How to Remove autorun.inf Virus from PC or Pen Drive?

These days USB drives are more vulnerable to viruses and the biggest problem most PC users face is “Autorun.Inf” which automatically installs virus in other folders. Autorun.inf files are normally programmed to be associated with the autoplay functionality of any USB or removal drives like CD/DVD. However, when they got affected by this malware, the shell menu is forcibly modified to execute malware when the user double-clicks on the file. In case if we connect the same pen drive or the removal drive to another clean system, then that virus will be spreaded to that computer within seconds and all the folders on that PC will get affected. In order to remove AutoRun virus from your pen drive or computer, there are actually 2 ways.

How to Remove Autorun.Inf Virus from Pen Drive?

  1. Open a notepad and leave it blank (don’t type anything)
  2. Save it as “Autorun.Inf” in the destination drive (Your Pen Drive)
  3. When asked for replace, click ‘Yes’.

That’s it. The autorun virus is now removed from your pendrive.

The actual logic behind this is to overwrite the autorun.inf file with an empty one. Because an empty autorun file can’t execute automatically.

This is the basic and very simple step to get rid of Autorun.Inf virus without having to use any Anti-virus software’s.

However, if you computer is affected, you can then follow the below guide.

How to Remove AutoRun.Inf Virus from PC?

Unlike the Pen Drives, it is even more easier to remove the autorun inf virus from your computer. There is a software called ‘Autorun Eater‘ which is a very tiny tool that will instantly remove the virus from your computer in seconds.

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5 Comments to “How to Remove autorun.inf Virus from PC or Pen Drive?”

  1. remove redirect says:

    And it sucks because we commonly don’t think of our usb drives and then we insert it and its too late. Thanks for your knowledge, its really wonderful.

  2. vl says:

    I consider Autorun Virus Remover one of the best security solution for USB devices. I use it to clean my USB disks from infections and to repair the corrupted system settings.

  3. i think using a firewall or a portable antivirus would be a better option to stay safe…check out here

  4. deepak says:

    Tried a lot of so called removers. None worked. This trick worked. Fantastic…

  5. Pandiyan says:

    the file is have read only permission i can’t replace it any idea???????????

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