Best Split Air Conditioners in India

If you don’t want to block out any of your windows by installing a large window AC unit then a sleek and compact split Air Conditioner is your best option that provides efficient cooling while enhancing the looks of your room.

A split AC consists of two separate units – an outdoor compressor unit and an indoor cooling unit that can cool a medium to a large room having area up to 60 square meters.

Because of the sleek and suave design of split ACs, they seamlessly match with the modern decor of your room.

But when it comes to choosing a split AC, it is important to consider a few factors such as the size of the AC, the tonnage of the AC, efficiency of the AC, etc. and check some basic features such as its temperature controls, fan speed, Dehumidifying Mode, Sleep Mode, Adjustable or oscillating louvers, etc.

We have done extreme research on split air conditioners and brought the information of how to choose air conditioners. Read AC “Buying Guide India 2019 to know what factors can greatly influence the performance of split AC.

Let’s get started!

Best Split Air Conditioners in India

Split Air Conditioners Capacity
Buy Online
Mitsubishi MS-GK18VA Cooling Split AC1.5 3 Check the Price
Voltas Split AC1.5 5 Check the Price
Carrier Split AC 1.5 5 Check the Price
Mitashi Split AC (SAC3S18K100, White) 1.5 3 Check the Price
BPL Split AC 1.5 3 Check the Price
Godrej Split AC1.5 5 Check the Price
Hyundai Split AC (HSE53.GR1-QGE, White) 1.5 3 Check the Price
Blue Star Split AC1.5 1 Check the Price
O-General Star Split AC1.5 3 Check the Price
Electrolux Remote Control Split AC1.5 3 Check the Price

1. Mitsubishi MS-GK18VA Cooling Split AC, 1.5 Ton, 3 Star (2019-Rating) 

Mitsubishi is a brand that is committed to provide ground-breaking technologies. It is specially designed to deliver high performance and efficiency by matching to the Indian climatic conditions.

When compared to others, this Mitsubishi air conditioner has self-diagnostic mechanism that can repair the internal problems and comes with BEE 3-star rating that consumes very less power.

Scientists believe that refrigerants with HCFC-22 are responsible for the fast damaging of the products. So they started using R410 compound which is a chlorine-free can be handled easily. Due to its pseudo tropic characteristics, eco-friendly and non-flammable nature it has brought a tremendous change on the performance of Mitsubishi air conditioner.

Initially when you switch to auto-mode option, it uses fuzzy control logic to change to cool, fan, sleep, timer and dry modes for the efficient cooling in a room.

Sleep mode steadily increases the temperature without compromising the comfort level. 24-hour timer can be set to switch on/off when there is a power cut and fan is responsible for the movement of airflow as it makes use of DC motors to run.

You can set on/off an AC with pre-set button for every 24-hours to deter dampness in a room.

The remote controller will let you adjust the temperature by customizing the remote buttons that are very easy to identify and accessed frequently. LCD display on it will allow you to check temperature and other operating modes (fan-on/off) information.

Cooling machine is placed in an anti-rust box to prevent from any sort of damages and the LED screen will let you know about the improper functioning of AC. The grooved pipe present in the heat exchanger will increase the performance with an increase in heat exchange area. And the outlet of the system will swing up and down to reach cool air in every corner of the room.

For better performance of AC there shouldn’t be more than 25-feet apart between compressor and blower.

On the whole, the performance of Mitsubishi split air conditioner is fantastic as it has excellent features to make the device run for a long time. However, there are some cons like noise-production which is quite more than the expected and there is no auto-cleaning function.

Things we love

  • Self-diagnostic.
  • 5-ton capacity.
  • Given 3-star rating.
  • Anti-bacteria filter.
  • Comes with copper coil.
  • Absolutely a rust protection system.
  • Uses carbon and catechin filters.
  • Warranty- 1 year on product (apart from the plastic case) and 5-year on compressor.

Things we hate

  • Produces lot of noise.
  • Lies on the expensive side.
  • No auto-cleaning option.

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2.Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star (2017) Split AC

Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star (2017) Split AC (185 EYR, Wine Red)

Second one in the list is from Voltas brand that has become expertise in designing air conditioning and cooling technology related products. It is the first ever brand to offer a collection of split ACs with 3-star ratings energy efficient given by the BEE to save power.

Compared to others, what makes the device more special is the cross airflow vent and the durable nature.

Voltas split air conditioner features an auto-restart option, so that you do not need to set the settings manually and sleep mode will adjust to the room temperature making you sleep comfortably.

Dust filter is used to trap the impurities present in the room atmosphere and the anti-bacterial filter completely eliminates the toxins present in the indoor environment.

In addition to this, it also has LCD remote with a glowy buttons by featuring auto-swing function, sleep and turbo modes to spread the coolness over a wide area.

With the 1.5-ton capacity conditioner, you are able to clean the medium-sized rooms and can effectively work in all weather conditions.

