Best Inverter Air Conditioners For Home in India 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

Scorching heat and humid summers in India are big problems in most states. Thanks to the steadily rising global warming index, an AC seems to be an item of necessity. Though an air conditioning unit might consume a lot of electricity and require frequent maintenance, the promise of cool air and a comfortable ambience are hard to resist.

So, your goal should be to stay comfortably cool while spending minimum bucks on the electricity bill and its maintenance.

So, you must pay attention to the following features before buying an AC.

  • BEE Star Rating– The more the starts, the more energy-efficient will be the operation.
  • The material of Condenser– A copper condenser is superior to the aluminium/ alloy ones. It also requires less maintenance.
  • Cooling Capacity- 1-ton cooling capacity is ideal for a room below 110 sq. ft. For 111 to 180 sq. ft. rooms 1.5 ton AC is perfect. And a 2-ton inverter AC is suitable for an area of 190 to 300 sq. ft.

Also, if you want to save more energy, it is best to buy an inverter AC that adjusts the room’s temperature depending on the heat load. Whereas a non-inverter AC always runs at its peak capacity, which adds to the electricity bill.

We have created 3 separate lists of the best inverter ACs of varying tonnage. Before reading our product review, we suggest you have a look at the Buying Guide to know and understand more about inverter ACs in detail.

Best Inverter ACs For Home in India

Inverter Split AC Energy Rating
CapacityAnnual Power ConsumptionWarranty (Product / Compressor)Buy Now
Best 1.5 Ton AC in India
Sanyo Inverter AC5 star1.5 ton857.89 units1 / 5 yrs
Daikin Inverter AC4 star1.5 ton928 units1 / 5 yrs
AmazonBasics Inverter AC3 star1.5 ton1026 units1 / 5 yrs
Toshiba Inverter AC 4 star1.5 ton1041.65 units1 / 5 yrs
Voltas Inverter AC3 star1.5 ton1128.65 Units1 / 5 yrs
Godrej Inverter AC3 star1.5 ton1128.49 units1 / 5 yrs
Best 1 Ton AC
Whirlpool Inverter AC3 star0.8 ton520 units1 / 5 yrs
Sanyo Inverter AC3 star1 ton741.94 units1 / 5 yrs
Godrej Inverter AC3 star1 ton711 units1 / 5 yrs
Voltas Inverter AC3 star1 ton722.81 Units1 / 5 yrs
Best 2 Ton AC
Godrej Inverter AC5 star2 ton1024.47 units1 / 5 yrs
Carrier Inverter AC3 star2 ton1325.27 units1 / 5 yrs

Best 1.5 Ton AC in India

The 1.5-ton ACs suit the need of the average Indian individual the most. It is because most bedrooms in India range from 100 to 150 sq. Ft. So, if you are searching for the best 1.5 ton AC, here is a list that will end your quest.

1.Sanyo SI/SO-15T5SCIA 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC

Sanyo SI/SO-15T5SCIA 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC

Sanyo is a Japanese company that has mastered the art of manufacturing electronics, which are value for money. The Sanyo SI/SO-15T5SCIA is a superb product that has innumerable happy customers across India. The minimum power consumption of this 1.5-ton air conditioning unit is 430 watts and it consumes up to 1370 watts on scorching afternoons.

This air conditioner is the best in our opinion as it has a 5-star BEE rating and an ISEER value of 4.6. Apart from energy efficiency, features like copper condenser, self-diagnosis, backlit remote, duo cool inverter technology, and good after-sales service have earned it the first position on this list.

There is another model by Sanyo, namely the Sanyo SI/SO-15T3CIA, 1.5 TON AC that you can get for lesser price. It has most of the specifications of this model, the only difference is, it has 3 star BEE rating with an annual energy consumption of 1068.18 units.

Best Features: Auto-restart with intact settings, eco function, self-diagnosis, copper condenser, backlit remote, hydrophilic fins, R32 refrigerant, dust filter, dehumidifier, sleep mode, and energy efficiency.

Annual Power Consumption—857.89 units.

Products Inside the Package:

  • Indoor AC Unit
  • Outdoor AC Unit
  • Outdoor Unit
  • Warranty Card
  • Connecting Pipes
  • Two Remote Batteries
  • User Manual

Warranty and Service— The Sanyo 1.5 ton inverter AC has a 1-year warranty on the product, 1 year on the condenser, and 5 years on the compressor.

The service of Sanyo is fairly good. However, you will have to pay separately for installation. For any other query, you can call on 1-800-419-5088 or write to them at


  • Fast cooling with glacier mode
  • Very energy efficient
  • Cost-effective product
  • Self-diagnosis feature
  • durable copper condenser
  • Air filter
  • Eco-friendly
  • Dehumidifier


  • Bit noisy


 If you want the electricity bill to be easy on your pockets, then this AC is perhaps the one. This inverter AC by Sanyo has tons of features at a very reasonable price and is the best you can find at the given price. The indoor unit makes a bit noise, but it should not be a deal-breaker, given it has so many features and a reasonable price point.

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2. Daikin FTKP50TV 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC

Daikin FTKP50TV 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC

The air conditioners by Daikin are one of the most reliable in India. Daikin is a Japanese company that specializes in manufacturing AC. It is popular in many countries like the USA, Australia, India and many nations in Europe too. This AC consumes a minimum of 510 watts and a maximum of 1680 watts to give thorough cooling.

