Best DSLR Backpacks in India 2020

Let’s face it. DSLR is not a small purchase and it must have taken a lot of thought, research, investment (both emotional and financial) when you bought it. A true frame lover or a pro would understand the importance of maintaining and protecting it. 

Whether you are hiking in the woods, shooting in the heat or dust or whatever is the condition, it is always ideal to carry with you a quality backpack to protect your DSLR. 

Ideally, this backpack should be having 

  • Large enough size and capacity: Depending on the size of the camera and the number of accessories you would be carrying around usually, this changes. Make sure you have a decent sized bag that first fits your camera, charger and lens.
  • Good built material: This is the next important thing that you need to look for. Build material decides how much of a protection this bags gives your camera against water. Rain, wind or sun etc.,. While ballistic nylon is the perfect pick, you can go for other economic or available options as well.
  • Comfort: As a photographer, you would be expected to be on the move along with your camera, always for a perfect shot. In this case, you need to have a comfortable access to your camera and while travelling, it should be comfortable both for you and your camera so it won’t get crushed as such. Comfortable backpacks come with inner foam linings and wearable handles with good linings as well.

While these are the important things that you need to look after, they are not necessarily the only things. We have given you a detailed Buying Guide which has in it listed down all the other important things that you need to consider before making a purchase. Be sure to give that a read as well. Now let us jump right into the reviews section without any further delay.

Best DSLR Backpacks to buy in India for 2020

DSLR BackpacksWarrantyBuy Now
Vanguard DSLR Backpack2 YearsCHECK ON AMAZON
Wildcraft Camera Backpack5 YearsCHECK ON AMAZON
AmazonBasics Medium DSLR BackpackN/ACHECK ON AMAZON
AmazonBasics DSLR Backpack1 YearCHECK ON AMAZON
AmazonBasics Backpack for SLR/DSLR1 YearCHECK ON AMAZON
Techlife Caden DSLR BackpackN/ACHECK ON AMAZON
Krisyo Backpack for DSLRN/ACHECK ON AMAZON

Best DSLR Backpacks in India:Reviews

1. Vanguard Alta Rise 49 Camera Backpack

Vanguard Alta Rise 49 Camera Backpack

First on our list is a very popular backpack in the photographers and the backpacking community. Vanguard Alta Rise 49 is a backpack that is specifically built for professional photographers to carry around their equipment with ease.

Vanguard Alta Rise 49 is made out of durable 150D polyester and velvet material (on the inside). This ensures the durability of the bag. It has got an ergonomic back that supplements your spine and a harness. 

The bag comes with a full access front opening and can hold a lot of stuff in it. Firstly, when it comes to camera and its accessories, it can hold one DSLR, 3-4 small lenses between 70 and 200. Additionally, it can hold a 15 inch large laptop, 9.7 inches tablet, flash, batteries, chargers, tripods, passport or wallet and even a few snacks too. 

It has detailed partitions and appropriate space portions for all of the above mentioned stuff to perfectly sit and be stored.

There is a stable 3-point tripod connection using which you can carry around your DSLR’s tripod with you. It also comes with a free rain cover where you can place the bag and still hang it around your shoulder as you need to walk or go about rainy or wet areas.

As there is, Vanguard comes with 2 years of manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase. 

Things we liked about this backpack:

  • Highest quality 150D polyester velvet interior design
  • Sturdy harness
  • Neatly divided internal storage portions 
  • Can fit a DSLR, 3-4 Lenses, 15 inches laptop, 9.7 inch tablet, flash, batteries, chargers, passport, wallets and there is space for snacks or something as such as well.
  • It has a dedicated 3-point harness to store the tripod
  • Comes with a free rain cover
  • 2 years manufacturer’s warranty

Things we didn’t like about it:

  • Nothing in particular to mention

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2. Wildcraft Shutter Bug Camera Backpack

Wildcraft Shutter Bug Camera Backpack

Wildcraft is a leading backpack manufacturer and has been popular among the Indian users for over 2 decades now. 

