Pre-Order Aakash Tablet (UbiSlate7) With & Without Student Discount

The most awaited tablet of this year 2011 is definitely the Aakash tablet. It was also quoted as the world’s cheapest android tablet. DataWind is going to launch the Aakash tablet with a different name as “UbiSlate” any day after November 20th at the price tag of INR 3000.

Aakash Tablet UbiSlate7 Availability

Aakash Tablet (UbiSlate) Features & Specifications

  • 7″ resisitive touch screen (800 x 480 px screen resolution)
  • Android 2.2 Froyo operating system
  • 366 MHz processor
  • USB, GPRS, Wi-Fi
  • SIM card Support for making & receiving calls, browsing Internet using GPRS
  • 256MB RAM & 2GB Flash memory (is expandable upto 32GB using an external SD card)
  • PDF Viewer & Text Editor Support
  • 3.5mm headset jack
  • High quality video streaming & playback support
  • Includes Games, Full office, Educational softwares etc…
  • Battery Backup: upto 180 minutes
  • Weight: 350gms
  • Optional Accessories: Car charger & Keyboard case which cost you extra.

For those who are confused: UbiSlate7 is nothing but Aakash tablet. DataWind has renamed the Aakash tablet as UbiSlate7 for marketing purpose.

You can pre-order UbiSlate7 from their official website – or call the toll-free number 1800-180-2180

If you’re a student, you can get the same tablet for INR 1700-1800. To get this tablet on student scheme, you need to ask your principle or head master to contact the DataWind representatives (through the official site or the toll-free number).

Update (December 8,2011): According to Mobile Indian, a Datawind spokesperson revealed that improved version of Aakash will hit store shelves next year by the end of January due to upgradation and certain unexpected issues in manufacturing.

Update (December 12, 2011): The much-awaited Aakash Tablet is now available for purchase. It’s specifications are as below

Specifications Aakash UbiSlate 7 (The upgraded version of Aakash)
Availability NOW! Late January
Pricing Rs.2,500 Rs.2,999
Microprocessor Arm11 – 366Mhz Cortex A8 – 700 Mhz
Battery 2100 mAh 3200 mAh
OS Android 2.2 Android 2.3
Network WiFi WiFi & GPRS (SIM & Phone functionality)
Order Now Pre-Book Now

Based on the above said specifications, It’s suggested to wait till the UbiSlate 7 is launched as it has more advanced features than the traditional “Aakash” tablet. However, if you want to have your hands on the basic version, you can order it now by clicking the above link.

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140 Comments to “Pre-Order Aakash Tablet (UbiSlate7) With & Without Student Discount”

  1. k.jaikumar says:

    when will come to ubislate in southindian chennai,pondy

  2. sanjay says:

    how can i buy the akash

  3. Radha Krishna says:

    simply pre-order (mention ur details) using the contact form @ and their representatives will get back to you once it was made available. or you can even call the toll free number mentioned in the article for the same.

  4. Radha Krishna says:

    u can order it directly from the website…u will get it delivered to you.

  5. imran says:

    sir,i am student, i wants buy akash tab

  6. Radha Krishna says:

    u can order it from site

  7. vipin sj says:

    sir,, i wants buy akash tab

  8. Pratik says:

    being a student i want to buy this tab as earlier i can

  9. sandeep says:

    sir, i want buy akash tab

  10. Ravi says:

    if we are not a student means, then at what price we can get akash tablet

  11. Noel j philip says:

    Have me one! guiuoued Fine.

  12. komalgoyal says:

    i am student i what to buy this tab as earlier i can purchase

  13. Radha Krishna says:

    if you’re not a student, you’ll get it at INR 3000.

  14. tarkeshwar prasad says:

    i am a master degree student how can i get it at govt price

  15. Akshay Sajeev says:


    I am a student i want to buy this tab as early as possible

  16. aparna says:

    Being the student i want to buy the aakash tablet.
    please send the contacts address who situated in mumbai with details.

    Please sir as early as posiible.
    I willbe thankful to you

  17. Shashi says:

    Can we connect usb bluetooth to it..nd does aakash have gprs

  18. gowtham says:

    how can i book this tablet pc . .
    kindly send me details .

  19. Radha Krishna says:

    yes, you can connect it..also you can insert your SIM card to connect to the internet.

  20. karthik says:

    I heard that the earlier release was not able to adapt sim cards! And also the next release would be with adaptablity and the price rate would differ! What would you wish to say on that?
    And which way would you prefer me to buy it as a student rather than making it through the college management directly?

  21. ANKIT SOHAL says:

    please send the contacts address who situated in delhi with details.