The Daikin FTKP50TV ranks second on our list as it has a filter to eliminate pm 2.5. However, if we compare it to the Sanyo AC, it lags a little behind because it costs more and has a 4-star energy rating. 

Best Features: Copper condenser coil, in-built stabilizer, ISEER value— 41.7, pm 2.5 filter, R 32 refrigerant gas, child-lock feature, Coanda airflow (radiant cooling), neo-swing compressor, 4-star BEE rating.

If you live in a polluted city, then you can opt for the Daikin ATKL50TV 1.5 ton AC as it has a fitler for the ultrafine pm 0.1. It costs a couple of thousands more, but it promises you the healthiest and cleanest air in your home. The energy effeciency of this AC is 3 star and it conuumes 1045 units annually.

 Power Consumption— 928 units.

Products Inside the Package:

  • 1 Indoor Unit
  • 1 Outdoor Unit
  •  Inter Connecting Pipe
  • 3 Manuals
  • 1 Warranty Card
  • 1 Remote control

Warranty and Service The warranty extends up to 1 year on product and condenser. And the warranty on the compressor is 5 years.

Daikin has a responsive service centre. Many customers who bought this AC online reviews that the AC was installed on the very same day. However, the company charges for the installation separately. For any issue, you can reach the Daikin customer care on 011-40319300 / 1860 180 3900


  • Effective cooling
  • Eco-friendly R 32 refrigerant gas
  • Radiant cooling with Coanda mode
  • Good after-sales service
  • Low noise


  • No temperature display on the main unit


The features like radiant cooling, child lock, pm 2.5 filter, stabilizer, and energy efficiency make it one of the best inverter AC in India. You can use it for prolonged hours on the hottest days without having to worry about a heavy electricity bill.

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 3.  AmazonBasics 1.5 Ton Inverter AC 3 Star

AmazonBasics 1.5 Ton Inverter AC 3 Star

This air conditioner is the best deal you can get for your money’s worth. If you want some savings and a lot of features at the same time, then the split AC by AmazonBasics should be your choice. It is suitable for rooms that are slightly bigger than average but are under 180 sq. Ft.

This product by AmazonBasics ranks among the top three on this list because of various advanced features, like leakage detection, self-diagnosis, auto-restart, and high-density air filter. However, it ranks behind the Sanyo and Daikin inverter Ac because its power consumption is higher. 

Best Features: Copper condenser, anti-corrosion coating, humidity control, auto restart, auto-protection, sleep mode, self-diagnosis, fireproof box, R 32 refrigerant gas, and high-density filter that eliminates 80% dust from the room.

Annual Power Consumption— 1026 units

Products Inside the Package: 

  • 1 Outdoor Unit
  • 1 Indoor Unit
  • Inter Connecting Pipe
  • 2 Manuals
  • 1 Remote
  •  Warranty Card

Warranty and Service Quality — 1-year warranty on the product and 5 years on compressor against manufacturing defects.

According to the reviews online, the service quality of AmazonBasics is not its forte. You might have to wait a couple of days before technicians arrive at your doorstep. Or make multiple phone calls to resolve your problem.


  • Suitable for an above-average size room
  • Filter to eliminate 80% dust
  • Effective copper condenser
  • Anti-corrosive coating
  • Turbo mode for fast cooling
  • Eco-friendly
  • Controls humidity
  • Self-diagnosis feature
  • Very low noise


  • After-sales service quality is low


It is a worthy-buy for advanced features like self-diagnosis and a fireproof box that will come handy if there is a crisis. You can surely go for an inverter AC from Samsung or LG by spending more money, but this one is a pretty good deal, considering its price.

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4. Toshiba 1.5 Ton 4Star Inverter Split AC RAS-18BKCV-IN+RAS-18BACV-IN

Toshiba 1.5 Ton 4Star Inverter Split AC RAS-18BKCV-IN+RAS-18BACV-IN

Toshiba is a well-known Japanese brand that is popular in India. It is known for its impeccable build-quality, and reliable service. The manufacturers use R 410 refrigerant, which has zero potential for ozone depletion. The energy rating of this1.5 ton AC is 4 stars and has a 4.1 ISEER value. It is a top-class air conditioner with features like self-cleaning, magic coil, dust filter, and many more.

Techzene lists this product on the fourth position as you will have to shell out extra money for the copper wire, 2.5mm gauze, three-phase wire, and brackets for the outdoor unit. It is already priced a bit high; the additional products and the installation adds to the overall cost.

Best Features: 4-star energy rating, copper condenser coil, dust filter, R410 refrigerant gas, self-cleaning, odour and mold prevention feature, aqua resin coating on coil, bigger fan, electromagnetic box

Annual Power Consumption— 1041.65 units

Products Inside the Package:

  • Indoor Unit
  • Outdoor Unit
  •  Remote Control
  • User manual
  • Warranty Card

Warranty and Service Quality— 1-year warranty on the product and condenser. 5 years on the compressor.

The service quality of Toshiba is done by Carrier ACs Ltd. So, you rest assured that technicians will be at your doorstep on time. For any service or support, you can call the Toshiba service centre on 01203870700; for grievance enquiries, you can call on 01244996600.


  • Superb cooling
  • Bigger fan, suitable for wider room
  • copper condenser coil for effective cooling
  • Self-cleaning feature to keep dust and mold at bay
  • Aqua resin coating on the coil for more durability
  • Low noise
  • Responsive customer care
  • Brand value


  • Bit high price
  • Extra cost for copper wire, three-phase wire, bracket, and 2.5mm gauze


Toshiba makes some of the best electronics. You can expect very effective cooling with this air conditioner. Initially, you will have to pay separately for a couple of things, but this AC has a low-maintenance, which will make up for it.

