8 Best UPS for PCs in India 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

Since power cuts are so frequent in India, an inverter is a must-have appliance to get an uninterrupted power supply. People usually don’t connect computers or ACs to the inverter. Instead, they use UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) for the systems.

UPS units help in saving the PCs from power outages or fluctuations ad protect the data. One of the most common UPS systems used in India is iBall Nirantar UPS 622. If you are looking forward to buying a UPS system for your PC, here are the essential factors that you should look for:

Outlets: For this, you will have to be very clear with the purpose of buying – whether it is for your household use or do you want to connect it to multiple devices. UPS system with 3 outlets is good enough for usage at home but for office purposes, you can go for more number of outlets.

Warranty: You must always look for a system that offers a warranty period of a minimum of 3 years in addition to the free onsite service.

Indicators: The lights on the UPS indicate the functioning of the system. Each color indicates something. For e.g.: green color shows normal functioning, red color means you need to change the battery, and so on.

Some other factors include power requirement, price, and many more. We have explained about them in the Buying Guide Below.

After reviewing and studying about each product individually, we have listed down 8 best UPS available in India. Have a look!

8 Best UPS for PC in India

UPS for PCBattery IndicatorsRecharge TimeCapacityWarrantyBuy Now
Zebronics UPSYes – Green LED Indicator4-6 hours600VA2 years Check the Price
Foxin UPSYes – Alarm sound4-6 hours600VA2 years Check the Price
iBall Nirantar UPS-621VYes- Green LED Indicator with Audio Alarm6-hours600VA2 years Check the Price
VGUARD UPSYes- Green LED Indicator5-8 hours600VA2 years Check the Price
Microtek Tuff UPSYes-LED Indicator6 hours650VA2 years Check the Price
APC UPSYes- LED Indicator with Alarm6 hours700VA2 years Check the Price
V-Guard Sesto UPSYes-LED Indicator6-8 hours600VA2 years Check the Price
iBall Nirantar UPS 622Yes-Green LED Indicator with alarm6 hours600VA1 year Check the Price

Here is a detailed specification of all the above-mentioned products.

1. Zebronics ZEB-U725 UPS

Zebronics ZEB-U725 UPS

Zebronics ZEB-U725 UPS is one of the best and economical UPS available in the market. It comprises of all the features that should be present in a UPS and is compatible for usage with all types of PCs.

For devices that consume a high amount of power, this UPS offers a battery backup of around 28 minutes and for low power consuming devices, it can offer a backup for 3 hours continuously. Thus, you can always rely on this backup system.

With a modified sine wave waveform, the device is efficient for heat exhaustion too. Once you charge it fully for around 6 hours, you can be tension-free and expect an optimum output from it.

Best Features:

Some of the best features of the Zebronics UPS are as follow:

  • Auto-restart – while the AC is recovering a simulated sine wave. This allows the unit to restart and resume the operation when the power supply is off and there is no need for manual settings.
  • Overload protection – Not only do this UPS prevent the computer from unexpected power failure but it also protects the system whenever there is a power overload.
  • LED Indicator – It has an LED indicator that signals you whenever the battery is low so that you can charge it for a continuous power supply.
  • Sleep Mode charging & Audible alarm – The UPS supports sleep mode charging and also has an LED indicator. It also features an audible alarm so that the user is alert if there is any fault.
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) – It regulates the output voltage according to the input voltage so that it provides a constant output waveform.

Warranty & Service:

The UPS comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years. It is very easy to get the service or repair done for Zebronics products as there are more than 128 service centers.


  • Comes at a reasonable price.
  • Offers great battery backup.
  • The brand is trustworthy.
  • Offers overload protection.
  • It has 3 output sockets.
  • It has LED indicators and alarms to indicate faulty operation.
  • Compatible with a generator.
  • Well-suited for Indian conditions.


  • The system is a bit heavy and weighs around 5 kg.
  • You might face overheat issues when there is excessive voltage fluctuation.

Final Verdict:

The UPS is highly sensible and works well in fault electrical conditions. It is an affordable system and is ideal for 1 PC.

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2. Foxin FPS-755 360W UPS

Foxin ups

The Foxin FPS-755 360W UPS not only provides emergency power supply but also offer battery overload protection. With a few additional features like auto-restart and auto-charge, it is one of the best UPS available in the market.

It offers amazing performance with a typical charging time of 6 hours and a transfer time of 4-8 minutes. The UPS has a 3-pin socket system that makes it extremely comfortable to use. Apart from this, the UPS also offers power management options such as sleep mode charging and overload.

