Best Electric Guitars in India

Are you a seasoned player looking to upgrade you instrument or a beginner starting to learn the ropes and tricks of playing a guitar? Well, in this article we have prepared a comprehensive guide on how to select the best electric guitar as per you needs and the list of the best electric guitars available in India. The guitar is a complex musical instrument with some basic components, a wide range of features and different constructions, so it is important to have some basic idea about these features so that you can make an informed choice.

Things to Look For While Buying an Electric Guitar

The Basic Components of an Electric Guitar

Pick-Ups – The pickup is preset underneath the strings, on the body of the electric guitar and it works as a magnetic field. When the metal strings are plucked they vibrate and generate a current that is transmitted by the pickup to the guitar cable and to the amplifier. These may is just a single pickup in a guitar or 3 to 4 pickups depending on the guitar.

Volume Knobs – There are as many as 3 volume knobs on an electric guitar. The knobs allow the player to adjust the output volume of the guitar.

Tone Knobs – Tone knobs present on the guitar allow the player to shift between high and low frequencies in the pickup. Guitars having multiple pickups have different tone knobs.

Selector/Cut Off switches – The selector switch is sued to select individual pickups and activate them while cutting off others.

Output Jack – The output jack is present on the rear end of the guitar. The jack is used to plug the guitar to the amplifier.

Electric Guitar Body Type

There are three main types of electric guitar body styles – solid body, hollow body and semi-hollow body.

Solid Body – Solid body electric guitars are made from a single piece of wood and they are weighty and sturdy. There is no resonance chamber in solid body guitars so they need to be plugged to amplifiers. Solid body guitars have variety of pickups and electronic options which make them suitable for metal music, rock n’ roll, punk, etc.

Hollow Body Guitar – Hollow body guitars are hollow on the inside of the body. Although, there is no sound hole in hollow body guitars, but they do have different pickups which makes them suitable for playing jazz. They have a deep and warm mid range.

Semi hollow guitar – This is a hybrid model that has a cut out design with a small hollow portion in the body. These guitars have light and bright tones that make them perfect for country music and folk rock.

Scale Length – Scale length of a guitar refers to the length of the strings and it is measured from the nut to the bridge. Guitars with longer scale length have tighter string tension with a brighter tone and well-defined low end. Guitars with shorter scale length have less string tension which allows easier bending of the strings and it offers warmer tones.

Neck Construction – The neck part of the guitar includes the fretboard and headstock. The tuners are mounted on this part of the guitar. The width and profile of the neck affects the playability of the guitar. Most necks are either “C” or “U” shaped. In most cases, the fretboard is made from a thin layer of rosewood or ebony, but some guitars have maple necks. Fretboard have position dots and other inlaid markers that assist the player. There are generally 3 types of necks – bolt on, set neck and neck through.

  • Bolt on – The bolt on neck is bolted onto the guitar body. This type of neck is easy to replace and repair but it offers less overall resonance compared to set neck and neck through guitars.
  • Set neck – This type of guitar neck is set into the body of the guitar and glued into place and then secured by clamping the neck to the body.
  • Neck through – This type of neck extends through the entire length of the body of the guitar. The wings are glued onto the side of the body.

Tonewoods – The wood from which a guitar is made has significant effect on the sound of the guitar. The resonance produced from the wood determines how long the strings vibrate and the shape of their motion. Most bodies are made from mahogany, maple or ash.

  • Mahogany – it is a strong and dense wood that is used for the guitar body. It is a highly resonant wood that increases the sustain of the guitar.
  • Maple – Maple is mostly used for the guitar neck. It is a hard and dense wood that provides a bright tone and enhances the trebles in the sound of the guitar.
  • Rosewood – Rosewood is mostly used for making the fretboards.
  • Ash – Ash is mainly used for the body material of solid body guitars. It is highly resonant and gives a ringing sustain and bright tone to the guitar.

Electric Guitar Tuner – the tuner is mounted on the headstock of the guitar and it holds the strings in place and allows the player to tune the instrument by adjusting string tension. The knobs present on the tuner are tuned to adjust the string tension.

Bridges and Tailpieces – These two parts of the electric guitar work in unison to control the tone and playability of the guitar. The bridge is mounted on the lower portion of the guitar. The strings are routed over the bridge before ending in the tailpiece. Bridges help to tune the strings of varying length, thickness and metals and they allow easy adjustment of the string length.

Some bridges allow the introduction of vibrato into the sound using a moving vibrato arm which moves the bridge up and down. This function is called tremolos.

Tremolo System – A tremolo system allows the player the move the bridge up and down and adjusts the pitch and notes of the guitar. This mechanism is known as a floating bridge.

Electric Guitars in India: 2019 Review

Electric Guitar BrandFeaturesRatingsBuy Now
YamahaSolid agathis body Check the Price
Cort Canadian Hard Maple Neck Check the Price
GivsonBest Quality protective cover Check the Price
FenderBasswood body, Check the Price
JacksonHigh output hambucking Check the Price
VaultHigh Quality Tuners Pickups Check the Price
IbanezMaple Neck Check the Price
KadenceHard Maple neck Check the Price

#1. Yamaha Pacifica PAC012 Electric Guitar 

This is an iconic electric guitar from the Pacifica series for Yamaha that is known for its quality and playability.

This electric guitar has a real premium look and feel to it. It features a well-contoured, double cutway solid Agathis body, comfortable and sturdy bolt-on maple neck and rosewood fretboard with 22 frets.

It features two single-coil pickups and humbucker which produces powerful sound. The five-way pickup selector switch allows the player to choose between the pickups easily.

It also comes with a classic tremolo bridge along with a whammy bar that produces amazing vibrato effects.

This is a truly versatile electric guitar that has a range of sound and tone controls which allows the player to use to for a variety of music genres.

