Best Treadmills For Home in India 2020

Treadmills have evolved into versatile fitness equipment! They aren’t just a thing for walking or jogging any more, they are much more than that.

Modern treadmills can help you switch up your whole workout regime. You can include hardcore cardio exercises like sprinting, running, incline walking, high-intensity interval training and what not! And by this combo, you can not only lose weight but also improve overall fitness, health and endurance. Not to forget, you can do this at your own home!

Apart from all of the above, treadmills offer multi-tasking options. For example, you can literally talk on the phone, work on your laptop, and even watch television while on the treadmill at home. This makes it fun and practical!

But there are certain factors that you should know before you plan to purchase one for yourself.


Basically, there are two types of treadmills:

  • Manual
  • Motorized

For home use, you can go for either a manual or motorized treadmills. Though motorized ones would be your best bet as they are more advanced, and provides loads of features!

2. Motor

So, eventually, if you plan for a motorized treadmill, you should consider motor specifications. For an average individual weighing upto 90 kgs, it is recommended:

  • For Walking: 2.0 HP or higher.
  • For Jogging:  2.5 HP or higher.
  • Running:  3.0 HP or higher.

If the weight is more than 90 kgs, add atleast 0.5-1 HP against all of the above in respective categories.

3. Track size

The treadmill belt size is a very important factor which directly affects the usability of a treadmill. The recommended size:

  • 20″ width ×55″length– Walking and light jogging.
  • 20″ width ×60″ length – Standard length for better treadmills and perfect for walkers, joggers, and runners.
  • 22″ width ×60″ length – Ideal for runners, sprinters, and perfect for incline usage.

Apart than these, there are several other important features like inclination, weight capacity, track speed, warranty etc.

If you want a more in-depth idea, we have a proper Buying Guide at the end of this article. It will definitely help you find the best treadmill for your purpose. We also have listed some of the best treadmills that you can buy online in India.

Best Treadmills For Home in India 2020

TreadmillsMotorMaximum Body WeightHighest SpeedInclinationBuy Now
Cockatoo Treadmill2 HP90 kg10 km/hrNoCHECK ON AMAZON
Lifelong Treadmill2.5 HP90 kg10 km/hrNoCHECK ON AMAZON
Powermax Treadmill2.5 HP90 kg10 km/hrYesCHECK ON AMAZON
Fitkit Treadmill1.75 HP110 kg14.5 km/hrYesCHECK ON AMAZON
MAXPRO Treadmill1.5 HP100 kg12 km/hrYesCHECK ON AMAZON
Kobo Treadmill2 HP120 kg16.8 km/hrNoCHECK ON AMAZON
Durafit Treadmill1.25 HP95 kg12 km/hrNoCHECK ON AMAZON

Reviews of Best Treadmills for Home in India 2020

1. Cockatoo CTM-04 Motorised Multi-Function Treadmill

Cockatoo CTM-04 Motorised Multi-Function Treadmill

For those who are desperate to lose some fat but don’t have the time for joining a gym, your search for the ideal treadmill ends here. This treadmill from Cockatoo is a proper home use treadmill. It is affordable; it has all the features of a high-end treadmill; it looks smart and also boasts a space-saving design.

It is our best pick from the list and telling you from various customer reviews, it is the best value of money treadmill one can have for their home. It features a 2HP powerful motor, 12 pre-set workout programs, in-built speakers, heart rate sensor, calorie counter and lots more. But the greatest perk of owning this is the belt fat reducing belt and a vibrator which is why we recommend this to every person who wants to shred some tummy fat.

Motor: 2 HP

Highest Speed: 0.8-10 km/ hour

Running Deck: 48-inch

Max Body Weight: 90 Kg

Best Features:

  • Digital Display: It has 5-inch larger LCD display to show your speed, running time, total distance and calories burnt. It also has 12 preset programs for fast weight loss. This will keep you motivated as you work for reaching your daily goals.
  • Heart Rate Sensor: The grab handle has an in-built heart rate sensor. You just need to simply place your hands on the pulse sensor to see your results.
  • Fat Burning Belt: The belt gets heated after walking 10 to 15 which helps in burning fat.
  • Buttons: It has buttons for AUD, start, stop, program selection and mode functions.
  • Steel Frame: This treadmill has a lifetime warranty on the steel frame. It’s made from welded steel to provide the strongest support and stability to the user.
  • Transportation Wheel: 2-castor wheels on each side for easy manoeuvrability

Warranty and Support:

The motor has 3 years of warranty backup while other parts have a 1-year warranty. The steel frame has a lifetime warranty on it. Cockatoo is among those few brands who offer free installation services across India. You can call them or contact them in WhatsApp to claim free installation. This works great for the daily walkers, runners or fitness enthusiasts.