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5. Voltas 183VCZJ 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC

Voltas 183VCZJ 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC

This AC by Voltas should be your pick if you want an AC that cools even at 52 degrees Celsius. The reliable brand of TATA owns Voltas partly. Its powerful cooling and durability make it one of the best inverter AC in India.

It is not the most energy-efficient air conditioner and consumes about 1128.65 units annually with an energy efficiency of 3 stars. Also, its cost is a bit higher, and for installation, you will have to pay a few thousand, which is why we are positioning it fifth on this list. 

Best Features: Stabilizer free operation, Copper condenser coil, dehumidifier feature, 3-star energy rating, R32 refrigerant, advanced air purification, anti-bacterial coating, four-way louver, steady cooling compressor

Annual Power Consumption— 1128.65 units

Products Inside the Package:

  • Indoor AC Unit
  • Outdoor AC Unit
  • Inter Connecting Pipe
  • 1 Remote Control
  • User Manual
  •  Warranty Card

 Warranty and Service Quality—  The warranty period extends 1 year for product and condenser. Voltas offers a 5 years warranty on the compressor.

Although most users are happy with the AC and its cooling, many complain about the service quality of Voltas. Also, in many cases, people have complained about being charged over and above the installation fee for installation. For clarifications and queries, call the Voltas customer care on 1860-599-4555 for more details.


  • Gives comfortable cooling even at 52 degrees
  • Has dehumidifier feature
  • No need for extra stabilizer
  • Eco-friendly R32 refrigerant
  • An advanced air filtration system
  • Even airflow


  • Installation is costly
  • Customer care is not the best


Voltas is a good brand of AC that gives a thorough and even cooling even on the hottest days of summer. This inverter AC is particularly suitable for states where the temperature reaches the extreme. If you are okay with the high installation charge along with additional accessories, then it is a very decent product to settle for.

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6. Godrej AC 1.5Ton GIC 18WTC3-WSB Split 3 Star

Godrej AC 1.5Ton GIC 18WTC3-WSB Split 3 Star

If peace of mind is one of your major concerns, then this 1.5 ton Godrej AC might be the best for your medium size bedroom. Apart from the standard warranty on 1 year on product, Godrej gives 10 years on the compressor, which is twice the time other companies are offering.

We are placing it last on the list of the best 1.5 ton AC in India because of the product’s build quality, which is not as good as the former five ACs. In most cases, this AC gives a fine cooling, but some reviewers have experienced errors within a few months of usage. 

Best Features:  Carbon filter, anti-bacterial filter, anti-dust filter, R32 refrigerant, copper twin rotatory inverter compressor, stabilizer free operation, 3-star BEE rating

Power Consumption— 1128.49 units

Products Inside the Package: 

  • Indoor Unit
  • Outdoor Unit
  • Remote Control
  • User manual
  • Warranty Card
  • Connecting Pipes

Warranty and Service Quality— 1-year warranty on product and condenser and 10 years on compressor

Godrej service centre is mostly prompt to address complaints of the customers. However, in some cases, you can expect a delay of a few days. Also, some users have faced some issues with the installation process done by the authorized technicians. For all queries, you can always give a call to the Godrej customer care for AC on 1800 209 5511.


  • Low maintenance copper condenser
  • Carbon filter
  • Dust filter
  • Bacteria filter
  • Eco-friendly R32 refrigerant gas
  • Twin rotatory inverter compressor for smooth working
  • Comfortable and quick cooling
  • No need for extra stabilizer


  • The blower is a bit noisy
  • Remote is bulky
  • Delay in addressing complaints


The blower of this AC can be a bit noisy. The technicians can delay in some cases. However, if you want an inverter AC with multiple air-filters, then this one is good for you. This air conditioner has anti-dust, carbon, and bacteria filters to give you the fresh air. You can use it in a medium room that is bigger than 100 sq. ft and smaller than 150 sq. Ft.

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Best 1 Ton AC in India

The 1-ton air conditioning units are typically suitable for small rooms that are lesser than 110 sq. feet.  These ACs are best for your kids’ room or studies. But you can pretty much install one in your bedroom as well if it is of small size.

7. Whirlpool 0.8T MagiCool 3S COPR Inverter AC

Whirlpool 0.8T MagiCool 3S COPR Inverter AC

If you want an inverter AC for a small bedroom, then there can be none better than this Whirlpool AC. This product from the American brand Whirlpool has innumerable happy customers. This 0.8 ton AC stands out because of its sheer performance, features, and low electricity consumption.

We are reviewing this as the best 1 ton AC in India as it can keep the room cool even at 52 degrees. This air conditioner has a self-clean feature and stabilizer-free operation. It also has the Intellisense Inverter technology that adapts smoothly to your cooling needs and keeps power consumption low.

Best Features: Copper condenser coil, 3-star energy rating, 3.7 ISEER value, dehumidifier, R410 refrigerant gas, 6th sense fast cooling technology, Intellisense inverter technology, MPRI technology, self-clean, Eco mode, stabilizer free operation, Turbo cool mode

Annual Power Consumption— 520 units

Products Inside the Package: 

  • Indoor Unit
  • Outdoor Unit
  • Remote Control
  • User manual
  • Warranty Card
  • Connecting Pipes

Warranty and Service Quality— Whirlpool gives a 1-year warranty on the AC and 10 years on the Compressor.