The Wildcraft Shutter Bug has a very sturdy build with HDPE board. It has a thick foam at its base which can absorb any impact based shock. The contrast lining and the dual colour buckle give better visibility. The waist belt has good padding which gives superior comfort and better balance at the same time. 

With a vertical division design, the top compartment of the bag is used for accessories and has detailed compartmental division. The organizer has good customizations with provisions to place Camera, and all its modular gear.

The bottom of the backpack has provisions for attaching and carrying the tripod. It has a small side pocket for a water bottle, a quick access flat pocket for storing away smaller stuff like wallets, passports or papers and a middle gear compartment as well. Here you can store quick access camera accessories.

Wildcraft also provides you with a massive yet limited 5 years of Carry-in Warranty against any Manufacturing defects in the materials used and the workmanship.

Things we liked about the backpack:

  • HDPE Board built material with thick foam in its internal lining for strong padding
  • Contrast lining, reflective tape and dual coloured harness for better visibility
  • Waist belt with good padding for added comfort and balance
  • Vertical compartmental design with good organizer and customization
  • Tripod attachments to the bottom of the backpack
  • Has a small side pocket and a quick access flat pocket for placing wallets or other small stuff
  • 5 Years of warranty for manufacturer’s defects and craftsmanship

Things we didn’t like about the backpack:

  • Nothing in particular to mention about 

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3. AmazonBasics Medium DSLR Gadget Bag 

AmazonBasics Medium DSLR Gadget Bag 

Next on our list is a holster type messenger DSLR gadget carrying bag by Amazon. AmazonBasics by Amazon is known to provide high quality items at pocket and budget friendly rates.

This Medium sized DSLR gadget bag has internal dimensions enough to fit in your camera, charger, 2 lenses and a few other small accessories. With its removable interiors, the AmazonBasics backpack can be adjusted to fit other accessories as well.

It has a slot that lets you carry a tablet (maybe your iPad mini, a Google Nexus 7, Amazon Kindle Fire or any other tablet of similar or smaller dimensions).

There is also the adjustable and padded shoulder strap to wear that adds to the comfort. The bottom strap allow you to tie in your tripod and carry it too much like the Wildcraft backpack.

The product comes in a certified frustration free packaging. While the company does not explicitly mention the warranty duration, it does have a customer support number (1800-419-0416) to talk about warranty and much more.

Things we liked about the backpack:

  • Small and neatly designed
  • Lets you carry your DSLR, 2 lenses, charger and one tablet PC
  • Padded and removable interiors
  • Padded shoulder strap for better comfort
  • Bottom of the bag straps for tying in a tripod
  • Certified frustration free packaging 

Things we didn’t like about it:

  • No explicit mention of warranty duration
  • Not a lot of customization available in the small carriage bag pack

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4. AmazonBasics DSLR and Laptop Backpack

AmazonBasics DSLR and Laptop Backpack

Yet another AmazonBasics backpack on our list, this time, it is a full fledged backpack. The AmazonBasics DSLR laptop backpack has the same sturdy build material as the mini holster style camera bag. 

It can hold and protect up to 2 SLR cameras, has compartments to store about 3 to 4 different lenses and a lot of other smaller accessories. 

It has padded interiors and movable dividers which increase your luxury of storing stuff. Apart from that, you can also store a 17 inch large laptop in the back zip. 

The side straps can secure tripods and other such bulky type accessories. The shoulder straps are comfortable and easily adjustable. It even has a mini strap near to the chest area which will further secure and give you greater freedom of movement. 

AmazonBasics provides you with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase.

