Best Note Counting Machines in India 2018

The demand for the best note counting machine with fake note detector in India is increasing day after day. Ever since the fake currency have been circulating the market, it is very important to make sure you are on a safer side.

Recently people are getting fake currency notes even while drawing their money from the bank ATMs which notifies the worst present situation. So, it is advised to use a note counting machine with fake note detectors to be on a safer side.

When it comes to purchasing the best note counting machine in India, it cannot be less than a daunting task. With all those products, you might easily get confused.

So, we have come up with top 10 note counting machines that are very helpful in counting, billing, detecting fake currency and other amazing feature in a budget range. You can also read our Note Counting Machine Buying Guide which helps to decide which one to buy.

Best Note Counting Machine India 2018

Money Counting Machine BrandCounting Capacity/minuteRatingsBuy Online
SToK ST-MC01 1000 Check the Price
Godrej Crusader Lite1000 Check the Price
SToK ST-MC031000 Check the Price
Strob ST-50001000 Check the Price
Mycia 58001000 Check the Price
Gobbler Currency 1000 Check the Price
SAS SafetyMore than 1000 Check the Price
Bambalio BEE-39001000 Check the Price
Ooze 1000 Check the Price
Strob 4600bk 900 - 1000 Check the Price

Of all the above top 10 products, “SToK ST-MC01 Cash Counting Machine” is the highly recommended product. Its features and counting capacity makes it totally worth it.

Best Currency Counting Machine with Fake Note Detector in India

In this guide, I’ve compiled the top currency counting machines in India that accurately detect the fake cash.

#1.SToK ST-MC01 Cash Counting Machine (Under 6000)

This product has been chosen to top of our list because of the amazing features at an affordable price. If you are looking out for money counting machine with fake cash detector at a budget friendly price then this has to be your choice.

It has amazing counting capacity of 1000 notes per minute. The automatic detecting feature with UV (ultra violet) and MG (magnetic) sensors, it is capable of detecting half note, fake note, and double note detection.

This product has hopper capacity of 300pcs and stacker capacity of 200pcs. It also has other features like automatic start, stop and clearing, batching, adding and self-examination functions.

It comes with 1 year manufacturing warranty against all manufacturing defects and also replacement if necessary. Definitely a must have for those who’re into business where the cash-flow is huge.


  • Affordable price.
  • Fake note, half note and double note detection.
  • 1 year manufacturing warranty.
  • Batching and self-examination function.
  • Fast noiseless counting.


  • Sometimes, notes get stuck in the machine.

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Most of the users complain about notes getting stuck in the machine. Watch the below video to fix the issue

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#2.Godrej Crusader Lite Note Counting Machine

Want to complete the note counting in less time and more effectively then Crusader Lite Currency Counting Machine from a reputed brand Godrej has to be your choice. This machine effectively performs a self-check once you power it on.

It has the capacity of counting 1000 notes per minute. Its enhanced design makes it perfect for any work space. With a compact size, it is even easy to carry it around.

The display unit provides hassle free operation, hence it increases the efficacy and efficiency. It has Ultraviolet and Magnetic sensors which can detect fake and counterfeit cash. For example, if you place a bundle of Rs.1000 notes which contains Rs.100 notes between them, then the magnetic sensor will alert the user as soon as it notices Rs.100 note.

Another interesting thing about the Godrej currency counting is that the software and firmware can be easily upgraded to handle future issues. Additionally, it also identifies pre-2005 and half notes pretty accurately. It has the hopper capacity of 300 notes and stacker capacity of 200 notes.


  • Effective in detecting counterfeit notes.
  • Automatic start/stop operation.
  • Upgradable software and firmware.
  • Has an additional display for customer convenience.
  • Multi-functions, batch and add.
  • Pre-2005 detection.
  • Compact and enhanced desi
  • Weighs only 6 kg, and measures 292 x 240 x 178mm.


  • Need to careful while operation otherwise the notes may get stuck.

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Watch the below video to know how the godrej crusader lite works

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#3.SToK ST-MC03 Note Counting Machine (Under 10000)

SToK ST-MC03 is one of the best-selling note counting machines in the market. It has the capability of counting 1000 notes per minute. It can even count new denomination of 200 and 500 notes which are recently released by the Reserve Bank of India.

Using automatic counterfeit detection with UV and MG sensors, this machine can detect fake note and error notes. It provides a voice prompt and color changing display notification when it detects error or fake notes.

The hopper capacity of this product is 130 pcs and stacker capacity is 130 pcs. Its compact and stylish design is as remarkable as its integrated electronics and multi-function capabilities.

It weighs 6 kgs and has dimensions – 28.9 x 25.5 x 18 cm. It can detect most of the currencies around the world. It comes with 1 year warranty.