    Please sir as early as posiible.
    I willbe thankful to you.

  22. Basava Prabhu says:

    i want buy akash tablet

  23. kartik says:

    hey can we connect this to computer using usb cable so we can use broadband in it as well.

  24. Karann singhania says:

    From whick site..Plz plz tell me

  25. ali says:

    i want to buy a tab pc plz inform me

  26. Radha Krishna says:

    if you’re a student its better to avail this tab via student discount scheme. And the tab does support SIM cards.

  27. Radha Krishna says:

    you can ask your principle to contact the Ubislate vendors through the website and tell them to ask for students scheme.

  28. rohan says:

    i want to buy akash tab pc what is the process of this same???????????

  29. pavan says:

    i want to buy a tab pc plz inform me

  30. Pavan says:

    I wish I could have an Aaksah Tab for me, and my brother studying Enginering 3rd year. I’m ready to pay for it and collect from any place you feel convenient for you. Can you please altert me when available? Awaiting your reply, Pavan.

    Phone Number : 9160160370
    Email :



    Order line is very busy so please contact me


  32. vaibhav says:


  33. ravinder says:

    hello sir,
    i m a student i odered but slightly i could got the form application of ubislate7,and there is problem i cant contact my pricipal,my freind says that there is no need to contact principal and we have to only submit marksheet of 10 standard,and we got this product,am i right or not????i am really confused sir,help sir plz

  34. srikanth says:

    i m a student want to buy 2.2 version akash tablet pc how much its cost

  35. srikanth says:

    i m a student want to akash pc 2.2 version how much it cost

  36. Mohammed Ibrahim says:

    I am student.Studing in inter first year.i want to buy it in student please let me know .how can i buy it .

  37. Mohammed Taher says:

    I want to buy it. How can i.and from where should i buy it.plz let me soon as possible . Tahnk you.

  38. Radha Krishna says:

    i am afraid you can;t use your computer’s internet connection on your aakash tablet through USB. However, you can do so using the WiFi connection of your computer.

  39. unnikrishnan pm says:

    I want to buy it in a student please let me can i buy it.

  40. unnikrishnan pm says:

    i am a student.i want to buy it , as soon as possible.

  41. prince says:

    sir i have tried to pre order many times but i have nt recieved any registration id through mail… Wat should i do now???

  42. agniswar chatterjee says:

    sir ,im frm kolkata doing my hotel management from i.h.m. kolkata
    iv booked it online bt i havnt recieved any booking id
    nd i want to avail this at the earliest
    plz help me
    my email id is
    plz help me out

  43. Anil Patil says:

    if anyone from Mumbai,Thane interested in Buying Akash Tab pls contact me on this email id

  44. MOHIT PATEL says:

    Hellllooo sir,
    My self Mohit Patel want’s to book the phone as a student……. and i am not getting it
    sir if u don’t mind can u plz help me out…??
    this is my email add :-
    and contact no.:- 9601256026

    plzzz plzzzz help me out
    I am damm interested in this Akash Tab……

    M waiting for ur answer sir..

  45. rajkumar nune says:

    sir mujhe karnataka mai kaha par order book karna chahiye.pls bataye

  46. ajat shatru says:

    The akash is gagar mai sagar
    My chield also awaiting for it
    Where can I get it

  47. KUBERA says:

    how can and where can i book student offer//discount akash tablet as early as posible

  48. akash mulje says:

    hi sir…….
    i am a student.i want to buy it , as soon as possible.
    phone number-:9145950520
    whick site…plz plz tell me

  49. Mahtab says:

    Plz send aakash tab

  50. Sir,
    can we make calls in aakash tablet pc that is giving for students

  51. Radha Krishna says:

    Hi, the ubislate 7 will allow you to make calls but the primary version (aakash) that is being given to the students will not support as it doesn’t have SIM slot.

  52. Radha Krishna says:

    ask your college principal or headmaster to contact the Aakashtablet team and order tablets in the name of your school in bulk.

  53. jatinder singh says:

    Dear sir/madam

    I already booked my tab about a month ago,but i did’t get any response from company and i also get my booking id.please help.

  54. Aman says:

    If i want to get a keyboard with aakash tablet thn wht is the cost?

  55. Radha Krishna says:

    hi jatinder, the aakash tablet is ready for purchase through the online store and you’ll get it delivered to your in 1 week of time (max). However, Ubislate is an extended version of aakash tablet which is not yet available for purchase. So, you’ll have to wait till january end to book it. Keep your booking ID safe as the representatives will call u once the tab is made available for all.