Things we liked about this backpack:

  • Has a full fledged and ample storage space
  • All the compartments have removable internal compartments
  • Can store up to 2 SLR cameras,3 or 4 lenses and a bunch of other smaller accessories
  • Has a back zip to even store a 17 inches large laptop
  • Side straps can store tripod and there is a small pocket to store flashes etc.,
  • Comfortable shoulder straps that are easily adjustable and has a mini strap near chest for greater balance and good freedom of movement
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

Things we didn’t like about it:

  • None too specific to mention

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5. SMILEDRIVE® Waterproof DSLR Backpack Camera Bag

SMILEDRIVE® Waterproof DSLR Backpack Camera Bag

One of the most affordable and budget friendly camera backpacks on our list, the Smiledrive DSLR backpack is a waterproof camera bag to carry around not just your camera but a bunch of other accessories as well. 

Made out of durable and water resistant nylon and polyester materials, the zippers are built from durable metal. You can carry this bag around in all types of weather. 

Light in weight, in this backpack, you can carry around your DSLR or your SLR camera, a lens, your flash light equipment and a tripod too. All of the compartments come with removable highly padded dividers. You can move them about and place items at your comfort. If you want, you can directly remove all of these dividers and use this backpack for something else too.

The external Base Zipper enclosure acts as a waterproof cover. It has a mesh pocket where you can carry about small stuff that you might need for quick access like the charger, lens cleaner or extra memory card or batteries as such. 

The strap at the side allows you to strap on and carry your tripod with you. You can even use this mesh or the strap to carry a water bottle as well. 

Spacious in design and durable in work, the Smiledrive camera bag comes with a 1 month manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase. 

Things we liked about this backpack:

  • Very economic and budget friendly pricing
  • Made out of durable polyester and water resistant nylon materials
  • Has various compartments to store your DSLR or SLR camera, lenses, flash light 
  • Meshed side rack for storing other quick access items such as chargers etc.,
  • Dividers are removable to store other items as well
  • Has a side strap for tying and storing a tripod

Things we didn’t like about it:

  • No compartment for tablet or laptop storage
  • Only 1 month of warranty

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6. AmazonBasics Backpack for SLR/DSLR Cameras and Accessories

AmazonBasics Backpack for SLR/DSLR Cameras and Accessories

Yet another AmazonBasics product, this one is almost the same as the AmazonBasics full fledged backpack mentioned above but has a different front design and smaller space in comparison. 

Built of the same building material as most of the AmazonBasics backpacks, this backpack can hold and protect up to 2 SLR cameras, store 3 or 4 lenses and a few other additional accessories such as chargers, memory cards etc.,

It has ample space and a large zipper as well which lets you store more than just mentioned. The central main upper compartment has padded organizers with expandable storage space. The padded internal partitions are also removable with a key clip and can be washed too. 

Additionally, it has a front pocket and a front top pocket where you can store wallets, passports or other easy to access documents. The side slit strip is helpful in tucking away a small tripod or your water bottle or some sipper. 

Apart from the abundant pockets available, the bag also has a very sleek and stylish design. It also comes with a 1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty against defects from the date of purchase. For any further questions and queries, you can reach out their customer support team at 1800-419-0416.

Things we liked about this backpack:

  • Very visually appealing design 
  • Strong build material
  • Can house 2 SLR cameras, 2 or 4 lenses and a few other additional accessories like charger etc.,
  • Larger zipper spaces that come with a removable and washable padded partition compartments
  • The front and top pockets let you store papers, documents, wallets and passports as such. 
  • Has a side slit to store a water bottle or a sipper or a small tripod
  • 1 limited manufacturer’s year warranty 

Things we didn’t like about it:

  • Nothing in particular to mention about

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7. Osaka Pro Series Waterproof DSLR Backpack Camera Bag

Osaka Pro Series Waterproof DSLR Backpack Camera Bag

Next on our list is a very versatile camera storage backpack. The Osaka Pro Serie Waterproof DSLR backpack has a series of different designed, storage and styled backpacks.

Primarily, you have the 15.6 inches large backpack which allows you to store a DSLR camera, a few lenses, a camera flash, chargers, additional memory cards and a laptop of 15.6 inches size.

