Best Spy Cameras in India

In most areas, spying cameras are used extensively for various purposes. Either you want to ensure the safety of your house or your workplace, a spy camera can be highly useful. Spy camera is basically very small in size and is not easily seen by anyone if you are using it. Also, they are available in different shapes and for more disguise. Objects like pens, pen drive comes with a spy camera that you can use to shoot videos and no one can notice such cameras so easily.

But, as they come in different shapes and sizes and objects, choosing one for your needs can be a hectic situation for you. So, in this article, we will be mentioning some of the Best Spying Cameras in India. So, if you are not able to find one for you, you can have a look at our list as well.

But, ensure to check some major factors before buying a spy camera for yourself:

Camera Type: For proper hiding, spying cameras are available in the shape of a pen, pen drive, clock, and much more. So, make sure to choose the one which is best suitable for your needs.

Video Quality: Make sure the video quality is good as it is the most crucial factor to check when buying a camera. Good video quality will provide you great detail in the videos.

Storage Space: Storage space is yet another essential factor to check because there is no point in buying a spying camera if it stops recording because of storage issues. So, make sure there is enough storage space available to store videos.

If you are still having some doubts, you can check out the complete Buying Guide for spying cameras which you will find below in this article.

Best Spy Cameras in India

Spy Cameras ResolutionStorageWarrantyBuy Now
FINICKY-WORLD Spy Camera960pUp to 128 GB6monthsCHECK ON AMAZON
Spyguru Spy Camera1080pUp to 32 GBNoneCHECK ON AMAZON
AHAXA Spy Camera480pUp to 32 GBNoneCHECK ON AMAZON
Saone Spy Camera1080pUp to 32 GBNoneCHECK ON AMAZON
RFV1 Spy Camera720pUp to 32 GBNoneCHECK ON AMAZON
Amit Security Solutions Spy Camera1080pUp to 32 GBNoneCHECK ON AMAZON
VOLTAC Spy Camera480pUp to 32 GBNoneCHECK ON AMAZON

Best Spy Cameras in India: Reviews


Finicky World offers a great spy camera option if you plan to use it at your home. It is essentially a bulb which also works as a spy camera. And it has a 360 degree with IP camera function which allows you to use it as a CCTV camera. This spy camera also offers a night vision feature which can be useful in the dark.

As mentioned earlier, this spy camera can be used as an IP camera as it has inbuilt WiFi. You can simply connect it to your home’s WiFi network and see the footage right on your smartphone. You also get a motion detection feature which alerts you on your smartphone every time this camera detects motion.

The Finicky World Camera is in the 1st position in this camera due to its great image quality. It records 360-degree video in 960p along with night vision. It also supports two-way communication via your smartphone as it has a microphone and a speaker. This camera can record video for a long time as it supports 128 GB of memory via a micro SD card.

Best Features: 960p recording, 360-degree video, smartphone app, inbuilt WiFi for IP camera function, motion detection sensor, two-way audio communication, up to 128 GB of storage for video recording.

Resolution: It can record 360 degrees videos in 960p.

Storage: You can use a micro SD card of up to 128 GB.

Warranty and Customer Support:

Finicky World is one of the only spy camera brands out there which offers a 6-month warranty. If you are facing any issues with this spy camera, you can simply contact Finicky World using this link:

Contact Finicky World


  • Great video quality
  • Works flawlessly even in dark due to night vision
  • Records 360-degree videos
  • Supports up to 128 GB micro SD card
  • Offers two-way communication
  • Works as an IP camera
  • Connects to your smartphone over WiFi
  • Includes a motion detection sensor
  • Comes with a 6-month warranty


  • Does not offer 1080p video recording
  • Size is a little big
  • Not made for portable usage


This spy camera from Finicky World is one of the most feature-rich spy cameras out there. You can connect it to your smartphone for using it as an IP camera with 360-degree video. And even though it only records in 960p, it offers much better quality than other options.

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2. M MHB Digital  Spy Camera

The M MHB Digital Pendrive spy recorder is possibly the smallest spy tool available out there. As you can expect by its name, it is essentially a spying tool which is shaped like a flash drive or a pen drive. As a result, you can easily hide it anywhere while recording using the control buttons present on the side.

Unfortunately, as it is quite compact, it does not have any camera for video recording. Instead, it acts as a voice recorder which can be used to record up to 20 hours of audio. As it is a pen drive, you get 8 GB of storage inbuilt without needing any micro SD card. And you can connect it to your computer just like a flash drive using the USB port.

