Best All in One Desktops/Computers in India

In this modern era, all of us have smartphones- Android/iPhones, tablets, and laptops so as to browse the things easily. But, these may not satisfy the chucks like-HD gaming, viewing compatibility, data encryption and also the batteries get heated up very quickly.

For them, All-in-one Desktops provides a one-stop solution to handle various tasks- office work, conference calls, webinars etc. simply by sitting at home. They also protect the personal information using hashing, symmetric and asymmetric encryption methods from being hacked.

Compared to traditional models, all-in-one computers save powerspace, and wire-clutters by featuring a touchscreen, HD tuners, remote controls and motion controllers to enjoy the digital platform. They are available in fully assembled and customized options so as to upgrade the system effortlessly.

Likewise, they come in a very slim and brand-new design to compete with other popular models at an affordable price. But with so many options and difficult technical terms, choosing the right computer can be difficult, read our “Buying Guide to know how our team of experts has picked the best of available.

 Given below is the list of Best 6 All-in-one Desktops in India that grabs the attention of customers. Just have a look at them…

Best All In One Desktop Computers In India

All In One PCsProcessorRAMHard DiskScreenBuy Now
Dell Inspiron One2.3GHz Intel
Core i3-6100U
4GB DDR3L1 TB23.8-inch Check the Price
HP 20-C102il1.6GHz Intel Celeron4GB DDR3L1 TB19.5-inch Check the Price
Lenovo 2.4GHz Intel Celeron J18002GB DDR3500 GB19.5-inch Check the Price
Apple iMac 3.3GHz Intel Core I58GB DDR32 TB27-inch Check the Price
Imac Apple I Mac 3.1GHz Intel Irish Pro Core I5 62008GB1TB21.5-inch Check the Price
ASUS 1.5GHz Intel Pentium J42054GB DDR3500 GB21.5-inch Check the Price

So, let us get on with our list of all in one desktops where Dell Inspiron One 24 3459 wins the top spot for its amazing features and impressive configuration.

Best All In One Desktop PCs Under 55000

1. Dell Inspiron One 24 3459 Z266102HIN9 23.8-inch All-in-One Desktop

Dell is a multi-national company that is well known for its innovations like PCs-peripherals and other electronic devices. For its portable nature and raw performance, made to list in the top of 10 best all in one desktop in India.

Dell Inspiron One is an ultra-portable and lightweight PC that saves space on your desk. It features a power packed performance with a 2.3GHz Intel Core i3-6100U processor, 4GB DDR3L RAM and 1TB hard drive.

This wonderful desktop runs on Windows 10 operating system and well-supports the previous versions in case of any requirement. It has high-quality display with Intel HD Graphics and the screen size is 23.8-inches. The screen is not a touch screen though.

The system also includes wireless keyboard and mouse to ensures smooth connectivity and make the desktop more attractive. The video playback quality of the PC is decent as well. You can even do Photoshop on this device and surf the web.

This PC comes with 1-year onsite warranty from Dell.

The ultra HD resolution makes you to enjoy the gaming, videos, music and other activities with an ease. It is the best desktop computer in India for anyone who are looking for outstanding features- stunning display, crystal-clear audio at reasonable prices. The only thing that we didn’t like about the dell inspiron computer is that it does not feature a touch-screen option

Specifications- Dell Inspiron

  • 4GB DDR3L RAM.
  • 1TB of hard disk drive.
  • 8-inch display screen.
  • 3GHz Intel core I3-6100U processor.
  • Supports windows-10 operating system.


  • Light weight and portable.
  • Features a web camera.
  • Web camera for video calling.
  • RAM can be up gradable to 8GB.


  • Bit expensive desktop.
  • No touch screen option

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Best Budget All In One PCs Under 25000 in India

2. HP All-in-One Desktop 20-C102il

Second one in the list is from HP brand. It is a very famous brand that offers wide variety of hardware components, software, and other technical services globally.

In contrast to other all in one desktop models, it has a very stylish design and also comes at very low-prices. That’s why it has become 2nd best computer in the list of best 6 PCs.

This HP AIO-model comes with an integrated and adjustable metal stand that allows the screen to be adjusted to different angles. It features Intel Celeron J3060 (Braswell-D) Processor, Molokai-U Motherboard, 4 GB DDR3L-1600 RAM, 1 TB SATA 7200 rpm ROM and Integrated Intel HD Graphics.

