How to Increase Tata Photon Plus Internet Speed?

Are you using a Tata Photon+ modem? Facing low internet speeds? Then here is a simple trick that will help to increase internet speeds of Tata Photon plus modem.

One main reason for slow internet may be the channel that you’re using is also being used by your neighbor and so both interfere with each other. However, users can simply tune their Windows network settings to maximum the available speed. By default, our Windows installation will not come with these settings and so it should be done manually.

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How to Tune Windows to get Maximum Internet Speeds?

  1. Download TCPOptimizer; Install and Run the program.
  2. Under “General Settings”, move the connection speed slider to 1Mbps (1024Kbps). It depends on your requirement and the available speed.
  3. Check the radio button to “optimal settings” and press Apply.
    TCPOptimizer: Increase Internet Speeds
  4. Click OK and restart your computer.

That’s it! You’ll now get maximum internet speed offered by your service provider.

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7 Comments to “How to Increase Tata Photon Plus Internet Speed?”

  1. kiran says:

    Can we increase the same thing with Reliance Data Card?..,


  2. Krishna says:

    yes kiran. It works with all data connections. Try for yourself.

  3. neha banga says:

    hi im using a mac..need a solution with it….

  4. Anonymous says:

    can i move the connection speed slider to 3.1Mbps rather than 1 Mbps as mentioned here ,since my tata photon plus modem provides 3.1 Mbps

  5. Krishna says:

    @anonymous; yes u can..

  6. S.Harish says:

    can we move the connection speed above 3.1 instead of 1mbps

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