Best CCTV/Security Cameras in India 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

Security must be the first priority if you are having something valuable. Similarly, for the security of your homes and businesses, investing in a CCTV camera is not a bad choice by any means. The security cameras come in handy if there is a burglary or any mishappening.

Choosing a suitable and reliable CCTV camera according to your requirements has always been a tough decision for most people out there. Hence, we will be mentioning some of the Best CCTV cameras in India. But, before buying, you must consider looking some specs:

  • Camera Field of View: Basically, it is the measure of how much field view a camera can cover. If the field of view is larger, and the angles are greater, the camera will be able to record more widely. A camera with a larger field of view is always a better pick as it can cover more area.
  • Resolution: Another essential aspect to look for while buying a camera is its resolution. As it is solely responsible for the picture quality that you will be getting from that camera. You can choose the resolution according to your needs from a variety of 1080p, 720p, and 480p.
  • Type of Lenses: For CCTV cameras, two kinds of lenses are available. While you can adjust one kind of lenses according to your needs, the other ones are generally fixed.

In case you are still in doubt, you can check out the complete Buying Guide that is given below in this article.

Best CCTV/Security Camera in India For Office & Home

CCTV/Security CameraPicture ResolutionAngle ViewWarrantyBuy Now
MI MJSXJ02CM 360° WiFi Home CCTV/Security Camera1080p360/966 MonthsCHECK ON AMAZON
TP-Link NC450 Indoor Outdoor CCTV/Security Camera720p360/1503 YearsCHECK ON AMAZON
CP Plus CP-USC-TA24L2 Bullet CCTV/ Security Camera 1080p103/573 YearsCHECK ON AMAZON
ThinkValue T8855 Wireless CCTV/Security Camera720p360/1032 YearsCHECK ON AMAZON
ANRAN Xiaomi Smart CCTV/Security Camera1080p360 1 YearCHECK ON AMAZON
Hikvision DS-2CE1AD0T-IRP Night Vision Outdoor CCTV/Security Camera1080p360/3602 YearsCHECK ON AMAZON
D3D D8810 WiFi CCTV/Security Camera1080p3601 YearCHECK ON AMAZON
YI 87001 Wireless CCTV/Security Camera720p110 1 YearCHECK ON AMAZON
Secure Vision Dual Antenna WiFi IP Smart Security Camera1080p3601 YearCHECK ON AMAZON
FINICKY-WORLD V380 Wireless IP Security Camera 720p355/966 MonthsCHECK ON AMAZON

Best CCTV/Security Cameras Reviews in India 2020

1. MI MJSXJ02CM 360° WiFi Home CCTV/Security Camera 

mi cctv cameras

When it’s about home security you want the best to protect your possessions or to monitor your kids. And right now the best camera in the market is the Mi Home Security Camera.

The best wireless CCTV camera on the list can cover the full 360-degree view of your room. With 1080 full HD quality picture and 8 infrared illuminators it takes the brightest pictures even in the darkest rooms. As soon as it detects any motion is sends you a notification via email or push notifications. You can also talk and hear the person sitting on the other side.

Installing is easy and fast with just 3 steps download, power, and connect the camera. You can also mount it inversely on a wall.

Useful Features:

  • Motion Detection,
  • Infrared Night Vision,
  • TalkBack Feature,
  • Full Colour Low-light Vision,
  • Email and Push Message Notification,
  • 16x Playback Speed,
  • Inverted Installation,
  • 64 GB Memory Card Support

Products inside the Package: Camera, AC Adapter and Cable, Mounting Accessories, Manual

Warranty and Service: 6 months warranty on the product

Mi now has its service centers across 600 cities in India. There would definitely be one around you. Their customer support has been very good since they came into the market.

About this particular product, almost all reviews are positive. Apart from one or two technical issues, no major fault has been reported by its users. You can call them at 1800 103 6286


  • Full value for money
  • Great picture quality
  • Clear night vision with colors
  • 360-degree view
  • Talkback feature
  • Inverter installation option
  • Easy to install


  • Doesn’t support cloud storage


This Mi security camera over-loaded with so many features is the perfect home security system. This small little device is pretty easy to Build-quality and design is clean and clear to go hidden with your interiors. Most importantly it is not so expensive, full value for money device. Coming to its shortcomings, it has no cloud storage but this is not a major issue as it has a 64GB micro SD card slot and supports NAS.

