Best Electronic Drum Kits and Pads in India 2020

So you are all set to start your band and are looking for a powerful electronic drum kit? It is true that electronic drums are an exceptionally versatile instrument that adds substance to any band’s performance, but when it comes to choosing a drum kit or set, there are a number of factors that need to be taken into account. First and most importantly, it is essential to decide what you want to do with the kit? Are you buying it only for personal practice or do you plan to use it for music production and recording or do you want to use it for live performance? Or maybe you want to use it for all the above purposes. It is best to buy a drum kit that can be upgraded over time and which includes other essential items such as kick pedal, drum thrones, hi-hat stand, sticks, etc.

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Best Electronic Drum Sets and Kits in India

#1. Alesis Nitro Kit Electronic Drum Set

Alesis Nitro Kit Electronic Drum Set

The Alesis Nitro is the best selling electric drum kit in 2019 because it offers incredible value for its price. It is packed with features and contains everything that you might need to play the drums.

It is a complete 8 piece drum kit that features tom pads, dual zone snare drum, cymbals, an aluminium mounting rack and a quality electronic drum module.
The module provides a wide range of percussion sounds and contains 60 built-in tracks. You can even create your own tunes from the module’s 385 custom sounds.
The dual zone snare drum provides natural dynamics and great response. The cymbals also give a wide range of sounds. The drum and cymbal pads are extremely responsive and provide a realistic feel.
The sturdy and durable 4 post mounting rack holds everything together in a secure way which makes it suitable for hard playing. The set is extremely easy to set up.
This is a perfect electronic drum kit for seasoned players as well as beginners that has some great features and specifications and is extremely easy to use. It provides a wide range of sounds and versatility.

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#2. Roland SPD20X Octapad Electric Drum kit

Roland SPD20X Octapad Electric Drumkit

This is a powerful percussion pad for live performances and recordings that is extremely portable and easy to use.
This is a compact, single-unit system that has the capacity of a full range electronic drum kit with endless options.
The 8 trigger pads come with latest pad-sensing technology that provides hundreds of sounds and ensures accurate pad triggering.
It is equipped with the sounds of 45 different percussion instruments which makes it extremely versatile and allows the player to use it for different musical genres.
There are 4 extra trigger inputs in this device apart from the 8 existing pads, so that you can expand your setup by connecting and using an additional range of 4 instruments such as dual trigger pads, hi-hat control, cymbals, etc.
The user interface of the device is extremely simple and easy to understand which makes it suitable even for beginners.
This is an all round octapad with multiple built-in effects. It also comes with an SD card slot.

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#3. Ddrum DDBETA XP Beta Electric Drum Kit

ddrum DDBETA Beta Electric Drum Kit

This is the best electronic drum kit for budding drummers and beginners which is easy to use and covers all the basics that is needed for getting started with professional drums and percussion practice.
This kit contains a streamlined module with 100 different drum kit sounds that can be used for practice and creating your own sounds. It also contains symphonic and Latin percussion patches.
The kit consists of 4 responsive single zone drum pads and 3 dynamic single zone cymbal pads with choke feature. The pads are highly responsive and sensitive and produce a wide range of sounds and tones.
The kit has great presets with an amazing sound module that provides crisp and clean sound output.
It has a compact size and can be easily fitted in bedrooms and small apartments.

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#4. Pyle PED041 Electric Drum Set

Pyle PED041 - 7 Piece Electric Drum Set

This is an all-in-one electric drum set available at an affordable price that includes all the necessary pieces for digital drumming. It is perfect for personal practice and learning and can also be used for recordings and live playbacks.
It features a total of 5 natural response drum heads and digital foot pedal controllers for Hi-Hat and bass drums. The drum heads are extremely touch-responsive that can effectively re-create all of the sounds produced by a conventional drum set.
The set-up is fully customizable with high adjustable pads with provide a truly personalized drumming session. Once set up, the system takes much less space compared to a traditional drum set.
The digital sound module with LCD display has a simple and easy user interface and provides amazing sound quality and precision.
The drum kit features a number of advanced system features such as digital foot pedal controllers, audio tempo configuration, built-in metronome, selectable pre-loaded drum sound kits, headphone jack and easy connectivity to external devices.

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#5. Ashton EDP450 Electronic Drum Pad

Ashton EDP450 Electronic Drum Pad

Ashton Electronic Drum Pad is a brilliant portable alternative for traditional drum pads perfect for home practice and studio recordings.
It features 7 electronic drum pads with touch sensitivity that produces a wide range of sounds and tones and is compatible with different musical genres.
It also features 2 digital pedal controls for Hi-Hat and kick drums.
The drum module contains 45 present drum kits, 265 voices along with 80 different styles and 20 songs which aid personal practice and learning.
The built-in speakers provide considerable sound output suitable for studio recordings. The drum kit can be connected to headphones for personal practice without disturbing others.