Apart from this standard size, Osaka Pro series comes with almost 10 different styles and shapes and sizes of backpacks. Each and every one of them are different and unique in their own way but come with the same strong build material. 

The build material is toughened to resist any wear or tear and the zippers are also made out of high quality metal. The material is waterproof in nature and there is also a rain cover provided with the backpack for additional safety and security.

Rated a favourite by many customers, the bags have separate compartments to store away your tripod or monopod. When we talk about the warranty, this is where the company loses a few points. While for a few products, it states that there is a lifetime warranty (with its service center being only available in Delhi), for other Osaka backpacks (in the same series) it never mentions this. For any further assistance, you can contact their customer support at +918800953231.

Things we liked about this backpack:

  • Very unique and aesthetically pleasing designs available to choose from 
  • Has backpacks of about 10 different sizes and shapes
  • All backpacks can easily store a DSLR Camera, a few lenses, a flash, charger, memory cards and one laptop of the size 15.6 inches.
  • Also includes a separate compartment to store your tripod or monopod
  • Tough build material and strong metal zippers
  • Resistant to water and also includes an additional rain cover just in case
  • Light in weight

Things we didn’t like about it:

  • Not exactly clear on their warranty stance. For instance, a few products have a lifetime warranty, whereas for others, they do not mention it.

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8. Techlife Caden CN-1076 DSLR/SLR Camera Shoulder Bag

Techlife Caden CN-1076 DSLR/SLR Camera Shoulder Bag

A very economic DSLR backpack out of all in the list, the Techlife Caden CN-1076 is a holster type camera bag. 

It has a 12 mm ultra thick body built out of 600D high-density nylon. The material is waterproof and water-resistant. It has a 12 mm pearl cotton velcro spacer which has shockproof and pressure release. All the zippers used in it are made out of alloy metal. It is heat and cold resistant while being super durable.

The bag can store One camera with 1 lens and maybe a mobile phone or another accessory. It has a shoulder strap that is adjustable to your comfort and easy to carry around. 

The mobile as such can be placed inside the inner pocket. There are two elastic mesh pockets on one side of the bag where you can place your charger or other small parts like a lens cleaner etc., 

This bag is available in 2 colours, Grey and Black but there is not any warranty as such for it.

Things we liked about this backpack:

  • Simple and easy to carry around
  • Super durable 12 mm thickness and waterproof high density 600D nylon. 
  • Can store one camera, a lens set and maybe a mobile phone too
  • Available in 2 colours, grey and black

Things we didn’t like about it:

  • No warranty
  • A bit too small and thus is not ideal to carry around more than a simple camera and just a couple of accessories

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9. Osaka Tonba TB PRO 475 Waterproof DSLR Camera Backpack

Osaka Tonba TB PRO 475 Waterproof DSLR Camera Backpack

Next up we have the Osaka Tonba TB Pro 475, a waterproof DSLR camera backpack. While the bag is large and sturdy, it does not have a very good aesthetic appeal to it. 

It can easily fit a camera with any type of camera and with proper adjustment, you can fit in 2 cameras as well. Apart from fitting a camera, you can also store away the camera flash, battery, charger, extra memory and most importantly, it will leave space to place a 15.6 inches large laptop as well. 

There is also a front zip pocket for you to store anything miscellaneous documents or wallets as such. There is a separate dedicated compartment to store your tripod or monopod under the bag too where you can hang or strap it.

All of the partitions given in the bag are made with good quality padding and can be removed for dusting or cleaning. You can also remove them altogether to use the bag for anything else than just for your camera. 

Light in weight yet very much durable, the compact backpack is very easy to carry about from place to place. It is built with toughened material which is resistant to any wear or tear. The zippers are made out of high quality metal. 

The bag is of great quality with an incredibly favourable ratings and reviews. But unfortunately, they do not offer any warranty on their product. But for any other assistance or queries, you can contact their support at +918800953231.