  56. Nitesh Pawar says:

    i have pre-booked the ubislate7, but i didn’t received any booking ID as mentioned after booking.

  57. Gulfan ali says:

    Plz send the all information aakash tablet and contact no my contact no. 07417400386 email id…

  58. mallikarjunthammadi says:

    sir i pre ordered aakash tab ubislate7 is it supports c, c++,java like softwares.
    if u delivered to my address plz inform one day before sir

  59. saurabh says:

    to radha krishna
    ma’am just wanted too ask,that i had booked this akash tablet version,and i want to cancel it because i have made my interest in UBISLATE 7 adv.version and i have already registered for the same….
    i want to cancel my order for the normal akash tablet , can i cancel that.. ? and HOW…?
    as i’m not interested in having both of them…
    plz help needed…

  60. AMAR NATH PANDEY says:

    I am student i want to buy UBI SLATE7 VERSION TILL ME PROCESS




  61. srinivas says:

    If i book UBISLATE in online. Do i have to pay any delivery chargers ? or is it enough pay 3K ?

  62. Sumit says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am a student and i want to buy Aakash table.So how can i buy it.I want to buy it as soon as possible
    Piease contact 9896458291

  63. kotinagulu says:

    hallo sir i am order the aakash ubi slate 7 how many days take my aakash ubi slate 7

  64. Kandarp Vyasa says:

    On the website I have prebooked the UBISLATE 7 But I have not received any mail of confirmation,

    Now what???

    Kandarp Vyasa 09324112018

  65. Anil Patil says:

    Dear All,
    I will help you on getting this product if you are from Mumbai and surrounding areas.we are the distributors of that product for Mumbai and surrounding areas so no need to worry who are interested just provide us your contact information on this email id we will call you on that number once this TAB is available in can refer your friends also to be in touch with us if they are interested in buying Akash.

    So take care and be in touch with us.

  66. josena says:

    its too complicated… it wud b easy if its available with college id…..

  67. hi sir i want to know that i hv to paid how much extra or not for optional keyboard case …..
    plz reply

  68. RAJAN says:

    what ll be the price of ubislate which is going to launch in jan 12?
    and what extended feature it ll contain?

  69. Radha Krishna says:

    its around 3000 and you can find its features in the above article.

  70. Radha Krishna says:

    the keyboard case will definitely wont cost you more than the tablet but the price is not yet revealed as of now. We’ll update you once it is announced. Stay tuned.

  71. Radha Krishna says:

    The manufacturers are sending mails lately. You’ll surely receive the booking ID shortly. Be patient. Once the tab is made available, you’ll get a call from the executives to take the order where you’ll need this booking ID.

  72. Radha Krishna says:

    Ubislate is not yet released. You’ll have to wait until the end of January 2012 for it.

  73. Radha Krishna says:

    as per the manufacturers, you don’t have to pay any extra charges. Just the 3k. Hope they doesn’t change their mind after the product was launched.

  74. Radha Krishna says:

    you’ll get a confirmation call for the same and so when they call you, tell them that you’re not interested in the order. They’ll cancel it.

  75. Radha Krishna says:

    its taking a bit late to get the booking ID. Please be patient. You’ll surely get it in your mail.

  76. Radha Krishna says:

    its cost is not yet revealed. Will let you know once the keyboard case is released officially.

  77. Sunil Kumar Saxena says:

    hi sir…….
    i am a Employee.i want to buy it , as soon as possible.
    phone number-:9837774548
    whick site…plz plz tell me

  78. harleen kaur says:

    i am a student of mca i just want to know that is ubislate avaailable at student price or it has been cancelled and all have to buy it at equal price whether student or not .

  79. harleen kaur says:

    one thing i forgot to ask that will we get the keyboard case with it or we have to purchase it seperatly

  80. Radha Krishna says:

    it should be purchased separately.

  81. Radha Krishna says:

    first of all, the ubislate is not aakash tablet which is said to be given on student scheme and so I think it should be ordered for the same price without any student discount.

  82. Radha Krishna says:

    We’ll update you whenever it becomes available. However, pre-book your ubislate and get your booking ID.

  83. Pankaj says:

    Where are service center of ubislate7 if any problem will come in it.

  84. Kevin Gandharva says:

    Hi! Hello Sir, main Aakash tablet lena chahata hun. Main aakash tab online book kiya hai. Mera number9099684228

  85. divyani gupta says:

    m d student of 2nd yr…
    wat is d cost of ubislate 7..??
    is there any discount?

  86. aikansh says:

    sir,i have book it but i didn’t get can u plese tell me which date i get it.

