Best Xerox/Photocopy Machines in India

With the advancement of technology, photocopiers and printers are no longer standalone devices. The functionality of the printer, copier, scanner, and fax has been consolidated into a single machine known as Multi-functional Printer.

Multifunctional printers ensure high-quality photocopy function and make for a consolidated asset that reduces overall cost and improves workflow. But, when it comes to choosing a multi function printer with Xerox or Photocopy function, there are a number of factors to consider such as print speed, volume and graphics capabilities, copier types – Monochrome digital copier, digital color copier, all-in-one copier and multifunctional copier to make an informed decision.

To know how these parameters helps you to pick the right one, read “Buying Guide” mentioned in the article.

Best Xerox Machines For Small Business

BrandPrinting Resolution (DPI)FeaturesBuy Now
HP LaserJet M10051200Built-in Instant-On technology,
fuser technology,
Energy Star qualified
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Epson L220 600Epson genuine ink tank,
Micro piezo technology
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Canon MF244DW 1200128MB RAM, automatic
document feeder,
On Demand Fixing technology
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Brother DCP-1616W 2400*600Automatic document feeder,
built-in Wi-Fi connectivity
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Samsung SCX-34011200*1200EPM integrated software,
64MB of RAM,
eco-driver software
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Ricoh SP210SU 600*600Photographic drum,
128MB RAM, compact design
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Kyocera Taskalfa 1800 600*600Advanced separated
toner system, ISO-certified design,
duplex copy option
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Above-mentioned 7-products are sorted by our team of experts to offer you the best experience with the Photocopy machines in India. Let’s discuss each product in detail now!

Best Xerox/Photocopy Machines in India

1. HP LaserJet M1005 Multifunction Monochrome Laser Printer

HP LaserJet M1005 Multifunction Monochrome Laser Printer

HP is a brand famous for designing hardware and software tools that matches with the customer requirements and also provides the standard integrated services.

This Xerox machine is a high-efficient multifunction monochrome printer that has print, copy and scan features. Thus it is considered as one of the best Xerox machine in India available online right now.

HP Black Xerox machine keeps the things simple at an affordable price by providing proficient professional documents using the compact laser technology. It comes in a sleek and compact design that occupies minimal space on the desk.

Connect to your PC or laptop through USB-port using the HP Smart Install program at offices and homes so as to accept the challenges like print, copy and scan.

It is designed to improve the productivity, saves time and also decrease the paper cost using some advanced energy-saving features, an automatic 2-sided printing and copying technology.

The machine has a print-resolution of 1200dpi, and the print speed is of 18 ppm for both color and black-white printing. At a time, it can print maximum of 100-sheets by supporting a wide range of media such as paper, envelopes, transparencies, postcards, cardstock and labels. The printer supports manual duplex printing and copying at a print speed of 18 ppm.

When you buy HP photocopy machine look for the components in this device like- power cords, output tray, black print cartridge, text recognition software, USB cable, installation manual, and the warranty guide.

The manufacturer has given 1-year warranty on the photocopy machine.

Overall, the HP laser printer is a wonderful device as it is very easy to operate and also the maintenance cost is very low compared to others in our line-up. Moreover, HP Xerox machine reviews and ratings are good that accounts to 700+ in number.

Few customers aren’t happy with the product due to the connectivity issues. It could have been better with the customized options. However, the other models like – HP LaserJet Pro M1136HP LaserJet Pro M126nwHP DeskJet Ink Advantage 2135 of the laser printer have come to fix the previously reported issues.

  • HP LaserJet Pro M1136 supports all types of paper formats like envelops, postcards, labels, plain or laser papers with different sizes A3, A4, A5 etc. It has a 150-sheet input tray that helps to place the papers inside the machine. Thereby it generates maximum of 100 sheets at a time with a maximum printing speed of 18 ppm and 1200 dpi resolution.
  • What so special in HP LaserJet Pro M126nw when it has got the same functionality to print, copy and scan. Folks listen, it has got an outstanding feature that no other model in the list have. Guess what it could be? You are thinking about the smart connectivity option right. Obviously correct, it supports smartphones- Android, IOS, tablets so as to print from any location virtually.
  • If price is the main issue for you then grab HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 2135. It has got all the features like 4800*1200 dpi resolution of printing standards with 7.5 ppm for black/white and 5.5 ppm for color printing. Confidently say that this HP-model is the low-budget Xerox machine in the list of 7 Xerox machines in 2018 that also offers a manufacturing warranty of 1-year.