  • Best value for money
  • 2HP power motor
  • Fat burning belt
  • 48-inch running deck
  • Sturdy steel body
  • 3 years warranty


  • No incline option

Final Verdict:

As mentioned earlier Cockatoo treadmill is a true home-based treadmill. If you want to burn some calories or lose some belly fat staying at your home, go get this! Because honestly, at this price, you will struggle hard to find another that offers so much in an entry-level treadmill.

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2. Lifelong FitPro LLTM09 Motorized Treadmill

Lifelong FitPro LLTM09 Motorized Treadmill

Do you think all automated treadmills are expensive? Check out our next option which is from Lifelong. Lifelong is a well-known brand in Indian for making treadmills and the price that is offered is crazy. Most importantly, the problem with available floor space in your room is solved as this model has a 90-degree foldable design.

It boasts a 2.5 HP motor that goes up to 10 km/hour which is god for walking, running and also for intense cardio exercise. It also includes features like heart rate sensor, calorie counter, in-built speaker, 12 per-set working programs and others. The only reason it is placed 2nd on the list is that is, it lacks the belly fat burner belt. But on the contrary, it is cheaper and space-saving.

Motor: 2.5 HP

Highest Speed: 10 km/hour

Running Area: 43-inch

Highest Weight: 90 kg

Best Features:

  • Cushioning: Lifelong treadmill comes with 8 shock-absorbing rubber pads under the deck for maximum protection to the user.
  • Programs: It comes with speakers with AUX and USB input, 12 pre-set programs for dedicated weight loss training and a heart rate sensor. You can customize the workout modes according to your preference.
  • Digital Display: The display shows runtime, speed, distance covered and calories burnt
  • Personalized Diet Plan: You get 1-month free personalized diet plan from HealthyFy only with Lifelong treadmills
  • Easy to move and Store: The model features a 90-degree foldable design and two castor wheels for easy portability.

Warranty and Support:

Lifelong gives you 3 years warranty on the motor, 1 year on the parts and manufacturing defects. They also provide free installation services across 500 cite in India. After the delivery, you need to contact them for free service.


  • Best affordable treadmill
  • 5 HP motor
  • Easy to store
  • 8 safety pads on the running deck
  • 1-month free diet plan from HealthyFy
  • 3 years warranty on the motor


  • No automatic inclination option, but justifies the price
  • A bit short running area

Final Verdict:

This treadmill has a 2.5 HP motor that is sufficient for walking, running as well as intense cardio. From inbuilt speakers, calorie burner to heart rate sensors it has it all. Though it lacks the belly burner it is still one of the best made and affordable treadmills in the market. If you have a budget issue and you cannot afford Cockatoo, you can go with Lifelong with your eyes closed!

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3. Powermax Fitness TDM-98 Foldable Motorized Treadmill

Powermax Fitness TDM-98 Foldable Motorized Treadmill

One of the best bands in India, Powermax makes treadmills for commercial use. But this model is also a very good option for a home gymnasium. It is small and compact and takes very little space when you fold it.

At a slightly higher price this machine comes with some premium features like-auto inclination level, pulse rate sensor, 5.5” LED display, anti-skid feet, energy-efficient copper motor and lots more. Well, there is no reason to dislike the product as such, but, it has a slightly less powerful motor of 1.75 HP. It says the maximum weight capacity is 90kg but we doubt that. We don’t recommend it if you are over 80 kg.

