Best Note Counting Machines in India 2020

Whether you have a small shop or a business that handles a lot of cash money exchange, a currency note counting machine is quite important.

It allows you to easily and quickly count notes while making sure that all of the notes are genuine.

But there is much more to such note counting machines as you can find multiple features in them. As a result, before choosing one of the best Currency note counting machines India, make sure to go through the given factors one by one:

  • Stacking Capacity: It tells you the number of notes that can be inserted in a note counting machine. A higher capacity means that you can insert multiple notes at once.
  • Fake Currency Detection: This is quite important to check that the counting machine does not accept the fake currency. It ensures that you do not count fake currency.
  • Controls: The controls and information display of a currency counting machine is quite important to check. These should be easy to use and understand.

And thus, we are here with some of the Best Note Counting Machines in India. We have also offered their major features and differences along with a detailed Buying Guide. You can then easily choose the best one for you.

Best Note Counting Machine India 2020

Money Counting Machine BrandStacking CapacityWarrantyBuy Online
Ooze Currency Counting Machine9991 year Check the Price
Stok Currency Counting Machine3001 year Check the Price
GOLD STANDARD Currency Counting Machine2006 months Check the Price
Godrej Currency Counting ManchineNA1 Year Check the Price
GOBBLER GB5388 Currency Counting MachineNA1 Year Check the Price
Maxsell Mx50 Currency Counting Machine2001 Year Check the Price
Kross IS 5900 bs Currency Counting Machine2001 Year Check the Price

Best Note Counting Machine with Fake Note Detector in India

1. Ooze Currency Counting Machine

Ooze Currency Counting Machine

First on our list is the Ooze Currency counting Machine with fraud detection.

It makes it to the first place on our list due to its massive 999 notes capacity and performance quality.

Top Features:

  • Automatic detection of fake notes using Ultraviolet, Watermark and Magnetic methods depending on the currency type.
  • Automatic start and stop for each batch.
  • Adds up the notes and self examines each note in the process
  • Dual LED screens. One of the devices and an extra LED for them on the counter customer display
  • Automatic half-note, broken note and narrow note detection 
  • 1000 notes per minute counting capacity
  • Comes with a cleaning brush and a screwdriver to adjust the hopper screw

Note Stack Capacity: 999 notes per stack

Warranty: The Ooze note counting machine comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. For any further information regarding warranty or device, you can contact the customer care at 9711711193/85/82.


  • Very fast counting
  • 1-year warranty
  • Easy to use


  • Product reliability

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2. Stok Currency Counting Machine

Stok Currency Counting Machine

Stok Currency counting machine is similar to the Ooze currency counting machine in terms of design and operation efficiency.

It is placed on the second position of our list thanks to its smooth function and dust free cover bag that accompanies the device

Top Features:

  • Can count any type of denominations
  • Fake note detection using Magnetic Sensors, IR Watermark Sensors and UV Sensors
  • Counts at a speed of 1000 notes per minute
  • Size of the countable note is 50 mm (acceptable for notes)
  • Automatic start and stop functions
  • Adds up the final number of notes
  • Has 2 display screens. One in the device and the other which can be placed customer-facing
  • Automatically stops the machine when a counterfeit note is discovered.
  • Has a portable handle that makes it easier to move around
  • Rubber wheel for comfortable note flip
  • Comes with a dust-free cover and a brush to clean
  • Adjustable hopper for different note stacking capacities
  • Extra fuse in case of emergencies

Note Stack Capacity: 200 notes per input. The hopper has a 300 note stacking capacity

Warranty and Support: Stok provides a 1-year offsite manufacturer’s warranty. For any support, you can contact 011-41044996 for customer representative assistance.


