Best Water Purifiers in India 2017

Drinking purified water has the most crucial things to maintain a healthy life. Water contamination has become one of the main reasons for many diseases in India. That is why water purifiers have become a basic necessity for any household.

With in-built technology, water purifiers can remove any harmful biological contaminants, gasses, heavy metals and unwanted chemicals to make the water safe for drinking.

Choosing a water purifier depends on the water supply of your region, purification technology, and other factors. So, selecting the right one for your family can be a difficult task if you don’t have sufficient knowledge over the subject.

Here, in this article, we will explain different technologies that are suitable for your locality and list of the best water purifiers available in India.

List of Best Water Purifiers in India: 2017 Review

Water PurifierCapacityTechnologyBuy Online
HUL Pureit Marvella (Highly Recommended)4 litersRO+UV Check the Price
Protek Elite Technology (Editors Choice)12 litersRO+UV+UF & TDS Check the Price
Livpure Glo7 litersRO+UV Check the Price
Kent Smart7 litersUF Check the Price
HUL Pureit Classic5 litersRO+UV Check the Price
Kent Ace Mineral7 litersRO+UV/UF Check the Price
Kent Maxx 7 litersUV+UF Check the Price
HUL Pureit Mineral6 litersRO+UV Check the Price
HUL Pureit Classic (Under 10000)5 litersRO+MF Check the Price
Kent Ultra10 litersUV Check the Price

After a thorough research and testing, “HUL Pureit Marvella” has made to the top position of the list due to its modern purification technology, capacity, price and other beneficial features.

Top 10 Water Purifiers For Home

1. HUL Pureit Marvella Slim RO+UV Water Purifier (Highly Recommended)

HUL pureit Marvella uses advanced water purification technology to deliver clean and safe drinking water. It has 6 stages of purification system – pre-sediment filter, pre-RO carbon filter, post carbon sediment filter, RO membrane, micro-filtration membrane, and post-RO carbon filter.

Pre-sediment filter helps in removing coarse impurities and also improves the life of carbon filter. Pre-RO carbon filter removes organic impurities and chlorine. It also removes odor causing compounds and absorbs bad taste. Post-carbon sediment filter removes fine impurities and improves life of RO membrane.

RO membrane dissolves hardness, salts, pesticides and heavy metals. It also kills the bacteria, cysts and protozoa in the water. The micro-filtration membrane ensures the water is purified twice. Post-RO carbon filter acts as a polisher and enhances the taste.

Pureit Marvella features a break resistant tap which is very convenient to use. It has the capacity of storing 4 liters of water. It is made from sturdy and food grade plastic which adds class to your kitchen.

The advanced alert system feature of this water purifier notifies 15 days before life of the Germkill kit gets over. It turns hard water upto 1800 ppm into soft and sweet water. The advanced voltage fluctuation guard protects the purifier from sudden fluctuations.


  • RO + UV Purification process.
  • 6-stage cleaning process.
  • Meets stringent international norm of EPA, USA.
  • No Annual Maintenance Cost.
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Free Installation.
  • Advance Alert System.
  • TDS Removal up to 1800** PPM.
  • Advanced Voltage Fluctuation Guard.


  • Fully dependent on electricity, not suitable of areas with frequent power cuts
  • Water wastage.

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2. Protek Elite Plus 12 L Ro+Uv+Uf & Tds Technology (Editors Choice)

Protek Elite Plus is one of the premium quality water filters available in the market. It uses 4 step filtration process to purify the water. The 4 steps include sediment filter, carbon filter, hight rejection RO membrane and ultra UV filter.

The sediment filter removes dust, rust, and other harmful particles present in the water. The carbon filter removes odors, tastes, chlorine, VCO’s and other harmful chemicals. The hight rejection RO membrane is capable of removing up to 99% of contaminants that include arsenic, lead, heavy metals and fluoride.

The ultra violet filter removes harmful bacteria and microorganisms. This product has an in-built TDS technology which can be adjusted as per the requirement and taste preference.

Only high quality premium filters and materials are used in the making of this product. While purchasing the manufacturer provides a complementary Free PRE-FILTER which ensures safety and long life. Protek Elite Plus is capable of purifying tap, brackish and municipality water up to 2500 PPM.


