Best CCTV Cameras in India 2018

With increase in the crime and robbery cases, home security is our main priority. So, there is an urge for CCTV Cameras at home that are in great demand now.

As per the recent survey, Global market of CCTV camera may raise to $25 Billion by the end of 2020. There is a huge demand for CC cameras due to the numerous applications in public and government places like hotels, restaurants, schools, offices, airports, hospitals, etc. to provide security, protect things from being theft and also keep eye on what’s happening on surroundings.

Some of the popular brands have come with more advanced features- built-in microphone, IP camera, speaker to beat competitors worldwide. They even identify the visitors and give alerts to keep the home safe.

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But, before you make a purchase, look out for night vision, notification alerts, smart connectivity, storage options, and microphone features. Read our “Buying Guide” to know how these factors help in choosing the right one.

Our team of experts has done an extensive research, testing on different branded CCTV cameras for 50 hours and finally made a list of the Best CCTV Cameras in India for both indoor and outdoor.

Top-Rated CCTV Camera in India

List Of Best Indoor CCTV Cameras

CCTV CameraCamera TypeBuy Online
D3D D8810PTZ camera, wireless Check the Price
Sricam Series SP005PTZ camera, wireless Check the Price
IFITech Foscam C1-Lite Dome, wireless Check the Price
Sricam SP017Dome, wireless Check the Price
ProElite IP01APTZ camera Check the Price
Lio ADS1D36PTZ camera Check the Price

List Of Best Outdoor CCTV Cameras

Outdoor CCTV CamerasCamera TypeBuy Now
Hikvision DS-2CE16C0T-IRP Bullet camera Check the Price
Sricam SP007Bullet camera Check the Price
D3D D8862 Wireless HD CameraBullet camera Check the Price
Hikvision DS-2CE16C2T-IRBullet camera Check the Price

Out of all the products, “D3D CCTV Indoor Security Camerahas grabbed the first position. It has the top-notch features like colored camera, automatic night vision, and video chat with two way monitoring, and many others. It is our most recommended product because it provides great value for its price.

Best Indoor CCTV Cameras

1. D3D Wireless Indoor CCTV Security Camera

When it comes to security of family, choose nothing but D3D indoor CCTV security camera. It is a complete wireless and wifi solution for home security. Its installation is also very simple – all you have to do with plug in a power source, install the mobile application and it is ready to use.

Using the mobile application, the camera can be rotated 360 degree horizontally and 100 degrees vertically. You don’t have to install multiple cameras to view all directions with CCTV camera. With PTZ function, you can view each and every corner using single D3D IP camera.

With picture quality of 1280×720 pixels HD, you will never miss even a single detail. Its sleek, portable, stylish design will blend into any interiors.

It is known for its multi-recording feature which means that the images or videos will be stored in email, SC card and server email. So, even if one of the storage things are destroyed, you will have other locations. With the mobile application, the user can either view live streaming or previous recordings directly over the mobile phone.

We absolutely love its motion detection feature. If there is an intruder or any motion in the protected area then it sends an alert to the mobile phone through email. So, you can now keep an eye on your loved ones or property without the need of a computer.

It has an in-built microphone and speaker, so you can also video chat with the help of it. The manufacturer has provided 1 year warranty and 24/7 dedicated customer service.


  • Installation service is not required, it is very easy to set-up.
  • In-built motion detection alarm through email.
  • Stores recording over SD slot, email and server.
  • Night vision up to 10 meters.
  • Multiple users can view live recording at the same time.
  • PTZ function monitor with 360 degree horizontally and 110 degree vertically.
  • 1280×720 pixels HD picture quality.
  • 1 year warranty and 24/7 dedicated customer service.


  • Some people found it difficult to connect with the internet.
  • A bit expensive.

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2. Sricam Series SP005 Indoor Security Camera

Sricam security camera is one the best and easy ways to watch over kids, elderly and pets. With one-key wifi configuration, it is very easy and quick to set up these cameras. By downloading the mobile application of sricam you can be able to start viewing with 5 minutes.

The camera comes with 720P HD resolution, 355 degrees horizontal and 90 degree tilt. So, you can view the target and every corner of the room clearly. The built-in IR LED lights with ICR provide excellent night vision so, you can record the room or target even in complete darkness.