Available on
#2. Cort X-1 BKS 6 Strings Electric Guitar, Right-Handed

Cort X-1 BKS, 6 Strings Electric Guitar

This is yet another high end electric guitar with great construction and decent assembling suitable for heavy metal and rock music.

This guitar is exceptionally durable, having a smooth, double-cuts agathis body, bolt-on neck made form Canadian hard marble and rosewood fretboard with 24 frets.

The extreme contours of the body and neck provide great comfort and an edgy look. The large 2.9mm jumbo frets ensure speed and precision while playing.

It has two power sound humbucking pickups which provides great sustain and impressive sound which makes it suitable for metal and metallica.

It also features a vintage-style 6 screw tremolo system which provides tuning stability and allows easy string changes.

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#3. Givson GS 1000 6-Strings Electric Guitar, Right-Handed 

Givson GS 1000, 6-Strings, Electric

This is one of the most affordable and budget-friendly electric guitars on this list which has an impressive quality and amazing look and feel. It also comes with a cushion cover bag.

The guitar has a pure rosewood fretboard with and adjustable brass bridge which allows the player to change the tone and sound of the guitar.

It features two humbucking pickups and a single coil pickup that provides great vibration and makes it suitable for playing various genres of music right form metal and rock to light country music.

As far as the controls are concerned, it has 2 volume knobs, 2 tone knobs and 2 switches that allow the player to adjust the output volume, frequency and pickups easily while playing.

This electric guitar has simple controls and is easy to use and maintain which makes it suitable for beginners.

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#4. Fender Squier Bullet Stratocaster Electric Guitar

Fender Squier Bullet Stratocaster Electric Guitar

This is one of the most popular guitar styles that have been around since 1954. It is the perfect electric guitar for beginners that produces high-quality sound that makes it great for gig, jamming and practicing.

This guitar provides great value for money and gives a decent playing experience without making in hole in your pocket.

It has a smooth and comfortable, lightweight basswood body, sturdy bolt-on maple wood neck and rosewood fingerboard with 21 frets.

It features three single-coil Fender pickups that provides decent tone and allows you to play anything on it from rock and metal to blues. It also has a classic tremolo arm or whammy bar that enables the player to play both smooth and fast notes.

Available on
#5. Jackson JS Series Dinky 6-Strings Electric Guitar (JS11 2910110503), Right Handed 

Jackson JS Series Dinky JS11

This is an affordable, swift and powerful electric guitar from the Jackson JS series that provides the classic Jackson tone, has a smart and edgy look and feel and great playability.

It has some great upgraded features such as an arched tops, high-output ceramic-magnet pickups, graphite-enforced maple necks, bound fingerboards and headstock.

The guitar body is made from quality basswood which makes it lightweight, the fretboard is made from rosewood with a bolt-on neck with sturdy graphite reinforcement and scarf joint.

It has a scale length of 25.5 inches and 22 jumbo frets with white dot inlays for better playing.

The high-output dual humbucking pickups provide amazing output tone and can handle almost all genres of music rich from heavy metal and rock to jazz and blues.

The synchronized fulcrum tremolo bridge with three-way blade switching adds vibrato to the sound by chancing the string tension swiftly.

Available on

#6. Vault ST1RW Strat Style Electric Guitar


This is an affordable and stylish electric guitar for professionals with high end components that has excellent quality and provides a great playing experience.

The body of the guitar is made from sycamore, which makes it lightweight yet sturdy. The neck is made from maple wood which guarantees its longevity. The fretboard is made from rosewood.

The combination of various tonewoods in this guitar produces clean and bright tones and well-defined treble notes.

This guitar features and HSS pickup that allows a wide range of applications and ensures versatile playability.

The double action truss rod present in the guitar facilitates proper adjustment of the guitar in different climates and correct any string buzzing.

The chrome-plated nickle die cast tunes allow fine tuning of the instrument while the jumbo frets facilitates playing.

The classic tremolo bridge with whammy bar aids better resonance and sustains and provides a wide range of tones.

This is undoubtedly one of the most versatile strat guitars in this price range.

Available on

#7. Ibanez GRG170DX Electric Guitar 

Ibanez GRG170DX Electric Guitar - Black

This is a classic electric guitar from Ibanez that has excellent playability and is suitable for almost all kind of music.

The guitar body is made from high quality basswood which makes it lightweight. It features a GRG-shape neck made from maple wood and a rosewood fingerboard with 24 medium frets.

It features 3 pickups – a humbuck at the neck and the bridge and a single coil in the mid section along with a FAT10 bridge that provides clear and clean tones and allows great control over the sound.

It features a classic tremolo with a whammy bar that provides decent resonance and sustain but it makes the guitar go out of tune with playing.

The guitar is extremely easy to play- the 24 frets present on the guitar come in handy and there is minimal friction on the fretboard.

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#8. Kadence Chronicle Series Electric Bass Guitar

Kadence, Chronicle Series Electric Bass

This is a quality bass electric guitar from the Kadence Chronicle series with high end controls and features.

The guitar is made from Ash which makes it sturdy and durable and makes it highly resonant with a ringing sustain. The neck and fingerboard is made for quality hard maple wood.

It features P-J pickup control which allows for both Precision and Jazz pickup in one bass. It has 2 tone and 2 volume controls that allows you to adjust the frequency of the pickup and output volume of the guitar.

This is an affordable bass guitar that plays the low notes with great precision and clarity and forms perfect foundation for band music.
This brings us to the end of the list of best electric guitars in India. Yamaha Pacifica PAC012 Electric Guitar is our top pick because it is a versatile instrument that can play different types of music and it comes from a reputed brand which ensures quality and playability of the guitar. In addition, it has a premium look and feel and some great features.

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