Furthermore, the system runs using the DOS 2.0 operating system. It has a 19.5-inch diagonal widescreen with high-definition VA WLED-backlit display for crisp and clear images. The PC has integrated Bluetooth 4.0 and Wireless LAN 802.11b/g/n connectivity.

The manufacturer offers 1-year warranty on PC from the date of purchase.

The performance of this device is acceptable as it is packed with everything you expect from a computer. With its cutting-edge display, people can enjoy the work in full-screen modes. If you are looking for a device that produces excellent sound without external speakers, then this HP all in one desktop for you.

But we are bit disappointed with the wired connectivity of keyboard and mouse. And the system performance slows down when you use multiple tabs (say.10, 15, 20) a time. However, you can use it to some extent without any delay in the processing speed.

Specifications- HP AIO

  • 4GB DDR3L RAM.
  • DOS operating system.
  • 1TB of hard disk space.
  • 19.5-inch HP all in one desktop.
  • 1.6GHz intel Celeron processor.


  • Budget-friendly device.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.
  • Integrated stereo speakers.
  • 1-year manufacturing warranty.


  • Supports only windows 8,10 OS.
  • Wired connectivity-mouse, keyboard

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Best Desktop Computer for Home Use Under 25000

3. Lenovo C260-57325928 19.5-inch All-in-one Desktop PC


Next one on the list is from Lenovo. Lenovo is a very famous brand that designs and develops personal computers, tablets, smartphones, and other electronic equipment’s. It is considered as one of the best selling desktops in India for personal usage.

We have listed Lenovo AIO model as the 3nd best model because of the flexibility option and the performance it offers. But, it costs a bit more than the traditional models due to cutting-edge design and the customized options.

This is an entry level all-in-one PC from Lenovo that features a 2.41 GHz Intel Celeron J1800 Processor, 2GB DDR3 RAM, 500 GB hard disk and integrated graphics. It runs on DOS operating system. The 19.5 inch LED screen offer crisp and smooth display. The PC weighs just 6.21kgs and the slim design takes up minimal space on the desk. The desktop is compatible with wireless keyboard and mouse.

To the monitor, there are Ethernet, HDMI, DVD burner and 720p of the integrated webcam which sounds good. In addition to this, it also features USB-3.0 port which is 10 times faster than the previous technologies so as to communicate with peripherals.

The AccuType wireless keyboard has a stylish design with ergonomic keys for smooth typing and speedy accessing of the device than other standard keyboards. Built-in Lenovo assistant software helps to make the device easy to use and interface with other external devices to share the information.

Lenovo offers a 1-year onsite warranty on this PC.

Performance of Lenovo desktop is agreeable as it is integrated with Intel HD graphics, built-in speakers and much more. It is perfect for the home environment because of the space-saving design, wireless connectivity of keyboard and mouse so as to enjoy the gaming, videos, music, album etc.

What made us so disappointed is the hard disk drive space that could have been better and there is no HDMI input port that helps to view the content in the second screen. And the sound produced by the built-in speakers aren’t up to the mark.

If this isn’t the one that you are not looking for then Lenovo AIO300 PC is for you as it features 4GB RAM, 1TB hard disk, 3.2 GHz i3 processor in a 20-inch display with DOS operating system. It has got exceptional features that everyone will get stick to this all in one gaming PC.

Specifications- Lenovo

  • 2GB DDR3 RAM.
  • 720p HD webcam.
  • 5 inch LED display.
  • DOS operating system.
  • 500GB of hard disk drive.
  • 4GHz Intel Celeron J1800 processor.


  • Integrated graphics.
  • Best quality LED display.
  • AccuType Wireless Keyboard.
  • Inexpensive all-in-one desktop.
  • Sleek design and stunning visuals.


  • Less RAM size.
  • No HDMI-input port.
  • Sound clarity is missing.
  • No touch screen feature

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Top Notch All In One Desktops Under 150000 in India

4. Apple iMac MK482HN/A2016 27-Inch All in One Desktop

Apple iMac MK482HN-A 2016 27-inch All-in-One Desktop

Apple iMac AIO is the only one that draws you in and keeps you there. Because it is packed with more powerful resources like-processor, graphics card, storage capacity and the connectivity options than ever before. Hence, it is considered as one of the best desktops for office use in India.