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2. TP-Link NC450 Indoor Outdoor CCTV/Security Camera

tplink cctv cameras

If you want wider range coverage then here is another option for you, at a slightly higher price range. Tp-Link is suitable for both office and home use.

It can view 300-degree horizontally and 150 degrees vertically. It’s advanced Auto-motion Tracking sensor can track movements by adjusting the camera lens. You can also take screenshots, remotely access the camera and talk to the people on the other side.

The reason it comes on the 2nd place is that the night vision is not as good as the Mi. It lacks the night illuminators. Pictures are of 720 HD where Mi streams 1080 full HD videos but the price is higher.

However, you have 3 years of warranty and a greater storage capacity of 128 GB along with Cloud storage support.

Useful Features:

  • Infrared LED Night Vision (26 Feet)
  • Motion and Sound Detection,
  • Auto Motion Track,
  • Email and Push Message Notification,
  • Micro SD Card Support up to 128 GB,
  • 2 Way Audio,
  • Tp-App Support

Products inside the Package: Camera, AC Adapter, Mounting Parts, and Accessories, User Manual

Warranty and Service: 3 years warranty

Tp-link has grown into a very well known brand. Though they are mostly famous for their routers and networking devices, they have been doing quite well with their other products as well. We haven’t noticed any problems or malfunctions reported by its users. Most of the reviews were positive. However, if you face any difficulty you can call Tp-link customer care at 1800-2094- 168


  • Fast motion detection
  • 120-degree vertical view
  • Cloud storage support
  • Tp- App support
  • 26 feet clear night vision
  • Memory card slot


  • Picture quality could be better
  • Needs a better interface. Viewing recorded events is time-consuming


Comparing Mi with Tp-link you can see both are good. And both are superior from each other in a few sets. If you are interested in features like Auto-motion Tracking, Screenshot taking, Cloud Storage Support and remote camera access to the camera you can go with Tp-link CCTV camera. And if you want better night vision, better picture quality then goes with Mi and want the best then go with Mi.

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3. CP Plus CP-USC-TA24L2 Bullet CCTV/Security Camera 

cp plus cctv cameras

For those who want a security camera outside their home or office, this a solid buy for you people. Full weatherproof body, 1080 HD camera and 20 meters infrared night vision you can watch over any suspicious activity from your Smartphone or your laptop. It also sends an email or notification each time it detects a movement.

It has some downsides like it doesn’t offer cloud storage support and has a smaller viewing angle, 103-degree horizontal and 57-degree vertical.

Useful Features:

  • IR Night Vision 20 Meters,
  • IP67 Weather Proof,
  • Remote Access,
  • Connect to multiple Camera,
  • Supported by HDx, DVRs, HDTVI, CVBS, HDCVI, AHD

Products inside the Package: Camera, AC Adapter, Mounting Accessories

Warranty and Service: 2 years warranty. Warranty doesn’t include any physical damage.

Though there are no such defects or malfunctions reported by the customers still in case you don’t have any service center in your city, you can call the customer service center: 8800952952


  • 1080 HD picture quality
  • Weatherproof surveillance camera
  • 20 meters IR night vision
  • Affordable
  • 2 years warranty


  • No cloud storage
  • Installing is a bit difficult


The weatherproof outdoor cameras are generally expensive and this camera totally beats them with its price. The visibility is great, the installing is easy and the 20-meter long night vision is much appreciated. However, if have to adjust with the small viewing angle but at this budget, this is the best you can expect.

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4. ThinkValue T8855 Wireless CCTV/ Security Camera

think value cctv cameras

Here is another great solution to watch over your kids, pets or employees at your office. This comes with all the high-tech security features at an affordable price. You can remotely access the camera and get a 360/110 degree view of your room using your home Wi-Fi or 4G network.

Installing is super easy. Just plug it to the power source and watch from your mobile or laptop. The camera takes pictures in 720 HD resolutions and IR night vision can view up to 16 meters in dark.

Useful Features:

  • Alarm recording,
  • Two-way Audio,
  • Email and Push Notification,
  • Multiple Screen View,
  • 128 GB micro SD Card Support,
  • Cloud Storage,
  • Inverted Installation,
  • Think Value App Support

Products inside the Package:

Camera, AC Adapter and Cable, Mounting Accessories, Manual

Warranty and Service: 1 year warranty on the camera and 6 months on accessories.

