How to Speed Up Your Pen Drive for Faster Transfer Rate?

Many USB Pen Drive users after few days of usage complain about the decreasing speeds while transferring content from their computer to pen drive and vice-versa.

Steps to increase the transfer rate of your USB drive

  1. First of all, right click on your pen-drive and then click on “Format” option. Change the File system from “Fat 32 to NTFS” as the FAT 32 cannot handle large amounts of data. After changing the option, click on “Start” button to format it.
    Format USB Drive
  2. Now go to the properties window of the portable drive and select hardware tab and change the radio button to “optimize for performance“. There you are done. Now enjoy higher data transfer rates.
    Pen Drive Speed Up Options

Note: Formatting will delete all your data. NTFS File system cannot be read/supported by Windows 2000 or older. Original data rates may depend on your pendrive and Operating System. Also remember to update your USB port version to USB 2.0 as it offers much faster speeds when compared to the older versions.

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14 Comments on How to Speed Up Your Pen Drive for Faster Transfer Rate?

  1. Great post, sharp mind and brilliant writing. Thanks for sharing, really impressed! keep the good stuff! I am copying my pen drive.

  2. Hey now theres a problem here!!!

    I have a pen drive called as UDISK.
    This is thing is only 1.0 speed or may be less!! Duh!!
    Now I try to copy something and it takes ages to calculate speed and content and all that shit and the starts to copy but yeah again..takes ages to copy even a 1 mb file or yeah evena less than 1 mb file.

    now even if i get it copied after waiting for a really long time i am able to use that file only on that computer. If i carry the PD to another computer and try to access it… the file will just to open or play or whatever its suppose to do…

    I know this is shit!! you might have never heard of this before too.,,!! well here it is..

    And yeah.. I also tried to get the optimization done as u have mentioned it (i already know how to do this already) but still no use…!! and then yeah i wanted to get it formated to NTFS thinking that atleast it will work faster now!!! BUT wft!! it doesnt even allow to do so….. grhhh!! so frustrating….. now u see i have tried all possible things simple…

    SO the Question is …. IS there any way that i can actually flash this thing to 2.0 or something like this to get what i want you know……..???

    So any pro there who can understand and solve this mystery !!!!!

    Would appreciate!!

  3. Hi,

    brilliant stuff,
    but my pen drive “transcend 8GB” doesn’t show an “NTFS” option in the format menu…can u guide me how to proceed fruther…


    • Windows 7 and vista has this feature of formatting pendrive in NTFS and FAT format but xp doesn’t hv this feature… so try to format ur pendrive in d system having windows 7 or vista… it will work…

  4. After using win to flash my Kingston 16Gb pen drive speed is slow.I have tried to format it in various ways but still the speed is 1mb/s.I have also tried hp formatting tool.How to make it non- boot able.

  5. Quickly removal option is better for those who doesn’t use eject drive. Sometimes data get corrupted using performance option if you don’t eject the drive from system.

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