Most users have praised the service of Whirlpool. Complaints are addressed quickly. For installation, the company levies a charge of 1500 INR separately. For more details, you can call up the Whirlpool customer care on 1800-208-1800 or email them at


  • Intelligent cooling
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low noise
  • Self-cleaning feature equals low maintenance
  • Zero ozone depletion potential
  • Instant cooling with Turbo mode
  • In-built inverter
  • Good service quality


  • Warranty void if you install on your own
  • You have to purchase an outdoor unit stand separately


Overall, there is nothing majorly wrong with this AC. It is the best in terms of features and price in the market. The installation is not free, but it is a one-time thing that your AC will make up for with its low power consumption and quick cooling even on the most sultry afternoons.

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8. Sanyo SI/SO-10T3SCIA 1 Ton Inverter AC

Sanyo SI/SO-10T3SCIA 1 Ton Inverter AC

This Sanyo inverter AC will keep you comfortable throughout the humid Indian summer as it has a dehumidifier feature. The low noise level of 40 dB lets you sleep peacefully with any disturbance. This Japanese brand AC is one of the best in India because of its effective cooling and low price point.

Even though the Sanyo 1 ton AC costs lesser than the whirlpool Ac, Techzene thinks it to be the second-best. It is so because this AC’s annual power consumption is 220 units more than the former product, it will add to your electricity bill. Also, the warranty on the compressor is 5 years, which was 10 years in the case of Whirlpool AC. 

Best Features: Copper condenser coil, 3.7 ISEER value, 3-star energy rating, 40dB noise, glacier mode, self-diagnosis, PM 2.5 filter, eco function, hydrophilic fins, backlit remote control, R32 Refrigerant, sleep mode, Timer

Annual Power Consumption— 741.94 units

Products Inside the Package:

  •  Indoor Unit
  • Outdoor Unit
  • 1 Assembly Manual
  • Inter Connecting Pipe
  • Warranty Card
  • 1 Remote
  • 2 AAA Batteries

Warranty and Service Quality— Sanyo offers 1-year warranty on the AC and 5 years warranty on its compressor.

The company charges INR 1500 extra for installation and sends technicians within 72 hours of the delivery. Sanyo has over 350 service centres across India and is prompt to address any complaint. For more details, you can call on 1-800-419-5088, to talk to a Sanyo customer care executive.


  • PM 2.5 filter gives clean air
  • Sleep mode adjusts auto-adjusts room temperature
  • No ozone depletion potential
  • Fast cooling with glacier mode
  • Backlit remote operation for easy operation
  • Sleek design


  • Remote quality is not the best
  • Drainage pipe is not included in the box


Sanyo inverter AC is a value for money product that will keep you cool during the Indian summers. It has several modes to cater to your cooling needs. You will have to buy the drainage pipe separately, but it does not cost much.

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9. Godrej AC 1T GIC 12FTC3-WSA Split 3S Inverter AC

Godrej AC 1T GIC 12FTC3-WSA Split 3S Inverter AC

This AC is equipped with multiple filters that trap dust, dander and other indoor air-pollution causing agents. With this AC, you can be sure to remain comfortable, even when it is 50 degrees outside.

 Features wise, this 1-ton inverter AC by Godrej is pretty updated. The only reason we are ranking it in the third position is because of its price. It is costlier than all the ACs in the 1-ton category that we think are best in India.

Best Features: ISEER value 3.7, 3-star energy rating, R32 refrigerant, anti-bacterial filter, active carbon filter, anti-microbial self-cleaning, dust filter, stabilizer free operation (160 to 280 volts), copper condenser, anti-corrosive coating

Annual Power Consumption— 711 units

Products Inside the Package:

  • 1 Indoor Unit
  • 1 Outdoor Unit
  • Inter Connecting Pipe
  • 1 Remote, Manuals
  • 1 Warranty Card

Warranty and Service Quality— Godrej gives a 1-year warranty on the product, 1 year on condenser, and 10 years warranty on compressor.

The company charges 1500 INR extra for installation. Godrej promises installation within 48 hours of delivery. Some users have experienced troubles with the technicians during the installation of this inverter AC. However, the customer care is prompt to respond. You can call them on 1800 209 5511 for support.


  • Cooling even in 50-degree hot weather
  • Carbon, dust and bacteria filters
  • Stabilizer free operation
  • The anti-corrosive coating makes it durable
  • Good build quality
  • self-cleaning feature for low maintenance
  • Comfortable cooling


  • Costly
  • Problems in installation sometimes
  • Extra charge for drainage pipe


It is not a budget-friendly product. You would be lucky to get it on a discount. However, if you can extend your budget a bit, this Godrej 1 ton AC is a good product to help make your summer comfortable.

You can also opt for the Godrej AC 1T GIC 12GTC5-WSA Split 5S Inverter AC if you want a model with 5 star energy efficiency. It is a costly model, but will save around 100 units on your annual electricity bill.

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10. Daikin ATKL35TV Inverter Split AC

Daikin ATKL35TV Inverter Split AC

You can most definitely bank on this Daikin Inverter AC if you want the best air conditioning experience. The AC features Coanda airflow technology that gives radiant cooling, instead of blowing chilled air directly on your head. You also get a Pm0.1 filter, which weeds out even the tiniest of particles. 