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#6. Maxbell Digital Portable Musical Roll-up Electronic Drum Pad Set with Built-in Speaker

Digital Portable Musical Roll-up.

This is the perfect electric drum pad set for personal practice and learning and home entertainment that comes with 7 drum pads, 2 foot pedals and 2 high quality build-in speakers.
It is a compact and light weight drum pad that doesn’t take too much space to set up and can be rolled up when not in use. It can be easily connected to the computer using the USB MIDI Jack. It can also be connected to a headphone for personal practice without disturbing others.
The drums use pedal stimulation which gives a feeling of playing real drums.
The pads are extremely sensitive and can trigger a wide range of sounds. The built-in speakers have good sound quality and can be used for home entertainment.

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#7. Vault EMD43 Electronic Practice Drum Pad

Vault EMD43 Electronic Practice Drum Pad

This is not an electronic drum kit or set, but a singular electronic drum pad for practice. Practicing on a drum pad makes it easier to learn percussion instruments and electronic drums.
Special pad material used in this instrument provides real and professional feel and amazing sound output.
This practice drum comes with a digital metronome helps to maintain the beats and strokes. The volume and sound of the metronome beat can be adjusted as per requirement.
It can be connected to ear phones for silent practice without disturbing others.
The time/alarm clock function of the drum helps to control practicing time.

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How does an electronic drum set work?

The operating principal of an electronic drum is quite similar to regular percussion drums. The drum comes with a rubber pad or mesh head with a sensor underneath. When the pad is hit, the sensor transfers the vibration in the form of a voltage value to the sound module that converts the value to produce a particular sound – be it a drum or cymbal. Electronic drums and cymbals may have multiple sensors which allow a single pad to produce more than one sound.
Things to Look for While Buying an Electronic Drum Kit or Set

Frequently Used Technical Terms

Sound Presence – Because the electronic drum kit is connected to speaker that is placed several feet away, the sounds produced by the drum emanate from a distance source which may put the drummer out of balance while playing. So, it is important to get a good monitor system which can return a sense of presence to the drummer’s ears immediately.
Latency – The amount of time it takes for the sound to appear in the audio output after a drum pad is struck is known as latency. Modern electronic drum modules have minimal latency and most cases the sound appears in the audio output with no delay. But still there may be a delay of a few milliseconds between impact and sound, so the drummer needs to get adjusted to this effect.
Pad Feel – There are two types of drum pads – rubber pads and mesh heads and both have different attacks, rebounds and general stick response. While rubber pads have a familiar practice pad like feel. They do require some adjustment in dynamics. Mesh heads are more close to traditional drum heads and they are more sensitive which offers a wide range of sound responses. One of the best things about mesh heads is that their tension can be adjusted to provide a rebound that you prefer.
Dynamic Response – The sound range of regular percussion instruments is easy to control, but it is difficult to control the dynamic range of electronic pads. In case of electronic drums, dynamic response is controlled by the sound module and its ability to deal with the different signals coming from the pads. Most sound modules restrict the dynamic range to MIDI standard 0 (silent) to 127 (maximum velocity).

Types of Drum Pads

There are two main types of drum pads – trigger pads or mesh heads and rubber pads.
Trigger pads (mesh heads) – They have a firm woven surface and provide a more realistic feel like an acoustic drum head. Mesh heads can be tuned as per required tension. They can have a single sensor or 2 to 3 sensors. Single sensors produce a single sound while dual or three sensors trigger multiple sounds.
Rubber pads – Rubber pads have a rebound and feel quite similar to traditional practice drums. There is a consistency in the feel and rebound from one pad to the next. They are more affordable compared to mesh heads.
Drum Module – The Drum module is also called the brain or the electronic drum kit. The drum module outputs an electronic signal. When the electronic drum pads or trigger-equipped instruments are struck, the drum module receives a signal which produces the electronic drum sound. There are a number of key features of a drum module:
Sound – The quality and variety of sound offered by a drum module depends on the quality of the drum module. Most drum modules include all the standard drum set sounds, but high-end modules also include other percussion instruments, special effects, etc. These modules also allow the player to edit and create their own sounds.
 Preset patterns – Each module as a number of preset patterns or drum parts that are related to any specific music style or drum kit. These patterns can act as learning tools and help with practice.
Natural feel and sound – Quality modules provide fast and accurate trigger response which give similar feedback like an acoustic kit. The sensitivity and velocity of the module can be adjusted to give a more realistic playing experience.


This brings us to the end of our list of best electronic drum sets and kits in India. “Alesis Nitro Kit Electronic Drum Set is our top pick because it offers great value for money. It is a highly versatile system suitable for both beginners and pros that has a number of advanced features and specs and contains all the items that are required for playing the drums right out of the box.