This 1.5-ton AC has rotary compressor and R-22 refrigerant gas to offer very fast cooling in just a matter of 10-minutes. Heat exchanger is coated with Blue hydrophilic aluminium fins, especially for harsh environments that are particularly resistant to corrosion. Whereas the inner grooved copper materials are used to transfer heat from indoor-outdoor units. (1)

Indoor unit has an LED display that gives an idea about the operation that is currently being performed. The fins that are used will not be affected with the moisture levels present in the room.

You need to monitor the cooling system remotely that has glowy buttons for easy identification at dark times. The manufacturer will not supply drain pipe and you need to buy separately for the better functioning of AC.

Overall, the performance of Voltas 1.5 ton split AC is good, and also comes at an affordable price. The only thing we didn’t like about the product is the level of noise produced is bit higher than the previous model.

Are on tight-budget or intended to use only for small rooms, the best alternative is to use Voltas 1-Ton Split AC that comes at very low price and also satisfies your cooling requirements. It features the best 1-ton split AC capacity, filters and different operating modes to enjoy the fresh air by eliminating toxins and adjusts to the room temperature.

Things we love

  • 5-ton capacity.
  • 3-star energy rating.
  • Can work up to 56◦.
  • Aluminium type condenser.
  • 1-year on product and 5-year warranty on compressor.

Things we hate

  • Slow cooling.
  • 44db of noise level.
  • Poor customer services.

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3. Carrier 1.5 Ton 5 Star (2017) Split AC

Carrier 1.5 Ton 5 Star (2017) Split AC (Esko, White)

Carrier is an American manufacturing company that has reputation in bringing advanced technologies to the door step. If you are the one looking for perfect air conditioners, then Carrier 1.5-ton conditioner is for you.

It has a memory feature element to store the temperature readings and security locking system to protect from unauthorized users. For this reason, it has become one of the top priority on the list of best 10 split conditioners.

You can run this AC if you have stable power supply in your area. Besides, you may face several issues if the power delivered is not constant. So, there is a need of voltage stabilizer that regulates the power supply uniformly.

Both the units-compressor & blower is made with copper coil material to minimize the distortions and also improves the energy-efficient that comes at very high prices.

The conditioner has 3 auto-fan speed motors to adjust the settings according to the requirements of a customer. Also, it comes with 1.5-ton capacity to blow cool air to a maximum of 150Sq.ft.

Auto swing function operating in up-down will let the air circulate with 700CFM. Dust filter and hyper protective filter will keep you free from harmful contaminants.

Furthermore, it features auto-restart at the times of power cuts and sleep mode option for the convenience of users. It is incorporated with the energy saving function to turn off the fan immediately when the compressor is made to shut down.

It can efficiently operate in dry and turbo modes for the better functioning of the device. Remote control makes the device hassle-free nature. It will also allow you to control the different modes to bring chillness in a room.

Auto-cleaning technology will poorly clean the room. During the process-i.e. when the fans and motors are in motion, produces maximum noise level of 44dB.

The internal circuitry of an air conditioner is delicate, so it is protected with outer plastic body case to protect from physical damages.

The performance of the carrier split air conditioner is good as it features excellent qualities like energy saving option and the low-noise compared to above-mentioned models. But, the only thing we didn’t like is that it is not suitable for all climatic conditions and also the cost is too high to bear.

If you want to go with the more advanced features in the same brand, then Carrier Superia Split AC is for you. It has different operating modes and settings like 3 in 1 filter, leakage detector and Nano platinum filter that helps to experience the cool and fresh air in your room. Also the price is little bit less compared to the carrier split AC model.

Things we love

  • 5-star rating.
  • Rotary compressor.
  • Copper type condenser.
  • Refrigerant leakage detector.
  • Anti-bacteria and dust filter.

Things we hate

  • Poor installation services.
  • Expensive split conditioner.
  • Not suitable in all climatic conditions.

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4. Mitashi 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC (SAC3S18K100, White) 

Mitashi 1.5 Ton 3 Star (2017) Split AC (SAC3S18K100, White)

Yet another standard quality AC in India is from Mitashi that features condenser made with pure copper material for the proficient cooling and long lasting life.

The 1.5-ton capacity of an AC is sufficient to cool medium to large-sized rooms. Air vents are capable of delivering air in different directions to reach every corner of the room.

Some of the useful features like sleep mode, dehumidification, auto-restart and timer mode are embedded in this Mitashi conditioner.

With the help of timer, you can set the temperature by switching to timer-on/off modes. The sleep mode is actually a power-saving mode in which the conditioner is turned off until it is needed.

Dehumidification is the process of reducing humidity levels in a room for a variety of reasons like eliminating odors and particles. Auto-restart function will let the device turn on automatically when there is a power drop in your area.

Though it uses eco-friendly R410 refrigerant, still it is able to generate 43dB of noise which is a worst case.

It has a digital display on indoor unit to view the functionalities that are currently being performed.

Product manufacturer offers 1-year warranty on AC and 5-years on the compressor.