There are quite a lot of reviews about good support. Customers who received faulty products got replacements within a couple of days. Also, there is dedicated after-sales support. You can contact ThinkValue at – 9501447202/807069001


  • 360 / 110 degree horizontal and vertical view
  • Clear night vision
  • Cloud storage
  • Easy installing
  • Two-way audio
  • Alarm recording mode


  • Picture quality could have been better
  • Camera view from the App is quite slow


If you want a reliable home-security camera at an affordable budget ThinkValue Wireless CCTV camera makes sense. You get all the high-tech features, 360 area coverage and a pretty good night vision. The only concern is the image quality which could be better. Anyway, at this price point of view, you get what you pay.

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5. ANRAN Xiaomi Smart CCTV/Security Camera

anran xiaomi cctv cameras

This Anran Xiamoi Home Camera is more than just a security camera. You can watch over your pets, kids, elderly, talk to them as well as capture special moments without being at home. The high-resolution camera takes crystal clear images and covers every corner of your room with a 360-degree rotating head.

The night vision is at its best. The 24 auto-illuminators take bright images even in pitch dark. The best part is there is zero chance of leaking your private information.

Useful Features:

  • Two-way Audio,
  • Motion Detection,
  • Email and Push Message Alert,
  • IR Night Vision,
  • Multiple Screen View,
  • 128 GB Micro SD Card Support

Products inside the Package:

  • Camera,
  • AC Adapter and Cable,
  • Mounting Accessories,
  • Manual

Warranty: 1 year

ANRAN is a new brand and it is operating from 2007. Don’t expect stellar customer support but it isn’t un-reliable either. Installation takes only 5 minutes. First, download the Mi Home App. Then plug the power adapter and connect it to home Wifi. Add cameras by clicking on “Add Camera” option and start viewing. Very easy! But in case you have some issues, you can contact support at +86-075584553615 or email:


  • Full HD camera 1080 P
  • 24 illuminators for best night vision
  • Multiple Screen Viewing
  • Two-way talkback works without any lag
  • Real-time monitoring


  • Expensive
  • Can’t connect to multiple cameras


This is the best monitoring camera in terms of picture quality. Even the pictures taken in the darkest rooms are bright and clear. So you never miss watching your baby when he or she is sleeping peacefully. The price is a bit on the higher side but the picture quality is unmatched.

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6. Hikvision DS-2CE1AD0T-IRP Night Vision Outdoor CCTV Camera

hikvision cctv cameras

Hikvision is a Chinese manufacturer and one of the leading suppliers of CCTV and video surveillance products globally. Going by the brand value, this CCTV camera is a potent one. This particular model packs a 2 MP night vision camera and it is primarily designed for outdoor use. It also has effective Pixels of 1920 x 1080, and illumination of 0.01 Lux.

This is effectively a bullet camera with 1080P full night vision characteristics. Thanks to the night vision capability, it excels at night surveillance. With Smart IR, IR distance up to 20m and IP66 weatherproof rating, it is perfect for outdoor use.

Useful Features:

  • 1080P resolution
  • IP66 waterproof rating
  • Smart IR
  • Night vision
  • 3-axis adjustment
  • Mobile support and DVR support

Products inside the Package:

  • Camera,
  • Mounting Accessories,
  • Manual

Warranty and Service: 2 years of comprehensive warranty cover.

When it comes to service, you can expect good service from the well known Chinese manufacturer. With 2 years of seller warranty, you will be covered for a significant amount of time. Keep in mind; any kind of physical damage is not covered in the warranty. You can call the technical support team at 1800-222-699/022-28469999. Alternatively, you can mail them at


  • 3-axis adjustable
  • Day/Night Mode
  • IP66 rated- good for outdoor use.
  • Upto 1080P output resolution and Smart IR
  • Free mobile view (Android and Windows)
  • 2 years of warranty


  • Only Hikvision DVR’s are compatible with this camera. So before buying make sure your DVR supports the camera.