Things we liked about this backpack:

  • Built with very strong and durable toughened material. Even the zippers are made from quality metal
  • It is waterproof in nature
  • Can store not just your DSLR camera but also a lens, flash, battery among others
  • Also has space to fit in a 15.6 inches large laptop too
  • Value for money and has got brilliant ratings.

Things we didn’t like about it:

  • No warranty 
  • The design is a little boring and could have been enhanced

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10. Krisyo Anti Shock Waterproof Breathable Sling Backpack for DSLR Cameras

Krisyo Anti Shock Waterproof Breathable Sling Backpack for DSLR Cameras

A rather interesting entry on our list, the Krisyo DSLR backpack is Anti-Shock, Waterproof, Breathable and has a very intuitive and minimally designed backpack.

Firstly, it is made out of premium 600D high density Nylon fabric material. This material is waterproof, resistant to scratches, does not wear out easily. The internal paddings are made out of 20 mm thick highly elastic and good quality cotton that will protect your camera and other accessories from any kind of shock or impact or water too. 

These padded insertable divisions are flexible enough that you can cause small shifts within it. You can also take them out and use this as a simple fashion travel bag too. And the best part about these inserts is that they have another opening. The zipper to the side gives you a great freedom of quick access of your important equipment which you can easily take out even while wearing the bag. 

As for these compartments, you can keep a camera, 3 lenses and a lot of other accessories. It has a top zipper pocket where you can store small miscellaneous items. The mesh pocket on the side with elastic band is perfect to store your water bottle and also can hold one tripod (with the side strap. 

The shoulder straps of this backpack are adjustable to normal wear and to crossbody shoulder straps according to your comfort. The chest strap has an extra detachable that will give you additional stability and balance when you are wearing it. Also, the strap has mesh covering which is breathable and comfortable.

While the design, build and functionality of this product are awesome, Krisyo does not provide any sort of warranty for this product which stands as the only drawback for the backpack.

Things we liked about this backpack:

  • Intuitive and minimal design with an easy and quick access side opening to the main area of the back pack as well
  • 20 mm thick padded inner walls which are flexible for internal movement to easily accommodate other items as well
  • Can store one camera, 3 lenses and a whole bunch of other accessories thanks to the side mesh pocket and additional zippers
  • Perforated shoulder straps are perforated with a mesh lining and are easily adjustable. 
  • There is a detachable extra chest strap for added comfort and additional stability

Things we didn’t like about it:

  • No warranty

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11. Generic Universal Lightweight DSLR Camera Lens Backpack Bag

Generic Universal Lightweight DSLR Camera Lens Backpack Bag

Finally, our our list, we have the Universal Light weight DSLR camera backpack, which is the most affordable, economic and budget friendly DSLR camera backpack listed.

Made with scratch proof and water resistant materials, the backpack is made from both Nylon and Polyester. Though durable enough, the bag seems to improve its quality on standing more wear and tear. 

The dividers are padded and provide ample partition to store various items from your camera, lens flashlight and other accessories. But there have been some reports that a few backpacks do not have the partitions in them. Also, they promise a raincover for the same but there have been reports that it too is missing from the packaging.

A side strap with a mesh pocket is provided which perfectly allows you to carry your tripod or an umbrella or a water bottle as well. Though 100% made in India, the bag does not come with any warranty. 

Things we liked about it:

  • Very economic and Budget friendly
  • Has waterproof and scratch resistant build material
  • Good and padded internal dividers. 
  • Side strap mesh pocket for tripod strapping and placement

Things we didn’t like about it:

  • Missing rain cover and internal paddings in many shippings
  • Could improve the durability of the product
  • No warranty

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Buying Guide: How to pick the perfect and ideal DSLR Backpack

As a photographer, always on the move, it is very important that you protect your expensive and lovable DSLR camera with the best available bag. Today we will be looking at all the important features you need to consider before making an informed decision to buy a DSLR Backpack. But before that, we are going to look at all the different styles in which camera bags come in 

Different types of Camera Bag 

Basically, Camera Bags come in about 6 different types. These range from simple camera holding bags to full fledged backpacks you would carry around for a professional shoot or trekking. Let us list them all in accordance so you can make a choice that fits your camera and your interests. 