On the whole, the performance of Mitashi 1.5 ton split air conditioner is quite satisfactory. As it doesn’t have much features, considered as the best performance AC in India because of the cooling that spreads to each and every corner of the room when the device is switched to on mode.

The major drawback of this product is that it produces a lot of noise compared to carrier model and also the installation is bit difficult and need to be handled by the professionals.

Things we love

  • 5-ton capacity.
  • Energy rating is 3-star.
  • Copper type condenser.
  • Warranty 1-year on product and 5 years on compressor.

Things we hate

  • 43 dB of noise.
  • Poor installation

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5. BPL 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC 

BPL 1.5 Ton 3 Star (2017) Split AC

BPL offers cutting-edge air conditioning systems globally to lead a classy and comfortable life. To maintain healthy relation with the customers, manufacturer offers 1-year warranty on the product and 5-year on compressor.

Its uniqueness lies in the quick cooling technology and the hidden LED display that none of the conditioners possess this feature. It adds or brings elegant look to the conditioner.

The hidden display implies the LED lights affixed on the plastic body of an air conditioner. You can only see the readings only when AC is switched to On-mode and nothing is visible during off mode.

This 1.5-ton capacity conditioner comes with 3-star rating to save the power units and best suits for medium-sized rooms ranging from 120-180Sq.ft.

As the condenser is made with the copper material, it is best in energy-efficient cooling with just little maintenance cost. Auto-restart and sleep mode features are controlled all over the day by monitoring via LED display unit on the remote controller.

During the cooling operation, it makes use of fans and motors. It in turn produces lot of noise (horrible) about 45dB which may spoils your mood.

It’s totally a good one to by as it comes at very cheap prices and has the exciting features to navigate remotely. But what makes us so depressed is the smart connectivity option which you don’t find and also the material is of poor plastic quality in which there are more chances of damaging the product.

Things we love

  • 3-star rating.
  • Low-budget model.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Hidden LED display unit.
  • Made with 100% copper material.
  • Manufacturer offers 1-year on product and 5-year on compressor.

Things we hate

  • 45 dB of noise.
  • No smart integration.
  • Made with plastic material

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6. Godrej 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC

Godrej 1.5 Ton 5 Star (2017) Split AC (Copper Condenser, GSC 18 USZ 5 WPR, White)

Godrej offers the best products like air conditioners to bring a balance life with the extreme coolness in your home. This Godrej air conditioner has green balancing technology that makes the more energy efficient than regular ones.

The energy efficiency rate of this Godrej is 3.55 which is comparatively same as the above-mentioned. But the difference is clearly seen in the design, louvers, and the material quality.

When switch on the air conditioner, the cool air can deflect in 4-ways- left, right, up and down with an airflow rate of 1130 cubic-meter/hour.

Yes, this model is also equipped with the auto, dry, sleep and turbo modes. And is ideal to use in both summer and winter seasons.

Additionally, it incorporates timer, self-diagnosis, auto-restart and front panel display. Filters like anti-bacteria, catechin, carbon filter and silver ion filter are present on the device to completely eliminate the dust in a room.

There is a remote controller to monitor the temperature or coolness, fan speed, and other operating modes. It also has memory function to store or record the readings of temperature throughout the day and displays it on LED screen.

The model comes with a pipe of length 10-feet to maintain a strong connection between the blower and compressor.

Unlike the features, the performance of the Godrej air conditioner is too good as it has excellent filters and different operating modes. The noise produced by this air conditioner is less compared to the many of the models on the list.

The product manufacturer offers 1-year on comprehensive and 7-year on the compressor.

Things we love

  • 3-star rating.
  • 5-ton capacity.
  • Affordable price.
  • Airflow rate is 1130 cubic-meter/hour.
  • 1-year on product and 7-years of compressor warranty.

Things we hate

  • 41 dB of noise.
  • Cooling effect could have been better

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7. Hyundai 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC (HSE53.GR1-QGE, White) 

Hyundai HSE53.GR1-QGE Split AC 1.5 Ton, 3 Star Rating

If you are looking for a reliable home cooling solution, then Hyundai split AC is for you. It has built trust by offering quality products at very low prices in India.

This 1.5 ton split AC has energy rating of 3-star to minimize the electricity bill per year. On an average, it consumes 2 units of energy per an hour. It adopts to 4-way deflection mechanism to allow the airflow in 4 different directions.

It also features auto-swing, turbo-cool, auto-restart, anti-bacterial and carbon filters for better functioning of the device and to provide cooling in every corner of the room. Also there is a sleep mode option, louver adjustments, and glowy buttons on the remote.

All of these features in Hyundai split air conditioner ensure the hassle-free operation.

To experience the maximum comfort level in a room, the cool air is uniformly distributed using the air-deflecting panels.

As the conditioner is protected with auto-clean function there are no moulds and bacteria present in the room.