Hikvision DS-2CE1AD0T-IRP CCTV camera is a good outdoor camera at an affordable price range. With a whopping 2 years of warranty, it makes a very value for money proposition. Good picture quality rated at 1080P, true night vision, waterproof and other useful features make it an all-rounder. The main concern is the DVR support. As it is an HDTVI type camera, it supports only Hikvision DVRs. A lot of customers complained about their own DVR not compatible with this camera.

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7. D3D D8810 WiFi CCTV/ Security Camera

d3d cctv cameras

D3D has been gaining quite a good reputation for its home surveillance and security systems. There are in this industry for more than 15 years and served many countries which includes India. This 2 megapixels Full HD camera is fully compatible with SD card and cloud storage. Also, this one is preferred for indoor use.

With a wide dynamic range and a 2 MP 1080P resolution camera, this surveillance system can produce a clear image even if it is dark. This one has 360-degree rotation which can be controlled via mobile. Most importantly, there is no need for a separate DVR, as it can store images and videos in an SD card and cloud storage.

Useful Features:

  • It can sense motion and essentially designed for indoor use.
  • 360-degree Mobile control
  • Motion detection
  • Cloud and SD card compatible
  • 2 WAY AUDIO: inbuilt speaker and mic for easy video chats
  • Night vision
  • Android and iOS OS compatible. There is an app for controlling everything.

Products inside the Package:

  • Camera,
  • Power Supply (5V/2A Output)
  • Mounting Accessories which includes bracket and pack of screws,
  • Detailed User Manual

Warranty and Service: 1 year of comprehensive warranty cover along with 3-month adapter warranty.

The product has got quite some reputation in terms of ratings and reviews. It is 4-star rated product in and has some good reviews about its build quality, picture quality and features. There are no serious complaints of any sort regarding service issues as well. Going by these, you can expect it to be quite reliable and useful. Nonetheless, you can contact customer support of D3D at Phone: +91-9711411021 and Email:


  • Smart night vision
  • Multi-user support
  • Multiple storage options (SD Card and Cloud). No DVR needed!
  • 2-way audio communication.
  • Mobile support(Both iOS and Android)
  • 360-degree coverage
  • Very easy installation


  • Ideally for indoor use only. Won’t be safe to use outdoors.
  • The app tends to crash and laggy.


If you want a CCTV camera which has good picture quality and is very easy to install, this one can be a good choice. We personally think that as it has so many features related to communication like 2 way audio, multi-user compatibility, multi-device support, this is best used for indoor purposes like inside a room, dining hall etc. You can even video chat with this one and control it from anywhere using the app. Though the performance of the app can be improved! Overall, a feature-packed camera with good performance!

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8. YI 87001 Wireless CCTV/ Security Camera

yi cctv cameras

YI wireless security camera is a budget camera with some cool features. It is best for monitoring your kids, best and pets. It boasts 720 HD camera resolutions with 110-degree angle view and a night vision up to 3 meters.

It alerts you every time it detects a movement. So you will get a notification if your baby is awake. There is an option to customize the motion detection sensitivity levels, IR lighting controls, alert schedules and much more with the YI Home App.

Useful Features:

  • Night Vision,
  • Motion Detection,
  • Motion Tracking,
  • 4X Zoom,
  • Two-way Audio,
  • 4-32 GB Micro SD Card,
  • Cloud Support

Products inside the Package:

Camera, AC Adapter and Cable, Manual

Warranty and Service: 1 year

YI Technologies is an award-winning and established brand. You can expect good after-sales support from them. When it comes to usage and installation, it is super easy and takes less than 5 minutes. In case of any queries, they have a dedicated website: with a help center and FAQs for any type of support.  You can call them at: +44 (0) 808 281 2452/+1 (844) 234 8492 or email:


  • Two-way talkback
  • Motion detection
  • Motion tracking
  • Cloud storage support
  • Affordable


  • Small-angle view
  • No wall mounting option
  • Expensive cloud storage


The YI home security camera comes with only 110-degree angle view and there is no option to mount it on wall. This is why we say it is best for monitoring your kids or elder people. You can place it anywhere on the table or the countertop and get clear images. Overall, it’s a good budget pick with some handy features.

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9. Secure Vision Dual Antenna WiFi IP Smart CCTV/ Security Camera

secure vision cctv cameras

This home security camera from Secure Vision comes with some impressive features at an affordable range. Firstly, it can rotate 360-degree and you can control it from anywhere using the dedicated mobile application.