Pros and Cons of HP LaserJet Printer

Pros (+)

  • 8 MB of RAM size.
  • Print, copy and scan.
  • Affordable price printer.
  • 1-year manufacturing warranty.
  • Hi-speed USB-2.0 connectivity technology.
  • Maximum display resolution is 1200 dpi.
  • Energy saving laser printer (auto on/off technology).

Cons (-)

  • Minor connectivity issues.
  • Normal customized settings.

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2. Epson L220 Colour Ink Tank System Printer 

Epson L220 Colour Ink Tank System Printer

For those who are very curious about printing devices, Epson L220 Colour Printer is the best one available in the market now that is aimed to provide the finest quality in a budget-friendly zone.

Compared to HP printing machine, these are small and light weighted. Believe it or not, they come neatly in a cardboard box containing 1000 page HD black print cartridge, 150-sheet input tray, power cord, USB cable, and an instruction manual.

This model has improved the printing speed up to 27ppm for black and white prints. And 7ppm for color prints. Without any issue you can enjoy the printing up to 15000 prints.

Epson Xerox machine is made with good quality materials to look stylish, and for ultra-low cost printing and scanning purposes. With the help of a single cartridge, you are able to print thousands of pages in both color, black and white combination.

It has a printing resolution of 600dpi. Confidently print the content on A4 and A3 size papers as the printer supports only these 2 sizes.

The ink tank has drip free nozzles to refill the tank easily by adopting to hassle-free functioning. It quickly handles the tasks given as input to the device and also very easy to setup.

It does not have any Built-in Wi-Fi router so as to share the information directly through internet connection.

As for performance, Epson printer is one of the best printing machines in India. The device may not have the top-notch features to impress the customers. But comes with a decent design and the excellent printing technology embedded in it.

It will surely be a great choice for home and office purposes that comes at reasonable amounts by satisfying your requirements.

The only downside for this product is that it does not feature a Wi-Fi connectivity that makes the printing easier and reliable. Apart from these, you can simply buy the Epson printer online that has positive reviews and ratings.

If you don’t have sufficient bucks to have Epson L220 model, don’t get disappointed folks. We are here to provide the best choice for you. As most of them prefer other branded models if the features they are looking for is not in their price range. Why to choose some other brands if you are a fan of Epson or for the features it offers.

Go with the same brand that also produces similar features. We made a case study and here provided you the 2 top-class models namely-  Epson L361, Epson M200  that are comparatively low in prices. But offers ultra-high speed printing services of 33 ppm and 34 ppm.

Pros and Cons of Epson Printer

Pros (+)

  • 600dpi Xerox machine.
  • Epson genuine ink tank.
  • Micro piezo technology.
  • 1-year of warranty services.
  • Saves 90% of printing costs.
  • Highly reliable and fine quality materials.

Cons (-)

  • No Wi-Fi option to connect wirelessly

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3. Canon MF244DW Digital Multifunction Laser Printer

Canon MF244DW Digital Multifunction Laser Printer

Canon laser printer offers high quality printing output with the standard capabilities for personal or other usages like schools, institutions etc.

This is an advanced all-in-one printer that combines functionality with style of sleek and compact design.

It is a monochrome laser printer with 1200*1200dpi resolution that provides sharp and clear prints. It has a print speed of up to 27ppm and comes with an automatic document feeder. You can print the volume of 500-2500 pages per month depending on your requirement.

5-line LCD display comes with one-touch solution keys and multiple menu options that make it simple and easy to use. The printer comes with 128 MB internal memory that allows you to store files while printing or copying.

It also includes advanced features such as On Demand Fixing technology that reduces the heat produced by the machine during operation and allows faster prints. It has a 35 sheet auto feeder that taken in 35 pages at a time a starts automatic copying, printing and faxing.

With a single tap on the task-dedicated buttons, you can assign the task to the printing device.

To conclude, this Canon printer device is a great choice for the people who are looking for quality printing services at moderate prices. For its simple design structure, pricing, and lots of features made us to list number 3. And many of the customers show interest to buy this product without any delay.

Some minor issues like the printing volume, and the manufacturing service can be improved a lot.

Pros and Cons of Canon Laser Printer

Pros (+)

  • 1-year onsite warranty.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity option.
  • 35-sheet ADF (auto document feeder).
  • Built-in auto duplex printing machine.
  • 1200dpi resolution of Canon Xerox machine.