Best Features:

Some of the best features of the Foxin FPS-755 360W UPS are as follow:

  • Fast charging capacity – The USP features 360W battery that features fast battery charging capacity
  • Generator compatibility – It allows you to charge the battery even when the power is running on generator.
  • Cold-start function – The USP offers temporary battery power to the peripherals when the power is out. This helps in saving the data and protecting your data.
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) – It helps in regulating the output voltage so that the UPS functions normally.
  • LED Indicators – This lets you understand the system properly. Where the green lighting represents the AC mode, green flashing represents Battery mode.
  • 3 Power Outputs – The UPS has 3 power outputs with 3-pin sockets so that you can connect other devices such as CPU, music system, etc.

Warranty & Service:

You get a manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years with the Foxin FPS-755 360W UPS. The brand has over 50 service centers in India so that you can get the service or repair done easily.


  • The LED indicators provide easy-to-read status of the unit.
  • Audible alarms provide notifications & warnings so that you can rectify them quickly.
  • Offers a battery backup of 28 minutes.
  • It has 3 power outputs.
  • You get a warranty of 2 years.


  • The charging time is long and can take up to 8 hours to charge the device fully.
  • The backup time is less when compared to competitor brands.

Final Verdict:

On the whole, it is a decent UPS with all the required features. The best part about this UPS is multiple outlet options and is easy to use.

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3. iBall Nirantar UPS-621V 600VA

iball nirantar ups

The iBall Nirantar UPS is also called as ultra-charging UPS as it offers an electrifying recharge speed. It is probably the only UPS that offers33% faster-recharging capacity and thus saves time and money at the same time.

It offers excellent performance and allows you to restart the system in AC recovery mode. The green power function and generator compatibility make it one of the best UPS in the industry.

Best Features:

Some of the best features of the iBall Nirantar UPS-621V are as follows:

  • Microprocessor controlled – It provides high reliability.
  • Auto restart – while AC recovery process.
  • Green Power function – helps in saving power and energy.
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) – offers an instant boost and regulates the voltage.
  • LED Indicator – It has a green LED that provides various indication modes.
  • Audible alarm – It has a special beeper with various beeper modes.

Warranty & Service:

iBall has more than 500 service centers in India that support 24/7 customer support to its user via call or email system. The product comes with a warranty of 2 years and 1 year on the battery.


  • You use DVR systems, CCTV cameras along with PC.
  • Offers 33% fast charging.
  • Allows standby time of up to 40 minutes.
  • It is a highly reliable support system.
  • Compact and stylish design.


  • It is a bit heavy.
  • Since it has brand value, the UPS is costly.

Final Verdict:

When compared to all the devices, it is the best UPS and is compatible with most of the devices. Since it offers a superior charging speed, you can trust the UPS if you face regular power cuts. In case of improper functioning, reaching the customer care team to rectify any issue is very easy.

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VGUARD UPS is a competent device that can prevent data damage and data loss. It is a dedicated gadget can power PC, monitor, and printer altogether. The UPS has enough power to save all the data and work before shutting down the system.

It has a built-in battery that also charges in the OFF mode. The VGUARD UPS is very useful in saving the PC from high voltage surges.

Best Features:

Some of the best features of this UPS are as follows:

  • Good backup time – It offers a battery backup of 10-15 minutes while the battery is fully charged.
  • Off mode – Ensures continuous battery charging thereby providing high voltage protection.
  • Easy application – you can use the UPS with a TFT monitor and a printer (except laser printer) together.
  • Indicators – the UPS offers both audio and visual indications to alert the users.

Warranty & Service:

VGUARD is one of the most preferred brands while you are planning to buy an inverter, UPS, or a stabilizer. The VGUARD UPS comes with a warranty of 2 years. The brand has multiple service centers and a dedicated website to resolve all the customer’s issues. Thus, you can expect a hassle-free service from the brand.


  • Simple to use and works effectively to provide continued protection.
  • Protects your system against voltage fluctuation.
  • Provide good enough standby time to save the data.
  • It has both audio and visual indicators.
  • The UPS has an in-built ZPD technology.
  • Offers great connectivity options.


  • When you connect the UPS to a laser printer, the runtime decreases drastically.
  • The UPS is a bit noisy.
  • Does not work great with multiple devices.

Final Verdict:

The VGUARD UPS is a perfect device to protect the system from power outages and offers great performance.

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5. Microtek Tuff Power Pro+ 650VA UPS

Microtek UPS

The Microtek Line Interactive UPS is an ideal choice to provide complete protection to your PC. It is very helpful and is compatible with most of the devices.

As far as reliability is concerned, it is one of the most reliable units and is capable of handling the voltage fluctuations between 140-300 volts. An additional helpful feature of the Microtek Tuff Power Pro UPS is the extended battery life.

Best Features:

Some of the best features of the Microtek Tuff Power Pro+ UPS are as follows:

  • A highly reliable microprocessor
  • Cold start function – helps in saving and protecting the data.
  • Long and extended battery life.
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) – ensures voltage stabilization.
  • Sealed battery – prevents drying out of the battery.