When you purchase 27-inch Apple iMac desktop, you get the following components:

  • Mouse
  • keyboard
  • USB-cable
  • Power lead and
  • iMac with 5K display

This Apple iMac features 3.3GHz Intel core I5 processor, 8GB DDR3 RAM, 2TB of hard disk and integrated graphics. It runs on MAC operating system. It has a bright and colourful retina display so that you get more familiar with the device by accessing to it effortlessly.

The PC weighs just 9.54kgs and takes up minimal space on the desk. The desktop is compatible with wireless keyboard and mouse.

The 27-inch retina display offers 1 billion colours and 500 nits of brightness along with a high pixel density to offer crisp and smooth viewing options. Turbo boost option will even give more power to the device when you are using the multimedia applications like logic pro or file cut pro.

On the whole, performance of iMac AIO is excellent for the wonderful features it possesses. If you are looking for a solid all-in-one desktop that has 5k resolution display with good quality, then this Apple iMac 27-inch AIO is for you.

Like positives, Apple iMac AIO has some major drawbacks like- expensive nature, and the warranty services. In addition to this, it comes with very limited ports so as to interface with and also it does not all application formats.

Specifications- Apple iMac

  • 27-inch screen.
  • 2TB of hard disk.
  • 8GB DDR3 RAM.
  • MAC operating system.
  • 3GHz Intel core I5 processor.


  • Great display quality.
  • Consumes less power.
  • RAM can be upgradeable.


  • Too pricey.
  • Very less number of ports.
  • No warranty information.
  • Doesn’t support all applications

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High End All In One PCs Under 100000 in India

5. Imac Apple I Mac MK452 Hn 21.5-Inch Screen All-In-One Desktop

Imac Apple I Mac Mk452 Hn-A All In One Pcs

Unlock the boundaries of a computer with Apple iMac all in one desktop. Yes, we have listed apple brand for the second time due to the outstanding features and HD visuals (images or videos) it displays.

As far as design and compactness is concerned, the Apple iMac Mk452 All-in-one PC is the best all in one computer that has a stylish and attractive design, compact body and strong connection.

It has everything display, processor, memory, graphics and much more that are enclosed in a simple and stylish device. The new models are featured with the advanced models that takes the power and performance to the next level.

This PC comes with a full-sized screen, mouse and keyboard which makes it absolutely comfortable to use and suitable for creative work. It is equipped with 3.1GHz Intel core I5 processor, 8GB RAM, 1TB hard drive and integrated. It runs on the MAC operating system.

The 21.5-inch widescreen HD LED backlit display has a good display resolution and aspect ratio of 16:9. It also features built-in speakers, integrated webcam, microphone and DVD burner.

The magic keyboard with soft keypad makes the typing and navigating easily and mouse, track pad is recharged via lightening port.

To conclude, Apple computer is one of the finest system available in the market right now. Though it is highly-priced, you can do everything you wish to by using the outstanding features it possess. However, there are some minor limitations like fusion drives, 5400 rpm hard disk drive and also there is no SSD.

Specifications- Apple iMac

  •  8GB RAM.
  • 1TB of a hard disk.
  • MAC operating system.
  • 5-inch display screen.
  • 1GHz Intel core I5 processor.


  • Slim design.
  • 4K retina protected the display.
  • Outstanding graphic performance.


  • No SSD.
  • Fusion drives

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Best Desktop Under 35000 in India

6. ASUS 21.5 inch All In One Desktop 

ASUS V221IDUK-BA166T 21.5-inch All-in-One Desktop

Last one in the list is from ASUS which is passionate about technology and driven by innovation. This well-known brand is specialized in designing computer, phone and other electronic appliances with incredible ideas and experiences.

Unlike other models, it has killer specifications which is quite exciting and grabs the attention of the customers. They look very stylish and incredible in performance.

What is included in the box?

  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Power cord
  • Warranty card
  • Quick starter guide
  • 21.5-inch AIO desktop

The 21.5-inch ASUS AIO is an ultra-portable and light weight PC that saves space on your desk. It features a power packed performance by using 4GB DDR3L RAM and 500GB of hard disk drive.

It uses the latest energy efficient 1.5GHz Intel Pentium j4205 processor which is 30% faster than the previous version processors and also saves time.

This wonderful desktop runs on Windows 10 operating system and well-supports the previous versions in case. It has more outlandish features like Thunderbolt ports and Intel HD Graphics so as to connect with the display unit.