The camera has an inbuilt microphone and speaker so you can two-way talk to your elderly, babies, and pets remotely. A 128GB micro SD card is provided so you can use it for recording the video for future references. You can share the video with multiple users.

If you have installed multiple sricam cameras then you can access all of them at a time using the mobile application. The cameras also helps to light up dark areas in the night vision up to 32 feet. The motion detection feature of it sends an alarm if any unauthorized motion is sensed.


  • Using the app, you can view the video of single or multiple cameras from anywhere in the world.
  • Mobile application works well with phones, tablets and PC’s.
  • Supports up to 128 GB micro SD card.
  • Motion detection feature.
  • In-built microphone and speaker.
  • 720P HD, 355 degree horizontal pan and 90 degree tilt.


  • Setting up the camera first time can be a little challenging.
  • The camera works well with 2.4 GHz wifi router only. It doesn’t work well with dongles and 5.0 GHz routers. If you have a dual-band router then it is better enable 2.4 GHz signal.
  • Video files recorded in memory can’t be downloaded or transferred to computer

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3. IFITech Foscam C1-Lite Indoor Camera (Under 4000)

The IFITech Foscam is the best home security camera with super wide 115 degree viewing angle, dual audio, motion detection and various other features. Its Plug and Play feature allows the CCTV camera to be connected through your smartphone.

This camera comes with high quality HD video recording and enhanced firmware feature. The cameras have a wide 115 degree viewing angle and are best suited for daily surveillance. Using Foscam viewer app or live Cams Pro app, you can remote viewing and recording from any desktop, laptop, iPhones and Android phones.

This camera has motion detection feature which alerts the users via email if any unauthorized motion is detected. Images will be uploaded to FTP and recordings to SD card or hard drive storage. The manufacturer provides 1 year Indian warranty for the complete product.


  • The clarity of the video is amazing.
  • Sync well with mobile, laptops and tablets.
  • Motion detection feature.
  • 115 degree viewing angle.
  • Supports remote viewing and recording from anywhere.
  • 1 year warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Night vision feature not available.
  • Doesn’t have remote tilt functionality.

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4. Sricam SP017 Indoor CCTV Camera (Under 3000)

If you are looking for a budget friendly CCTV camera with high-end specifications then Sricam SP017 has to be your choice. You can either use it to secure your indoors or use it as a baby monitor.

You can set up the camera and connect it through LAN or Wi-Fi. Using the dedicated sricam mobile application, you can see live recording from anywhere across the world. If you want to connect with multiple cameras then you can access all of them at the same time using the mobile application.

When activate the motion detection option, it will notify the user through email if someone enters in the home or something moves in the secured area. With Automatic IR LED illumination, you can view the surveillance the area even in the darkest areas. With wide aperture lens, it is capable of recording 720p @ 25fps videos. They will stored in the SD card for future references or playbacks.

You can even take the pictures using the mobile app which will stored in the phone memory itself. With 2 way audio slot, you can talk and listen the sounds on the other side.


  • Easy setup and remote view from anywhere.
  • HD 720P resolution.
  • Night vision feature.
  • 2 way audio and storage.
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Inbuilt rotating monitor.
  • Dedicate mobile application.


  • Video files cannot be transferred to computer.

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5. ProElite IP01A IP Security Camera

ProElite is also one of the budget friendly camera with many amazing features. Using your smartphone you can quickly set up the camera on Wi-Fi within a span of 5 minutes. And you can see the live recording on your mobiles (iPhone or Androids) and tablets clearly. If you don’t have Wi-Fi router then you can directly connect the camera to the mobile and watch the video.

It provides 355 degree horizontal spin and 90 degree tilt so, you can easily observe every corner of the room clearly. With built-in IR LED’s with ICR, the camera provides a good night vision for viewing and recording even in darkness.

Up to 128GB micro SD can be used to record and playback the video as well as audio. You can even download the videos into the computer from anywhere in the world, without removing the SD card from the camera.


  • Can be set up easily with Wi-Fi.
  • Rotate camera horizontally or vertically anywhere from the world.
  • Night vision and two-way audio.
  • SD card slot up to 128GB.
  • HD 720P resolution.


