.

It comes with 3 USB outputs so that the user can charge up to 3 gadgets at a time. It has maximum 2.1A output that charges the smartphones and other gadgets super fast.

It takes just 6 hours to charge itself and gives about 60-70% output.

The Coolnut power bank is compatible with almost all branded smart phones, tablets, cameras, etc.

The special feature of this power bank is its digital LCD power display that keeps the user updated of the remaining charge.

For completely safety of your gadgets, the power bank is equipped with IC protection and PCB technology that monitors temperature, controls input and output voltages protects against short circuit.

  • 20000mAh capacity
  • 60-70% output
  • 3 USB outputs
  • Over charging protection
  • Digital LCD power display
  • Super slim design for easy grip and portability

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Best Power Bank for Mobile under 1500

#3.PNY BE-740 10400mAH Power Bank

pny 10400mah power bankIt is a powerful and highly efficient power bank that can charge a 3,000 mAh phone such Samsung Galaxy S6, OnePlus 2 and Google Nexus 6 two to three times and a 4,000 mAh tablet such as Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 twice.

The PNY BE-740 had 2 output ports, one of which gives 1Amp output while the other gives 2Amp output. This power bank is ideal for those who want to charge one device at a time. Because, the 1Amps output is too low for any new smartphone.

It takes around 5-6 hours to recharge the power bank from 0 to 100%.

There are 4-lights of LED indicator which display the battery level status – 4 lights indicate 75-100% capacity, 3 lights indicate 50-75% capacity, 2 lights indicate 25-50% capacity and 1 light indicates 0-25% capacity.

The PNY BE-740 Power Bank is highly energy efficient. It comes with a smart Auto Switch Off feature that automatically cuts off power supply once the device is fully charged. This technology is not only applicable for your mobiles and tablets, but also for the power bank itself. The power bank automatically disconnects itself from the power-source once it is completely charged.

  • 7 volts lithium-ion battery
  • 10400mAH capacity
  • DC 5V 2.1A USB input
  • DC 5V 2.1A and 1A output
  • 4-lights of LED power indicator
  • Auto power off

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#4.Mi 10000mAh Power Bank

mi 10400 mah powerbank for mobileThe Mi 10000mAh power bank from Xiaomi provides extraordinary value for money and it reflects a perfect balance of portability and capacity.

It can charge a 3100mAh battery device such as the Mi3 2 to 3 times, an Apple iPhone 6 almost 3.5 times and a Samsung Galaxy S6 approximately 2 times.

Xiaomi claims that its high-end chips used in this power bank increases the charging conversion rate up to 93%.

It has one 2.1A USB output so the user can charge only one device at a time. The USB output is compatible with a wide range of devices such as smartphones, tablets, digital cameras and handheld gaming devices.

The power bank takes 5.5 hours to recharge itself using a 5V 2.1A input.

When it comes to size, the Mi 10000mAh is the only 10000mAh power bank that can adjust into a pocket thanks to its 21.4% smaller Panasonic/LG battery cells.

The USB smart-control chips and charging/discharging chips incorporated in the power bank provides 9-layer circuit chip protection from over-voltage, over-current, short circuit, over-charge, over-discharge and battery positive temperature coefficient.

  • 10,000mAh lithium-ion power bank
  • 1x 10W (5V, 2A) Micro-USB input
  • 1x 10.5W (5V, 2.1A) USB output
  • Auto-on
  • 9 layers of protection
  • Up to 93% conversion rate

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#5.Asus 10050mAH Zen Power Bank

asus zen power bank with 10500mah capacityIt is a powerful fast charging power bank with 10050mAh capacity that can charge a 2000mah battery mobile such as Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro, Moto G4 Plus and Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 up to 5 times and more than 2 Asus Zenfone 2 smartphone.

It has a 2.4A output that offers high-efficiency and high-speed charging and it is compatible with most smartphones, tablets and other gadgets.

The power bank takes around 5-6 hours to charge from 0-100% when using a 2 Amp adapter.

There are 4 white LED lights that provide information about the power remaining in the device. Each LED light represents 25% charging percentage.

The power bank is equipped with Asus PowerSafe technology that provides temperature protection, short circuit protection, input and output over-voltage protection, over charge/discharge protection, cell PTC protection and adapter protection.

