How to Revert Back to Google Talk from Hangouts on PC and Android?

When Google Hangouts was announced at the I/O 2013 event held by Google, everyone thought that it would have even more awesome features that weren’t available in the GTalk. Unfortunately, that is not the case as Hangouts didn’t impress much and lacked many good features provided in the Google Talk like the unavailability of the option of making yourself ‘invisible’. This is just one of the most useful features of the GTalk as it helps in staying invisible to all and just chat with the ones with whom we’re willing to. Other than this feature, everything is OK with the new version of Google talk. As most of the Gmail users who use it for personal use don’t find much need for the advanced features such as the live hangouts and YouTube integration etc… All they need is to chat with their friends and family members when apart.

If you’re one of those who doesn’t really have a need for the new Google hangouts version, then you can easily revert back to the old GTalk using the trick mentioned in this tutorial.

Revert Back to the Old GTalk from Google Hangouts

How to Revert Back to Google Talk from Hangouts?

  1. Log into your Gmail account.
  2. Look out for the Hangouts section which will be located on the bottom-left of your Gmail dashboard.
  3. Beside your profile name, you’ll find a down arrow button. Click on it and you’ll notice a drop-down menu.
  4. Choose the option that says ‘Revert to Old Chat’.
  5. Immediately after you clicked the option in the menu, a confirmation box pops up asking for a confirmation. Click on ‘Revert to old chat’ button.

That’s it! Your Google hangouts will now be reverted back to the old Google talk.

How to Get Back the Google Talk app on Android?

In case you’re using an Android phone, you might’ve noticed that your Gtalk has been replaced by Google hangouts version. In order to get rid of it, just follow the below options.

  1. Go to Settings > Applications.
  2. Select ‘Manage Applications’.
  3. Next, select ‘All’ to see what all apps are installed on your mobile.
  4. Find the ‘Hangout’ app by scrolling down a little and click on it.
  5. Choose ‘Uninstall’ after which you should click on ‘Yes’ when prompted to confirm your action.

That’s it! Now, go to your apps list from your home screen and you’ll find the old Gtalk app exactly in the same place of the Hangouts app.

Despite the disadvantage, there are many benefits of using Google hangouts for business purposes. So, if you do not really need the ‘invisible’ option and wanted to use it professionally, then it is better not to switch back to Google Talk why because there are a lot more advanced features like video chatting, group chatting, and the YouTube integration makes it even more fun. You can start a video chat in just a few clicks and at the same time stream it on YouTube.

Google has released the hangouts version mainly to target its prime opponent in video messaging – Skype. At the same time, Skype has been making workarounds’ to compete against the Search giant by trying to add the similar features to its tool. Recently, Microsoft Outlook mail has provided an option to integrate Skype in its dashboard thus allowing the users to make Skype calls directly from Outlook Inbox. No matter how much improvisations Skype is making to its tool, Google is confident that it can improve its tool even further.

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