Cons (-)

  • Less printing volume.
  • Poor services by the manufacturer

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4. Brother DCP-1616NW Monochrome Wi-Fi Multification Laser Printer

Brother DCP-1616NW Monochrome Wifi Multifunction Laser Printer

Number 4 in the list is Brother monochrome Wi-Fi Xerox machine. The Brother printer is all in one printing device that helps you to enjoy scanning, printing and photocopying in a single system.

When you wish to have or buy the Brother laser printer, you get the following components:

  • Driver CD
  • Power cord
  • A USB cable and
  • Brother Monochrome printer (Black)

We are impressed with the positive reviews and ratings of Brother Xerox machine. When we do a bit research on the product, we came to know that it is equipped with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity that helps to interface with multiple devices at a time from anywhere home or offices. And the built-in mobile printing option let you print the data with more flexible and comfort options.

Likewise, you can even interface with smartphones- Android, IOs; tablets, to offer enhanced printing quality. There is a wired networking option so as to establish another connection and act accordingly with various inputs given.

This high-quality Xerox machine has a printing resolution of 2400*600dpi. It features a HQ1200 technology to give clean and sharp printouts at a blazing fast speed of 20ppm. High printing speed enables the users to utilize the time more efficiently, besides waiting for the printouts (A3, A4-sizes).

Minimizes the printing time by using brother networking administration tools to monitor the status of the printing and configure. It scans the multi-page documents and fetch the information using ADF-automatic document feeder.

The Brother printing machine comes with 1-year warranty. If the device encounters a problem that cannot be solved, they will replace the product with a new one.

Furthermore, it is good to have in homes and offices that offers exceptional printing quality with high volume. And the prices are very reasonable; everyone shows interest to purchase by looking at the price-tag. Comparatively printing speed is less than Epson and Canon models. Choose wisely before you take a decision.

Pros and Cons of Brother DCP Laser Printer 

Pros (+)

  • Printing speed is 20 ppm.
  • Best printing machine in India.
  • 1-year warranty on the product.
  • 2400*600 dpi resolution of brother laser printer.

Cons (-)

  • Less printing speed.

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5. Samsung SCX-3401 monochrome Multi Funtion Laser Printer 

Samsung SCX-3401 Multi-Function Monochrome Laser Printer

Are looking for a printer that comes in a compact design with fast printing speed and no distortions? So far, we have reviewed many printing devices that are failed to store sufficient amount of data for printing purposes.

However, Samsung monochrome printer has RAM with high information storage capacity of 64MB. It grabs your attention, because its design is very simple and made easy to use.

You can optimize the printing with a single touch on the eco-button. It allows the users to switch to eco-mode and conserve toner, to save paper and the energy consumed by the device.

Despite the small size, this printer supports heavy media and can print on paper, labels, cards, envelops and overhead projector transparencies. The advanced separated toner system used in this multifunctional printer saves tonner cost and reduces total cost of operation.

It also has a number of advanced features such as automatic duplex printing, mobile printing and network connectivity.

The automatic duplex printing feature allows you to print and copy on both sides of the pages and helps to lower paper cost. Mobile printing option allows you to print all types of files using a mobile device.

EPM integrated software helps to install the device and monitor the printing status. With the eco-driver software, you can preview the document before printing so as to adjust the quality, color and other settings.

Print 20ppm using the Samsung Xerox machine. The enhanced performance outlines the effective working in offices, homes, and other work stations with a stunning resolution of 1200*1200dpi. Print, scan and copy options offers flexibility to use the device in various formats to thrive in the modern world.

Time to say good-bye to the waste printouts and encourage the highly efficient printing devices. Due to the increase in the sufficient-space printing machines, Samsung photocopy machine is the best choice. It is the premium standard printing device that is highly portable, saves space, and money too with the hassle-free functioning.

It may not match with the requirements of all users, but surely helps for those who are just going to use the Samsung Xerox machine just to satisfy the basic needs. To be honest, we don’t find major cons for this product except the duplex printing option that most of the latest models are equipped with this feature. Hence, it is often referred as the best flawless laser printing machine in India right now.

Like Samsung SCX-3401, Samsung SL-M2071W  model has the similar features like 20ppm of printing speed and the 1200*1200dpi resolution. But the SL-M2071W model has a smart wireless connectivity option so as to interface with mobiles and tablets etc. for scanning, sharing and printing the required information on supported paper.