  87. papaniya nikul rameshbhai says:

    i am a student of bca i just want to know that is ubislate avaailable at student price
    hi sir…….
    i am a Employee.i want to buy it , as soon as possible.
    phone number-9558329523

  88. Radha Krishna says:

    It will be available from the last week of January 2012. You’ll receive a call from them. So, make sure you save your booking ID that you got to your mail.

  89. Radha Krishna says:

    It costs around 3000 and there will be no student discount on it (Ubislate 7) as far as I know.

  90. harish says:

    I am a student i would like to buyy a tabelat pls forwerd me all deatils

  91. BHAVIN B. SHAH says:


  92. i have not recieve aakash tablet my booking order no. is” PMD7EC9F1292 my mobil no 9036250769

  93. Dinesh Anjana says:

    i am a student of bca and i book ubislate 7, i want to know what the student price of it.

  94. prasanta kumar mohapatra says:

    Respected sir,


  95. harsh nayak says:

    hello sir,

    i have already pre-book the aakash 2(ubislate) and also got a booking id,but i have no idea when this tablet delivered to me

  96. patel romik says:

    how can i get discount, as i am a student????

  97. Mukul ranjan says:

    How can i book this?????

  98. RAVI RANJAN says:

    i want itas possible in march

  99. mohammedsab says:

    hello sir i had booked tab but i did’t got it . when can i get it plz tal me sir

  100. hiten sharma says:

    i have got a question here my bro booked this akash advanced tab and it was mentioned to get it in january howeever we recieved no confirmation and we have been wondering what shall we do..
    plz revert with the soution asap.

  101. shalini dubey says:


    I am a student in UK and want to purchase the Ubislate 7 at the student discounted rate. However, I want to make the payment from UK but want to have the shipping done in Kolkata, India. How am I supposed to go about it??

    Please let me know at the earliest. Thank You.


  102. Sudip Roy says:

    i have applied for aakas ubislate in decembar and got a id, but till date i have not received any communication of phone call. Plz guide

  103. kaystubh laghate says:

    i want itas possible in march in pune
    How can i buy this?????
    pl pl pl rply

  104. kaystubh laghate says:

    i want itas possible in march in pune
    where can buy it?
    till what date can i get it?
    pl pl pl rply

  105. krishna says:

    hello sir video calling is available in this UBISLATE 7

  106. TVN RAJU says:

    i ordered ubi slat in January i think it may comes in march month and how to i get Anytime & Anywhere Internet access with Cellular connectivity for only Rs. 98/- per month for this slat

  107. ADNAN says:

    May i knw in hw many days i will get the ubislate7…..
    Plz do rply……. contact No-970277095

  108. dipal mehta says:

    hello.. i’m a student of 11th science nd have booked aakash ubislate7+ i’m wanting to know whether this tablet is suitable for students like me nd by what date will i recieve it …???
    plz revert a favourable reply


  109. abhishek tiwari says:

    i have fill the form of ubislate tabelete in 22 feb 2012 in when i will got the tablete…………………. is there are all tabelet have sold?

  110. L.N.Sharma says:

    R Sir I want purchase Pc tab Akash ubislate7 Price Rs 2999. reply me soon. Shop address ? delivery date by corrier? shipping price? will i get till next month?

  111. bnv bbhaskar says:

    hi i booked it today can you give brief explanation about what we get in that kit when we received our ouder of UBISLATE 7 +

  112. SANJEET KUMAR says:

    sir I have booked my tablet ubislate7+ upgrade verison and i have a booking ID NO PM9E6133A314 Please tell me that on which date i get it. tell me imeditatly.

  113. Radha Krishna says:

    You can contact “” with your queries. Apart from this, there is a new section called “check status” which is going live soon on through which you can track your booked tab.

  114. Arjun Saini says:

    Sir , I am student of IIT Madras. how to get student version of UbiSlate7+ ….???
    When wil you send us students version for IIT’s?

  115. VIKAS MHATRE says:

    sir I have booked my tablet ubislate7+ upgrade verison and i have a booking ID NO”PME0A2BBE2AE”.
    Please tell me that on which date i get it.

  116. Dipanker Koley says:

    Akash is a pretty bad device to invest in. Connectivity is a real headache and device gives horrible errors, hangs frequently. Even with Wifi, there is no provision for setting Proxy. It does not connect to Computer. It even does not have one file manager. Customer Service is pathetic. I am trying throughout the day. The number either does not get connected or rings on and nobody picks up.