Motor: 1.75 HP

Speed: 1.0 to 10km/hour

Running Deck: 43-inch

Highest Weight: 90 kg

Best Features:

  • Speakers for Music: It has console speakers next to the console which can be used for listening to music. You can use the USB or AUX port for playing music on this treadmill.
  • Modes and Sensor: You can find a total of 12 workout programs and 3 target modes in this treadmill. These use the included heart rate sensor on the handrail to keep you fit and healthy.
  • LED Display: This treadmill has a 5.5 inch LED Display which shows various information. It includes things like speed, time, distance covered and calories burnt.
  • Cast Steel Shock Absorption: Even if you are running on this treadmill, it can easily absorb all shocks due to the cast steel resistance system.
  • Textured Running Belt: A great thing about this treadmill is that it has an anti-skid textured running belt which prevents you from slipping.


  • Small and compact design save floor space
  • Anti-skid running belt
  • Multi-layer cushioning absorbs shock
  • Moisture-proof, water-resistant CPU
  • Foldable; comes with a lock
  • Auto-stop function for users safety


  • Not suitable for people with more than 80 kg
  • Not suitable for gyms, for home use only

Warranty and Support:

Powermax TDM-98 has 3 years warranty on the copper motor and 1-year warranty on parts. They don’t provide free installation service but it is delivered in 90% assembled state. Other tools and parts are for DIY installation. You can find installation videos on YouTube. Powermax provides onsite service support across India. Their service team reach within 48-72 hours.

Final Verdict:

PowerMax Fitness TD is one of the best treadmills available in India. If you want to go one step ahead with running choosing a treadmill with inclination is a better option. Powermax is a bit on the higher price side but has better safety features and a copper motor that is super energy efficient. However, people with over 80 kg will need something sturdier than this.

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4. Fitkit FT100 Series Motorized Treadmill with Manual Inclination

Fitkit FT100 Series Motorized Treadmill

Fitkit FT100 is our favourite high-end treadmill on the list. It is made with the best technology and advanced features. The appearance is also like those high-tech commercial treadmills. With Fitkit FT100 you can have a gym like fitness training at your home.

It has a DC motor of 1.75 HP, 3 manual inclination levels, auto lubrication, and F+ health app support for android and IOS users. This can handle weight up to 110 kg which an advanced over the previous models. 3 inclination levels and a max speed of 14.8 km is great for your HIIT or intense cardio exercise. The reason it comes 4th on the list is that it has only one year warranty on the motor.

Motor: 1.75 HP

Speed: 0.8 to 14.8 km/hour

Running Deck: 45 inches

Highest Weight: 110 kg

Best Features:

  • 3-level Manual Inclination: You can increase the inclination to increase the calorie burn without changing the walking speed. This is great for efficient cardiovascular training.
  • Quiet and Efficient Motor: Fitkit features a noise-free and energy-efficient motor. It is sturdier, more powerful and completely noise-free
  • Shock Absorbing Pads: The multi-layered shock-absorbing running pads protects your keens from accidental falling.
  • Digital Display: The digital display shows heart rate, calories burnt, speed, time, distance. There are pre-set workout programs and modes that you can change. It is provided with built-in speaker and AUX port and cables.
  • Auto Lubrication: Auto lubrication takes care of the machine and makes it last longer.

Warranty and Support:

The machine has a 1 year warranty on the motor and 1 year on the parts. They provide free installation across India and have around 650 service centres.


  • Best high-tech treadmill
  • 3 inclination levels
  • Speeds up t 14.8km/hour
  • Max body weight 110 kg
  • F+ fitness app for android and IOS
  • Auto-lubrication
  • Noiseless motor


  • Only a 1-year warranty
  • Expensive model

Final Verdict:

Fitkit TD-100 can be too much if you want a treadmill for daily walking. But if you are into fitness, 3 manual inclinations, 14.8 km max speed makes sense. Also, if you are more than 100 kg you will need something like this and there is no better option under this price range. Basically, if you are looking for the best treadmill and ready to shed some extra bucks for it, go with Fitkit.

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5. MAXPRO IM5001 1.5Hp Folding Treadmill

MAXPRO IM5001 1.5Hp Folding Treadmill

MAXPRO is primarily known for making value for money fitness products for home-usage. And the MAXPRO IM5001 is one of the most affordable treadmills mentioned in this article. Even though it is an affordable option, it has a lot going for the given price. Thus, it is present in the 5th position in this article.

One of the best things about this treadmill is its 1.5 HP power motor which is as powerful as larger motors. It supports upto 100 kg weight along with a top speed of 12 km/hour. As a result, this motor is more than enough for most treadmill users out there. It is one of the only affordable treadmill options on Amazon which also comes with an inclination feature. This can come in quite handy for a lot of users.