  • Automatic half note, double note and fake note detection.
  • Batching, adding and self-examination function.
  • Empty load working noise: <60DB
  • New denomination of 500 & 2000.
  • Hopper Capacity – 130pcs & Stacker Capacity – 130pcs.


  • If the bundle of notes are not arranged in order then they may get stuck.

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#4.Strob ST-5000 Acu-Count (Under 10000)

As the name suggests, the ST-5000 is one of the most advanced currency note counting machines with UV and Magnetic sensors that easily detect if the note is fake, torn or a duplicate currency. It also uses the Infrared technology to detect any double notes or half notes while counting the currency.

The best thing about this machine is that it automatically stops when an unusual note (fake/torn/duplicate) is detected. It also has a LED display, which is foldable when not in use or carrying with you.

It has a counting capacity of 1000 notes/min. The counting functions of this product include Count, Accumulate and Preset. It also comes with features like batching, adding and self-examination.

This product is ideal for general stores, supermarkets, banks, restaurants, amusement parks, provision stores and others where cash handling is high. It has a high quality mechanism and convenient operating menu with precision unit.


  • Crystal Clear Foldable LED Counter Display.
  • Detects counterfeit using Infrared ray technology.
  • Fully Automatic Cash Currency Counting Machine.
  • Stylish and affordable.


  • A bit noisy.

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#5.Mycia 5800 ISO Certified Note Counting Machine

Mycia 5800 is a compact, stylish, durable and accurate note counting machines which has two LDC displays and one external LED display.

It is equipped with micro-computerized mechanism which allows high-speed and accurate money counting process.

It is suitable in counting all currencies. Apart from that, it has ADD and BATCH functions which provide exact money details.

This product has sound error indicator which notifies when fake, jammed, half or double notes are detected. It is perfect for supermarkets, retail stores, and other businesses that has high cash transactions.

The counterfeit technology uses UV and MG sensors for detection. It can even detect Pre 2005 notes and the software can be upgraded for new features.

Its hopper capacity is 300pcs and stacker capacity is 200pcs. It weighs around 6.3 kgs and has dimension: 300x246x160mm. It consumes 40 Watts power.


  • Automatic UV and MG sensors.
  • Sound error indicator on noticing error notes.
  • Detects Pre 2005 notes.
  • Upgradable software
  • Counting speed: 1000pcs/mins.


  • It cannot count Rs.5 notes correctly.

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#6.Gobbler Currency Counting Machine (Under 10000)

This portable fake Indian currency detector & counting machine comes with advanced UV and MG technology. It can count up to 1000 notes per minute.

Gobbler 2100 is able to count the American dollars (USD) without any issues. It accepts all denominations starting from Rs.10 to Rs.1000.

There is also an LCD display that tells the details regarding the status. The maximum count batch is 999 and maximum counter display is 9999. Other features include Color change option (display), speaking option and error alerts.


  • Counting speed: 1000 notes per minute.
  • UV, Magnetic and IR sensor.
  • Hopper Capacity: 200 notes and Stacker Capacity: 200 notes.
  • Audi alarm when fake note detected.
  • Weighs only 6kg.


  • Sometimes the note gets stuck.

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#7.SAS Safety Digital Note Counter (Under 10000)

Another note counting machine that comes under budget is SAS safety digital counter. It can count up to 1000 notes per minute if stacked properly.

It can detect old (PRE 2005 notes) as well as new notes. It can detect counterfeit using Ultra violet and magnetic sensors.

It has a sound error indicator for chained notes, double notes, jammed bank notes, half note, and counterfeit note detection. It has an LED display where provides number of notes counted and other details.


  • It has 1 year warranty.
  • Detects Pre 2005 notes.
  • Automatic fake note detector.
  • Automatic UV (Ultraviolet) & MG (Magnetic).


  • Display of the machine can be improved.

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#8.Bambalio BEE-3900 Note Counting Machine (Under 10000)

Bambalio is one of the budget friendly note counting machines in India. The machine uses the magnetic sensor and UV sensor to detect duplicate note, cut note and chain note easily and accurately.

This product is designed with a counting speed of 1000 notes per minute. The display unit helps you understand the internal process handled by the machine like the number of notes, fake notes etc.

Unlike few other note counting machines, it can count the American dollars (USD) without any issues. It accepts all denominations starting from Rs.10 to Rs.1000.

Apart from that it has features like batching and self-examination function. It comes with 1 complete manufacturing warranty.


  • Automatic detecting with UV and MG sensors.
  • Suitable for most currencies in the world.
  • Automatic start stop and clearing.
  • Automatic half note detection.
  • 1 year free service warranty.


  • A bit noisy.