  117. Syed Mubarak says:

    Can some one assisted me how is this tab and i wanted to buy it whats the procedure to buy it and is there a option of cash on delivery or we need to do online booking and if i am a student what the proceduer for and what are the required details should be given or show to get the offer for it

  118. bharat says:

    when will i get my ubislate my booking id is PM27CB1

  119. Priyank Surana says:

    sir I have booked my tablet ubislate7+ upgrade verison and i have a booking ID is “PM6DAF001CE”. Please tell me that on which date i get it and i am a student so at what price i will have to pay for this…. tell me imeditatly…

  120. Abdul Kuddus says:

    I have booked my tablet ubislate7+ upgrade version and i have a booking ID NO “PMCCB2118325” Please tell me that on which date i get it.

  121. Yash Pandya says:

    i am student i what to buy this tab as earlier i can purchase

  122. Pankaj says:

    When I will get my ubislate7..My booking id is PM656AD1AFC6.Please reply fast ..waiting for your early response


    I also a student……and i also wish to buy the tablet……Please send me detail of this tablet..

  124. Muthyala Ramakrishna Rao says:

    I have booking my tablet on 28/3/2012 how many months waiting and I am reseraching in Ramayana and writer of Sri Rama Ramayna. early possible send my Tablet my ID no PN504CF9a2

  125. Radha Krishna says:

    hi ramakrishan ji, please contact ubislate guys using this contact form –

  126. naqi naqvi says:

    i booked ubislate 7+ dec. 2011 but still m not gettin tablet my bookind id

    plz update me through my E-mail


    • Anil Sharma says:

      Naqi ji,
      If you intrested in this device Ubislate7 i can send you in 5 to 7 days because i want to sale my ubislate7 have purchaed in june month. No waiting………

  127. naresh kumar says:

    dear sir

    i have booking 7+tablet 1/20/2012 and my booking order id PMCA7B2 but i don’t any response for me my mail so please confrim me when ready my tblet and when i got it please send me by massage or mail my mobile no is 9971551314

  128. parimal r lakhtaria says:

    my booking ID is PM7511710514 on 10 FEB-2012 , i want Ubislate7+ as soon as possible…so when it will be possible…please give reply..

  129. Shahid Sahibole says:

    I and my frnd hav pre booked the ubislate7 on 21Feb 2012 and the both booking ID are same the booking ID is ” PM62A9C5AECF “. so i wnt that wen i will get the ubislate7 tablet plzz rply me its urgent

  130. samial says:

    i wana ask that does ubislate 7+ have a camera It is not mentioned in it;s official site but in other site it is mentioned

  131. I want to ask about the delivery of UBISLATE7 (which was pre-booked by me on 31st Dec 2011) Booking no. PM5F39E. So, I want to know that when will i get ubislate7.

  132. Anil Sharma says:

    Hi Friends,

    I want to Sale My Ubislate7. Because I have Booked it in Feb 12 and received it Last May 12 in this time I hae Purchased a Second Hand PC So, If Anybody Like Ubislate7 contact me at

  133. aman khan says:

    Bad news for all of us that we have to spend 3499 Indian Rupees instead of 2999 INR to buy Aakash Tablet. But good news is that after a long time , the delivery of Aakash Tablet finally started.

  134. Hi friends,
    I got my Ubislate 7 through courier which I bought from It has following problems. May you help me
    1. It detected no sim card and now it shows everytime in aeroplane mode and there is no way to remove it.
    2. Does it supports phone and GPRS facility as narrated in specifications on
    3. How can I use Internet on it? And if it does not support Phone and GPRS facility, should I not move to
    consumer court against
    Please help can I run Internet on this tablet ubislate 7?
    Regards, dhilipkumar. pls send the information to this e-mail

  135. Anonymous says:

    Aakash..may be improving but after receiving payments they
    are not delivering Tablets..

    Ref no’s PM54FFF3407A and PM81D3

    Aakash was booked by me early this year and they received
    payment on 08jun12 and from this period they are doing false promises….i
    suggest not to go payments can have better tablets with better prices in
    our market….and no proper replies from e-mails or no proper telephone…..and not even refunding money for cancellation…..

    kindly read message from them…..

    This is to acknowledge that we have received your
    Cheque*/Demand Draft number xxxx of Rs2,999 of
    xxxx BANK . Thank you for your
    payment. The deliveries have been started .Your order is in process, You will
    receive your UbiSlate 7+ in September.

    For more details on
    Ubislate7+/7C , view the frequently asked questions on

    For all Cheque/Demand Draft payment enquiries, please email

    Datawind Support Team
    1800 180 2180

    ………….think million times before making payments for aakash and datawind

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