Motor: 1.5 HP

Speed: 0.8 – 12 km/hour

Running Deck: 43 inches

Highest Weight: 100 kg

Best Features:

  • 2-level Manual Inclination: This treadmill allows the user to incline the running deck if required. While this process is done manually, it offers a total of 2 levels of adjustment to the user.
  • Highly Efficient Motor: Even though this treadmill has a small 1.5 HP motor, it supports upto 100 kg weight. And you can use it at upto 12 km/hour which is similar to much more expensive options.
  • Anti Skid Running Deck: If you face slipping issues while using a treadmill, then this one can be a great option. It offers a 5 layer grass texture running belt.
  • LCD Display: The included LCD display on this treadmill can be used to view all sorts of information while running. It shows you time, distance, speed, calories burnt, pulse rate, and much more.
  • Easy to Store: You can easily store this treadmill at your hoe due as you can simply tilt and roll it in while storing it away.

Warranty and Support:

Even though this is an affordable option, it comes with a 1-year warranty which is the industry standard. And MAXPRO offers great service and support to its users as you can simply contact them over WhatsApp.


  • Easy to store while not using.
  • Highly efficient and powerful motor.
  • Includes a feature-rich display.
  • Anti-skid running belt for running without slips.


  • Only two levels of inclination
  • Supported weight could have been higher.

Final Verdict:

MAXPRO’s IM5001 is definitely not the best treadmill option available out there. But it offers various useful things to its users which are great to have at the given price. As a result, it is the best value for money present in this article.

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6. Kobo Fitness Treadmill for Home Gym Cardio (Free Installation Assistance)

Kobo Fitness Treadmill

Kobo is known for making some of the most expensive and high-end treadmills out there. As a result, the Kobo Fitness Treadmills comes with almost everything that you can ever need in a treadmill. Therefore, this expensive treadmill is in 6th place in this article.

It allows you to run at speeds of 16.8 km/hour which is quite higher than all other treadmills mentioned in this article. Apart from that, the 10.1-inch console screen also offers various features to the user. All of these can be quite handy while running on this treadmill. Not only is this treadmill fast, but it also supports upto 120 kgs of weight which is the best in class.

Motor: 2 HP

Speed: 0.8 to 16.8 km/hour

Running Deck: 47 inches

Highest Weight: 120 kg

Best Features:

  • Speakers and Ports: You can find speakers along with a USB port and AUX port in this treadmill. It allows you to listen to your favorite music tracks quite easily.
  • Highly Powerful Motor: The motor of this Kobo treadmill is much faster than all other options present in this article. It offers running speeds of upto 16.8 km/hour while supporting 120 kg weight.
  • Excellent Service and Warranty: As it is a high-end product, it offers much longer warranty along with great customer support to its users.
  • 10 Inch Display: It offers a 10 inch TFT screen with Wi-Fi for its console. And as you would expect, it allows you to check every aspect of this high-end treadmill.
  • Auto Lubrication: This treadmill automatically lubricated itself which can be quite useful for various users.

Warranty and Support:

Kobo Fitness Treadmill is one of the only options out there that offer a 3-year warranty. Due to this, you can use this treadmill for a long time without running into any issues because of the great customer support offered by Kobo.


  • Best in class motor performance
  • Includes a 10 inch Wi-Fi display for the console
  • Offers a 3-year warranty to the user
  • Folds up for easy storage
  • Anti-skid surface along with shock reduction


  • Price can be steep for some users
  • No incline function

Final Verdict:

If you do not have any budget restrictions while buying a treadmill, then the Kobo Fitness Treadmill can be a great option for you. You can find all the possible features in this treadmill. This includes things like a high-performance motor, a large console display, and great customer support. Due to all these reasons, it is one of the best options out there.

Buy Now at Amazon

7. Durafit Spark 1.25 HP (Peak 2.5 HP) DC Motorized Treadmill

Durafit Spark 1.25 HP (Peak 2.5 HP) DC Motorized Treadmill

Coming to the last and final treadmill in this article, we have a great option from Durafit. It is yet another affordable and value for money option if you are in the market for a treadmill.