With features like power chill operation, Coanda mode, quiet operation, and neo-swing technology, it is one of the best inverter AC in India. However, we are placing it on the fourth because there is no display on the AC. Neither is the remote a backlit one. This can be quite a problem, as there is no way of switching modes or adjusting the temperature in the dark. 

Best Features: Copper condenser coil, pm0.1 filter, in-built stabilizer, R32 refrigerant, ISEER value 3.7, 3-star energy rating, power chill feature, Econo mode, self-diagnosis

Annual Power Consumption— 732 units

Products Inside the Package:

  • Indoor Unit
  • Outdoor Unit
  • Remote Control
  • User manual
  • Warranty Card
  • Connecting Pipes

Warranty and Service Quality— Daikin gives a warranty of 1 year on product and condenser and 5 years on compressor.

The company charges 1500 INR for installation and maintains a policy of installation within 72 hours of delivery. Daikin generally has a good customer care base, but some users do not have a favorable opinion about the service quality and installation support when it comes to this product.


  • Durability
  • Features pm0.1 filter
  • Several modes
  • Coanda cooling for optimum comfort
  • Stabilizer is in-built
  • Environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant


  • A bit pricey
  • Lacks display and backlit remote
  • Service quality is not the best


The pm0.1 filter and radiant cooling that this inverter AC offers are two of the main reasons for one to buy it. Overall, the AC is a bit costly, but it offers comfort worth the price as well.

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11. Voltas 123VCZTT Inverter AC

Daikin ATKL35TV Inverter Split AC

The Voltas 123VCZTTideal for very humid weather. It has a dehumidifier that keeps cuts back on the annoying stickiness and sweat that characterizes the Indian summers. It works at a fast rate and with high efficiency. This ac will function just about fine even when the temperature is 52 degrees.

Techzene ranks it last as it is suitable for a room that is lesser than 100 sq. ft. Whereas most 1-ton ACs work fine in a room with a carpet area of 110 sq. ft. 

Best Features: 3-star energy rating, copper condenser coil, inverter free operation, dust filter, turbo mode, silent operation, dehumidifier, low-frequency torque control, steady cool compressor

Annual Power Consumption— 722.81 Units

Products Inside the Package: 

  • Indoor unit
  • outdoor ac unit
  • Remote Control
  • Warranty Card
  •  User Manual

Warranty and Service Quality— 1-year warranty on Voltas AC, 1 year on the condenser, and 5 years warranty on the compressor. 

Most users did not face any issue with the performance of the AC. But the service-quality of Voltas is certainly not their forte as many customers are unhappy with their service and installation support. You can call the Voltas service centre on 1860-599-4555 to address your query or complaints.


  • Keeps room dry and clean
  • Dust filter works well
  • Energy-efficient product
  • Low maintenance


  • Service by Voltas is not up to the mark
  • Suitable for rooms lesser than 100 sq. ft in area
  • Lacks anti-corrosive coating


This AC can be your holy grail if you live in a very humid place. It offers decent features and comfortable cooling. If your room is smaller than 100 sq. Ft, then you can surely settle for this one.

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Best 2 Ton AC in India

If you have a really large bedroom or a hall between 180 to 300 sq. ft. where you want to install an AC, then you might be in need of a 2-ton air conditioning unit. As these devices cool a larger area, they contribute more to your electricity bill than a 1 or 1.5 ton AC would.

12.  Godrej AC 2T GIC 24 MGP5-WRA Split 5S Inverter AC

Godrej AC 2T GIC 24 MGP5-WRA Split 5S Inverter AC

With twin rotatory compressor, this AC is sure to cool your large bedroom or hall within no time. It has a 5-star energy rating, which means that your comfort will not weigh heavy on your pockets. It is loaded with other features for which we think Godrej inverter AC is one of the best in India.

Techzene gives it the crown due to multiple reasons. It is very energy efficient, has multiple filters, and has an in-built stabilizer. The company offers a comfortable installation and charges nothing extra if the distance between the indoor and outdoor units is within 30 meters. And the cooling of this air conditioner is very comfortable.

Best Features: 4.75 ISEER value, 5-star energy efficiency, anti-dust filter, carbon filter, anti-bacterial filter, self-cleaning, twin rotatory compressor, an anti-corrosive coating on compressor, 290 refrigerant gas

Annual Power Consumption— 1024.47 units

Products Inside the Package:

  • Indoor Unit
  • Outdoor Unit
  • User manual
  • Warranty Card
  • Remote Control
  • Connecting Pipes

Warranty and Service Quality— 1-year warranty on product; 1-year warranty on condenser and 10 years warranty on the product.

 Godrej has responsive customer service that takes care of the concerns and queries of its customers. The after-sales service of this brand is good too. There is no major complaint regarding the Godrej service quality among the online reviewers.


  • Less power consumption
  • Silent operation
  • Low maintenance with a self-cleaning feature
  • Durable and good build quality
  • Service quality is good
  • Powerful cooling
  • Keeps room effectively clean
  • Has built-in inverter


  • Aluminium condenser


Owing to the features and low power consumption, this Godrej split AC is a terrific purchase. Although it has an aluminium condenser, the quality is decent, so it should not be a concern.

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13.  Carrier ESKO NEO R32 (F005), CAS24EK3R39F0 2 Ton Inverter AC

Carrier ESKO NEO R32 (F005), CAS24EK3R39F0 2 Ton Inverter AC

Carrier is yet another popular brand for AC, that is known for its superb cooling and advanced features. This AC has features like PM2.5 filter, follow me mode, my mode, an auto-cleaning feature that makes it a good-buy.