  • The dustfree bag and the handle are pretty handy when you need to carry around the device
  • The fake note detection alarm is great in helping find counterfeit notes
  • 1-year warranty on the product


  • Poor customer service

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3. GOLD STANDARD Currency Counting Machine

GOLD STANDARD Currency Counting Machine

The Gold Standard Portable is the best selling note counting machine on Amazon that is an ISO and RoHS certified device

It goes third on our list because of amazing and easy to use dashboard along with its international currency compatibility

Top Features:

  • Ergonomic design with a handle to carry it around 
  • Easy to use dashboard with numbers to punch in and mode changes
  • Has UV and Magnetic sensors to detect counterfeit notes
  • Has a bright LCD screen that changes colours when counterfeit notes are detected
  • Has metal thread scanning for additional counterfeit detection via the metal threads of Indian currency
  • Compatible in detecting old and new Indian currency
  • Can count and detect foreign currency as well
  • Neat stacker and impeller system for faster currency 
  • Automatic start and stop sensors

Currency Stack Capacity:  200 notes hopper capacity

Warranty and Support: Comes with 6 months warranty on the product from the date of purchase.


  • Very aesthetically pleasing design
  • User-friendly
  • Supports foreign currency and detects old Indian currency too making it very handy
  • Easy to carry about and plug n play


  • Does not have a customer-facing additional screen
  • Accuracy issues
  • No voice alarm for fake note detection

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4. Godrej Currency Counting Machine

Godrej Currency Counting Manchine

There is no probable way that a list of best office security or storage equipment is made without mentioning Godrej, the king of storage and office supplies.

Placed at 4th on our list, the Godrej Crusader Lite is a miniature fake note detection and counting machine with a surprisingly strong and ergonomic body with high performance.

Top Features:

  • Comes with a dual LCD TFT screen with the customer side screen twistable to comfort
  • Automatic Fake note detection with Ultraviolet, Magnetic and Infra-Red methods
  • Autostart, Auto stop and Auto clearing
  • Nifty dashboard with ample toggle options (for modes of operation) and keypad
  • Available in Navy and Gray Colours
  • Automatic half-note and broken note detection
  • 1000 Notes per minute speed

Cash Stacking Capacity: NA

Warranty and Support: Godrej provides a one year manufacturer’s warranty on the firmware, SMPS, Motherboard, Sensors, motors and labour. The outer plastic parts are not covered in the warranty. For further information and assistance, you can call the customer care at 1800 209 9955


  • The Godrej trust
  • Can detect any pre-2005 notes and pre 2016 high valued notes
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • 1 year of warranty


  • Notes sometimes get stuck

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5. GOBBLER GB5388 Currency Counting Machine

GOBBLER GB5388 Currency Counting Machine

Next, we have the Gobbler GB5388 Note counting machine with 4 different fake note detection methods.

Gobbler GB5388 is placed 5th on our list due to its high-quality rubber wheels which contribute to its performance.

Top Features:

  • Can accurately count the new INR 10, 50, 200, 100, 500 and 2000 notes
  • Suitable not just for Indian currency but also for foreign currency too
  • Has advanced counterfeit detection with Ultraviolet, Magnetic, Infrared and Magnetic Thread and thus makes near impossible to miss counterfeit notes
  • Has two different LCD screens. One of the device and one for facing towards the customer.
  • The LCD Display on the device changes colours when it detects any counterfeit notes
  • Can switch between manual and automatic function and thus has an auto start, stop and clear options

Currency Stacking Capacity: NA

Warranty and Support:

Gobbler provides you with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on any making defects. 


  • Simple to use
  • Great quality rubber wheels that work smoothly in counting the cash
  • 1-year warranty


  • None specific to mention

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6. Maxsell Mx50 Currency Counting Machine

Maxsell Mx50 Currency Counting Machine

Next up on our list is the Maxsell Mx50 Smart+ note counter. 

Its sturdy long-lasting build body along with a great pool of satisfied customers have given it the 6th position on our list today

Top Features:

  • Automatic detection of pre-2005 and even the new notes of all denominations
  • Detection through Ultraviolet (UV), Magnetic Detection (MG), and Infrared (IR)
  • Various unique error detection codes on the dashboard
  • Manual and Automatic mode toggle
  • Automatic adding, batching and self-examination functions
  • Can detect chain notes, broken notes and half notes
  • Builtin Dust Collector
  • 2 LED Displays; one on the device and one for customer-facing
  • 1000 notes per minute speed

Note Stacking Capacity: 200 notes per stack

Warranty and Support: 

Maxsell MX50 Smart+ comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on the product.


  • Neat and Sturdy design
  • Easy to use dashboard
  • Reliable
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty


  •  Sometimes the stack may not be able to accept more notes. Adjust the hopper to ease up the stacking.