  • The camera works well with 2.4 GHz wifi router only. It doesn’t work well with dongles and 5.0 GHz routers. If you have a dual-band router then it is better enable 2.4 GHz signal.

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6. Lio ADS1D36 CCTV Camera (Under 2000)

LIO ADS1D36 Camera is a budget surveillance camera which has a number of impressive specifications. It comes with a quality image sensor, 3.6 mm fixed lens for wide angle coverage, 36 LEDs for crisp and clear night vision, horizontal resolution of 1 MP(mega pixel) and up to 15 meters range. The manufacturer provides a 2 year warranty of the camera. However physical damage and burning will not be covered.


  • Good design and quality.
  • Great image/video quality during real time view.
  • Decent color reproduction and sharpness.
  • 6mm fixed lens, 1/3 image sensor.
  • 1/4″ CMOS, 1 Megapixel, 720P Color,


  • SD card storage option not available.
  • Additional DVR support is required for recording the footage.

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Best Outdoor CCTV Cameras

1. Hikvision DS-2CE16C0T-IRP Outdoor Camera (Under 2000)

Want an outdoor surveillance camera to protect your home from invaders and trespassers? Then Hikvision is the perfect choice. It is a robust and sturdy CCTV security camera that is equipped with true day/night vision.

The camera provides full HD 720p video output and can adopt with HD TVI technology. The IR distance of the camera is up to 20 meters and it is IP66 weatherproof so it can be installed both inside the house and outside. It incorporates a 1/4″ Progressive Scan CMOS image sensor and has a 3.6 mm lens with 1280×720 effective pixels.

The videos recorded are stored in a cloud storage on the internet which is named as Hik-Connect. So, you can access them from anywhere in the world over any mobile, tablet or computer.


  • Perfect for domestic surveillance security.
  • Latest HD digital video recorders.
  • Wide range of Turbo HD cameras.
  • Can connect to HDMI/VGA compatible monitors.
  • Videos can be stored in cloud storage.


  • Compatible only with HIKVISION HD Turbo DVR
  • No memory slot
  • No audio output

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2. Sricam SP007 Waterproof Bullet Outdoor Camera

If you want a camera that can withstand rains and moisture then choose none other than Sricam SP007 bullet outdoor camera. You can easily set up this camera using one-key Wi-Fi configuration. By installing the dedicated mobile application you can easily view the video and control the surveillance.

The camera is completely waterproof so, you don’t have to worry about dust and water. It has inbuilt SD slot which supports up to 128GB micro SD card. You can even watch SD card recorded videos using playback option in the PC or mobile application. You can also download the videos into the computer for future reference.

The in-built IR LED’s with ICR will offer a perfect night vision that can record even in complete darkness of up to 35 feet. The high definition resolution of 720P helps to view the targets very clearly.


  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Waterproof so it can withstand water as well as dust.
  • HD 720P resolution.
  • One-key WiFi configuration set up.
  • IR night vision.
  • Supports 128 GB capacity SD card.
  • Motion detection, sends you alarm via email.


  • The camera works well with 2.4 GHz wifi router only. It doesn’t work well with dongles and 5.0 GHz routers. If you have a dual-band router then it is better enable 2.4 GHz signal.

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3. D3D Wireless HD Outdoor Camera (Under 5000)

D3D is one of the best outdoor cameras which has sales and service center in India itself. When it comes to price, it is budget friendly and worth every penny. This camera is very easy to install and operate. You have to just fix the camera and plug it into a power source. If you don’t have any idea of installation then a supporting CD is provided with the product which helps you in setting up the camera.

By installing the dedicated mobile application, you can live view the video of your outdoors. You can watch the video from anywhere around the world in mobiles, tablets or computer. For recording and viewing videos a supportive micro SD card should be inserted.

It contains an inbuilt motion detector which sends alerts through email with images. You can download the recorded videos directly from SD card into the computer without unplugging the memory card from anywhere around the world.

Apart from that, it also contains high image HD quality, multi-level user management, cloud recording an IR night vision features. A dedicate customer support 24/7 is also provided for any technical service.


  • Cloud recording.
  • IR Night Vision.
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Dedicated customer support.
  • Motion detection alert via email.
  • High image and HD quality.
  • Multi-level user management.