If you are new to treadmills, the Durafit Spark can be a great option for a lot of users. Using this treadmill is quite easy due to its console controls. And the motor power is also adequate enough for new users. Apart from that, the treadmill is also quite small and compact which makes storing it quite easy. And you get all of this at an affordable price which makes it a great first-time option.

Motor: 1.25 HP

Speed: 1 to 12 km/hour

Running Deck: 59 inches

Highest Weight: 95 KG

Best Features:

  • Easy to Store: You can easily store this treadmill at your home due to its compact and lightweight design.
  • Silent motor: While the motor of this treadmill is not the most powerful one, it is certainly silent.
  • Anti Skid Running Belt: You will not slip while running on this treadmill due to its anti-skid coating.
  • Easy to Read Display: The console of this treadmill is quite easy to understand and use even for new users. It can be used to check various things like speed, time, distance, calories, and much more.

Warranty and Support:

Just like many other budget treadmills out there, this one also comes with a 1-year warranty. You can avail its warranty in case if you face any issues. And contacting Durafit is quite easy using their official website.


  • Great for first-time users
  • Easy to store
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Controls are easy
  • Large running deck with anti-skid surface


  • Motor power could have been more
  • Lacks incline feature

Final Verdict:

For those of you who are buying a treadmill for the first time, the Durafit Spark treadmill can be a great option. Apart from being highly affordable, you also get various features which can be useful for first-time users. And these make it a great value for money option available on Amazon.

Buy Now at Amazon

Home Treadmills Buying Guide

The treadmills that you see in the gym and the treadmills for home use are different from each other.

From track size, speed to Horsepower to incline, warranty and budget, you can’t miss a single thing when buying these giant expensive devices.

These terminologies can be pretty confusing for a first-time buyer.

What are your work out plans?

Will you simply walk on it? Or will you run? How many people will use the treadmill?

Think about your fitness goals. Make a list of the people who will work out on the treadmill. Look at their weight.

Heavier exercise requires a stronger motor. If it’s only for walking and light jogging you can choose from the very basic models and can save some money.

Also, there are weight limits for every treadmill. If multiple people will work out on the treadmill, you have to buy a high-quality model.

We will talk about all these factors in detail later. But get an overall idea! It will make your work easier.

Let’s first decide on manual or automatic treadmill

Manual or Automatic Treadmill

Manual treadmills are cheaper than automatic treadmills. Foldable manual treadmills take little space when storing. They are often more durable—unless it’s made with cheap quality materials. The best part is there are lesser chances of falling off with a manual treadmill as it doesn’t start/stop unless you walk on it.

However, a manual treadmill has too many drawbacks.

  • First of all, they are only good for walking. You need to hold the handles and create a force that can run the belt. This takes half of your energy.
  • Secondly, there will be no pre-set programs no tracking sensors. These preset programs motivate you to work out harder. It’s about a feel-good factor.

Automatic treadmills, on the other hand, are ideal for both walking and running. And with so many features– LED display, work out programs, speed tracks, heart rate sensors they are a lot more fun and easy to use.

The only drawback is their price which is a lot expensive than the manual models. And they take a lot of space if the design is not foldable.

All the products that we have reviewed are automatic and we don’t recommend you to get a manual treadmill unless you have a very strict budget.

Other types of Treadmills

Folding Treadmills

Folding treadmills can be both manual and automatic with a foldable running deck. The deck either be folded towards the console or the console can be folded towards the deck. This way it becomes easy to store them anywhere in the corner of your room.

However, folding treadmills often have a smaller running area. So, it can be uncomfortable for taller people or runners who take long strides.

They are great for home use, walking, and light jogging. Commercial or gym treadmills are designed with large decks and sturdy body to work for hours. And they are rarely foldable.

Commercial Treadmills

Commercial treadmills are heavy-duty treadmills with large tracks and higher speeds. They are best for gyms and sports clubs where multiple users run on them all day, every day. They come with commercial warranty and support.

But, if it’s for home use, most users will find it overkill for the price. As home users do not need that much speed and power. And they are too much expensive—if you want that kind of a treadmill and you have the budget then why not?!

But we will advise you to save some bucks by going for a foldable automatic treadmill.

Treadmill Track Size 

Track size isn’t a big concern for shorter people. But people who take larger strides, you need to look at the size of the treadmill track.

It is also important if you are planning on running at higher speeds. Indians genetically have shorter heights. And Indian treadmills are made keeping our heights in mind.