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#9.Ooze Note Counting Machine

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Ooze note counting machines is another budget fake currency detector. It comes with an external display, which is useful in shops or banks where you need to place the display close the customer (not possible on other devices as the display is built-in).

This machine helps you count bulk notes in just few minutes and displays the result in the LED display. It is now compatible in counting new 500 and 1000 rupee notes.

The machine uses UV, watermark sensor and magnetic sensors to count and detect fake currencies. It also supports USD and EUR notes along with INR and accepts denominations starting from Rs.50 to Rs.1000.


  • Detection Technology: Magnetic Sensor, UV Sensor, Watermark Sensor
  • Automatic start and stop Batch.
  • Adding and self-examination functions.
  • Suitable for most currencies.


  • It works continuous, it can run for only 30 minutes.

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#10.Strob 4600bk Counting Machine with fake note detection

The strob 4600bk cash counting machine is quickly count up to 900 – 1000 notes per minute. Its advanced fake note detector uses UV (ultra violet) and 2 magnetic sensors (MG1 and MG2) to detect fake notes.

The LCD turns red on fake note detection with a sound alarm. It is very simple to operate, easy to carry and compact, so you can easily take wherever you want. It has a large hopper with adjustable note feeder.

It comes with an external display, which is useful in shops or banks where you need to place the display close the customer (not possible on other devices as the display is built-in).

It can detect Pre 2005 notes and count several currencies. It is ideal for medium level businesses and organizations who handle cash on regular basis.


  • Fast and Accurate counting.
  • LCD Turns red on fake detection with alarm.
  • Large hopper with adjustable note feeder.
  • Pre 2005 Detection.
  • Advance Fake Note with UV and MG1 and MG2 sensors.


  • Currency gets stuck in the machine few times.

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Buyer’s Guide for Note Counting Machines

While purchasing a note counting machine, take the following factors into consideration. They help you make a wise decision.

1. Counting Options

There are three different types of counting machines: counter, mixed bill counter and bill sorter.

  • Counter: A simple functionality which counts and displays number of notes provided regardless of the values (if 100 quantity of 500 rupee notes are added, then it shows 100 value).
  • Mixed Bill Counter: This type of note counter not only displays the number of notes, but also evaluates each bill (if you add a denomination of 10*Rs.100 + 2*Rs.500 + 2*50, then quantity will show 14 and count value as Rs.2100). Apart from that, it can also prevent counting errors when note of wrong denomination sneaks into the sack.
  • Bill Sorter: It is a type of machine not only has the functionality of mixed bill counter but also has multiple trays for separating notes into sacks of their own denomination.

2. Type

There are two types: portable and electric powered. A portable note counter is battery operated, easy to transport and light in weight. It can count small quantity of notes and have features like counterfeit etc. It is best suited for portable booths, trade shows, artisans and others.

An electric powered note counting machine needs a counter-top foot print of about 1 square foot. In addition to counting notes, it can provide additional features for security and convenience as needed. It is best suited for most of the small and commercial businesses.

3. Counting Speed

The counting speed is usually calculated as number of notes per minute. Most of the cash counting machines in India have the capacity of 900 – 1500 notes per minute. This can be helpful in saving the time and effort. Though the higher speed sounds impressive, if the hopper capacity is 100 or 200 bills per minute then you won’t gain much advantage.

4. Hopper Size and Type

It is important to have an adequate hopper size for improving counting speed. It means that you take pauses reload the notes less often. Depending on the speed mechanism, a hopper can be placed in different locations. Few currency counting machines can handle notes that are not neatly stacked.

5. Batch Feature

Few counting machines have a batching feature which manually straps cash for deposit. The machine automatically stops at the pre-set number, batches it and waits for you to remove the batch.

6. Error and Counterfeit Detection

Fraud and fake notes are the main issues faced by businesses now-a-days. The error and counterfeit detection features present in a money counting machine can be of a great help in preventing the issues.

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Note counter with these feature often display an error code if the counting process is interrupted due to folder or torn currency, multiple note feeding at same time, and notes of wrong size.

There are two main types of error and counterfeit detection: UV light detector and Magnetic sensors. They scan each piece of currency and check for the features already programmed of a legitimate note. If a suspicious note is found then it pauses and notifies you of it. Some machines provide visual, audible or light alarm.

Apart from the above, make sure the counting machine software can be updated regularly with latest trends as you never know when another demonetization can happen. Make sure the counting machine accepts new notes released by the Reserve Bank of India.

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Few Words before Winding Up…

Note counting machines are not just for saving counting time but they also several other features like fate note detection to keep you safe. All of those we have mentioned above, we highly recommend “SToK ST-MC01 Cash Counting Machine” as it very affordable, reliable and totally worth it.

If you still have any doubts then feel free to write to us in the comment section below. We will reply to them as soon as possible.