1. Pouches: These are usually given out as a freebie when you buy a camera. They can offer some basic protection but not a lot of security. Also, pouches are okay for small cameras like cybershots or something of the same level.

2. Inserts: An insert is a padded casing that will protect your camera. Inserts can be used in isolation or can be stored away in another backpack. These are a good buy if you do not want to invest a lot of money for a full fledged backpack.

3. Holsters: Holsters are small lunch box styled bags where you can store your camera and a couple of accessories with them such as the charger, lens as such. These are perfect if you are travelling with a suitcase or travel bags as they can easily be stored away in larger backpack or travel cases

4. Waist Belts: Waist belts give you a campy tourist look but effectively do not burden your hands or shoulders thus giving you freedom of movement while the camera hangs around your waist safely

5. Shoulder Bags: These types of bags have a design much like the messenger bags and are very popular and a common type of DSLR Bag people buy. They have enough space to store your DSLR and also a few of the most important accessories like the charger, lens, SD cards etc.,

6. Backpacks: The topic in question, a backpack is the most comfortable, most spacious and most secure option for you to carry your DSLR. You can not just carry your DSLR but also carry a variety of other items ranging from lenses, charger, accessories and a lot of other things such as your laptop, maybe even a few clothes too. Also, there is the fact that a backpack gives you more freedom of movement, sense of balance and most important of all, it looks cool

Things to consider while buying a backpack for your DSLR

Now that you have understood all the different types of bags that you can store your DSLR camera in, let us look at all the things that you should consider before buying them.

1. Space and Size

The first and foremost thing that you would look at is the size of the backpack. Now if you are to place the camera and a few accessories in the bag, then in that case you would go with a small sized messenger or a holster bag. 

But if you are to carry around a large range of camera accessories such as foldable tripods, bunch of lenses among other stuff, go for large spaced backpacks that let you place all of these and more. 

2. Build

As mentioned before, the build of a backpack is as important as its size among other stuff. Ideally speaking a ballistic nylon would be the best option as it will protect the backpack and the camera in it from rain, shine or some minor falls as well. While for the fall, you would be needing to add a little padding to that. 

Padding, is subjective to the kind of bag you choose. It is always advised that no matter what kind of building material you will end up picking, make sure that it provides ample padding to the camera and the lens compartments. This is because these two are the most sensitive and prone to fall components of all.

3. Customization

The next thing that you need to look for is the amount of customization available on this bag. Can you zip and unzip it easily? Do you need to just dump in all of your accessories in a large pocket or does it have a lot of variable zips and pockets for different type of accessory?

While high end camera bags offer great deal of customization, low end, non-branded and cheap products just offer a simple strap or a dual zip and call it a day. Higher customization of the pockets will give you great comfort in carrying your camera and your accessories around. It will perfectly distribute the available space among all the accessories according to the space each one would occupy. 

Customization also refers to how you can adjust or re-adjust the zips in some bags. These bags may use velcro or additional zips to do this but when done, you can re-adjust the camera portion to fit in more other accessories or remove the velcro/zip to fit in a single big component. This resizing will not just give you comfort of being able to place anything but also saves a lot of time and hassle. There are a few bags which even let you remove the camera storage unit entirely from the bag (with all the padding) and then place it entirely into another bag or carry case.

While not all bags come with all the types of customizations, a few bags allow you to buy these types of customizations and fit them inside the bags. These dividers of sorts are important for professional photographers to be able to place their ever growing arsenal of accessories such as different lenses for different shots etc.,

4. Weight and Capacity

You don’t want to buy a backpack that can fit in a large bunch of accessories and the moment you lift it up the ground to wear it, the bottom breaks and all the contents come crashing down. 