Due to its compatibility and customized options, it costs bit higher than SCX-3401 printer in the market right now.

Pros and Cons of Samsung Laser Printer

Pros (+)

  • Multi-purpose tray.
  • Superb print quality.
  • One touch eco-button.
  • 20ppm of printing speed.
  • Integrated EPM software.
  • 1200*1200dpi printing resolution.
  • 3 in 1 functionality-copy, scan, print.

Cons (-)

  • No duplex printing.
  • No major flaws.

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6. Ricoh SP210SU Monochrome Multi-Function Laser Printer

Ricoh SP210SU Monochrome Multi-Function Laser Printer

Next one in the list is Ricoh monochrome laser printer. It occupied 6th position in the list of best Xerox machines in India 2018 because of the customized options and the affordable nature.

This efficient multi-functional laser printer can compete with any big brands such as Samsung or Canon due to the versatile nature that can scan and copy documents with equal efficiency. But, it also greatly helps for homes, offices and small scale business sectors.

It takes limited space and is quite convenient to print and copy on various media – plain paper, recycled paper, cards, etc.

Stores the important data on the device as it comes with a standard RAM of memory 128MB.

You can connect the Xerox machine with USB 2.0 connectivity. On an average, it can print 20,000 volume of pages per month. With a copying speed of 22cpm and with 99 multiple copies. The resolution of Ricoh Xerox machine is 600*600dpi. And the size of the font can be minimized to 25% and enlarged to 400%.

To generate better results, it quickly accesses the Xerox machine in just 25-seconds by supporting the windows operating system. And it provides crisp and highly legible print with high resolutions and color options.

Inside the machine, it has a photographic drum to charge electrically and transfer the information to paper using a heated roller. It has multiple functions to fully access to print, scan and copy when fed to an input power supply.

This device also supports manual double-sided printing and copying to save paper; while the high-yield, all-in-one print cartridge reduces overall costs.

Ricoh manufacturer is giving 1-year warranty on the printing machine. It just weighs around 10kgs that helps to place the machine in your desired location.

To conclude, this Ricoh machine is good for the price that you are getting at, but do not expect anything more from the device as its features and functionalities are limited to some extent. Also, it is made with poor quality materials that no one will show interest to buy online.

It only suits for those who are in need of printing especially at home purposes. If you want to go with more advanced features, have a look at the printers in the list.

If you are want to grab the printer with a bit high resolution, Ricoh SP 210 is the best choice. It is made with fine quality durable materials. This 210 model features the printing speed of 22ppm with a resolution of 1200*600dpi. To print data on the sheets, it can be connected to the external devices like smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops via wired or wireless technology. It best suits for home purposes and also the price is inexpensive too.

Pros and Cons of Ricoh Laser Printer

Pros (+)

  • 128MB of RAM.
  • 1-sheet of Bypass tray.
  • 600*600dpi resolution.
  • USB 2.0 connectivity option.
  • Printing speed is 22ppm (only A4 size).

Cons (-)

  • Doesn’t support windows 10 OS

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7. Kyocera Taskalfa 1800 monochrome Multi-Function Laser Printer

Kyocera Taskalfa 1800 monochrome Multi Function Laser Printer

Over the years, printers have come with the more tremendous options. This is yet another affordable multi-function laser printer that has meets your printing, copying and scanning needs.

Kyocera Taskalfa multi-function laser printer is a very popular and reliable printing machine that delivers excellent performance without compromising the quality. Compared to the above-mentioned models, it is specially designed by meeting the ISO standards (ISO-9001, ISO-14001).

This multifunctional printing technology supports A3-A4-A5 sizes by offering black-white or color options with a standard resolution of 600*600dpi. And the printing speed of Kyocera is 18ppm.

Program key mode and management mode for better functioning of the device. It has a 100-sheet multi-purpose tray to maximize the compatibility options.

Using the scan option, you can read any type of file or the format like jpg, pdf, etc.

In addition to these, it also features duplex copy, auto-paper selection, rotate-sort copy, electronic sort copy and scan once-print many options. All these wonderful features make the device more special and reliable.

The good thing about the product is that it has a very good RAM size which is 256MB. Though it is built based on the ISO standards, its printing speed is less. As the maintenance cost is relatively cheap and a high monthly duty cycle which makes it suitable for small scale offices.