Track length in India varies from 43 to up to 60 inches. And width ranges from 16 to 22 inches.

Here is a suggestion from our experts depending on your height and workout plans-

  • 43×16”- Ideal for short people. Good for walking, light jogging. Not recommended for people over 5’5” height
  • 48×18”- standard size treadmill. Suitable for runners, walkers or joggers
  • Over 48”x 20”- Ideal length and width for sportspersons who run at higher speeds. Good for taller people

If you are taller than 6 feet, a 60×22-inch track size would be ideal for you. Any shorter than that can make you uncomfortable while running on it!

Do you have enough room space?

Track size is not the size of a treadmill. The actual dimensions will be mentioned somewhere in the product description. Measure the room space allotted for your treadmill. You also need to keep some free space around your treadmill to avoid accidents. If you don’t have enough space in your room, try a foldable treadmill. They can fold full 90-degree leaving a lot of floor space when you are not using it.

Motor Horsepower

If you are buying a motorized treadmill, the motor is the first thing to consider. Motor powers the track belt for running.

Treadmill motor power is usually described in two terms—Horsepower (HP) and Continuous Horsepower (CHP).

It’s better if you can find the CHP. You can ask the seller if it’s not mentioned in the product description.

Manufacturers often mention Peak Horsepower is less valuable.

(Continuous Horsepower runs the motor consciously without damaging it. Peak Horsepower is the maximum power a motor can give out for a short period of time before it starts burning out) 

Most of the home treadmill motor power ranges from 1.5 HP to 4.25 HP.

Your required motor power will depend on– the intensity of the workout, body weight, and number of people using the treadmill.

Intensity of workout

For people less than 90kg, here is what our experts suggest for you-

  • Walking: min 1.5 HP or higher
  • Jogging: min 2 HP or higher
  • Running: min 2.5 HP or higher

Apart from the type of work out the motor power will also depend on two other things-

For Heavy weight people

Usually, the weight capacity of treadmills varies from 90 to 180 kg. If you are over 90 kg add another 0.5 HP to the suggested motor power. It will not put any strain on the motor and the device will last long.

Another way of selecting the ideal motor power is to buy a treadmill that can handle 20 kg more than your body weight.

For example, if you weight 80 kg a 110 kg limited weight treadmill is enough good for your use.

Number of users

Are you the only person to use the treadmill? No? Then you cannot settle with cheaper models. When two or more people use the treadmill regularly the motor endures double pressure.

It can burn out if it’s not powerful enough. That is why most affordable treadmills don’t last long. And also have a short time warranty. If you have multiple users choose a minimum of 2.5 HP motor.

Track Speed 

In general, a treadmill with 10km max speed is good enough for walking and light jogging. Some can go 12 to 15km/hour– best for intense cardio exercise.

Fitness enthusiasts who are training to participate in a competition—you need a high-tech treadmill which can speed above 18km/hr.

We asked some fitness experts and here is what they think the best track speed based on your fitness goals.

  • 1 to 6km/hr- good walking speed for beginners. It is considered a basic level of exercise. You can burn fat at this speed if you are walking briskly.
  • 6.5 to 9 km/hr- good for light jogging or running. This is a moderate level exercise good for fat burning. If you want to lose weight you need to run for at least 10 minutes.
  • 9 to 13 km/hr– for intense aerobic exercise. Most of the runners like to run at this speed.
  • 13.5+ km/hr- Most users cannot maintain speed after 13.5 km/hr. This is good for interval running. Recommended for professionals.

What if..

..If you are a beginner, start with the lowest speed level. Let your muscles group loose. Level up as you feel comfortable with the speed. 

..If you are practising interval running, choose AC motor. AC motors react to speed changes much faster compared to DC motors.

..If you are planning for just walking, you can choose a good quality walking treadmill with a lower maximum speed limit and shorter track belt.

Do you need Track Incline?

Want to lose weight faster? You need a treadmill with an incline function. It burns calories more effectively and shows better results.

You can target different leg muscles and increase your stamina. In general, a treadmill track can be inclined to a maximum of 20 percent. And it is enough for an average person’s workout.

Automatic Vs manual incline

Most of the treadmills have an automatic incline. A few basic level models have a manual incline.