You can view in pitch dark with 1080 picture resolution. This small budget camera also lets you talk and communicate with the persons behind the camera.

Useful Features: IR Night Vision, Video and Audio Chat, Motion Detection, Motion Detection Alerts, App Support, 64 GB SD Card Support

Products inside the package: Camera, Mounting Accessories, AC Adapter and Cable, Manual

Warranty: 1-year

Installation is complete with just 3 easy steps. Download the mobile app register with your name and password. Connect to your Wi-Fi or mobile networks, connect the camera and start monitoring. In terms of service, there is no real customer support for this one. Other than that, the product is reliable and can get the job done.


  • Budget CCTV camera
  • Motion detection
  • Motion detection alert
  • 2-way talkback
  • SD card support


  • No cloud storage support
  • Some difficulties in installation
  • Only the 1-month warranty


Our view of this CCTV camera is very clear. It’s a small budget camera with fairly good image quality and 360 angle view. It has almost all the standard features that you see in the latest CCTV cameras. The night vision is also pretty good. You can choose it if your budget is small.

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10. FINICKY-WORLD V380 Wireless IP CCTV/ Security Camera

finicky world cctv cameras

This is the last product on the list and this is another pocket-friendly option for you. It comes with all necessary security features but the price is relatively lesser.

It offers 355-degree rotation with 96-degree tilt which can cover the entire room. 720HD picture quality is more than good. The night vision is up to 16 feet.

Useful Features:

  • Two-way Talkback,
  • Motion Detection,
  • Alarm Recording,
  • Motion Tracking,
  • App Support,
  • 64 GB SD Card Support

Products inside the Package:

  • Camera,
  • Mounting Accessories,
  • AC Adapter and Cable,
  • Manual

Warranty and Service: 6 months warranty.

According to its users who received faulty products got a replacement for their device. No there is potent customer support who can help you if things go wrong. But it is clearly mentioned that if you want to send back the product for repairs or inspection, you will have to bear the courier charges. You can call them at 8800361514/ 9953055161 and email:


  • 355-degree rotation with a 96-degree tilt
  • Two-way talkback
  • Motion Tracking
  • Wall mountable
  • Good customer support


  • No cloud support
  • Android app needs improvement


FINICKY CCTV camera is a stand CCTV camera at an affordable price range. Picture quality, night vision, and other features work pretty well. The main concern is the mobile app. A lot of customers had problems while using it. It’s better if you use your laptop or PC.

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Buying Guide – Best CCTV Cameras

Whether it is your business place or home, CCTV cameras are a great security measure. As you would expect, these can be used for surveillance in your property without any issues.

But just like any other camera, there are various things that you have to consider before buying a CCTV camera. All of these factors can be quite helpful while choosing the best CCTV camera for your needs and requirements. Thus, if you are going to buy CCTV cameras, make sure to consider the following points:

Type of CCTV Cameras

There are multiple kinds of CCTV cameras available out there when it comes to their shape and size. And as you would imagine, different kind of CCTV cameras can be useful for different applications and uses.

If you are buying CCTV cameras for your property, then you must know about these types as some of them might be useful for a given type of location. While there are various kinds of CCTV cameras out there, we have mentioned some of the popular ones along with their benefits as following:

  • Dome


A dome CCTV camera is probably the most common type of CCTV cameras available out there. As per its name, a dome CCTV camera has a hemispherical shape and looks just like a dome. The benefit of this is that they can be mounted on a wall as well as on the ceiling. And due to their shape, these are quite small and usually not visible. You can generally found these kinds of cameras in the interior of shops and offices.

  • Bullet


A bullet CCTV camera is slightly larger than a dome camera in terms of its size. But it offers better video quality due to the larger sensor size along with features like night vision. Although, since these cameras are slightly larger in terms of their size, they are generally used outdoors. You can find them in the streets, outside buildings, and other similar places. Such cameras are also durable and waterproof since they are generally deployed outdoors.

  • Covert


As per its name, a covert CCTV camera is meant to be hidden and discrete. It can be useful if you do not want others to know that you are using CCTV cameras for surveillance of your property. And these covert CCTV cameras are quite compact and small in size so that they are not easily visible. Such cameras are generally hidden in other things like a smoke detector on the ceiling of your building.