As for the size, the Asus 10050mAH Zen Power Bank is no bigger than a credit card which makes it extremely portable and light weight.

  • 10500mAh capacity Lithium-ion cell
  • DC 5V 2.0A input
  • DC 5.1V 2.4A output
  • Asus PowerSafe technology
  • Compact size and attractive design

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Best Power Bank under 1000 in India

#6.ADATA PT100 10000mAH Power Bank

adata pt100 10000mah mobile chargerIt is an energy efficient power bank with high charge capacity that can charge an iPhone 5 times and an iPad 1.5 times from 0 to 100%. Although, it has 10000mAh capacity but it has only 70% efficiency.

There are 2 USB outlets one of which gives 2.1Amps and the other gives 1Amps power output so you can charge 2 devices at a time. The power bank also hosts a micro USB input that can be used to charge up the power bank.

There are 4 LED indicator lights which provide information about the power remaining in the device.

The ADATA PT100 also works as an LED torch light with 4 different lightning modes to choose from.

It is a smart energy saver power bank that automatically turns off when disconnected from any device or if it remains idle for more than 20 seconds.

Auto On/Off options allows the power bank to begin charging as soon as a device is connected to it and automatically shut off when the device is fully charged.

It also comes with multi-protection features – Overcharge protection, Short circuit protection, over voltage protection, over discharge protection and over current protection.

  • 10000 mAh battery capacity
  • 5V-2A DC input
  • 5V-1A USB, 5V-2.1A USB output
  • Dual USB outlets for faster charging
  • LED torch light
  • Intelligent On-Off and Synchronize Charge/Discharge
  • Multiple protection features

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#7.Intex IT-PB 11K K 11000 mAh Power Bank

intex 11000mah powerbankThe Intex It-PB11K 11000 mAh Power Bank is a powerful power bank that suffices the power requirements of heavy mobile users. It has the capacity to charge a 3000mAh battery mobile such as Sony Xperia Z1 almost 4 times.

The power bank includes three USB 2.0 output ports with different output power so that the user can charge multiple devices simultaneously. It has one port with 5V/ 1A power and 2 ports with V/ 2.1A power.

One of the 5V/ 2.1A ports is used as the input for charging the power bank. The power bank delivers a conversion rate of up to 92 percent.

It comes with a small power button and four LED indicators that give you battery level status. It also incorporates an inbuilt torch.

The power bank is made of sturdy plastic and it has a compact design and slim dimensions which makes it easy to carry in a pocket or purse.

  • 11000 mAh capacity
  • Power Input DC5V / 2.1A
  • Output Power 5V 1A, 5V 2A & 5V 2A
  • Power Source Mini USB
  • LED Indicator

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What is a power bank?

Power bank is a portable charging device that consists of a battery and a circuit that controls power flow. A power bank allows the user to store electrical energy in it which is later used to charge up smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, handheld gaming devices and other gadgets.

how to choose a power bank in India?

Power banks usually contain a cylindrical lithium ion or lithium polymer battery that gets power through a dedicated USB input socket. It uses mini or micro USB ports for charging other devices and a full-sized USB port for discharging.

There is a DC-DC step up transformer inside a power bank that boosts the output to 5V so that it can charge high-end smartphones.

The total time required to fully charge a power bank depends on its capacity. While power banks with low mAh take 3 to 4 hours to charge, power banks with high mAh take 10 to 15 hours to charge.

There is a LED indicator in most power banks that show the how much charge is left in the power bank. It also incorporates a safety circuit that prevents overcharging, over current, overheating and short circuit.

Types of Power Banks:

  • Portable Power Banks – Portable power banks are the most popular type of power bank in use. Portable power banks connect to a smart phone or tablet using a USB port and charges the device automatically when the power of the device is low.
  • USB Plug-in Power Banks – USB plug-in power banks come with pocket-sized unties that use an USB port to connect to your mobile phone. It is almost like a secondary portable battery that charges the device where there is no power source nearby.
  • Solar Charger – Solar chargers are especially useful when going on a camping trip or hiking. Solar chargers are compatible with any USB device so they can be used to charge mobile phones, tablets, cameras, etc. Solar chargers contain photovoltaic panels which trickle-charge the internal battery when placed in sunlight which is then used to charge the devices.

How to Charge a Power Bank?