We are placing this Carrier inverter AC behind the Godrej AC because it has 3 energy stars. Hence it consumes more energy than the Godrej AC. Also, the warranty on the compressor is less than the Godrej AC. 

Best Features: R32 refrigerant gas, copper condenser coil, 700 CFM airflow rate, 3.62 ISEER value, 3-star energy rating, Air filter, leak detector, self-clean, turbo mode, easy installation (double drain), Follow Me feature, sleep mode

Annual Power Consumption— 1325.27 units

Products Inside the Package:

  • Indoor Unit
  • Outdoor Unit
  • Remote Control
  • User manual
  • Warranty Card

Warranty and Service Quality— Carrier offers a 1-year warranty on the product and condenser and 5 years on the compressor. 

The company charges 1500 INR separately for installation. The service of carrier is said to be of a good standard. However, some customers have faced issues with the installation process of this Machine.


  • Low maintenance as it has a copper condenser
  • Self-cleaning mode gets rid of microbe formations
  • Pm2.5 filter gets rid of tiny dust particles
  • Good cooling efficiency
  • Multiple cooling modes


  • Installation can be a hassle
  • Energy consumption is a tad bit high


This 2-ton inverter AC by Carrier is a decent product that offers multiple cooling modes for your varying cooling needs. It is a fairly low maintenance model with the sturdy build quality. You can most definitely go for it sheerly for the advanced features that this AC offers.

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Applications of Air Conditioners

Irrespective of internal heat loads and outdoor weather conditions, air conditioners have wide range of applications. Some of the areas where the usage of ACs is more are given below:

  • Hospital operating rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Factories
  • Data processing centers
  • Food cooking & processing areas
  • Physical testing areas
  • Computing environment

In all the above-mentioned fields, the air conditioners objective is not only to control the air but also for humidity, air movement and the quality.

Tips while using Inverter AC

  • First and the foremost thing you need to do is to shut the window and doors when you switch on the air conditioner.
  • Maintain the humidity levels between 60-70%.
  • Don’t forget to keep the room temperature between 21-25°
  • When you use AC in a room do not forget to cover the windows with curtains.
  • To speed up the cooling process, use turbo mode instead of decreasing the temperature.
  • Need professional installation and maintenance for both the centralized system and individual units.
  • During night times, use the AC in sleep mode as it automatically increases the room temperature for every hour.
  • Do servicing for every 3-4 months to ensure the performance and power efficiency. Also, clean the filters in a system as frequently as possible.

Types of Air Conditioners

Nothing can improve the quality of air at indoors compared to ACs. Here we are providing you the different types of air conditioners based on compressor and the blower movements. Check out the different air conditioners that are currently in usage.

  • Split systems

Split systems are categorized into 2 parts, namely-

  1. Mini-split (Ductless)
  2. Central system (Ducted)

In both the types, the evaporative heat exchanger is separated by a distance from compressor to condensor.

When the compressor is connected to the blower via connecting pipe it sucks air from outside, cools and then passes to the blower which blows the cool air into the room. These are more pleasant compared to others and is perfect to cool large rooms, and halls.

  • Window air conditioner

Window air conditioner is just the combination of compressor and blower forming a single unit. They are designed as such that it can be installed only on the window frames. The blower side faces inside the room and the compressor facing towards out.

The only reason for using this window air conditioner is its simple nature and easy installation.

  • Portable AC

The portable AC is just like an air cooler that can be switched from one location to another. It best suits for the homes where there is no possibility to use split or window air conditioners or rented house where relocating is done very frequently.

You can simply install the device near window by arranging air hose. The main advantage of using these portable air conditioners is the relocation that made very easy to setup within 10-minutes in another room.

  • Inverter AC

Inverter AC doesn’t mean that it completely runs when there is a power cut. It makes use of latest inverter technology that converts the AC to DC current to regulate the speed of compressor and also saves the current bill.

Now, in this article we have focused on the 10 best Inverter AC options for you. Choose them according to your requirements.

Things to Consider before you Select an Inverter AC

When you wish to purchase an Inverter AC, you must consider some of the important factors to test the performance and reliability of the device. We have explained each of them in detail.

  • Price of Air Conditioner

Earlier air conditioners are considered as prodigal (worthless) product. As the years passed by, there is an increase in demand of air conditioners due to global warming conditions and the production of factories.

Now the air conditioners come at very reasonable prices starting from 25K to 50K. The variation is price is due to the outstanding features it possesses.

For regular usage, you can opt for low-priced air conditioners. If you would like to have inverter in your home, then you must extend your budget range as the inverter air conditioners are highly-priced compared to others.

  • Size of the room

Size is the important factor you should consider before you wish to purchase an air conditioner. Choosing the right sized air conditioner is tricky. For instance, if you pick the over-sized air conditioners the room may cool very quickly but also consumes more power.

Usually the air conditioners with the better cooling abilities range from 5000 to 12500 BTU (British Thermal Units). As per the rule, for every square foot the air conditioner needs 20 BTU. Maintain the standards of air conditioners so as to function effectively; else your total investment will be wasted.

  • Frequency of usage

Another important factor is the frequency of usage. It completely explains about the prolonged usage capabilities of an air conditioner. It’s up to an individual to decide whether he is willing to use the air conditioner regularly or not.

For example, if you want to use air conditioners regularly then you can go with the latest models available in the market and the low-budget models when you want to use occasionally (summer season).

