NoBlu Official Review: India’s First Blue Light Blocking Glasses Are Great!

Actor Brad Pitt Wearing NoBlu GlassesAs a techie, I am forced to spend long hours in front of a computer screen. And it doesn’t just end there. On my way to work and after I am home too – I am always with my phone, thanks to how the world works now. We are all 24/7 online. Well, there’s good and there’s bad in it too.

Always Facing A Screen, Ills Of Modern Living:-

And with this review, I want to talk about the bad part – the LED, LCD screens that we are staring into – all day long. They are great – you can experience great imagery, play games and watch movies in HD and 3D but the heavy usage of lighting and the bad effects of blue light are straining our eyes and disturbing our sleep patterns so much that we are getting mentally and physically affected even without realizing it.

Why Blue Light Is Dangerous:-

Blue light is the visible part of the light spectrum. In the light that travels from the sun into our atmosphere, they are the ones that are high energy with shorter wavelengths causing a lot of strain to your eyes. Blue light is everywhere, it’s the reason the sky appears blue. It’s not just the sun but all our sources of artificial lighting- TVs, computers, laptops, smart phones and tablets, electronic devices, and fluorescent and LED lighting emanate blue light.

That’s when I found this – The NO BLU glasses that block out the blue light that is harmful to our eyes. These glasses are a rage all over the world with celebrities and technologists all over using them on a daily basis. But this is the first time there is something that’s not a cheap Chinese rip-off that is actually being launched in India.

Official NoBlu Glasses

NoBlu Glasses Features Overview

  1. Blue Light Blocking Technology – They block out the blue light that tricks your body into thinking it’s not time for you to sleep yet. This increases fatigue, stress and muscle strain that can spiral into severe health conditions in the long term. Fortunately, the blue light blocking technology of NoBlu shields your eyes from blue light at night, helping you sleep faster and wake up in the morning fresh and rested.
  2. CR39 Lenses – These lenses are lightweight and more impact and shatter resistant compared to glass lenses. They also last for a really long time with consistent optical quality.
  3. Premium Acetate Frames – These are sturdy but flexible making it very moldable to ergonomic design. Results- sleek, wearable and fashionable eyewear. Noblu glasses have a beautiful design that is not just comfortable but also looks great regardless of your face shape.
  4. Anti UV – 100% Block – The lenses in No Blu glasses are UV treated to protect your retina from direct exposure to the sun’s UV rays. A special dye is used to treat the lenses for guard your eyes from the long term effects of UV rays exposure.
  5. Anti Reflection – by cutting out reflection it makes your vision crystal clear.
  6. Anti Glare – for better visibility
  7. Anti Flicker – the lenses dampen the flicker caused by screens when brightness is adjusted or modulated.
  8. Flexi-Fit Design – for easy fitting and comfort.

Why I strongly suggest No Blu Glasses after using it for a week?

The answer is very simple, it works! And there is nothing like this for screen-addicts in India. You not only get to sleep better with the blue lighting blocking orange lenses, you can also improve your sight and see things better. And with a discount sale going on till new year’s, I think this product is of great value.

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