  • Capacity of 12 liters.
  • 4 step-purification process.
  • In-Built TDS controlling technology.
  • 1 year warranty on the product.
  • High quality premium material used.
  • Certified member of Water Quality Association (India).
  • Complimentary free pre-filter.


  • Additional installation charges of Rs.350.
  • Needs electricity, so not appropriate for places with power issues.

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3. Livpure Glo 7-Litre RO + UV + Mineralizer Water Purifier

Livpure Glo has the ability to purify 12 liters of water per hour which makes it an amazing product for a family of 5 – 11 members. It has a six stage advanced purification process – sediment filter, pre-activated carbon filter, reverse osmosis membrane, UV disinfection column, silver impregnated post carbon filter and mineralizer.

The sediment filter removes coarse and fine particles from the water. Pre-carbon filter absorbs chlorine, organic impurities, bad taste, and odor causing compounds. In the 3 step, the water is passed through RO membrane with a great pressure. It removes the pesticides, heavy metals, salts, THM’s and other salts from the water. It also kills the bacteria, virus and other microbiological threats.

The ultra violet radiation disinfects the water from water borne diseases which makes it microbiologically safe to drink. The silver impregnated post carbon filter removes volatile organic impurities and enhances the taste. Finally, the mineralizer improves the essential minerals which enhances the taste and balances the pH of purified water.

Its elegant and sleek design adds up the class of the kitchen. It has the capacity of 7 liters and works up to 1500 TDS level. It has indicators that notify about the purification process and tank full indication.


  • Up to 12 LPH delivery capacity
  • Water storage capacity of 7 liters.
  • Converts impure water up to 1500 PPM.
  • Advanced water purification: 6 step process.
  • Technology for balancing guarding and balancing minerals.
  • Free installation.
  • Operational voltage range 140-300 Volts.
  • Warranty: 1 year on product.


  • It doesn’t have UF, so not suitable for pregnant ladies and new born kids.

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4. Kent Smart 7-Litre Non-Electric Online UF Purifier

Kent Smart Non-Electric UF Purifier is best suited for places where there are frequent power outages. The superior Ultrafiltration technology removes harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and cysts from the water while the high flow-rate of the UF membrane allows purification.

Kent Smart works without electricity and does not use any chemicals such as chlorine, iodine or bromine for purifying the water. The purifier has excellent built quality; it is made of food grade ABS plastic.

It has 7 liters storage capacity and it is fully automatic, the water purifier starts by itself as soon as the water level in the storage tank drops. It needs only simple maintenance and can be cleaned by yourself.

Due to its appealing design, it blends well in your kitchen environment. As it compact is size, it takes a very less space. The water purified with Kent Smart is safe for cooking and drinking purposes. Push fit components are used in the product to provide leak proof performance. Its operation is fully automatic with auto-on and auto-off facility.


  • Non-electric online UF purifier
  • Fully automatic operation.
  • Detachable tank for easy on-site cleaning.
  • Food grade, non-breakable and transparent plastic.
  • No need of electricity.
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: One year
  • 7 liters of capacity.


  • UF technology does not remove dissolved impurities
  • It is suitable only for soft water

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5. HUL Pureit 5 Ltrs Classic RO + UV Water Purifier

Pureit is a renowned water purifier brand and the 5 Litre HUL Pureit Classic RO + UV Water Purifier is the best RO+UV water purifier in India with an advanced 6-stage purification technology.

The stages are PP Melt Blown Pre-Sediment Filter, Pre-RO Carbon Filter, Post-Carbon Sediment Filter, Reverse Osmosis Membrane, UV Chamber and Post-RO Carbon Filter. The six-stage purification process removes all suspended impurities, dust, chlorine, hard metals, dangerous salts and bacteria and virus from the water.

It has a 5 litres storage capacity which makes it suitable for small and medium-sized families. The Pureit Classic is a compact purifier that weighs just 5.8 kgs and can be easily mounted on the kitchen wall. The purifier is made of food safe, engineering-grade plastic which prevents water leakage and bad odor.

Advanced Voltage Fluctuation Guard protects the purifier from sudden voltage fluctuations and enables it to work in low voltages. It has the capacity to turn hard water up to 1800 ppm into soft and sweet water.