Automatic incline can detect your running speed, heart rate then decides to incline the track. Manual incline requires you to select and incline the floor. Both serve the same purpose but auto incline programs a better workout plan.

However, auto incline treadmills come with a higher price tag.

Tracking: Speed, Time, Calories Burn, Heart Rate etc

It’s always better to keep a count on your progress. Most automatic treadmills can track all of the above. But their accuracy is not reliable, especially if it’s a low budget product. It’s still helpful. At least you are getting close-to-results.

Heart rate sensors

You will see heart rate sensors on the most basic models as well as most expensive models. It’s because these sensors differ in accuracy.

  • Basic level sensors- they have hand pulse sensors on the armrest. You need to keep your hands there for thirty seconds to get a reading. They are less accurate.
  • Advanced level sensors- they can have a chest strap or a pulse watch. They give the most accurate readings.

Pre-set Programs

Most of the treadmills today have pre-set programs. They automatically adjust the speed level and incline/decline (if possible) for a better workout. You can also select these programs manually. They are programmed to train you for fitness goals such as weight loss training or endurance training. They keep you motivated and make exercise more fun.


Boredom kills workout goals. So, a lot of treadmills today are sold with high-end features such as in-built speakers, MP3 player, USB port, wireless internet connection etc. Some even come up with a free subscription to fitness apps such as Fitbit, Noom.

Track Cushioning

  • Track cushioning can reduce the impact of exercise. Compared to a flat surface a cushioned track can reduce the impact up to 40%. It protects your knees and joints from shocks. Not only that, but it also promotes stamina.
  • Try to avoid running tracks with spring shock absorption. These springs compress and release while giving most of the absorbed shock back into the runner’s body
  • Look for treadmills with variable cushions or Durometer Elastrometer. They absorb most of the impacts and are found on the best quality treadmills.

Auto-stop Safety

Sometimes you fall and the treadmill doesn’t stop running which often leads to accidents.

So, a lot of treadmills nowadays are including an auto-stop feature. Auto-stop is basically a key which stays connected to the console with a cord. As you fall the key will disengage and the treadmill will automatically switch off.

Auto-stop is even more important for the elderly and infirm.


Treadmills require minimal maintenance. But, the most vital and unavoidable part to be taken care of is the running deck.

It needs a lubricant to run smoothly. Otherwise, the track will wear off too soon.

Some models come with automatic lubrication but others need manual lubrication.

Using a lubricant after every workout session would be the best care for your treadmill. If not possible lubricate at least one in a weak.


Treadmills are big and expensive. You will use them daily and wish them to last long. So, it becomes more important to find the best model out of your budget.

For a decent walking treadmill, you should spend at least 25,000. At this price, you can expect it to be quiet, powerful, and user-friendly with a decent warranty.

You don’t need to spend 1 lakh on a treadmill unless you are participating in a marathon race.


The best treadmills brands will always come with warranty and customer support.

  • Frame: Almost all branded models have a lifetime warranty on the frame—including the most affordable ones.
  • Motor: The motor can have 1 to 10 years of warranty depending on the brand and model. Cheaper models may have only a few months’ warranty.
  • Parts: Mostly there is no warranty on the parts, especially on the most affordable treadmills. But if you spend a bit more, the most trusted brands can give you 1-5 years of warranty on all electronic parts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which treadmills are better out of manual and electric treadmills?

The biggest difference between these two kinds of treadmills is their pricing. As electric ones have motors and other equipment inside them, they are more expensive.

2. Can treadmills affect your knees while running?

It has been a myth for a long time that running on a treadmill can be bad for your knees. Thankfully, this is not true at all as using a treadmill is completely safe and your knees do not get affected.
On the other hand, if you running on concrete or on a road, your knees get a higher shock from the hard surface. The surface of almost all treadmills is rubberised which absorb the impact and thus do not affect your knees at all.

3. Does a treadmill require regular maintenance?

As a treadmill is a mechanical machine whether you have a manual one or an electric one, it needs maintenance for its proper functioning. Thankfully, you do not have to do this maintenance on a regular basis. You have to simply make sure that the console and the belt of your treadmill are cleaned once a week. Apart from that, you have to oil the motor and gears of your treadmill every now and then. Fortunately, some treadmills come with a self-lubrication feature which makes this process automatic.