Dehumidification mechanism prevents from overcooling during the monsoons season. Louvers can be easily adjusted to change the direction of air. You can adjust them via remote and it follows the step by step process to flow the air in different directions.

The turbo feature ensures the quick cooling in a room that in turn cools down the body temperature when you enter from hot zone.

Sleep mode activates the microprocessor to synchronize the room temperature with the body metabolic rate and continues the process when you switch to sleep mode.

Anti-bacteria and carbon filters removes the dust particles present in the air and the blue coated evaporative fin prevents from corrosion thereby ensuring a long life of the device.

As you turn on the fan for just a couple of minutes, it dries the wet heat exchanger. Blue coated evaporator fins prevent corrosion in AC and is responsible for long lasting nature.

When you want to switch on the AC or adjust the temperature settings at night times, glow buttons on remote will let you easily identify the buttons place and then access to it.

Things we love

  • 3-star rating.
  • 5-ton capacity.
  • 4-way air deflection.
  • Louver adjustment options.
  • Anti-bacterial & active carbon filters.
  • Dehumidification and turbo cooling.
  • 1+4-year compressor warranty.

Things we hate

  • 40dB of noise.
  • Outside condenser is not good.

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8. Blue Star 1.5 Ton Split AC

Blue Star Split AC

Blue star AC grabs the attention of users with its stunning looks and compliments your home interior by delivering extreme cooling and power savings.

The blue star brand offers warranty of 1-year on the conditioner and 4-year on the compressor.

As the stabilizer is not provided along with the conditioner, you need to purchase separately for constant supply of power to the conditioner. It utilizes 230V of power supply to deliver efficient cooling in a room.

This wonderful air conditioner comes with turbo to reach coolness in every corner of the room and the sleep mode option will lower the fan speed or reduce the temperature of 1◦ per hour.

Likewise, it features a timer for accessing the temperature, auto-restart when there is a sudden power cuts and front panel display for viewing the current operations that are being performed.

It also comes with silver ion, catechin, anti-bacterial and activated carbon filters to remove the harmful pollutants present in the room.

The compressor is a rotary type which uses R-22 refrigerant and the pipes are made with copper material so as to pass the gas in-between the blower and compressor.

On the whole, the blue star air conditioner is safe to use as it filters out the chemicals present in the surrounding atmosphere. The only thing we didn’t like about the product is the interference of noise when the conditioner is used continuously for 8-hours a day.

Things we love

  • 5-ton capacity.
  • 1-year on comprehensive and 4-year on compressor.

Things we hate

  • 42 dB of noise interference.
  • No de-humidification mode

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9. O-General 1.5 Ton 3 Star(2019) Split AC

O General 1.5 Hyper Tropical Wall Mounted Split AC

O General is a brand that has marketized its brand in developing air conditioner units and humidity controllers.

This 1.5-ton premium split AC is known for the quality and durability nature. Besides the performance, it has excellent features like 3-dimensions airflow technology, hydrophilic heat exchanger and multi-path efficiency technology for smooth functioning of the device.

Blower uses 3-dimensional airflow technology to deflect in 3-directions and can also control the direction of the airstream.

The conditioner has up and down swing flaps to make the air deflect in the entire room of180Sq.ft.

Dual-protection filter present in the conditioner will give you the purified air. When you set the timer, it automatically drives the air via horizontal and vertical louvers.

There is a hyper tropical rotary compressor that is filled with R410 eco-friendly gas and an inner groove copper tube. If necessary, the length of the pipe can be extended above 7.5 meters as per the requirement.

You can use the air conditioner by setting to a maximum of 55◦ in an enclosed room. During night times, the buttons on the remote will glow, that helps to make effective communication with the conditioner.

It is very easy to monitor the temperature and humidity levels in a room by adjusting to auto-modes and also set the child lock to protect kids from twiddling with conditioners.

The capacity of compressor should always be greater than the capacity of machine for operating at ambient temperatures. The performance of the device is steadily increased as it uses thin heat exchanger and multi-path efficiency technology. But the only thing is that the expensive nature.

Things we love

  • 3-star rating.
  • 5-ton capacity.
  • Up-down swing flaps.
  • Inner groove copper tube.
  • 5-year warranty on compressor.
  • Hyper tropical rotary compressor.

Things we hate

  • Highly-priced.
  • Bad design quality.
  • Very low noise of 33 dB

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10. Electrolux 1.5 Ton 3 Star(2019) Remote Control Split AC

Electrolux S18L5W Remote Control Split AC

Electrolux is a multi-national home appliances company that has ranked 2nd world’s largest appliance maker. It offers very good quality products at very reasonable prices.

It has come with a special gold-coated evaporator fins that prevents from corrosion and offer a long-lasting life. The 3-star rating is given by the BEE as it maintains the quality standards.

Auto-air swing option will allow the air to move in up, down, left and right directions.

This 1.5-ton capacity conditioner is capable of delivering fresh and cool air in the entire room. It features fresh air penta filter, on/off timer and can operate in turbo cool and sleep modes.