  • Only zoom in and out options.

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4. Hikvision DS-2CE16C2T-IR Outdoor Camera (Under 2000)

For people who want an outdoor CCTV camera with amazing features at a budget friendly price then it is better to go with Hikvision. It is the best choice for domestic and non-technical surveillance.

Its features include 1.0 megapixel high-performance CMOS, 720P resolution, Analog output, 3.6mm lens, up to 20m IR distance, DNR and angle of view: 3.6mm, 2.8mm, 56.7mm.

It is IP66 weatherproof so it can withhold dust, weather and humidity in the air. With in-built IR night vision you secure the area even in complete darkness.


  • Weather proof.
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty.
  • In-built IR night vision.
  • 1 mega pixel high-performance CMOS.
  • 720P HD resolution.


  • Compatible only with HIKVISION HD Turbo DVR
  • No memory slot.

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Best CCTV Camera Kits In India

1. Hikvision DS- 7104HGHI-F1 CCTV Camera Kit

Do you want a complete CCTV surveillance kits then choose Hikivision as it is one of the best in the market. The kit includes hikvision 1MP mini 4CH Turbo HD DVR 1 Pcs, bullet camera 4 Pcs, 1 TB HDD, active 3+1 copper cable, active power supply, BNC 8 Pcs, and DC 4 Pcs.

They are very easy to set up and compatible to HDMI as well as VGA monitors. It is easy to monitor using laptop and PC with IVMS-4200 software.

The recorded videos can be stored in cloud storage for future references and playbacks. The recorded or live video streaming can be viewed anywhere across the world. The in-built night vision IR helps to view videos even in complete darkness. The security system covers recording time of approximately 6 to 8 days.


  • High-end Digital Video Recorder
  • 1MP bullet cameras
  • 90M CCTV cable
  • Replaceable 1TB Memory
  • Both day and night vision cameras
  • Good picture clarity
  • Huge recording time
  • Replaceable HDD


  • Limited warranty.
  • Cameras only weather proof, not water proof

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2. CP Plus CCTV Cameras Kit

If you want a complete surveillance system for a small or medium house or office then choose CP Plus CCTV camera kit. The kit includes 720P 4CH HDCVI DVR 1pcs, 1 dome camera, 1 bullet camera, 3+1 copper cable, power supply, BNC 4 Pcs, and DC 2Pcs.

The surveillance cameras are specially designed for enhanced day and night vision. The 6mm lens provides wide range of vision. The camera is fitted with 36 IR LEDs that ensure crisp and clear night vision with visibility of up to 30 meters. It is water and weather proof which makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


  • Clear pictures and high video quality.
  • Crisp and clear night vision up to 30 meters
  • Up to 30 meters night vision
  • Wide area coverage due to 6mm lens
  • Compatible with analog DVR
  • High resolution camera
  • Superior quality image sensor


  • No mobile compatibility without DVR support

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Buying Guide – CCTV Cameras

Choosing the right CCTV camera should never be taken for lightly because it is the matter of safety. So, whatever you purchase, it has to top notch in terms of security. But this doesn’t mean to buy an expensive or biggest model in the market. The key is to select one that will satisfy your security needs.

Understanding the Requirements:

Every one of us have a different set of security requirements. So, below we have listed down some questions that can help you in identifying them…

  • Want to prevent intruders?
  • Want to monitor customer’s preferences and prevent shoplifting?
  • Want to keep a look at employees and their productivity?
  • Want to check on your inventory?
  • Want to ensure safety of your kids/elderly?
  • Want to make sure restricted area is being maintained?
  • Want to prevent thieves and vandalism at bay?
  • Want to monitor cash registers and staff?

CCTV cameras can help with all these problems. You just have to know which surveillance system is better as per your specific requirements.

Once you identified what you requirement are then it’s time to understand the terms and factors that are required while purchasing a security surveillance system.

How to Choose Best CCTV Camera as per Individual Requirements?

Below, we have listed down several factors that play a key role in selecting the right one. Make sure to read them very carefully to understand the terms and their importance.