Warranty & Service:

With a warranty period of 2 years, you can expect great service quality from the brand. Microtek has also been awarded with many prices due to the high-quality service that it provides.


  • With a capacity of 650VA, it is capable of handling 1 PC perfectly
  • It is economical and affordable.
  • Offers a long battery life.
  • Provides protection against overload, discharge, and overcharge.
  • Features 3 outputs.


  • The batteries are irreplaceable.

Final Verdict:

Undoubtedly, the Microtek Line Interactive UPS offers a decent battery backup at an affordable price. It gives you enough time to save the data before the PC turns off due to power cut. The extended battery life can add on to the relief.

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6. APC BE700Y-IND 420-watt Back UPS


The APC UPS is another highly recognized device and is well known for the outstanding features that it offers. The UPS provides battery backup during a power outage and unsafe voltage fluctuations. It also provides protection from damaging surges and spikes.

With a capacity of 700VA, the UPS is compatible with all the types of devices and PCs. It has built-in AVR features that prevent the devices against any type of fluctuation.

Best Features:

Some of the best features of the APS UPS are as follows:

  • Multiple sockets – it has 3 batteries backed cum surge protected sockets along with one surge-only socket.
  • LED display along with audio alarms to alert the users of any unwanted issues.
  • Built-in AVR – to make sure the battery is conserved even during voltage fluctuations.
  • User resettable thermal cut-off to prevent overload protection.

Warranty & Service:

You get a manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years from the day of purchase along with this UPS. The brand APC also has a dedicated page to solve all the customer queries.


  • Has an excellent capacity of 700VA.
  • Features alarm indicators so that you know the status of batter.
  • Offers an optimum output of 230V.
  • It has a special surge-protected pocket to store tiny equipment.


  • The unit is a bit noisy.
  • It is also heavy and weighs around 7.8kg.

Final Verdict:

The APC UPS is a simple yet useful unit with 3-pin sockets that can be used for multiple devices. It is a great device at an affordable price range.

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7. V-Guard Sesto Dx 600-600 VA UPS

V-Guard Sesto ups

The V-Guard Sesto Dx 600-600Va is specially designed specially to overcome frequent voltage spikes and surges with maximum effectiveness. It is a compact unit that works wonderfully and provides a high-quality power supply to your personal computer.

With an Off mode battery charging and high-voltage protection, this V-Guard UPS is perfect for Indian power conditions.

Best Features:

Some of the best features of V-Guard Sesto Dx UPS are as follows:

  • Intelligent No Load Shutdown Facility – that cuts off the power supply when there is no power for some time but still allows battery charging.
  • Easy application – you can use the UPS with a TFT monitor and a printer (except laser printer) together.
  • Off-mode battery charging with high voltage protection.
  • Decent battery backup time of 10-15 minutes.

Warranty & Service:

V-Guard offers a warranty of 2 years and the brand ensures that it provides a quick and hassle-free service to its customers.


  • Have special audio and visual indicators.
  • Works great when connected to 1 PC and can be connected to a printer too.
  • Has an in-built ZPD technology.
  • The UPS is durable and economical.
  • It has a stylish and sleek design.


  • Does not work great when connected to a laser printer.

Final Verdict:

The V-Guard Sesto UPS is a modern and stylish UPS that can handle huge power spikes and surges. Since it is backed by V-Guard’s superior technology, the device does not fail to impress you.

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8. iBall Nirantar UPS 622

iBall Nirantar UPS 622

With an electrifying charging pace, iBall Nirantar UPS 622 is one of the best UPS in the market. It comes with a 33% faster-recharging capability that no other brand offers. The UPS offers superior quality and high-end battery backup systems to your PC so that you will never have to worry about losing the data.

Best Features:

Best features of iBall Nirantar UPS 622 are as follows:

  • Equipped with Boost and Buck AVR – defends the system against under-voltage and overvoltage issues with ease.
  • Multi-function LED Indicators – to signal charging and other modes.
  • Beeping alarm mode – to let you know the status of the battery with beeps.
  • Audible alarm notification – so that you are aware of any emergencies or notifications.
  • Great battery backup – of around 40 minutes.
  • Auto restart – while AC recovery.

Warranty & Service:

The UPS by iBall comes with a warranty of 2 years. iBall has more than 500 service centers in India that support 24/7 customer support to its user via call or email system.


  • Ensures faster charging.
  • Offers a wide input voltage range.
  • The unit is compatible with generators.
  • Features AVR for Boost & Buck.
  • Features green power function.


  • The unit is a bit noisy.

Final Verdict:

Overall, The UPS offers efficient performance and protects the system from voltage fluctuations. The unit is both affordable and durable.