Note: It is strictly recommended to use authorized paper only under normal climatic conditions.

Pros and Cons of Kyocera Laser Printer

Pros (+)

  • 256MB of RAM size.
  • 18ppm of printing speed.
  • ISO-certified design standards.
  • 100-sheet multi-purpose tray.

Cons (-)

    • Interference of noise.
  • Too expensive Xerox machine

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Things to Look for While Buying a Xerox/Photocopy Machine

There are some key factors that you need to look into before you wish to have any printer. Like the printing speed, resolution, color options, printing material, and connectivity options etc. Here in this section, we will let you know everything about the Xerox machine. Let’s get into the details now.

1. Features

  • Printing Speed – Advanced digital copiers can print 22 ppm (pages per minute) on the low end to 100 ppm which is much higher than older models that could print 30 ppm. High-end machines have reduced warm-up requirements which also save time.
  • Printing Volume – Paper capacity of the xerox machines is listed as “tray” or “cassette”. While basic models have a capacity of 100 sheets in a tray and 250 sheets in the cassette, large-scale machines can accommodate 500 sheets in the tray and more than 2000 sheets in multiple cassettes.
  • Graphic capabilities – Multifunction printers come with graphic capabilities that provide highest resolution (2,400 x 2,400 dpi) along with color management through five-color control which helps to produce exact replica of the source material.

2. Analog/Digital Copier

Analog machines are no longer used in modern offices and businesses because they failed to keep up with productivity and quality of digital printers. Multifunctional digital copiers have the capabilities of scanning, faxing and distribution through internet that simplifies the process and saves time and money. As far as quality is concerned, graphic renderings ensure exact reproduction of intricate drawings and artworks and analog copiers can’t match up with the performance of digital copiers.

3. Types of Digital Copiers

  • Monochrome digital copier – These are one of the most inexpensive types of copiers available in the market that provide black and white prints. They provide basic copying, faxing and scanning function without any advanced graphics-editing capabilities. Mono-digital copiers are best suited for small-scale businesses.
  • Digital Color Copier – Digital color copiers have the capacity to reproduce high-resolution copies of a wide range of materials. These copiers are suitable for creating multicolour brochures, pamphlets and presentations and have resolution range from 600 x 600 dpi to 2,400 x 600 dpi, average speed of 40 to 90 ppm and paper capacity of 1000 sheets in the tray and 500 to 1500 sheets in backup cassette.
  • All-in-one Copier – These are sleek and light weight desktop models that are suitable for small businesses and home offices. These copiers have basic functionalities such as print, scan and fax and have resolution from 300 x 300 dpi to 1,200 x 600 dpi and output speeds of 19 to 30 ppm.
  • Multifunctional Copier – This is one of the most popular models today that is widely used by businesses that eliminate unnecessary equipments. These models include print, scan and fax function and have a wide range of communication options.

4. Specifications

  • Scan/fax/e-mail – Most advanced copiers have scanning, faxing and e-mailing feature to ensure easy and simple distribution of documents internally and externally within a workgroup. While most machines connect through ethernet of high-speed USB 2.0 connection. Higher end models offer WiFi connectivity.
  • Document feeder – Automatic document feeder is mounted on top of the machine that helps faster batch scanning of large documents.
  • Digital copier interface – Many advanced models have touch-screen operation on a monitor that allows easy editing and provides full access to the machine – language options, economy printing, moving or deleting pages, real-time preview, etc.
  • Networking capacity – Digital copiers come with a wide range of networking options that allows swift and easy distribution of documents among connected workgroups and mobile employees.


This brings us to the end of our list of best Xerox/Photocopy Machines in India. Printers are much needed tool in our day to day life. But when we make a purchase, we always wanted to be on safe side. It can be the price, quality and the performance.

All the products in the given list is worth the money and possess different functionalities to provide the best printing quality output. However, HP LaserJet Monochrome Printer is our top pick from the list of Best 7 Xerox Machines in India 2018.

Because it is highly efficient and has a wide range of functionalities to print, scan and copy using a Hi-speed USB-2.0 connectivity with the external sources. Additionally, it features 8MB of RAM, 1200dpi resolution, and energy saving option at an affordable price. To your surprise, the manufacturer offers 1-year of warranty on the Xerox machine.

If you have any queries regarding Xerox machines, feel free to express in the comment section given below. We are very happy to clarify them.