How to Scan QR Codes from the Computer?

I’m sure you might have already encountered the QR codes on websites, magazine or some business cards. They are nothing but small black squares arranged in another square with white background. Quick response code shortly known as QR code is a type of bar code that help the mobile users to easily scan and open a website, text, or an event on their mobile without having to type in such long URLs.

They’re mostly famous among the mobile owners but not many know that we can also read QR codes from our computer. Yes!

QR code desktop reader is a pretty awesome application that will help us see the information inside any QR code.

  1. Download the reader (free) on to you computer.
  2. Install it by following the steps.
  3. Once installation is finished, run the application.
  4. You’ll find two options.
    • From file: If you’ve captured any QR codes on magazines or hoardings through your mobile or digital camera, then you can use this option to upload that image file and the application will scan the image and reveal what’s inside the QR code.
    • From screen: If you wanted to scan a QR code present on any website, use this option to directly take a screenshot of it through the tool.
  5. We’ll now choose the second option ‘From screen’ assuming we wanted to scan a QR code from the computer itself.
  6. The screen becomes dark and you can select the QR code with a marquee tool and release the button.
    Scan QR Codes directly on Computer
  7. The QR code reader analyzes the code and decodes it as text. You can either save the text file or simply copy to clipboard.

That’s it! Hope you now got how to scan QR codes from your computer.

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