  • Capacity

The capacity of the air conditioners may vary depending on the size of the room. However, the size of air conditioner is rated tonnage in India and BTU in foreign countries. Given below is the table that provides required AC size information in a room size per square foot area. So pick up an AC with the capacity based on size of the room and other considerations.

Size of the Room (Square Feet) AC- Capacity (Tons)
0-80 Sq.ft 0.8 ton
80-120 Sq.ft 1 ton
120-190 Sq.ft 1.5 ton
190-300 Sq.ft 2 ton
  • Power consumption

When you look at the AC, a label on it features star ratings that can be of 3-4-5. ACs with higher star ratings costs more and consumes less power than low-rating conditioners. It in turn saves your electricity bill on a long-run basis.

According to the recent survey, the power consumption of inverter air conditioners with respect to the savings per month using different star ratings are given below.

Assume that the air conditioner runs 8 hours a day at a cost of Rs 7/- but the operating costs may vary depending on the different settings and ambient temperature.

Star-Rating Electricity cost (per day) Savings (per month)
1-Star 108 0
2-Star 100 223
3-Star 93 416
4-Star 88 582
5-Star 83 737
  • Inverter technology

If you are the one looking for a smart AC that gives better cooling along with the energy efficiency an inverter is worth the money as it has several advantages like less noise, efficient power, and long lasting nature.

These days all the air conditioners come at high-prices with the advanced feature to save the electricity bill a lot. If you don’t want to use it for a long run, then go with the basic models that come at very cheap prices and also satisfies the cooling functionalities.

  • Efficiency- Higher the star rating lesser the power it consumes

BEE- Bureau of Energy Efficiency has come with the new rating method ISEER-Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio to make easy for the customers in buying energy efficient ACs. If you purchase a high-star rating, then the device will consume less power thereby saving your electricity bill.

However, it is not necessarily to buy the 5-star rated ACs and the selection should be based on your requirement. If you run AC just for few hours, then 3-star rated ACs are good enough and 5-star rated ACs when you would like to use it for more than 8 hours.

  • Noise interference

Noise is another major consideration you should look into before buying an air conditioner. Excellent featured conditioners produce low noise whereas the fair models produce more noise by disturbing you sleep.

Air conditioner with little noise can be preferred as it is caliber of handling the tasks effectively and thereby spreading coolness in the room.

  • Installation

To experience the coolness from an air conditioner, firstly you must properly install the device. The window AC is specially designed to attach to the windows and the split AC has a unit to be mounted inside the room & compressor unit outside the room.

Whenever you wish to install the AC in your room, always allow it to handle by the authorized service centers only. If the device is poorly installed, then it damages very quickly resulting in a huge loss. Mostly, the performance parameter depends on the installation whether it is done in a right or wrong way.

  • Air quality

Indoor air quality is important as while installing ACs at homes. So it is necessary to have an AC with good filter to improve the quality of air indoors.

A good filter not only ensures the clean air but also enhances the cooling performance and energy saving by preventing the choking of coil due to the dust on the conditioner.

  • Cooling speed

AC must possess an adjustable thermostat, a temperature setting with 2 cooling speeds and a minimum of 2 fan speeds for variable speed usage at different times of the day. If an AC offers coolness at high cooling speed, then it works much faster and makes more convenient for the users.

If the cooling speed of an AC is low or moderate, then the air throw distance is minimized and also the performance diminishes.

  • Maintenance & cleaning

Like other electronic devices, ACs also requires little maintenance and cleaning. They require regular services to perform better at any period of time. Once you have mounted ACs on the walls, there should be regular servicing, preferably once in every 3-4 months (say Quarterly).

Some Amazing Features of an Air Conditioner

  • Anti-bacterial filter present in the air conditioners eliminates the harmful substances and micro organisms such as pollen, dust mites, and bacteria etc., As it is made of high quality materials it can filter out the unnecessary substances in the conditioner easily.
  •  Dust filter or mesh filter is a system used to remove the dust or allergens from the conditioners. But our duty is to clean these filters once in a month for better performance (providing coolness) of an AC.
  •  Some air conditioners have built-in Auto-detection sensor that helps to detect whether someone is in the room or not. Accordingly, you can adjust to the settings to save the power. When it detects a person, it automatically turns on the device and keeps the room cool and turn off the device when you are far away from it or moved to other place.
  • The Coils present in the AC condensers generally helps to cool the air. Most of the air conditioners come with Aluminum coil or copper coil to convert the gas into liquid and vice versa. On a comparison note, the copper coil has high heat transfer rate, longer lifespan, less corrosive & high coil strength and the only thing about the aluminum coil is the affordable prices.
  • Dehumidifier; All the conditioners come with the basic functionalities but only some have the dehumidifier option. It actually reduces the level of humidity in air for health/ comfort reasons by eliminating bad odor in the room.
  • Auto-clean function will prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms by keeping the moisture away. When an AC is featured with auto-cleaning function, you don’t actually need to clean the device. It will automatically clean the device providing better cooling performance and the AC will last longer.
  • Sleep mode option will save your current bill by limiting the coolness for every hour. It is mostly preferred outside, where the temperature drops to some extent especially at night times.
  • Oscillating louvers is just an adjustable window blind or shutter with the horizontal slats that are at an angle to process the light and air. These blade-like attachments are capable of rotating the louvers to spread air in your room.
  •  The Temperature setting is another important feature that helps to control the conditioner to produce the required coolness in a room. You can set the desired temperature using remote controller and the thermostat measures the indoor temperature by adjusting to the outdoor air conditions.
  • Size of the Remote controller looks very large as it comes with well-spaced buttons, easy to read LCD screen for the convenience of users.