  • Power bank come with a dedicated full-sized USB input socket which is used for charging the power bank.
  • A computer USB socket or wall socket adapter can used to connect to this socket for charging.
  • A charging cable has a mini-USB port and a full-sized USB port.
  • Connect the mini USB port end of the cable to the mini-USB port of power bank and plug in the regular USB into a USB wall adapter or a USB plug on a computer.
  • Once the power bank is connected to a power source, the LED light indicator should illuminate in the power bank.
  • Time taken to charge a power bank depends on its capacity and its remaining charge level.
  • Power banks don’t have as much efficiency as their capacity. A certain portion of the power gets lost while being transferred from the power bank to the device due to resistance of the power bank.
  • Some power banks have 70 to 80% efficiency while others have 90%.
  • It is best to not to keep the power bank connected to the charging source once it is completely charged in order to avoid overheating.

How to use a Power Bank?

  • All power banks come with a USB cord. Just plug in one end of the USB cord into the power bank and the other end into a charger wall outlet. Keep the power bank plugged into the wall outlet till it is completely charged.
  • Now, the power bank is fully charged, so it can be used to charge other devices. Connect the USB male end to the power bank and the USB female end to your cell phone and notice whether the battery icon in your device starts charging.
  • To charge your phone battery faster you can power off your phone until the battery icon on your phone’s screen fully green.
  • It is best not to use the phone while it’s connected to the power bank to prevent slow charging.

Important Parts of a Power Bank

  • Battery – This is the most important component of a power bank which determines its capacity. Most power banks use lithium ion or lithium polymer batteries. While lithium ion batteries are cheaper, they have limited mAh capacity. Lithium polymer cells are a bit expensive but they last longer.
  • Output USB Port/s – A power bank may have one or more USB output ports. Output ports connect to mobiles, tablets and other devices, carry power from the power bank and charge these devices. Out ports may have varying rate of power output – some supply 1Amp power others supply 2Amp power.
  • Input Micro USB Port – Power banks have 1 micro USB port which is used to charge the power bank.
  • Indicator – Most power banks have either 3 or more LED lights or a LCD power display that indicates the capacity left in the power bank.
  • Off Button – Most power banks have a dedicated Off button which is used to start charging a device. It is also used as the on/off button for torch present in some power banks.

Why should you use a Portable Mobile Bank?

Office goers who constantly use their smart phones to send and receive emails, read and reply to messages and take conference calls need extra power back up in the form of a power bank. Those who use Android OS should use a power bank for power backup. It’s the same for mobile gamers as well. Those who like to play games on their mobile should invest in a good power bank. Those who like to travel and spend a lot of time in buses and trains should get a high capacity power bank.

How to Choose a Power Bank?

  • Capacity of Power Bank – First step is to ascertain the battery capacity of your phone and tablet. Make sure the battery capacity of the power bank you are choosing is more than the battery capacity of your devices. The mAh of the power bank you buy should be at least twice the battery capacity of your mobile.
  • Conversion Rate – The capacity and efficiency rate of power banks is not the same. Most power banks have 50 to 60% of the stated capacity. This happed due to conversion of the charge from the battery to your phone and loss of power from the power cable.
  • Type of battery – Pay attention to the type of battery used in the power bank. Most power banks use either lithium ion or lithium polymer batteries. Lithium ion batteries are cheaper and easily available while lithium polymer batteries are more expensive but supply twice as much charge density per unit weight.
  • Output Current in Amperes – It is crucial to note the ampere rating of the output port of the power banks to make sure that your devices charge well. Lowe end power banks have output port with 1A rating and higher end ones have 2.1A rating. Older phone batteries don’t draw more than 1A current but advanced phones and tablets need 2.1A input current.
  • Input Current in Amperes – Input current is important for the charging time of the power bank. In case of low input current, a large power bank will take 8 to 10 hours to charge. Although, some power banks do have 2.1A input current, but the wall charger might only be able to supply 1A output. In such cases, it is recommended to upgrade to a better wall charger.
  • Number of Ports – Higher number of ports allows the user to charge multiple devices simultaneously. Most power banks with higher capacity usually have more than one USB charging port.

From the above discussion it is evident that a power bank is an essential gadget that is needed to charge your smart phones and tablets while you are on the run. You can choose a quality power bank from the list and don’t forget to share your experience with us.







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