The sleep mode option facilitates the temperature to increase by 2◦ for every 2 hours thereby reducing the power utilization and ensures comfortable sleep.

Multi-point refrigerant injection technology is responsible for faster heat exchange between the units and provide instant cooling.

It makes use of rotary compressor and the material is made with the copper material to establish a strong connection between compressor and blower. The product manufacturer offers a warranty of 1-year on comprehensive and 5-year on the compressor.

Overall performance of the product is quite satisfactory. But doesn’t match with the user’s requirements as there are no anti-bacterial and carbon filters that can filter out the harmful gases present in the room atmosphere.

Things we love

  • 3-star rating.
  • 5-ton capacity.
  • India dance design.
  • Fast cooling MRPI-mechanism.
  • 1-year comprehensive and 5-year on compressor warranty.

Things we hate

  • No anti-bacteria and carbon filters.
  • High noise of 45 dB than other models in the list

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How to Choose a Split Air Conditioner?

One must have the basic idea of choosing air conditioners that best matches with their requirements. The key factors include conditioner type, room size, power consumption, and cooling speed that greatly influence the performance of the device. Read below given AC buying guide 2019 to know how these parameters help in bringing freshness in your room.

1. Types of Split AC

Type of conditioner is the core factor that you should look into before purchasing air conditioner. As we have completely focused on split air conditioners in this context, we have given complete information about the split types. They are categorized in 2 different ways…


Mini-split or ductless air conditioners have major applications in homes, commercial buildings, offices and institutional buildings. It can be a great asset if you install on small apartments where is there is no use of central air conditioners.

This mini-split or ductless systems are further classified into 2 types.

  • Single-split AC
  • Multi-split AC

Single-split AC

Usually the single-split AC supplies the conditioned air to a single or few rooms in a house. They spread cool air to a maximum of 8 rooms using a single outdoor unit. It is often called as multi-zone systems as it adopts to indoor unit styles like wall-mounted, ceiling-rested or horizontal ducted.

The main advantage of using ductless system is that it is of small size and very flexible to heat or cool the individual rooms. In addition to this, the compressor and heat exchanger are separated at a distance than merely lying on 2-diffferent sides of the same unit.

They offer very high efficiency and the only minor cons of this product is the cost which is 30% more than the traditional systems. And even the installation costs are too high.

Multi-split AC

Multi-split AC is a convectional split system that is further divided as evaporator and condenser units. It allows the heating or cooling process to several rooms using a single external unit.

In this, all the individual systems are connected to the main unit (external) with the basic operating principle for retaining coolness in rooms, offices, and other commercial places. And check which condenser is good for split AC as it is responsible for automation with the locking valves for regulating the halocarbons to the indoor unit.

Earlier multi-split models have only 1 control system that allows the users to set the conditioning for each room. Now the market has more powerful multi-split systems that can be operated individually.

On a contrast, single split AC produces 9,000-36,000 BTU whereas multi-split delivers 60,000 BTU’s per 1 hour of cooling.

Central-split AC

Central ACs or ducted system offers coolness to the entire house or large commercial buildings. It is very much capable of delivering moderate temperatures with the addition of air louver-controllers.

In this, the heat-exchanger is fixed on the central unit to evenly distribute the chillness especially in summer season.

2. Power consumption

Second important factor is the power consumption by the split air conditioner. Regular models are equipped with less number of features to save the power. So to minimize the power utilization, the advanced models are equipped with twin rotary compressor that features permanent magnet motor which is 10% more efficient in saving power than other convectional compressors.

3. Room size compatibility

When you make a purchase, you should check whether the split air conditioner is compatible with the size of the room that you would like to have it in. For small-sized rooms, the ac can be 1 ton and for medium or big halls 1.5-ton air conditioner is mostly preferred.

Select the desired split air conditioner as per the requirement of your room. Be sure to close windows and doors when you switch to AC than simply running a fan.

4. Capacity  or Tonnage of AC

Tonnage of an air conditioner is based on size of the room. It is the key feature of a split conditioner which also determines the price of conditioner. As most of the conditioners are rated by tonnage, it is equal to 12000BTU per hour for an ideal choice.

The 1-ton capacity AC can cool up to 1000 cubic feet volume, whereas 1.5 ton can cool up to 15000 cubic feet. So it’s better to go with the 1.5-ton AC as it is very much convenient and comfortable to bring chillness in medium-large sized rooms.

Given below table is completely based on 2 factors- size of the room and tonnage of air conditioner. Both of them are in direct proportion to each other. If the size of the room increases, then the capacity of the split air conditioner also increases and vice versa.

Room size (Square feet) Tonnage capacity (Ton)
90 0.8
120 1
180 1.5
220 2

5. Cooling speed

Next one is the Cooling speed that ensures how fast a device can cool the room. It may vary from brand-to-brand, prices and the cooling technology it employees. But most of the top-brands with good ratings possess high cooling speed and the poor cooling speed in traditional models. On an average, a regular conditioner may take 4-6 hours, but the top notch models just take less than an hour to cool the room completely.