This spy voice recorder from MHB is in the 2nd position as it is quite easy to use. Even though it cannot record video, it still makes a great option for a spy tool. It can record high quality audio even from a long distance without any issue. And using this is quite easy as you get controls on the side.

Best Features: Inbuilt storage, connect as a flash drive, record up to 20 hours of audio, high quality audio recording, easy to use controls on the side, compact and small, records from a long distance.

Resolution: You can use it for audio recordings.

Storage: This spy tool has an internal storage of 8 GB.

Warranty and Customer Support:

You do not get any manufacturer’s warranty with the MHB digital pen drive audio recorder. But if you face any issues at the time of arrival, you can avail the 10-day replacement warranty offered by Amazon.


  • Small and compact
  • Works as a flash drive
  • Easy to use controls
  • Record up to 20 hours of audio
  • Charges over USB
  • Works over a long distance


  • Does not record video
  • Storage cannot be increased via micro SD card.


While this spy tool is not made for video recording, it is much smaller than most other options available out there. It allows you to record 20 hours of audio using its inbuilt 8 GB memory. And you can connect it to a PC for charging and accessing the audio recordings.

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3. Spyguru H2 Power Bank with Hidden Spy Camera

Spyguru offers a highly compact and hidden spy camera in the form of a power bank. As a result, you can take this power bank anywhere with you for recording videos. Despite its small size, it is able to record 1080p videos. And it also offers night vision feature for recording videos in the dark.

You can record videos for a long time using this spy camera as it offers a micro SD card slot. It supports up to a 32 GB micro SD card which can record 3.5 hours of video without any issues. Since it is a power bank, you can also charge your smartphone with for a little additional charge.

The Spyguru H2 Power Bank spy camera is in the 3rd position in this article as it is quite portable and hidden. You can use this power bank to charge your phone as well as record videos. And the IR LEDs for the night vision feature ensures that you can even record in the dark.

Best Features: Record up to 1080p videos, offers night vision IR LEDs, supports up to a 32 GB micro SD card, charge your phone for additional battery life, record video for 3.5 hours.

Resolution: This spy camera supports 1080p video.

Storage: You can insert a micro SD card of up to 32 GB.

Warranty and Customer Support:

This spy camera does not come with a manufacturer’s warranty from Spyguru. Thankfully, Amazon offers a 10-day replacement warranty which can be used to get it replaced in case of any issues on arrival.


  • Records 1080p videos
  • Supports night vision
  • Charge your phone over USB
  • Up to 32 GB of storage via micro SD card
  • Lightweight and compact


  • Night vision is average
  • Power bank capacity is small


The Spyguru H2 power bank is an ingenious spy camera due to its design. It offers decent video quality with its 1080p resolution support. And as you would expect, it can also be used for charging your smartphone if needed.

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4. AHAXA HD Spy Camera

AHAXA offers one of the smallest and affordable spy cameras on Amazon. It is essentially a button camera that you can fit in your shirt. And it is able to offer 480p video while being this compact and lightweight. Because of its design, no one will notice it if you have it in your shirt like a button.

This spy camera charges over a micro USB cable which makes the camera unit completely wireless. As for the storage, you can use up to a 32 GB micro SD card in it for recording videos. Even though this spy camera is quite small and compact, it still offers a very decent battery life.

Recording videos with AHAXHA HD camera is quite easy. You can find two control buttons at the front for starting and stopping the video recording. It also records your audio along with the video which will be appreciated by a lot of users.

Best Features: Small and compact, support for 480p resolution, records video and audio, charges over USB, micro SD card support up to 32 GB, decent battery life, easy to use controls.

Resolution: You can record 480p videos using this spy camera.

Storage: It records all videos on a micro SD card of up to 32 GB.

Warranty and Customer Support:

Just like various other spy cameras, this one does not offer any manufacturer’s warranty. You get Amazon’s 10-day replacement warranty for getting it replaced in case of any manufacturing defects.


  • Compact and small
  • Fits as a button of your shirt
  • Records 480 videos
  • Supports both audio and video
  • Up to 32 GB micro SD card for recording
  • Charges over USB
  • Easy to use and control


  • The resolution could have been better
  • No night vision feature


If you are on a budget or want the most hidden spy camera, the AHAXA HD can be a great option. While it is not the most feature-rich option, it gets the job done with 480p video recording and its design. You also get support for a 32 GB micro SD card for continuous recording.

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5. Saone Spy Pen Camera

As the name suggests, the Saone Spy pen is a pen which can be used for writing as well as recording videos. It has a hidden camera on the top which supports up to 1080p video recording as a spy camera. And despite its small size, it offers very good video quality.