Operating Modes of an Air Conditioner

Till now, you came to know about the different types of air conditioners and the amazing features it has. In this section, you will know the operating modes of an air conditioner in detail.

  • Auto- Automatically selects the mode to adjust the room temperature.
  • Cool- Pumps cool air from blower to compressor.
  • Fan-Blows out the air without performing any operations like heating, cooling or drying.
  • Heat- Pumps the heat from compressor to blower.
  • Dry- Simply dehumidifies the air by offering coolness in the room.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an Air Conditioner?

An air conditioner is a system that comes in an enclosed area of refrigeration cycle where the hot air is converted into more cool and humid air. It has a complete set of heating element, ventilation and air conditioning (or simply say HVAC).

Whether it is a home, office or vehicles, its main function is to provide coolness and comfort in a closed room by changing the temperature.

2. How an inverter AC works?

The working of an inverter AC is based on the ambient temperature. When the ambient temperature is high the inverter AC increases its cooling capacity and decreases the cooling capacity when it is low.

Usually the compressor runs continuously for a long time by varying the cooling capacity as per the heat load, resulting in a greater efficiency and precise temperature control. Also, to control the compressor speed, motor eliminates stop-star cycles, making the device less prone to breakdowns, and provide superior cooling in a room or big hall.

3. Why is my AC system freezing up?

In general, the air conditioners can freeze up due to variety of reasons like insufficient airflow, functioning at a particular temperature or internal circuitry damage.

If you have any of the above valid reasons, then you should check for the untidiness, evaporator coil, and filters. Now you exactly know where the problem is, Replace the faulty part with new one. Be sure to clean the conditioner on regular basis.

4. How long an air conditioner will last?

The lifespan of an air conditioners may vary depending on the various factors like maintenance, quality materials and the frequency of usage. If all the 3 numbered are good, then you can expect the conditioner to work for 15-years.

If you neglect to maintain an air conditioner in a proper way, then the life expectancy would be minimized to a decade or even less.

So clean the device for every 3-4 months to attain greater stability and also lasts for a long time by offering coolness surrounding you.

5. How to maximize the energy efficiency of an air conditioner?

There are several ways to increase the efficiency of an air conditioner to bring coolness in your home at very low costs. Some of them are given below.

  • Increase the temperature of thermostat by few degrees (say 5-8◦).
  • Clean the outdoor condenser unit very neatly.
  • Keep other heat producing devices away from the conditioner.
  • Always ensure that the windows and doors are closed.

6. What is a heat pump in air conditioner?

Heat pump is a system used to heat or cool the air in your room. It’s an efficient method of producing heat when the outside temperature is too cool and also offers coolness during hot weather conditions.  For this to happen, they make use of refrigerants which alters between liquid and gas depending on temperature and pressure.

7. Do air conditioners need a pump?

If you are installing a split unit conditioner, then you need to install a separate pipe to prevent from flowing of the drainage. It is recommended to use only a peristaltic pump which is installed on the pipe to ensure that the pump is always at the wet end and will not work if the pipe is filled with air.

8. What will happen if my AC is too small for the room?

When the size of the conditioner is too small for the room then it needs to work harder to maintain the room temperature or reach cooling every corner of the room. Once the conditioner puts more effort, it quickly loses its effectiveness as the airflow is completely restricted.

So it is important for every individual to ensure that the size of the unit correctly matches with the size of room.

9. How often you should change the filter?

If you AC contains washable filters, then you can simply clean the filters and use it for a long time. If you make use of disposable filters, then it recommended to change the filter for every 2-3 months for better performance of the device.

10. How to know whether it’s the time for a new one?

Once your air conditioner has gone through several repairs, poor cooling, high energy bills and when the performance of the conditioner diminishes then it’s the time for upgrading to a new conditioner.

11. What is Blue coated evaporative fin made of?

As many of us know that heat exchangers have wide range of applications from small mild areas to manufacturing environments. Of all the different materials like aluminum, and copper, blue hydrophilic coating fin material is one of the finest among them.

It’s actually a pre-coated anti corrosive fin material that appears to be a glossy blue tone that remains flexible. The blue fin coating coating is applied on the raw aluminum fin and on harsh environments where the item is corrosive to aluminum material.

12. What is HVAC system?

HVAC abbreviated as Heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The technology embedded in the air conditioner to provide thermal comfort and air quality which is designed by considering the concepts of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer.

They are mostly used in homes, schools, colleges, hostels, offices and many other areas to provide extreme coolness in a room.


We hope you have measured the carpet area of your room by now and know the cooling capacity you are looking for. So, if you want the best 1-ton inverter AC in India, we suggest you go with Whirlpool 0.8T MagiCool 3S COPR Inverter AC for its features and low power consumption.

For 1.5-ton inverter AC, we recommend the Sanyo SI/SO-15T5SCIA, as it is an overall best at a reasonable price. If you do not mind paying a bit extra, you can also bring home the Toshiba RAS-18BKCV-IN+RAS-18BACV-IN.

If you are looking for an energy-efficient inverter AC for your hall or large size bedroom, then the 2tonn Godrej AC 2T GIC 24 MGP5-WRA Split 5S is the perfect pick.

We sincerely hope this article was of help. If you have queries or suggestions about the best inverter AC in India, write to us in the comment section, and we shall reply to you shortly.