How to Port a CDMA Number to GSM and Viceversa using MNP Service?

What is MNP?

MNP is nothing but Mobile Number Portability (Porting) which helps a customer wishing to port his/her number to contact the new provider (Recipient) who will then arrange necessary process with the old provider (Donor). This is also known as ‘Recipient-Led’ porting. This will enable a mobile user to shift to a different Service Provider without having to change his mobile number.

Many of the users still have the doubt regarding the number portability between CDMA and GSM mobiles and vice-versa.
Mobile Number Portability
A guy has asked me this question “How to Change from Reliance CDMA to GSM under MNP?“. So here is a detailed procedure for CDMA to GSM Number Portability in India.

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How to Port a CDMA Number to GSM and Viceversa?

  1. Send an SMS: PORTYour Mobile Number and sent it to 1900. You’ll get an Unique Porting code (UPC)

    Ex: PORT 9885098850

  2. Goto your nearest retailer of your choice (Airtel/Idea/BSNL/Tata etc..) and ask for an application form in which you need to fill your details along with your UPC code received (in step 1).

    Proofs Required: UPC Code, Copy of your Address, Identity Proof (PAN Card/Voter ID/Passport etc..) and a recent Passport size photograph.

  3. After all the process has been completed, the retailer will hand over a new GSM SIM to you which you’ll need to place in a GSM phone (you’ll be informed by your operated via message on when to insert your new SIM card).
  4. Next, you’ll get a message from your new Operator (the one you’ve chosen) to your old operator’s SIM, the details regarding the porting date and time i.e., when you can use your new SIM card.
  5. After the specified time (usually 7 days), you can use the new SIM in your GSM mobile with new Mobile Operator serving you.

Note: The charges for Porting CDMA to GSM is Rs.19. Waiting time would be 5-7 days before your CDMA number is completely ported to a new GSM number.

This is the same process for all CDMA numbers (Reliance and Tata Indicom).

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9 Comments on How to Port a CDMA Number to GSM and Viceversa using MNP Service?

  1. i apply for Reliaence cdma to switch user, i send a massege to 1900. i got reply that \no default configured\.
    Please tell me what is this?

  2. I have reliance CDMA handset. My question is, if i port to a GSM service will I be able to use the CDMA handset with the new GSM SIM.

  3. I’m currently having 10 paise(T to T) and 50p others tariff on my Tata Indicom CDMA, Will the tariff remain same after migrating to TATA GSM?

  4. Take a handset which is a dual one and also which consists both GSM and CDMA sim slots.Copy entire contacts from your cdma sim to handset and again copy it from your handset to new GSM sim and viceversa.
    If you dont have the handset you cant copy your contacts from cdma to gsm.

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