1. Surveillance Technologies:

Basically, there are two surveillance technologies – analog and IP (digital). Each of these have their own set of advantages and disadvantages which we have mentioned them in detail…

1. Analog

Traditional analog security cameras capture an analog video signal. This signal will be transferred to DVR (digital video recorder) through a coax cable. The DVR will convert the analog to digital, compresses it and stores in hard drives which can be retrieved later. Features like scheduling, zooming and motion detection are available in the DVR. Monitors can be plugged to the DVR for viewing the output.

Usually, the video quality of analog cameras is of television standards. The DVR can also be set up to internet broadcasting with password and additional features. When internet broadcasting, the video is usually transmitted as a single stream (IP address). The power to the each camera is supplied from any point near the camera itself.


  • They are usually much affordable and more than enough for remote monitoring.
  • They come in different varieties from mini covert to large PTZ models. It might a bit easier to find the camera of your style.
  • Mix and match of cameras and brands is easier with analog versions. If you have an existing camera then it will be much easier to incorporate into your surveillance system.


  • Advance features like clear zooming is not available with analog cameras.
  • If you are thinking of a wireless security system then analog systems can have interference issues like the resulting signal cannot be encrypted. This means that someone else can also access the signal.
  • For wide areas, broad ranges and big distances, analog cameras may not be a good choice.

2. IP (Digital)

The main difference between the analog and IP cameras is the quality of the video. High resolution and quality video are the two major benefits of an IP security camera. A high quality video ensures a better facial recognition, ability to zoom distances of 100+ feet and license recognition. Actually, the resolution is 2 – 3 times higher than a normal analog camera.

In IP CCTV surveillance system, each camera in the network captures an analog signal which will be immediately converted to digital video inside the camera itself. Digital processing like compression and motion detection also happens in the camera itself.

The digital video will be broadcasted over LAN (local area network) using an Ethernet cable which is connected to each camera individually. The Ethernet cables will be connected to a switch which will feed into a network hub (NVR). Each CCTV camera will need to setup with IP address and other attributes.

NVR (network video recorder) functions same as DVR in the analog version cameras. NVR will capture signal form each camera, compresses and stores it. The built-in software of NVR will also has features like intelligent search, zoom and others. NVR will combine video signals from all the cameras and broadcasts it over the LAN and internet for both remote and local viewing.

The power to each cameras is suppled through an Ethernet cable via POE (power-over-Ethernet) adapters. Most of the old style IP cameras don’t have in-built POE so they have to add POE adapters additionally.

Digital videos are much more compatible with wireless than other. Wireless analog systems are available, however the videos has to be converted in to digital before broadcasting over the IP network 802.11. If not, then can be overcrowded over the saturated frequencies and encounter interference in most of the cases.


  • IP surveillance systems are best for wireless reception. As they have encryption built-into them, they are much more secure than analog systems. Interference is also not an issue with IP systems.
  • As IP based cameras act as their own network system, you can use existing wiring network to connect them within your home.
  • They are best suited for remote surveillance requirements.


  • They are a bit high in price when compared to analog systems.
  • They require a higher bandwidth than analog cameras.

2. Types of Cameras

CCTV cameras are available in different shapes and sizes. You can use one among them based on your unique requirements. Following are the basic types of cameras and their uses…

1. Bullet Camera

They have a cylindrical shape which and often helpful in areas where discretion is essential. But this doesn’t mean you have to permanently install it in a protective dome. They are best suited for shops, offices and service areas if there is a need to monitor the staff.

2. Dome Camera

Dome CCTV camera is perfect for surveillance and it also protects the camera from casual vandalism. As it is impossible to find out where the camera is placed, it often provides a good degree of security.

3. IR Day/Night Camera

These cameras provides 24 hours of security regardless of day, night and lighting conditions. During the day, it provides a colored image and during the nights, it shifts to black and white for infrared viewing.

4. PTZ Camera

PTZ states Pan-Tilt-Zoom. These cameras are great for large range of motion surveillance system. With powerful onboard motors, these PTZ cameras are flexible enough for any scenario or setting. Though most of the cameras have static positioning, a PTZ camera can be moved in order to track objects, get best view, zoom in/out and in some cases all these things can be done at the same time.

These cameras have 360-degree tilt and pan and powerful optical lenses. Though they are a bit costly, they are capable of completing the work of 10 cameras at once. Due to its versatility, they are suitable for both indoors and outdoors. But they are best for large areas where maneuverability is key.