6. Noise levels

As the conditioner internally has fans to perform a specific task, they produce some noise. The level of noise production in a conditioner determines whether you can buy the product or not.

Usually we feel bit irritative due to the noise produced by the fans especially at night times.  It may even spoil your mood or disturbs the sleep. For them, opt for noiseless conditioners that come at affordable prices.

If you aren’t that much bothered about the noise generation, then you simply buy the traditional models or latest models with smart options. It’s up to your choice.

7. Efficiency

Efficiency is usually defined as the ratio of work performed to the total energy consumed and is measured in SEER- seasonal energy efficiency ratio.

SEER =Cooling output during the cool season to the total input energy.

If the power consumed is higher the amount of heat removed per unit, the greater will be the efficiency of the air conditioner. Lots of the standard ACs have 3-star rating whereas high efficiency conditioners have 5-star rating.

It is completely based on the power consumption and the cooling performance it delivers. If your main priority is to save power and also operate greatly then go with the 5-star ACs.

8. Build Quality

Build quality expresses the capability of a product to which its functionalities are extended. For an ideal split air conditioner, the product quality is fantastic.

When you look at the split air conditioner, its outer body and inside is made with the copper material.

Some manufacturers use aluminium or a combination of both aluminium & copper to cut down the prices. Using a copper or aluminium doesn’t make much difference, but when compared; copper material is capable of delivering high efficiency results without any negative effects on the conditioners.

9. Pricing factor

Cost of split air conditioner is the another important factor you should look for. It is available in almost every budget range to satisfy the consumer needs.

Here in this article, we have focused on premium products and the basic models to give you clear idea about the difference in the functionalities, operating modes and the smart options it possesses.

These days everyone is showing interest in purchasing the smart-devices as they can be controlled via smartphones or performs the tasks by setting timer option. So, you must plan your budget before buying a split air conditioner, otherwise it will totally waste of your huge investments.

10. Some Extra Features in Split AC

Given 12 below are some of the outstanding features that most of ACs are equipped with. Read on to know how each of it is beneficial in improving the performance and also allows the users to handle the conditioner very comfortably.

  • Dehumidifying mode

This is another useful mode that helps to reduce the humidity and dampness in air inside the room. It makes you feel comfortable and acceptable. That’s why this special feature is very useful during the cool days of spring and fall.

  • On/off timer

Regular models need to be turned off manually. But now the smart ACs are programmed such that they can be operated automatically to save lot of energy. It is actually a 24-programmable timer which allows the users to customize the time settings or schedule according to his choice.

  • Digital lock

You are much worried about ACs and don’t want to be misused in your absence, then this digital lock feature will allow you to do so. It helps to protect the settings with just a lock option so that no one can change them.

  • Asymmetric louver movement

It is just like a ventilation to let the air to pass through without keeping unwanted elements like   dust, gases, and debris. They have fixed number of blades and are mounted on a frame for greater functionality.

You can adjust the louvers manually or remotely to point in a desired direction and also control the specific task when required.

  • Pre-coated aluminium fins

The pre-coated aluminium fin is the main component in heat exchanger and in the process of exchanging air, it blocks the airflow in between the 2 fins. It is mainly responsible for preventing rust and corrosion which accounts to the long-lasting nature of an air conditioner.

  • Auto-fan speed adjuster

It is better to choose the split AC that comes with multiple fan speed option to ensure that the airflow distance can cool down the room very quickly. More the fan speed settings, the better cooling in a room.

The auto-fan speed functionality can be explained with the working of compressor. When the compressor is shut down, the fan speed will automatically slow down and vice versa.

  • Auto- power saving option will keep the conditioner temperature to 25◦C automatically even when you are away from the house to save the energy charges.
  • Filter clean indicator will give clear idea when to clean the indoor unit filters by lighting up the LEDs.
  • Defrosting sensor prevents from frosting of indoor unit to ensure the better working of air conditioners for a long time.
  • Auto- clean function

The auto-clean function is all about removing the dust particles present on the AC filter. Its working is as simple as that it gets command from the controller, to eliminate the dirt using a brush attached to the stainless steel plated filter.

The main advantage of using auto-clean function in an AC is that it always keeps the device free from moulds and bacteria. Also, helps in lowering the power utilization thereby making the best energy efficient AC in India.

  • Temperature Control

All split air conditioners come with adjustable thermostat to control the temperature delivered by the AC in different standard modes such as Auto, Cool, Heat, and Dry. To have such wonderful options, you need to purchase the latest model ACs that comes with smart features at reasonable prices.

  • Sleep Mode

This is a highly functional and important mode that automatically increases the temperature of the room gradually to a comfortable level while you sleep. This mode helps to save power and reduces pressure on the AC.

How to save power using air conditioners?

Here are some possible ways to save energy using an air conditioner.