The pen opens up to reveal its micro USB cable port and a micro SD card slot. This slot can be used to insert up to a 32 GB card for recording videos. And as you would imagine, this spy camera charges using the micro USB port.

The 5 MP camera of this pen is one of the only options out there which allows you to record videos in 1080p at 60 fps. And recording videos is quite easy as you can find the controls right on the top of the pen. Once you have recorded videos, you can insert the card in your PC and watch it without any issues.

Best Features: Great video quality, 1080p video support, charging via USB, up to 32 GB micro SD card slot, controls on the top, works for writing, thin and lightweight design.

Resolution: It can be used to record 1080p videos.

Storage: This spy camera supports up to a 32 GB SD card.

Warranty and Customer Support:

Saone does not offer any warranty for manufacturing defects with this spy camera. Although, if you face any issues on the time of delivery, you can avail the Amazon 10 day replacement warranty.


  • Compact and small pen
  • Supports 32 GB micro SD card
  • Records 1080p video
  • Affordable pricing
  • Decent video quality
  • Easy to use
  • Charges over USB


  • Battery life is average
  • Missing night vision feature


The Saone Spy pen camera is a great option if you want to carry a spy camera with you at all times. You can record 1080p videos using this compact and small camera without any issues. And this camera also has easy to use controls along with a USB charging port.

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6. RFV1 720p HD Spy Camera

The RFV1 is another pen-shaped spy camera but it is a little different than the previous. Instead of featuring a full pen, this one just has a small body with the upper cap portion. But it is able to offer great video quality even though it is only 720p.

You also get multiple controls and indicator lights right on the spy camera. Apart from recording video, you can also use this spy camera for recording video. But no matter which one you record, it offers great quality.

All of your recorded videos get saved on the inserted micro SD card which can be up to 32 GB. This allows the user to record videos for almost 5 hours without running out of storage. And the battery life of this camera is also quite good which further allows you to record videos for a long time.

Best Features: 720p video with decent quality, audio and video recording support, charges over USB, multiple controls and indicators, small and compact, up to a 32 GB micro SD card, records for more than 5 hours without stopping.

Resolution: You can record 720p videos using this camera.

Storage: It supports up to a 32 GB micro SD card.

Warranty and Customer Support:

You do not get any manufacturer’s warranty with the RFV1 spy camera. Thankfully, , you can get it replaced using Amazon’s 10-day replacement warranty.


  • Easy to use
  • Offers multiple controls
  • Records audio and video
  • 720p recording option
  • Great battery life
  • Small and compact


  • Not an actual pen
  • The microphone could have been better


If you want a compact and small spy camera which offers great video quality and 720p resolution. You can easily use this camera is it offers multiple controls and indicators on the body. And it records both audio as well as video on an up to 32 GB micro SD card.

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7. Amit Security Solutions Full HD Spy Camera

Unlike all other options present in this article, the Amit Security Solutions are spectacles which have an inbuilt spy camera. And it allows you to record 1080p video without letting anyone know about due to its design.

This spy camera can also be used to take photos using its 5 MP camera. All of the videos and images get stored on a micro SD card. It supports up to a 32 GB micro SD card. And you can record around 90 minutes footage at a time.

You can charge this spy camera using the included micro USB charging cable. It takes around an hour for the battery to fully charge. Once fully charged, you can record 90 minutes of videos using this spy camera at a time.

Best Features: 1080p video recording, takes photos and videos, stores data on an up to 32 GB micro SD card, lightweight frame, easy to use, fast charging time, 90 minutes of battery life.

Resolution: It records videos in 1080p at 30 FPS.

Storage: This spy camera uses a 32 GB micro SD card.

Warranty and Customer Support:

It does not come with any manufacturer’s warranty for defects or issues. But you can get it replaced using Amazon’s 10-day replacement warranty.


  • Lightweight frame
  • Up to 1080p videos at 30 FPS
  • Supports photos and videos
  • Comes with a 5 MP CMOS sensor
  • Uses a 32 GB micro SD card
  • Inbuilt microphone for audio recording


  • Low light performance is not good
  • Battery life is average


The Amit Security Solutions is an easy to use spy camera. It offers a spy camera inside spectacles which makes using it quite easy. And is it has 1080p resolution, the video quality is also quite good. This supports both photos as well as videos.

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8. VOLTAC Spy Hd Pen Camera

The final spy camera in this article is from a brand named Voltac. And just like various other options out there, this is one is also a pen. You can use it for writing as well as for recording videos using the inbuilt camera.