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7. Kross IS 5900 bs Currency Counting Machine

Kross IS 5900 bs Currency Counting Machine

Finally, ranked 7th on our list is the Kross IS 5900 BS currency counting machine with Fake Note Detection.

Top Features:

  • Has the Ultraviolet, Magnetic and Infrared automatic detection capabilities
  • Touch based manual keypad
  • Intelligent counterfeit note detection 
  • Automatic detection and counting
  • Can detect double notes, broken and half notes
  • Can detect original notes through the intel mt (magnetic thread) function
  • Dedicated automatic and manual function keys
  • Comes with a complimentary dust free storage bag

Currency Stacking Capacity: NA

Warranty and Support: Kross provides a one year manufacturer’s defect for the product. For any further assistance, you can contact the customer service at 9029888499


  • Easy to use
  • The touch keypad is really handy
  • Turn off the MG function key to use it for other currencies 
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty


  • None specifically for mentioning

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Buyer’s Guide for Note Counting Machines

While purchasing a note counting machine, take the following factors into consideration. They help you make a wise decision.

1. Counting Options

There are three different types of counting machines: counter, mixed bill counter and bill sorter.

  • Counter: A simple functionality which counts and displays the number of notes provided regardless of the values (if 100 quantity of 500 rupee notes is added, then it shows 100 value).
  • Mixed Bill Counter: This type of note counter not only displays the number of notes, but also evaluates each bill (if you add a denomination of 10*Rs.100 + 2*Rs.500 + 2*50, then quantity will show 14 and count value as Rs.2100). Apart from that, it can also prevent counting errors when a note of wrong denomination sneaks into the sack.
  • Bill Sorter: It is a type of machine not only has the functionality of mixed bill counter but also has multiple trays for separating notes into sacks of their own denomination.

2. Type

There are two types: portable and electric powered. A portable note counter is battery operated, easy to transport and light in weight. It can count a small quantity of notes and have features like counterfeit etc. It is best suited for portable booths, trade shows, artisans and others.

An electrically powered note counting machine needs a counter-top footprint of about 1 square foot. In addition to counting notes, it can provide additional features for security and convenience as needed. It is best suited for most of the small and commercial businesses.

3. Counting Speed

The counting speed is usually calculated as number of notes per minute. Most of the cash counting machines in India have a capacity of 900 – 1500 notes per minute. This can be helpful in saving the time and effort. Though the higher speed sounds impressive, if the hopper capacity is 100 or 200 bills per minute then you won’t gain many advantages.

4. Hopper Size and Type

It is important to have an adequate hopper size for improving counting speed. It means that you take pauses to reload the notes less often. Depending on the speed mechanism, a hopper can be placed in different locations. Few currency counting machines can handle notes that are not neatly stacked.

5. Batch Feature

Few counting machines have a batching feature which manually straps cash for a deposit. The machine automatically stops at the pre-set number, batches it and waits for you to remove the batch.

6. Error and Counterfeit Detection

Fraud and fake notes are the main issues faced by businesses nowadays. The error and counterfeit detection feature present in a money counting machine can be of great help in preventing the issues.

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Note counter with this feature often displays an error code if the counting process is interrupted due to folder or torn currency, multiple note feeding at the same time, and notes of the wrong size.

There are two main types of error and counterfeit detection: UV light detector and Magnetic sensors. They scan each piece of currency and check for the features already programmed of a legitimate note. If a suspicious note is found then it pauses and notifies you of it. Some machines provide a visual, audible or light alarm.

Apart from the above, make sure the counting machine software can be updated regularly with the latest trends as you never know when another demonetization can happen. Make sure the counting machine accepts new notes released by the Reserve Bank of India.

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Few Words before Winding Up…

While there are multiple good quality note counting machines, Ooze Currency Counting Machine wins our list to be the best currency note counting machines in India due to its, 999 note stacking capacity ability to auto-detect fake notes, dua LED screens, self examination, free duster and screwdriver and most importantly, the quality of the product. 

As that was our list, we are curious to know your opinions too. Did we miss out on anything? Do you want us to add any item to the list? Have you got any questions regarding note counting machines? Feel free to write to us in the comments section below.