  • Install the air conditioner on the shady-location of the house or building to ensure the airflow isn’t interrupted.
  • Temperature of an air conditioner should be checked very frequently.
  • When you use air conditioners, shut the doors and windows to experience the cooling.
  • Try to close off the vents as the coolness can escape from the room.
  • Keep the air conditioner to low especially at night times as you don’t require much cooling.
  • To run air conditioner at optimum level, install it at 78◦-position on walls for better performance.

If an air conditioner has louvers, adjust them towards ceiling while cooling and when heating keeps towards the floor.

Different Types of Split Air Conditioners

According to the mounting location, the split ACs are classified into 3 types- Wall mount, ceiling mount and floor mount. Each of them are explained in detail.

  • Wall mount

Wall mount ACs are the most popular ACs in which the indoor unit is placed inside the room. It is much suitable for small rooms that can cool uniformly.

  • Floor mount

Floor mount is often called as Vertical or tower split air conditioner. These are in great demand where you cannot mount AC on walls or wooden-blocks. It is more expensive than wall mounted devices. And hence the floor mount split ACs are comparatively less popular for homes.

  • Ceiling mount

Ceiling mount is an another type of split AC which is also known as Cassette type air conditioner. They look absolutely fantastic and the price is too high compared to the wall mount and floor mount air conditioners.

Types of compressors

Compressor is a device that increases the pressure of a gas by reducing the volume. And air compressor is one of its specific type.

In this context, the compressor is the most essential part of an AC that helps in cooling the refrigerant and also determines the performance of air conditioner.

  • Reciprocating

The conditioners with reciprocating type of compressors are very less expensive that has high cooling capacity and runs for a long duration. These are not efficient as the one equipped with rotary compressor.

Reciprocating compressors are stationary-portable, single-multi stage, that helps to energize the electric motors.

Small compressors with 5-30hp (horsepower) is seen in automotive applications and 1000hp in large-scale industries & petroleum machines.

  • Rotary

Rotary type compressors are better than reciprocating types as there is a reduction on pressure of the gas. They come in a compact design and the cost is too high. It just need little maintenance cost to run on long-term basis.

It is a single stage helical or spiral lobe air compressor that consists of 2 rotors to cool the air without any valves. Since the cooling is done inside the compressor, the working components never experience the extreme temperatures.

  • Scroll

Scrolling compressor is a combination of scroll pump or scroll vacuum pump. It has 2 interleaved spiral like vanes to pump either liquids or gases. Its operation is very smooth and high reliable than other types.

They are generally seen in ACs that have cooling capacity above 2.5 tonnes. The key features of this compressor includes the operating voltage, running costs, low sound and vibrations. The working of this compressor is such that one of the scroll is fixed and the other orbits eccentrically without rotating to trap and pump.

But for normal home purpose, maximum of 1.5-ton AC is alone sufficient to cool the room.

Easy Tips to Handle Split Air Conditioners

Before selecting the location for an air conditioner, you must consider several factors like…

  • Make sure that the airflow direction of indoor units doesn’t fall on your resting area of a room.
  • Ensure that there are no obstacles in the airflow direction as it may prevent from covering the spaces in a room or hall.
  • Outdoor unit must be placed in an open area, else the heat produced inside the house will not discharge effectively to the outdoor unit.
  • It is highly recommended to install air conditioner units in places for operating very easily.
  • When you are installing a separate split system, place both the systems quite opposite to each other.
  • No restriction in selecting the indoor units, unless the total power exceeds the capacity of outdoors.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to select the right-sized conditioner for your room?

A quick and easy method to analyse is by using the square foot method. It may not give the exact results, but helps you to follow certain guidelines by considering ceiling height, shade, size, and room occupancy.

For instance, the 400 Sq. ft house requires 1 ton cooling medium, 8-inches of ceiling height with tight doors and windows.

The simple formula used to find the square footage is by measuring the length and breadth and then multiplying the both. For a room with length 10-feet and 12-feet breadth has the resultant of 120Sq.ft.

2. Which one to buy-split or window AC?

The major difference is seen in the hardware equipment as window AC comes in a single unit and 2 units for split AC. In window AC, all the parts like compressor, motors, pipes, and heat exchangers rests on a single system. And the split system is supported with indoor and outdoor units.

The split air conditioners produce very less noise compared to window AC and also is very easy to install, making it more efficient to buy these days.

3. Is it necessary to use voltage stabilizers in an AC room?

Yes, it is necessary to have a voltage stabilizer to run AC in your room. Because the power supplied to every individual house may not be 230V and there may be slight variations. So, using the stabilizer, will control the flow of current by using the negative feedback network.

4. Why should you choose split air conditioner?

Given below are the major factors that helps the users to have a kick start with the split air conditioners.

  • First thing about split air conditioners is the less-expensive nature.
  • Very easy to install and operate accordingly for better cooling.
  • As the compressor is placed outside the room, produces a very little noise.
  • With this system, you can control the temperature in different rooms.