Now that we have listed down all the best UPS available in India, let’s take a look through the buying guide.

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Buying Guide for UPS:

Here are a few factors that you must not miss checking before buying a UPS for the PC at your home.

1. Outlets:

Any UPS system comes with certain outlets that allow you to connect it to other devices. Thus, before buying a UPS, you must finalize the number of devices that you need to connect to the UPS.

Generally, it is preferred to buy UPS with more number of outlets. If you wish to use it at home where you can connect a PC, router, printer, or modem, you can buy a UPS with a lesser number of outlets. However, if you wish to buy it for business purpose or for office use, you can buy a UPS with more than 3 outlets. This would add on to the flexibility of the device.

Another factor that you should look for is whether the ports offer surge protection or not. UPS with surge protection generally has a lesser number of ports than a usual UPS. In most of the UPS, the surge protection feature is installed in few ports while the other ports function normally. Since the ports without surge protection can cause harm to your devices, it is very important to consider this factor.

For a general usage where you use the PC with speakers, you can select a UPS with 3 ports but if you want to add a printer to it, you can go ahead with 4 ports.

2. Power requirements:

Another major factor that you cannot ignore is the power requirement of the attached devices. One thing that you should remember while checking the power requirement of the UPS is the power in and the out supply should always be more than the requirement of the device that you are going to connect to it otherwise it will be of no use.

Irrespective of the monitor type, it is suggested to buy a UPS with 700VA or more. But, if you are planning to use a single LED monitor, a capacity of 600VA will also do.

Here’s how you can calculate the capacity requirement of the UPS: make a total of the wattage necessities of all the devices that you want to connect to the unit. You can get this information on the product’s description page. If this value is mentioned in amps, multiply the total amps by the AC voltage and this will let you know the wattage. This will give you a rough value of the required capacity. However, for proper figures, you can even contact the sellers or retailers.

Now check the specifications of the UPS whose capacity is higher than the total capacity that you calculated. The UPS units come with VA ratings. Manufacturers suggest the users to limit the load to 80% of the capacity. This helps the unit in handling the voltage fluctuations.

3. Warranty:

A UPS unit functions until there is power in the internal battery, i.e. around 2-3 years. Post this; once the battery starts decaying, you will notice that the UPS will also start malfunctioning. Thus, it is always suggested to buy a product with a maximum warranty period.

4. Usage of UPS:

Once you finalize the power requirements, another thing that you should look for is the usage of UPS i.e. the amount of time the UPS will be running. If your sole motto is just to save the data before the system turns off, a run time of 15 minutes is enough for the UPS.

If there is a frequent power cut in the area you live, you can look for a UPS that offers a run time of around an hour.

5. Extra Features:

Any UPS offers different types of features and are classified as basic and professional features.

Apart from run time, numbers of outlets, and output, other basic features include USB connection, battery disconnection notification, and the software app that is controlled by the PC. This app also indicates the power consumption and battery usage by the unit.

The professional features of UPS include LED panel, quick charging capacity, alarm signals, and many more in addition to all the basic features.

6. Purpose:

By the purpose of buying a UPS, we mean whether you wish to buy the UPS for domestic usage or professional usage.

The domestic units offer less voltage capacity and generally cost lower when compared to the professional units. These units work well with 1 or 2 PCs.

On the other hand, the professional or commercial UPS is designed to manage more amount of power and have advanced features to carry the maximum load.

7. Price:

Once you are done checking all the above-mentioned factors, you can easily finalize a UPS at an affordable price range. You can get a good UPS unit at a price range of Rs. 2000 – Rs. 3,500.

Other things to keep in mind before buying a UPS:

  • Make sure that the UPS that you buy is compatible with all the devices that you are planning to use it with. You can even select the number of ports accordingly.
  • The software (OS) of UPS should be compatible with the OS of the system so that you can use it accordingly.
  • Since voltage fluctuation is so common in India, it is preferred to look for surge protection or filtered ports for the Ethernet Cables.
  • The modern designs of UPS have special displays and sound systems. This lets you know the status of the battery as the units send visual or audio notifications.
  • Some UPS units also have in-built fans to cool the system. You can even check for the noise levels of the unit.
  • Generally, the battery life of UPS is around 3-5 years. Some brands also offer extended warranty and replacement options. These features are also helpful in the long run.


After doing extensive research, we have summed up all the products and the factors that will help you buy the best UPS for your PC. Since each product is unique in its own way, the final call is yours to take. All of them are durable and effective.

But, if you check, most of the people in India use iBall Nirantar UPS 622. Undoubtedly, it is an amazing product but the performance of Zebronics ZEB-U725 is also extraordinary. You can buy one according to your requirements.

We hope this product review and the buying guide helps you in buying the best UPS for your PC. If you still have any doubts or queries, you cran wite back to us in the comments section below.