While the weight and capacity of a backpack are directly impacted by the size and the build material of the backpack, it is how you correlate between the both that matters. 

To be more clear, after you have decided that you need a large space, maybe 10 or 15 litres large backpack, go for a neoprene or ballistic nylon material. Compriming on the build quality over here might have an adverse affect and possibly not so cautious about how you store your camera.

Also, will all the size and build material, make sure you are not simply bulking up the bag. Most of the times, heavy customizations, more space, stronger build material will end up bulking up the bag to the point you feel like carrying a large rucksack than a simple camera. As mentioned again and again, ballistic nylon provides you with a very strong yet light in weight backpack material. Might seem like a little higher in pricing but it is a very much worthwhile investment

5. Ease of access and usage

While we are focussing on customizing our backpacks to a very detailed extent, we often ignore how easily usable the said customizations are. Can you easily pick up a different lens faster for a different shot if it is stored away in a deep zipper within the backpack? No right?

Ease of access is another important aspect of a backpack that you need to consider while picking a backpack for your DSLR. 

While some camera backpacks have slots that are designed for quick access, other bags offer you a ton of customization but you end up fumbling for those lens which may make you miss your perfect shot. The key to finding the perfect backpack is all about finding the right fit of these panels.

The first step to this is to be clear about why you would be using the backpack for in your shooting spree. Would you be pulling out the gear very often or not so often? Are you a still photographer who has a crew or time where you can place the bag, take out the accessories you need for a perfect shot? Then you may not need to focus a lot on this part.

But if you are a quick moving photographer maybe like a wildlife photographer, a photo journalist or someone of the similar type of work flow, then you need to heavily think about the kind of customization your bag will give which will make picking up the accessories quick. 

Here you will be choosing a bag which has the most easiest accessory panel. If you need one for camera, look for a bag where the camera panel is easily accessible. If you happen to always have your camera in your hand in shoots but need to quickly change lenses, then go for a bag that has an easy access lenses panel.

Yet another key element to accessibility is how the bag opens. For some photographers who constantly need to get their stuff out, easy zipper bags are a quick and ideal option. Here you can unzip the entire back compartment faster and then zip them back in, like a normal college backpack. There are also fewer panels in such backpacks so customization might be a small cost to pay for this quick access.

Then again we have the discreet bags which are a whole ‘nother type of access. They come with security first than accessibility.

6. Security and Discretion

As we spoke about accessibility, we mean it being accessible to not just you but anyone near the bag. But what if any person in the crowd can swipe your camera or your lenses as easily as you can access them? Or what if an easy access zip opens up and one of your lenses comes smashing to the road or the jungle path you are photographing on?

The very reason why you are buying a backpack is for the ease of carrying your camera and its accessories and also to protect them from any possible harm. But if your backpack fails to provide the latter, then it is of no use. 

Also, Cameras are very appealing and one of the most stolen goods across the globe. Their security is vital.  Most bags like the Ghost smart backpacks come with their zipper placed on the inwards so it is not exactly easy for anyone to unzip and swipe away your valuables. 

These types of backpacks also come with smart power options which let you charge your mobile phones etc.,

7. Warranty

Warranty, as you know, for any product screams out the quality and trust the brand puts into its product than anything else. No amount of detailing, customization or colour scheme will give you this. 

Generally, camera backpacks come with about 1 or 2 years of manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase. This period, again changes from brand to brand. 

Also, read up on the warranty conditions a brand gives you the bag. While most of them give you manufacturer’s warranty, a few brands go ahead to give you the product quality warranty as well. With products as such, they are keepers and go along for a long way.

8. Pricing and Value For money

Though placed as a last factor, pricing is definitely a factor you need to consider. Personally, when it comes to buying anything, be it products ranging from backpacks to washing laptops or power banks, I always look at all the other factors and then land at the pricing on the end. 

