Type Indian Rupee Symbol in MS-Word Using Keyboard

After the Official Symbol for the Indian Rupee was finalized by the Union Cabinet, every one in the country were curious about “How to Type Indian Rupee Symbol in Computer using MS-Word?“. So i thought of sharing this small tutorial on writing INR Rupee Symbol using computer keyboard.

The symbol of Indian Rupee doesn’t have a Unicode character and it can take from a few days to a year for the new symbol to get accepted by the Unicode Consortium’s Unicode Technical Committee that is responsible for the development and maintenance of the Unicode Standard, including the Unicode Character Database.

Update: All the latest Keyboards come with the Rupee Symbol included.
indian rupee symbol selected
In case, you’re already having an old keyboard and don’t want to purchase a new one just for the sake of using the INR symbol, then you can follow the below tutorial.

Rupee Symbol on Keyboard

How to Install Rupee Font on your Computer?

  1. Download the Rupee.tff file.
  2. Copy the file to C:\Windows\Fonts directory.(for Windows XP users).
  3. Right-click or double click on the downloaded font file and choose “Install” (for Windows 7/8/Vista users).
  4. Once the font is installed, you can use the Indian Rupee font in you text editor (MS Word, Notepad etc…) by using the tild (`) key of your keyboard.

NOTE: As all the computers are not having this font installed, It is advised not to use this font in your documents such as MS-Word and other applications. Because, when you open such a document on another computer the viewer will not be able to see the symbol as the font is not installed on his computer. The Rupee font is strictly for designing purposes.

Foradian Technologies has also released Vector, EPS, Photoshop and Illustrator files for the Rupee symbol which are free to use.

Also see: How to Display Rupee Symbol on Websites?

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58 Comments on Type Indian Rupee Symbol in MS-Word Using Keyboard

  1. Thank you,,
    Its working good..

    1).After copy the “Rupee_Foradian.ttf” in Control Panel –> Fonts folder, we need to

    2). select font type –>Rupee_Foradian,

    3).Then press “Tab + Tilde (Tab~) OR “Windows + ~” OR just on Press Caps Lock then Press ‘~’…

    Then use Rupee key happily……..

  2. Indian rupee symbol is going to be used in computers lateron but with this method now the rupee symbol is going to be used worldwide. Aware the others so that rupee symbol is used maximum at the earliest.
    Be Proud.
    Being Indian

  3. I am having Office 2010, its not working in my office, I have downloaded the font, installed in Windows 7, I am able to change the font to but not getting the symbol, I am getting the ~ or ` symbol only using shift / caps key. I tried with word pad also, the same problem.

  4. At last indian rupee got its identification word wide otherwise we were habitual to type out Rs. now i installed the new symbol in my ms word. a lot thanks to this site. hope other will also do it for recognization of rupee.

  5. I used the symbol but the problem is when u change the font globally during formatting, the symbol will also change. That means, it doesn’t support any other font. Any solution for this till we get fresh keyboard with the symbol.

  6. IS THERE ANY FIREFOX PLUGIN which displays dollars in INR(Indian Rupees)
    am sure there is one but do not know the name of the plugin…
    i read abt it in chip/digit magzine…

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  8. i am really very happy to see the INR Symbol, but i am unable to type this symbole each computer, Laptop and Mobile phone must be create this symbol like $ USD symbol.

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