  • PTZ Camera

PTZ Camera

A PTZ CCTV camera is most probably the most advanced CCTV camera type out there. While it is certainly not a small and compact camera, the features offered by it are worth the larger size. It provides motion control for the camera which can be used to change the angle of the camera. This can be done easily via the recorder unit as it offers smooth control. Some PTZ cameras even offer zoom function which can be used to change the FOV on the fly.

Video Resolution

Video Resolution

The most important thing to look for while purchasing a CCTV camera is the video resolution. The video resolution simply tells you how clear the video will look in a recorded video. Therefore, it is recommended to buy a CCTV camera with HD or FHD resolutions.

As you would imagine, everything is clearly visible in such high-resolution cameras. You can also zoom in the video if needed. It allows you to easily see the details in the video recorded by a CCTV camera.

But make sure that the cameras, as well as the video recorder, offer the same resolution. This ensures that you do not face any issues while recording videos in high resolution using a CCTV camera.

Pro Tip: When compared to older D1 resolution cameras, the video from HD and FHD CCTV cameras looks much better. You can see a lot of details in the video which can be quite useful for surveillance.


CCTV cameras can be deployed in various kinds of places for optimum coverage of your property. Thus, a CCTV camera has to be durable so that it can withstand the forces of nature.

If your CCTV camera is installed outside a building or on a pole, it needs to be waterproof. As you would know, water can damage any electronics item, including CCTV cameras.

Therefore, if you plan to deploy a CCTV camera outdoors, make sure it is waterproof. Apart from being waterproof, if it has a good build quality, then it can also survive other things like hail storms.



FOV or Field of View is another important thing to check while buying a CCTV camera. It is as important as the video resolution offered by a CCTV camera. In simple words, FOV gives you an idea about how wide is the video recorded from a CCTV camera.

CCTV cameras can be quite wide as well as narrow in terms of their FOV. And both types of CCTV cameras can be useful for certain applications.

  • While a wide FOV CCTV camera can record a lot of things at once, it has less detail since it is not zoomed in.
  • On the other hand, a narrow CCTV camera is optically zoomed in at one spot with high detail. It can be useful if you want to monitor a certain angle or spot of your property.

This FOV can be changed by changing the lens of your CCTV camera. You can either buy a wide-angle FOV lens with a low focal length number or a telephoto one with a high focal length number. Some high-end CCTV cameras also offer variable FOV via their controller. It is just like zooming in a digital camera for changing the FOV whenever needed.

Night Vision

Night Vision

CCTV cameras are meant to be used throughout the day 24×7 for optimum surveillance of your property. And this also includes night time including when all of the lights are turned off. As a result, a CCTV camera will not be able to record at night due to darkness.

Therefore, to overcome this issue, some CCTV cameras come with night vision. As you would expect, it allows the camera to record even if it is recording in dark surroundings.

This is possible using IR or infrared bulbs built into the CCTV camera. These IR bulbs allow the camera to see in the night as it works just like a flashlight for a camera. But unlike a normal light, IR bulbs emit infrared light which is not visible to the naked eye. Due to this, a CCTV camera can be recording even in complete darkness without anyone letting know about it.



If you know anything about CCTV cameras, then you must understand that these cameras require a separate recorder unit. This unit is responsible for managing all the cameras connected to it as well as saving all of the video recordings.

But you have to first connect the CCTV cameras to the recorder unit in order to use it. Older CCTV cameras use coaxial cables for connecting to the recorder unit which works fine for the most part.

Modern CCTV cameras offer wireless connectivity. Such CCTV cameras offer Wi-Fi connectivity which allows them to connect to the recording unit wirelessly. And as Wi-Fi provides a very decent bandwidth, the video quality is usually not affected at all.

But there are also other benefits of having Wi-Fi connectivity in a CCTV camera.

  • It allows you to connect the CCTV camera to your internet connection for using it as an IP camera.
  • Once you have set up your CCTV cameras as IP cameras, you can view them from anywhere around the world using your internet connection.
  • And this IP camera feature offers a live feed directly from the cameras due to which it can be quite useful for surveillance when you are away from your home or office.


The recorder unit of any CCTV camera setup is as important as the CCTV cameras itself. Even if you have HD CCTV cameras, you cannot use them unless the recorder unit also supports HD resolution. And the recorder unit is also responsible for connecting as well as powering all of the CCTV cameras that you have installed.