  • Advanced Voltage Fluctuation Guard
  • It can run even during power cuts without electricity.
  • 6-stage RO+VU purification
  • 5 litres water storage capacity
  • TDS removal up to 1800 PPM


  • No TDS controller.
  • No indicator for water filling.

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6. Kent Ace Mineral Water Purifier

Kent Ace Mineral water purifier is perfect for Indian homes and offices. This product is capable of purifying brackish, tap water and municipal corporation water supply with 3 step process: sediment filter, activated carbon filter, RO, UF/UV.

Initially, the raw water goes through the sediment filter where coarse particles are removed. Next the activated charcoal absorbs the harmful chemical, bad taste and odor causing compounds. The RO reduces the dissolved impurities like mercury, arsenic, salts and other harmful substances. The UF reduces the bacteria and cysts.

The TDS controller retains the essential minerals. Finally the UV makes the water biologically safe to drink. KENT Ace has 7 liters of water storage capacity. It has a high purification capacity of 15 liters per hour. This helps in providing purified water at a faster rate easily.

The KENT Ace comes with computer controlled operations like Filter Change Alarm which notifies filter replacement time and UV alarm which alerts when it loses it efficiency. These indications help to ensure enhances safety and convenience.

KENT Ace is tested and certified for performance and quality by world’s renowned brands like ISI, NSF, and WQA. The body material of the product is of ABS food grade plastic.


  • Advanced and futuristic RO water.
  • World’s Top Quality Certifications.
  • Computer Controlled Operation.
  • Double Purification (RO + UV/UF).
  • High Storage (7 liters) and Purification Capacity (15 liters/hr).
  • Best suited for Indian homes and offices.
  • ABS Food Grade Plastic material used.
  • UV-failure and Filter expiry alarm.


  • Needs electricity.
  • Requires good running water force from the tap.

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7. Kent Maxx 7 L UV + UF Water Purifier

The Kent Maxx 7 L UV + UF water purifier has some impressive ratings and customer reviews. It is India’s only fully automatic UV water purifier that comes with a storage tank. It comes with fully automatic operation which means that the water purifier operates without any need of manual intervention.

The purification technology involved in this purifier is a combination of Ultraviolet and Ultrafiltration. While the UV bulb kills all bacteria, virus, cysts and other microorganisms in the water the UF membrane removes all suspended particles in the water. Along with the UV and UF, the filter also contains a sediment filter and activated carbon filter.

It comes with computer controlled operation with filter change and UV fail alarm. The LED indicator notifies power and purification display. The model is CE and ISI certified assuring that it is rigorously tested and it meets all the requirements of the testing standards.

The purifier is made of high-quality food-grade and non-breakable ABS plastic. The Kent Maxx 7 L UV + UF is a purifier with low TDS removal capacity which makes it best suited for public water supply or soft water. All the fittings and components are made sure that it fits to prevent the wastage and leakages of water.


  • UV+UF purification technology
  • Storage tank supplies purified water even in absence of electricity.
  • Computer controlled Filter change and UV fail alarm.
  • Built-in SMPS to support wide range of input voltage and handle voltage fluctuations.
  • Total storage capacity of 7 liters.
  • Filtration capacity: 60L/hr.


  • Only suitable for water with low TDS.

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8. HUL Pureit 6 Litres Mineral Classic RO+UV

The Hindustan Unilever’s Pureit has launched a series of mineral water purifiers which add minerals after purification to enhance the taste. It uses a 6 stage purification technology which is similar to other RO purifiers. The purification technology has pre-sediment filter, pre-RO carbon filter, mini filter, Ultra Violet chamber and post-RO carbon filter.

The pre-sediment filter removes the coarse and fine impurities from the water. It also helps to improve the carbon filter life. The pre-RO carbon filter removes chemicals like chlorine and other harmful organic matter like pesticides. It also removes bad taste and odor causing substances from the water.

The mini filters make sure the water doesn’t contain any fine impurities. RO membrane removes heavy metals, dissolved salts, mercury and bacterial contaminants. The UV chamber makes sure the water is purified twice. Post-RO carbon filter acts as a water polisher and enhances the taste of the water.

Food grade, engineering grade and non-toxic plastic is used in the manufacturing of the Pureit Mineral RO water purifier. It is highly rated break resistant, leak proof and sturdy to use.