One of the main advantages of CCTV cameras is their ability to respond to triggers and alarms. Normal cameras usually just provide the insight of the alert. But a PTZ camera immediately begins tracking the issue when someone passes through a no-go zone.

So, based up on your surveillance requirements, you can choose any type of CCTV camera easily.

3. Specifications

In this section, we will look into several specifications that are important to check the performance of the CCTV camera.

1. Appropriate Lens

Everything we see in the video comes right from the lens which gathers the light for the sensor. Through lens, you can determine or calculates the distance at which the face of person can be recognized. In most of the cases, a better lens is required for great input and output.

Apart from that, buyers should make sure that the camera has a zoom lens. There are two different types of zooms – optical and digital. Digital zoom cannot provided any more information than the original one. Whereas optical zoom will provide a detailed look and new information than the original because it will change as the light reaches the sensor.

2. Sensor

All digital sensors are not equal. There are two main things you have to consider while looking at the specifications of CCTV camera – sensor type and sensor size.

Sensor Type: Most of the CCTV sensors are either CMOS or CCD. Low priced and tiny cameras usually have CMOS technology which generate poor video quality and very poor light sensitivity. But the CCD sensors produce a better video quality. CMOS require less power and are less expensive than CCD however, they are less sensitive and do not produce a clear image. This can be problematic especially if you have to identify any object or person. CMOS based cameras need more signal processing than normal in order to produce a clear picture. Superior quality CCTV cameras use only CCD technology.

Sensor Size: A large sensor can process more light and produce high quality image. So, the more, the better. Mostly, CCTV cameras come in 2 sizes: 1/3 inch (4.8 mm by 3.6 mm) and 1/4 inch (3.2 mm by 2.4 mm) which means that they have twice surface areas than smaller ones. A bigger sensor gathers more light which provides more data to DSP for working. This is very helpful in less capable processors that come in budget friendly CCTV cameras.

3. Right Output Resolution

Analog and IP CCTV cameras have different resolution specifications. In analog cameras, resolution is counted as TVL or number of TV lines. Usually, analog cameras have a range of up to 700TVL maximum. Most of the analog cameras available in market have between 380 – 540 TVL. At least 420 TVL is recommended by many experts. As a thumb rule, you have to remember that the larger the size is, the higher quality of image you will receive.

When it comes to IP cameras, the resolution is counted in pixels. A minimum 2 mega pixel is recommended by experts. 3 mega pixels is the standard one. But a 4 mega pixel are now becoming main stream in surveillance security systems.

High resolution is very nice to have however the output mostly depends on the input. So, if the lens and sensor don’t match with output generated by DSP then high resolution is a total waste. So, it is very important to calculate the enough resolution so that your camera can produce clear picture.

4. Indoor/Outdoor Cameras

Based on your security requirements, it is better to choose an indoor or outdoor camera. Many outdoor cameras are efficient to work indoors as well. However, indoor cameras should not be installed outdoors. Because cameras installed outdoors undergo risk factors like rain, dust and other weather conditions. So, indoor cameras cannot or not manufactured to withhold such incidents.

5. Do you need Wireless CCTV Camera?

Actually, wireless aren’t completely wire-less. The main issue of it is the power supply. If the wireless camera is working on a lithium battery then it should not after a certain period of time due to lack of juice. That is why most of the wireless cameras are regulated into picture-taking tools which means that it will take a snap shot whenever an undesignated event occurs (something crossing a line or motion detection). Most of the motion detection cameras are wireless.

So, the cables used in wireless cameras are for power supply. They are defined as wireless because they don’t use Ethernet cables to connect with a video recorder. Instead of that, they directly send the data through air. If you don’t like so many cables running all over the place then you can simply choose wireless camera system to simply cut down a large system complexity.

6. Size of the Area You have to Secure

If you want to pin down right camera for you then first consider the distance and size you want to cover. The wide range of outdoor cameras are quite versatile so they can easily cover a wide range, area and depth of an object. When it comes to covering large areas, we recommend taking a smaller lens. A 3.6mm lens can cover at 30 foot distance, 29 foot horizontal. A 6.6mm lens will provide 18 foot horizontal view. A large lens is more precise, focused and detailed in capturing. However, its focus will become narrow and less in a horizontal and wide perspective.