The hype around this model has been huge and it had lived up to it. It truly has an extraordinary system by featuring advanced audio technology with transmission line speakers and smart amplifiers to produce powerful, high quality sound for an ultimate multimedia experience.

Desktops have a lot of ports that are conveniently located so as to connect with joysticks, keyboard, mouse, external speakers, hard disk etc. It is available in a choice of stylish white or classy black to attract the audience.

Apart from the core specifications, it has thunderbolt ports and intel wireless display adopter. It even has an adjustable support arm that will help the monitor to lay in tabletop mode. To filter out the unwanted noise completely, it uses an advanced array of microphones.

ASUS 21.5-inch AIO offers 1-year of manufacturing warranty.

Overall, the performance of the device is fantastic because of its remarkable appearance, flexibility and the reliable nature. Hence, it is considered as one of the best all in one desktop under 35000 in the list.

 The downside for this product is the hard disc space which can be enhanced and the image quality isn’t good.

 Specifications- ASUS Desktop

  • 4GB DDR3 RAM.
  • 500GB of hard disk.
  • ASUS 21.5-inch display screen.
  • Windows-10 operating system.
  • 5GHz Intel Pentium j4205 processor.


  • Affordable price.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • 64-bit compatibility.
  • 720p of front web cam resolution.
  • Bluetooth 4.1 Dual band connectivity.


  • Poor quality images.
  • Very low hard disk space

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Buying Guide for All in One Desktops

These days it’s not so easy to pick the right computer for a specific purpose-can be gaming, home usage or office work. For them, all in one PCs are a great choice. But, before we move on to our list of best all in one desktop PCs; here are a few things that should be kept in mind:

1. Operating system

Operating system provides a frame work that helps you to interact with PC. And you just see it when you turn on the computer. It’s just a software that manages the computer hardware and software with a common service (programs).

Small change in its design can completely change the computer looks, accessing files, and the program it runs. There are many operating system platforms that are available now so as to interface with the computer hardware…

  • Linux Operating System
  • Mac Operating System
  • Ubuntu Operating System
  • Microsoft Window Operating System

 2. Processor

It is considered as the central brain of the computer that responds to the computer requests. Few software can run only on the processor type. So you need to check for the minimum requirements before buying.

It’s better to look for Intel core processor which is more powerful than others like AMD. If you want your personal computer to perform smooth and fast operations- photo editing, work on spreadsheets, etc. then go with Intel i5 or i7 which is currently being used.

 3. Memory

 The memory of any computer can be categorized into 2 types namely- RAM, HDD Storage.

  • RAM-Random Access Memory

RAM is important because it helps the processor to tackle the numerous tasks very quickly. A minimum of 2GB RAM is required. But also Look for systems with 6 to 8GB memory for multitasking, although 4GB system memory works fine for basic users.

  • Storage(HDD)

The choice of storage has to be made by the individual. Most all in one PCs use mobile hard drives which give cooler operating temperature but less capacity. So, opt for at least 1TB of storage. Also, upgrading to hybrid hard disk drive and solid state drive will give you the benefit of fast accessing.

4. Display

All in one computers come in a wide range of screens, styles and wonderful features. It is important to choose the display carefully –size, resolution, and touchscreen because there is no option to upgrade in future. Opt for a 23, 24 or 27 inch display with true 1080p HD resolution and touchscreen option so as to do everything simple and fast. Look for IPS technology for best screen quality.

5. Ports and Connectivity

Check for USB ports (3.0 and 2.0), eSATA port, flash memory card reader slot and HDMI ports so that the monitor can be connected to a gaming console, camcorder and any other digital video source.

Final Words Before You Leave

This brings us to the end of our list of best all in one PC in India.  After doing hours of research in-depth our team of experts has suggested Dell Inspiron as the best desktop computer in India 2018.

It has got outstanding features like 2.3GHz Intel Core I3-6100U processor, 4GB DDR3L RAM, 1TB hard disc with windows 10 operating system in a 23.8-inch screen size. Moreover, it comes in a lightweight, portable design and ultra HD resolution makes you enjoy movies, gaming, music and other activities with an ease.

So, if you are intending to buy desktop to buy all in one PC then you can go with any of these computers from the list.

Further, if you have any queries, share with us in the comment section give below. We are very happy to clarify your doubts.

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