How does it work?

As per its name, the recorder unit is also responsible for recording all of the footage and storing it for future use. It generally uses a hard drive for recording the video footage from all of your CCTV cameras.

But unlike a normal video recorder, the recording unit for CCTV cameras offers loop recording. This allows you to record video footage 24×7 without worrying about the storage filling up. It is able to do this by merely rewriting over the oldest data once the drive gets filled. And you can set a duration after which the older data gets deleted for the newer video to be stored on it.

Some recorder units also support internet connection which can be used for converting your traditional CCTV cameras into IP cameras. And as mentioned earlier, this can be quite useful for remote surveillance over the internet when you are away from your home or office. You can either monitor a single CCTV camera or all of them over the internet.


Once you have installed CCTV cameras around your property, you might want to watch the video feed from them as well as record them. And this requires special devices including a recorder unit as well as the monitor.

As you would know, a monitor is essentially a screen that is connected to the recorder unit. After that, you can either watch the video feed from all the cameras at once or choose a specific CCTV camera to monitor that.

The most important thing to check before buying a monitor for your CCTV camera is its size. A larger screen size allows you to easily monitor multiple CCTV cameras at once without any issues. Apart from its size, the resolution of the monitor is also quite important as a higher resolution offers more detail for monitoring the video feed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I install an outdoor camera indoors?

In most of the cases, it is a “YES”. Though it is not completely recommended, sometimes, a CCTV camera with outdoor qualifications can be helpful to use indoors. Such situations or areas include a factory where chemicals, condensation or similar things happen, indoor warehouses, a prison or schools.

2. Does a PTZ camera work when there is no power supply?

Nope, it doesn’t. That is why it is recommended to maintain a battery backup of at least 1000 VA or more. And it should have the ability to plug in at least 2 things (DVR and camera power supply) into the outlets.

3. Who needs a PTZ camera?

PTZ cameras are really powerful and expensive, we don’t recommend it for simple home security. It is best suited for large areas where there is a need for a high-security alert system like banks, confidential areas, government offices, and areas that have a high risk of trespassing.

4. How Secure is an IP Feed?

The answer to this is the same as “How secure is the internet?” It is completely true that if the IP system is kept unprotected then outside can enter into it and access the video camera is recording. This is the reason why manufacturers and experts always recommend to change the passwords regularly and never leave it 12345 or password. Make sure to keep a secure and unique password. Usually, the cameras encrypt the video and send it so, just make sure the network is protected.

5. What if I Need Manual Zoom Lens?

If you want to adjust and monitor the camera view manually then you can use a manual zoom lens. Most of the PTZ’s have this option. If that is an expensive option then you can go with a normal zoomable lens. For example, a normal 2.8 ~ 12mm zoom abled varifocal lens can secure a wide angle of 2.8mm and 12mm narrow. So, it depends on the versatility and requirements of surveillance.

6. What things should be considered while place a CCTV/Security Camera outdoor?

Below is the checklist you have to consider if you want to place a CCTV camera outdoor.
Make sure the camera is resistant to weather conditions. This can be judged based on IP rating.
It has to be resistant to high-energy kinetic impacts. You can check with the IK rating.
It should have the capacity to survive against even extreme temperatures either it can be hot or cold.

7. Can we get a live feed of surveillance without a hard drive?

Yes, it is possible. The hard drive is just for storing the feeds so that you can review them in the future if needed.

8. Is it possible to upgrade a Security camera?

Yes, it is possible. However, there are certain difficulties with certain types of cameras. You have to speak with your existing manufacturer for upgradation.

Few Words before wrapping up…

Overall, these are our picks for the best CCTV/Security cameras in India that you can buy online. All of these systems are strong and potent. They have their own unique capabilities that can help you in your specific requirements like indoor or outdoor use, mobile support, night vision, etc. And going by the security needs, you can pick any one of them without much fuss.

Our top recommendation among all these products is none other than the MI MJSXJ02CM 360° WiFi Home CCTV Camera This CCTV camera has superb features along with a price tag that can give premium CCTV s a run for its money. It has almost everything from motion detection, full wireless support, infrared, talkback feature and the list goes on. With good customer support and brand value of Mi, you can never go wrong with this product.

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