Water flow rate of this product is 10 to 12 liters per hour. It can handle TDS up to 1800 mg/liter and water hardness up to 500 mg/liter. So, it can easily handle the bore water as well.


  • 6-Stage Purification Technology.
  • Advantage Voltage Fluctuation Guard.
  • Break Resistant Tap.
  • Advance Alert System.
  • 6 Liter Storage with Water-Level Indicator.
  • Adds minerals post purification.
  • Removes 1 crore virus in 1 liter of water.


  • External Pre-Filter.
  • High Maintenance.

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9. HUL Pureit Classic RO+MF Water Filter (Under 10000)

The Pureit Classic RO+MF 5-Litre Water Filter from Hindustan Unilever Limited is the best budget RO water purifier available in India. The purification involves a 6-stage process:

This technology helps in removing even the miniscule grains of dirt and impurities, chlorine, harmful microorganisms, dissolved salts, pesticides, heavy metals like lead, mercury, arsenic, etc. The 6-stage purification removes bad taste and odor from the water while Micro Filtration (MF) ensures double purification of the water.

The HUL Pureit Classic RO+MF is suitable for water with high TDS levels, it can turn hard water up to 1800ppm into soft water.


  • Triple safety assurance of RO+MF.
  • TDS levels up to 1800ppm.
  • Advanced Voltage Fluctuation Guard.
  • Storage tank capacity: 5 liters.
  • Highest level of TDS removal.
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO)+Micro Filtration (MF)+Post-RO Carbon Filter.
  • Break resistant tap.
  • Purity indicator.


  • Small storage capacity
  • Requires good running water force from the tap
  • Requires electricity to operate, not suitable for areas with frequent power cuts

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10. Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier

The Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier is an economical UV water purifier that does a great job at killing the bacteria and virus in the drinking water. The purification process involves state of the art 3-stage advanced UV filtration system that uses an 11W high energy UV Lamp to kill a wide range of microorganisms in the water.

Along with the UV bulb, the water purifier also contains an activated carbon filter and 5 micron sediment filter that purifies chlorine and other chemicals and removes sand and dust sediments respectively.

It is a light weight device weight just 4.7 kg that can be easily mounted on the kitchen wall. The Kent Ultra UV is suitable only for soft water which has low TDS levels.


  • 3 stage advanced UV filtration system.
  • High energy UV lamp.
  • UV alarm.
  • 5 Micron sediment filter and activated carbon filter.
  • Compact mountable design saves counter space.
  • 3-stage advanced filtration process – Sediment Filter, Activated Carbon Filter and UV Disinfection.
  • Computer controlled operation.
  • Built-in SMPS to support wide range of input voltage and handle voltage fluctuations.


  • Does not remove dissolved impurities
  • Suitable only for soft water
  • Need to install additional filter if water contains excess dust or suspended particles

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Water Purifier Buying Guide

Here are few important factors you have to consider while purchasing a water purifier for your home.

1. Source of Water

This has to be the first factor to consider while choosing a water purifier. Which type of technology is suitable will depend on the water supply of your home because it helps to understand whether you need to remove dissolved salts or just kill the microorganisms.

2. Hardness or TDS of water

Majority of water which is not purified contains harmful salts and impurities. Total dissolved salts (TDS) is a measure used to calculate the softness or hardness of the water based on impurities present in it.

The lower the TDS value of the water, the purer it is. You can check the TDS levels of the water by using a TDS meter (which is available in online sites like Amazon for Rs.300). If the TDS value is less than 300mg/liter then it is good for drinking. However, if the TDS amount is more than 500mg/liter then it is not is considered safe for drinking.

Major components of TDS include nitrate, calcium, phosphate, mercury, cations, anions, and other heavy metals. These substances are harmful and our body can never discard them from our body.

TDS Value parts per millionRating
Between 50 - 150Excellent
150 – 250Good
250 – 300Fair
300 – 500Poor
Above 1,200Unacceptable

3. Types of Water Purifying Technologies

There are 3 different types of water purifying technologies Reverse Osmosis, Ultraviolet and  Ultrafiltration. Below, we have explained them in detail so that you can choose as per your purifying requirements.

1. Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Does your water source have high TDS value then you have to choose RO purifying technology. This technology removes dissolved salts present in the water. It has the capability of reducing TDS level from 1000 to 20 – 30.

In this purification method, water passes under high pressure through a semi-permeable membrane which removes the dissolved impurities. The RO membrane has approx. 0.0005 microns pore size which allows only water molecules to pass through it and remaining any other contaminants will be rejected.

RO water purifiers contain pre-filtration which purifies dirty and mud water as well. In this type of water purifiers, the water wastage will be high and they require electricity to work.

2. Ultraviolet (UV)

If your water supply doesn’t contain any dissolved salts then you can choose this type of water purifier. Ultraviolet water purifying technology uses a UV bulb to kill the harmful microorganisms. When the water passes through a UV bulb, the UV rays will kill the bacteria, cysts, and virus present in them.

Though these water purifiers are efficient in removing 99% of microorganisms in the water, they cannot remove the dead bodies of it.

These type of water purifiers need electricity to work. They are not capable of removing dissolved salts, dirt or turbid water as the bacteria can protect itself from UV rays with the help of dust particles.

3. Ultrafiltration (UF)

This technology is very similar to RO water purification process with only difference in the membranes. The membranes used for ultrafiltration have large pores than that of RO.

UF purification process has the capability of removing cysts, bacteria and harmful particles like mud, dirt and turbid water. However, it cannot purify the dissolved salts and heavy metals present in it. This type of water purifiers don’t need electricity to work.

As you have got an idea of water source, TDS levels of it and different technologies present in the market, based on these factors you can easily determine which water purifier is suitable for you. Below is a quick guidance for the same…

SourceTDS LevelFilter
Municipal Water Supply1 – 200 PPMUV and UF
Ground Water Supply200 – 2000 PPMUV+UF+RO
Multiple Sources1 – 2000 PPMUV+UF+RO+ TDS Regulator

If you are unaware of the water source type then you can use TDS meter to check the levels. Or else you can apply for a home demo of water purifier, they will help you know the TDS levels and type of filter suitable for it.

4. Capacity

If you live in areas where power/water supply is an issue then storage capacity of a water purifier plays an important role. Depending on the water consumption, you have the select the capacity of a water purifier. For example, on average for a family of 4 members, a water purifier of 7 liters is good enough. And for a family of 5 – 10 members, you may need up to 14 liters capacity.

5. Maintenance

While selecting a water purifier, it is important to check the maintenance cost. Make sure it is not high as you end up spending more amount of money. Usually an annual maintenance is important to ensure the water purifier is working in proper condition.

6. Warranty and Installation

Usually most of the reputed brands provide free installation and warranty for certain period of time. There are some companies that charge for installation. So, ask a representative about the installation and warranty details before purchasing a water purifier.

7. Is the Brand Reliable?

Finally, pay attention to the brand you are purchasing. There are several bogus brands in the market that sell cheap quality products. Though a reputed brand water purifier may be a little costly, but their products are reliable as they use high quality filters and membranes in the product. Also their dedicated customer service is helpful in clarifying your doubts and providing after sale services.

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Water Purifier Features

Below are few additional features that should be considered while buying a water purifier.

1. Flow Rate

If the flow rate is too high then bacteria can easily escape from the purification system. However if the flow rate is low then you may have to wait for long period of time. Generally, water purifiers may have 1 liter of flow rate per 5 minutes.

2. Weight

You have to consider the weight of the product as it has to be mounted on the wall or else it will require some kitchen space.

3. Body

As water purifier is a long term investment, it is better to make sure the water purification body is attractive, rust proof, durable and easily goes with the kitchen decor. Different materials like aluminum and ABS are used in the water purifier. For complete safety, durability and hygiene, it is better to choose steel. Aluminum can react with salts and minerals present in the water to produce aluminum oxides which are harmful for brain.

4. Global Certification

As many local assemblers import low quality components from non-reputed Chinese suppliers, it is better to check for global certifications like WQA (USA) Gold Seal mark for RO or UV systems.

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We tried to provide maximum information about water purifier to help you make an informed decision. As per our choice, we would consider purchasing “HUL Pureit Marvella Slim”. You can make your own choice based on the requirements.

Further if you have any queries, share it with us in the comment section below. We are happy to clarify all your answer. Choose Wise and Stay Healthy.