The top of this camera has multiple buttons and controls which can be used to easily record video. And it offers up to 480p video recording along with audio recording. While the quality is not the best out there, it is decent for its size.

This pen spy camera uses a micro SD card for storing your videos. You can use up to a 32 GB card for storing hours of footage. Even though this camera is quite compact, it offers a very decent battery life.

Best Features: Easy to use, multiple indicators, small and lightweight, works as a pen, takes both images and videos, inbuilt microphone, charges over USB, supports 32 GB micro SD cards, 480p video resolution.

Resolution: This spy camera records videos in 480p resolution.

Storage: It supports up to a 32 GB micro SD card.

Warranty and Customer Support:

Just like all other cameras in this article, you do not get any manufacturer’s warranty. But if you face any issues initially, then you can get it replaced using the 10-day replacement warranty offered by Amazon.


  • Affordable price tag
  • Records 480p videos
  • Uses 32 GB micro SD cards
  • Works as a real pen as well
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple indicators


  • Video quality is average
  • No night vision


For those of you who are on a budget and want a compact spy camera, this one can be a great option. While it does not have the best features, it is still a great choice for a lot of users. The 480p resolution support and ease of use make it a great option.

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How to Choose a Spy Camera?

Depending on why and how you choose to spy on someone, your spy camera will differ from others. There are a lot of things that may or may not be useful for you. The camera itself comes in multiple forms with multiple different features that are enough to confuse a new buyer.

Here, we have a buying guide for you that includes every other thing related to a spy cam.

Features to look for in a Spy Camera

1. Video Quality

Better video quality or clarity depends on the pixel density. Higher the pixels better the image. Depending on your reason for using the spy camera, the video quality becomes more or less important. A 1080p Full-HD camera can show you detailed facial features, tattoos, or other sings. This will help you identify the suspect. Similarly, a 720p or lower camera won’t capture that much detail.

2. Viewing Angle

Every spy camera has a viewing angle. This means it can fit a limited area under its lens. If you want a spy that can cover a wider angle of view, consider this parameter. There are spy cameras that can give you a 360-degree view and there are also cameras that directly focus on a person. Even, some offer multiple viewing angles.

3. Battery Life

Most of you would prefer a battery operated spy cam. In that case, the battery life becomes a prime factor to consider. While most of the cameras need battery recharge once in a month, there are cameras with a yearlong battery backup. And there are also low-priced cameras that require a daily recharge. They do no harm but are also not very convenient.

4. Storage Capacity

Whether you chose a battery-operated spy cam or a wired one, you need to figure out how much space it has to store the recordings. Now, this will again depend on your purpose of use. Continuous monitoring your kids will require a lot more space compared to watching over a baby sitter.

The storage capacity should be big enough so that you don‘t have to go through the trouble of recording then erasing it from the memory chip every single day. Evaluate how much storage is sufficient for your use. SD card storage capacity ranges from 2 GB to 128 GB. And 2 hours of video (full-HD) should take space of about 4 GB.

5. Low-light Vision

If you think you will need to use the camera in low-light conditions, you need to look at the “LUX” rating. LUX or lx denotes the minimum light intensity that a camera needs to take a clear picture. So lower the “LUX” number better will be the low-light vision. In short, look for low “LUX” ratings.

A “LUX” 2 rated camera can record clear footage under dim-lights. But, if you require a camera that can shoot under pitch dark, you need Infrared Night Vision (IR).

6. Motion Detection

Some hidden cameras come with this feature. Every time the camera detects motion, it will alert you by sending a push notification to your cellphone. This comes helpful if you want to be notified only with the presence of intruders. Another advantage is that this can extend the battery life by turning the camera off when it’s not in use.

7. Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is not common to all spy cameras. And they are expensive too. However, having Wi-Fi is the easiest way of seamless monitoring. With a Wi-Fi-enabled camera, you can remotely view real-time footage over the internet or on your phone. You just need a good signal around the camera and the device you are using.

8. Sound Recording

Recording conversations with hidden cameras is against the law in a lot of countries. But if you can use it, there are cameras with in-built microphones that can record the audio clips as well. Even some cameras offer 2-way-audio that allows you to listen and respond to the other person on the opposite side.

9. Easy to Use

All of us are not tech-savvy, so you must buy something that you can install and operate yourself. As some sophisticated and technically advanced surveillance cameras, compared to primary hidden or spy cameras, require professional help to set up. Opt of a unit that is simple to use.

