Permanently Delete Chat History of Friends on Facebook

Facebook is the top & one of the most interactive social networking medium online. Apart from sharing pictures, videos, messages – Facebook will also be useful to chat with friends online using online Facebook chat feature. A Chat bar pop ups at the bottom right whenever you log into Facebook account. You can easily chat with your Facebook buddies using that chat window. Many of you may be wondering how to delete facebook chat history (or) clear chat history in facebook page. You can do so by following the below steps.

Delete Facebook Chat

Remove Chat History of Facebook Friends

  1. Open Facebook using your Log in details. You can find the Facebook chat box at bottom right.
  2. Click ‘Chat’ button on the chat bar to expand it into a box.
  3. Then click on specific friend for deletion of chat history.
  4. In the Facebook chat box click ‘gear’ icon and select ‘clear window’ option to remove chat history temporarily.
  5. In case you want to delete it permanently, then from ‘gear’ menu, select ‘see full conversation’ option. It will take you to your Facebook messages.
  6. Next, click on ‘Actions’ button which you can find above the messages. Select ‘Delete conversation’ or ‘Delete Messages’ from the drop-down menu.

That’s it! You can permanently delete chat history of different Facebook friends using the above procedure.

Do note that you can only delete Facebook chat history if you used Facebook website to chat and not any desktop client software for Facebook chat.

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24 Comments on Permanently Delete Chat History of Friends on Facebook

  1. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful information.
    Very Useful information as specially for all the new facebook user’s.

    Now a days facebook is coming up with very good features thats the reason i think most of the people you find on facebook.

    Looking forward for more information on the facebook activities

  2. Hi Archana, Thanks for your share. Facebook has grown like anything these years building bonds between people making them friends online and letting them share their feelings.

  3. Hi there.

    I have a problem with Facebook…
    So when someone talk me to the chat i receive a copy as a message with all chat history of this person into my Facebook inbox!
    How can i disable it?

  4. @Nikos, Hi just go through the below steps to disable it.

    Goto -> Account Settings -> “Notifications” Tab -> Uncheck the option named as “Chat History Manager” – > Save settings..

  5. hello i’ve got the same problem with nikos but there is no chat history manager on my notifications tab is there any way to fix it thanks

  6. Yea Im having the same issue and there is no chat history manager tab on mine either, and I never turned this feature on anywhere!

  7. hi there radha i’ve followed your link below but still there is no chat history manager on my settings (other applications)…

  8. Question: There is a new feature in Facebook where you can download the entire history (Chats, mails, wall postings, etc) on an account. Is there a way to CLEAR that history (delete it), so if you run that download it will show clean and empty?

  9. I deleted a chat history, but the other person I was chatting with still has access to everything that I wrote in their chat history- I didn’t realise chat was stored, I thought it was instant messaging that disappeared when the conversation was closed. Is there any way to delete my entire side of the conversation from their history as well?

  10. I tested this with a friend of mine- it didn’t remove it from their history! They still have access to the full chat history

  11. hi meg, there is no chance of deleting history on your friends side as you’ll never have access to others account. It’s just like the chats in Gmail. You can delete chat history from your side but cannot do the same from other side..

  12. Why cant i find “how delete archived messages “? if i klick on the previousfa page
    automatically appears this page where it is written :”how to delete chat messages” –
    BUT NOT ARCHIVED MESSAGES !!!????? I need guidance please !
    Thank you for your help !

  13. I was really surprised that all my chat history was saved, even chat text before Facebook rolled out there email system. When I looked at the Messages folder, they were all there! Huge privacy issue there – amazing. I used a service to automatically delete them all in one swipe. Saved me a lot of time.

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