4. Should you use an inclined treadmill for running?

A lot of treadmill models out there offer the support for inclination. And just like climbing a hill or running up a slope in real life, inclined treadmills can be useful for burning more calories.
While an inclined surface is not the best option if you are just starting to run, it is a great way for taking your workouts to the next level. Some treadmills even offer a decline option which trains your muscles in a different way as it emulates running downhill at high speeds.

5. How to run on a treadmill?

Running on a treadmill is as easy as running in the park. You have to simply turn on the treadmill, choose a speed and start running away. Some treadmill also offers training modes along with inclination features which can be helpful burning even further calories.

6. How to use a treadmill?

While various treadmill models out there have different controls and features, all of them offer very similar basic controls. As a result, you can simply go on a treadmill and turn it on. After that, set the desired speed and use the start button to make it go. You can also set timers and distance goals to better train your body for staying fit by using a treadmill.

7. What is the treadmill test?

Apart from being useful for fitness, treadmills are also used for medical applications. One common medical use of a treadmill is the treadmill test. In this test, doctors make you run on a treadmill for a set period of time while monitoring your body. And this allows them to check for any abnormal signs. If you have arrhythmias, that is abnormal heart rhythms, then it can be easily diagnosed using the treadmill test.

8. What treadmill is the best for bad knees?

As mentioned earlier, treadmills do not affect your knees at all. But if you already have issues in your knees, then you have to buy a treadmill with shock absorption features. One such treadmill is the Durafit Spark which offers synthetic gel absorption technology.

Apart from that, the Lifelong Treadmill comes with 8 rubber pads under the deck. As you would expect, it offers great shock absorption. Similarly, the Powernax Treadmill has a cast iron frame which absorbs most of the shocks and makes for a great option for bad knees. All such treadmills are generally quite comfortable and have thick rubber belts which can be quite helpful if you have bad knees.

9. Are Powermax treadmills good

Powermax offers a lot of great options if you want to buy a new treadmill for your home or for the gym. It offers great knee protection along with multiple useful features. It also has powerful motors with decent customer support and warranty. Thus, you can use Powermax treadmills for a long time without any issues. And you get all of this at a relatively affordable price which makes it a great value for money product.

10. What is the cost of a treadmill in India?

You can find treadmills at various price points in India. The price of any treadmill is mainly affected by the features that it offers. It depends on things like whether it is an electric treadmill or a manual one. Other than that, the screen, running speed, belt length, running deck size, training modes, and other factors also contribute to the price. Depending on these features, you can buy a treadmill for as low as 16,000 with some options costing upwards of 40,000.

11. Which brand of treadmills is best for home?

Unlike a gym, you have to service your treadmills by yourself if you are using it at your home. As a result, you have to make sure that you are using a treadmill from a reputable brand. And it also needs to have excellent build quality along with good customer support. Due to these factors, Powermaxx, Fitkit, Durafit, Kobo, and Cockatoo are some of the best treadmill brands for home.

12. Which treadmill is best for home use in India?

If you are using a treadmill at home your, then there are various factors that you have to look out for. A foldable treadmill allows you to store your treadmill quite easily when not in use. And it also has to be silent so that it does not disturb everyone else at your home. Similarly, there are various other factors which make the Cockatoo Treadmill a great option for using at your home in India.


Treadmills are one of the best fitness machines available on Amazon. Unfortunately, just like any other gym equipment or machine, there are various important factors related to treadmills. And you cannot buy one for yourself without knowing about these. Therefore, we have mentioned some of the best treadmill machines in this article which you can buy from Amazon. But if you are still not able to choose the best one for you, here are our recommendations:

If you want one of the best treadmills available out there, then you can go with the Fitkit FT100 Series Motorized Treadmill. While it is certainly not the best value for money option, you can expect almost all the features in this treadmill. And these can be quite helpful for staying fit at your home.

Although, the MAXPRO IM5001 Folding Treadmill offers a great value for money as it has a lot going for its given price. While you miss out on some extra features, it is definitely worth its given price tag.

Although if you want to improve your running speed other than being fit, then you should opt for the Kobo Fitness Treadmill. This treadmill offers much faster running speeds than all other treadmill options present in this article. And you can also find various useful features which make the overall experience even better. It is certainly a great option if you can afford its high price tag.

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