7. Want the cameras to be hidden?

In some cases, users want their cameras to be hidden. This can be due to avoid tackiness, put customers at ease or if surveillance has to be a secret. Some manufacturers provide this option by installing them in clocks or smoke detectors. Alternative options of hiding a regular camera are – putting in a book shelve, hide it in a plant or in a box of tissues.

8. Do you want a powerful night vision?

Most of the cameras have day/night functionality up to some extent. When the intelligent sensors observe a change in the lighting, night vision feature will be activated. Regardless of the darkness, powerful LED’s will help to secure an area of 100 or more feet. If you want to see a specific object or area then it has to be in the middle of camera’s night vision range or else the camera may choose wrong objects to light up. Advanced night vision cameras are more capable of handling difficult and dark situations than normal cameras.

9. Black Vs Colored

Most of the users prefer color cameras however black and white cameras a bit cheaper. If you are placing CCTV cameras in areas where light conditions are low then it is recommended to purchase a black and white one. If the light conditions are good inside then colored ones are best. For built-in night vision, many color cameras use IR cut-filter.

10. Light Sensitivity

LUX is standard specification of camera’s light sensitivity. It defines how the good the camera works in poor light conditions. For example, if the candle is at distance of 1 foot then the illumination of candle on the object is referred as 10 Lux.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I install an outdoor camera indoors?

In most of the cases, it is a “YES”. Though it is not completely recommended, sometimes, a CCTV camera with outdoor qualifications can be helpful to use indoors. Such situations or areas include, a factory where chemicals, condensation or similar things happen, indoor warehouses, a prison or schools.

2. Does a PTZ camera work when there is no power supply?

Nope, it doesn’t. That is why it is recommended to maintain a battery backup of at least 1000 VA or more. And it should have the ability to plug in at least 2 things (DVR and camera power supply) into the outlets.

3. Who needs a PTZ camera?

PTZ cameras are really powerful and expensive, we don’t recommend it for simple home security. It is best suited for large areas where there is need of high security alert system like banks, confidential areas, government offices, and areas that have a high risk of trespassing.

4. How Secure is an IP Feed?

The answer for this is the same of “How secure is the internet?” It is completely true that if the IP system is kept unprotected then an outside can enter into it and access the video camera is recording. This is the reason why manufacturers and experts always recommend to change the passwords regularly and never leave it 12345 or password. Make sure to keep a secured and unique password. Usually, the cameras encrypt the video and send it so, just make sure the network is protected.

5. What if I Need Manual Zoom Lens?

If you want to adjust and monitor the camera view manually then you can use a manual zoom lens. Most of the PTZ’s have this option. If that is an expensive option then you can go with normal zoom able lens. For example, a normal 2.8 ~ 12mm zoom abled varifocal lens can secure wide angle of 2.8mm and 12mm narrow. So, it depends on the versatility and requirements of surveillance.

6. What things should be considered while place a CCTV camera outdoor?

Below is the checklist you have to consider if you want to place a CCTV camera outdoor.

Make sure the camera is resistant to weather conditions. This can be judged based on IP rating.

It has to be resistant to high-energy kinetic impacts. You can check with the IK rating.

It should have the capacity to survive against even extreme temperatures either it can be hot or cold.

7. Can we get live feed of surveillance without a hard drive?

Yes, it is possible. Hard drive is just for storing the feeds so that you can review them in future if needed.

8. Is it possible to upgrade a CCTV camera?

Yes, it is possible. However, there are certain difficulties with certain type of cameras. You have to speak with your existing manufacturer for upgradation.

Few Words before wrapping up…

Whether you choose a CCTV camera for your garage or kid’s room or a full-fledged CCTV surveillance kit for your office, it is best to opt for a product from a reputed brand that provides warranty and quality customer support for smooth functioning.

As per our opinion, our choice would be any of these – (D3D Security Systems, Sricam, Hikvision CCTV) based on our surveillance requirements.

Which one will you choose among the above? Still have any queries or concerns? Write to us in the comment section below. Our expert team will revert to you as soon as possible. And don’t forget to stay wise and stay safe.

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