10. Smartphone Compatible

Smartphone compatible spy cameras are a lot more flexible in terms of monitoring. Simply because you don’t always be sitting in front of your computer. You can watch over your kids, spouse, employees, or any intruders from your mobile. These cameras also come with mobile-friendly apps that let you keep an eye on the subject from anywhere anytime.

The Most Common Types of Camera Forms

This is really important, and it is also confusing because there are already too many variations of spy cameras. Ask yourself what type of hidden camera would be the best fit for the person whom you want to watch secretly.

You may want to monitor your kids, employees, a baby sitter, your roommate, your spouse or anyone who is in your house or business. There are cameras set inside stuffed animals, shirt buttons, alarm clocks, eyeglasses, DVD players, and lots of others.

To record a covert video, you need to stay hidden, so you have to be very careful about the camera forms before anything.

  • Nanny Cams- They are used mainly to monitor on a babysitter or a nanny. A spy nanny cams can be placed inside a photo frame or stuffed animal or in the form of any household appliance that aren’t easy to spot. Nanny cams are mostly wired.
  • Body Worn Hidden cameras- Also known as wearable hidden cameras, they are wireless, delicate but with high resolutions. You can attach the camera to your tie, shirt buttons, pens, wristwatch. Body-worn cameras are meant to keep close surveillance on the subject.
  • USB Flash Drive- They look like a usual USB stick, but they are some of the most advanced spy cameras with lots of features. The actual camera lies on the posterior end of the USB. They are not hidden but you can hide well among other gadgets. They are usually wireless versions.
  • Wi-Fi Ac Adapter- No one can tell they hide a camera. They look like your ordinary power brick or AC adapter. They plug into a power socket and also have wires like the originals.
  • Hidden Clock- Hidden clock spy cameras are ideal for any type of covert recording. It can be used as a nanny cam or a simple surveillance camera that you can fit inside a room. Hidden clocks are mostly famous for catching a cheating spouse.
  • Peephole- Peephole cameras are built into your door’s peephole. So that if someone rings the bell, you can see it without them knowing and decide whether to open the door or stay away from it. They come in many sizes. And often have IR cameras for night vision.
  • Smoke Detector Spy Cam- Another very popular spy camera mainly used for security purposes. They can be both wired or wireless.

Types of Hidden Cameras

1. Wired

Wired spy cameras are cheap and reliable. But they need a constant power supply. You need to ensure you have a power outlet around your camera so that you can connect the wires to the receivers without anyone noticing. Since they are always connected to a power source, there is no chance of data or signal loss. However, they are identifiable compared to the wired one.

2. Wireless

Wireless cameras work on wireless transmission, which means you don’t need to run a wire from the camera to the receiver. The transmitter stays hidden inside the device and a separate receiver receives the signals from the camera. However, if they are not battery operated, you need a power source.

3. Battery Operated

Battery operated spycams have a huge advantage over the others; that is, they are portable. You can literally place them or fix them anywhere around your home or office. All the body-worn cameras are battery operated. One disadvantage is, the recording time is limited. As long as the battery is charged, it will continue recording.

4. Self Recording Cameras

As the name suggests, the camera starts operating and recording on its own. They are equipped with an in-built DVR that saves all the recordings in an SD card. Most of them are activated by motion or heat sensors. That gets activated with a change in the temperature that happens when a person enters a room. The advantage of using such cameras is that they store valid information and saves battery life. Before these, the user had to sit in front of a screen fast-forward hours of blank videos with just a few minutes of highlighting where the subject appeared.

5. 4G Wireless

4G wireless cameras are the most technically advanced cameras. They work in areas where you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection. But they are also the most expensive ones.


Spy cameras can be quite useful to record various things without letting anyone know about it. And these cameras come in all shapes and sizes so that you can easily hide them. You can find a large number of spy camera options on websites like Amazon. But just like any other camera, there are various things that you have to check before buying one. Therefore, today, we are here with some of the best spy cameras in India. And we have also mentioned the major features and options offered by all of these spy cameras. It can help you in choosing the best on your needs and requirements.

  • If you want the most feature-rich spy camera, then the Finicky World spy camera can be a great option. It is one of the most feature-rich spy cameras out there. This offers 960p resolution and smartphone connectivity over WiFi. Although, it is made for using at your home as it is not portable.
  • On the other hand, if you want something small and cheap, the AHAXA HD spy cam is also worth considering. It attaches to your shirt like a button while being quite compact and small. You can use it to record 480p videos in an up to 32 GB micro SD card.
  • The Amit Security Solutions spy cam is also worth mentioning. As these are spectacles with a camera, they blend in quite easily. Since it offers 1080p resolution, you can also expect great video quality from it.

Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!