5. How to know that my AC is highly energy efficient?

To know how energy efficient the system is, you need to know the factors like BTU, SEER, and HSPF that explains the power utilization in an AC.

What is BTU?

BTU is the acronym for British thermal unit. It is a traditional unit of heat that is required to raise the temperature. As joule is the measure of heat, BTU can be expressed as how much energy it takes to produce the heat per hour.

1 BTU = 1055 joules

In the given below table, we have listed the room size in square feet and the number of BTUs required.

  Room Size  (Square feet) BTU Required
150 5000
300 7000
500 11000
1000 18000
1200 21000
1400 23000
1600 25000

For your easy understanding, we have also given the conversions of BTUs to other energy measurements.

1 BTU is approximately equal to 1.054 Kilo Joules/0.2931 Watt hours/253 Calories or 0.25 Kilo calories

What is SEER?

SEER is abbreviated as Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. It determines the efficiency of an air conditioner and is expressed as the cooling output during a typical cooling-season to the total input electrical energy during the same period of a unit.

Higher the SEER Greater the Energy Efficiency.

For example, if there is 5000BTUs of air conditioner unit with SEER of 10BTU/W-h, operates for 1000 hours i.e. 8 hours a day for 125days=125*8=1000hours.

Then the annual cooling output will be 5000*8*125=5000000BTU/year

By considering SEER of 10 BTU/W-h Annual power usage will be=5000000/10 =500000W-h/year

What is HSPF?

HSPF- Heating seasonal performance factor. It is a term used to measure the efficiency of air source heat pumps.

HSPF is defined as the ratio of output BTU heat to the power used in heating season (watts-hours). A system is said to be high energy efficient if the HSPF is more than or equal to 8.

To calculate HSPF for a heat pump of 120000000BTU during the season by consuming 15000KWh.

HSPF=120000000/(15000*1000) =8

When compared to the less efficient system, the more efficient heat pump utilizes less energy thereby increasing the energy savings and life of the system.

6. How does split air conditioner work?

To make the split air conditioner work, the 2 units are connected through pipes (made of copper or aluminium).  Initially the gas is fed to the compressor and is pressurized. Now, it is passed through the pipes to condense into liquid state. During the process of conversion from gas-liquid, the pressure is completely minimized.

Now, the indoor air is captured by the unit and is passed through evaporator coils. It completely cools down and is forced back via blower. The air continuously circulates in a room until it reaches the thermostat level. When it is done, it automatically shuts down.

7.On what factors the power consumption of split air conditioner depends?

The power consumption by split air conditioner may vary from brand to brand, model, living area, filters used and finally the tonnage capacity. All these factors are responsible for the utilization of energy. If any of them have trouble, then trust me you are going to pay huge amounts to the electricity department.

8. What is the main reason for an AC to produce sound?

Noisy air conditioner is so annoying and there are several reasons like worn out compressor, faulty fans, motors or the belts. The noise produced in an AC indicates that something wrong is happening inside and you need to immediately rush to the service centre. Else, the situation may be worsen and cannot be fixed.

9. When should I replace old conditioner system?

The time to replace the old conditioner with the new ones is the time when you see the conditioner constantly undergoes several repairs or have completed the duration of 5-10 years. It can be due to the malfunctioning of filters, fans, or the motors.

Sometimes even though you replace them with new ones, still the problem arises. When you give system to the service operator, they might impose high charges which you cannot bear. Rather buying the small parts for several times in a year, it’s better to have new conditioner as it comes with the lifespan 10-years.

10. How long does a new air conditioner system lasts?

The life expectancy of a new conditioner is too good to be true and may vary from brand to brand. These days the conditioners are expected to last from 10-15 years. But still it depends on how well you maintain the conditioner in a room. If you maintain the system properly or in a right way, then it can even last for 5 more years.

11. How often you should clean the filter?

If you newly purchased the air conditioner, then it’s better to clean the filter for every 2-3 months. Once you find the filters that aren’t working properly then immediately change the filters as it may result in huge power loss.

And if you are using the conditioners over a year then you must clean the filters for every 2-3 weeks as old ones have more chances of damaging the product performance. Sometimes it may even depend on your indoor pollution levels and the pre-filters are subjected to regular cleaning in warm water.

Few Words Before Leaving

Mitsubishi MS-GK18VA Split AC is our top choice from the list of 10 best cooling split air conditioners in India because of its amazing cooling performance, decent capacity and the upgraded features.

The 1.5 ton cooling capacity is good enough for a medium to big-sized rooms. It comes with 3-star energy-rating set by BEE and has number of functionalities like auto mode, dehumidification, and sleep mode to ensure fast and efficient cooling.

The manufacturer offers 1-year comprehensive warranty and 5-years warranty on the compressor.

Of all which one you like the most? Which one you were using the earlier? Share your experiences and queries with us in the comment section given below. We are very happy to clarify your doubts.

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