Now to look for pricing does not simply mean go for the budget friendly or the cheap model. It means that you need to validate if the given price of the backpack actually supports the claims and quality it gives you. 

If it does, then the product has good value for the money and you can go for it without a lot of thinking. One example would be that you can easily spend 2000 rupees on a product with 2 years of warranty, great quality build and good customizations. But at the same time, there is no point in buying an 800 rupee backpack which has no warranty or least customizations. 

9. Additional accessories

While this is not that important of a thing, a few people might be very particular or interested regarding this. A lot of modern camera DSLR bags and backpacks come with additional accessories such as rain covers, tripod point connections, extra straps or additional paddings etc., 

Though these accessories are very handy from time to time, do not base your first or final impressions or count these for comparison. First make sure that you have checked the product for all the important aspects mentioned above. Any feature after that is considered to be a bonus add on.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I choose a camera bag?

There is no single factor that helps you pick a camera bag. But primarily, you need to look at the size and capacity of the bag, its build material and customization & ease of use before finalizing on a camera bag.

2. How do you pack a camera for air travel?

Packing a camera when you are travelling via air might seem a little frightening. But the first thing that you need to know and understand is that cameras are allowed in your hand luggage in a lot of airlines (domestic). As for international travel (to countries such as the USA), you could request the immigration or docking agents for this. It is always advised that you always carry it in your hand luggage. 
Also, make sure that you pack the camera with proper padding inserts in the backpack. If your backpack does not come with any padding as such, make sure you include a bubble wrap or anything as such. Lenses in particular need to be carefully stored with extra protection and their own padded environment. This will prevent it from getting damaged due to any sudden jolts or jerks.

3. What all can I keep in my Camera Bag?

While the basic things that you would first put in your bag are your camera, charger and lens, there are a lot of other important things that you may need in your bag. These depend on the level and the type of photography you do. 
Apart from the basics, you would also need your camera and lens cleaning equipment with you. Now the number of accessories that you would be keeping in it will dependent on how big of the bag is too. You can also place other items such as extra memory cards, extra batteries, flash or other lighting equipments also. A few photographers also find some space to fit in their laptop or tablet (with charger) so that they can go for quick edits on the go. 

4. How to Waterproof a Camera Bag?

Firstly, clear out the bag and clean it by dusting it out. Once you have dusted and cleaned the bag, check all the internal seams. Now pick a waterproof spray and spray in the interior of the bag. Also spray this on the exterior of the bag as well. Take some tape and cover the zippers with that tape. While this should sufficiently cover the exteriors, interiors, use some plastic or polythene lining. Alternatively, you could also wrap all of the important and sensitive equipment including the camera and lenses in protective bubble wrap. Other items such as the charger could be wrapped in normal plastic or polythene. 

Wrapping it up:

A camera is a sensitive piece of equipment which needs a lot more care than we often give it. Thus a bag for your camera becomes an absolute necessary most importantly, when you are travelling. Out of all the listed products today, the black coloured Vanguard Alta Rise 49 Camera Backpack wins the first and the best spot. 

We have concluded its win based on multiple factors such as it being built from Highest quality 150D polyester, its velvet interior design, Sturdy harness, Neatly divided and padded internal storage portions, ability to fit in not just a single DSLR but also 3-4 Lenses, a 15 inches laptop, a 9.7 inch tablet, flash light, batteries, chargers, passport, wallets and more. Moreover, it comes with a dedicated 3-point harness to store the tripod, a free rain cover and most importantly, 2 years of manufacturer’s warranty. 

While that was our list, we would love to hear your thoughts and opinions. Which one do you like? Which one do you think should have made it to the list? Do you want us to delete anything? Or do you have any questions regarding DSLR backpacks or backpacks in general? If so, feel free to write to us in the comments section below and our team of capable and talented product experts will write back to you as soon as possible.