Best Karaoke Machines in India 2020

A karaoke machine can make a boring party turn into a big hit. Why?

Because it lets everyone sing their hearts out. A wedding, an office party, a friend reunion, or family gathering, karaoke is something that is for everyone.

Karaoke is more than just a speaker, so there are more ways to confuse you. And karaoke is yet to become popular in India.

So, before you go and buy something without any prior knowledge remember this small guideline-

  • Microphone: All most all karaoke includes at least one microphone with it. But there are many with an option to connect another so that you can call your friend for a duet.
  • Wattage: A karaoke with 5-25W is good for kids and smaller spaces. 25-60 should be sufficient for most adults while listening to music. And over 60+ are the biggest karaoke for large gatherings, weddings, and festivals.
  • For kids or adults: if it’s for kids, you would prefer something easy to use and fun to look at. Many karaoke machines are specially made for kids, with flashy lights or pre-recorded songs.

Here are the best karaoke machines from India listed below so that you can choose one right away. We also have a detailed Buying Guide explaining all the above factors and more so that you have an easier buying experience. Take a look!

Best Karaoke Machines in India

Best karaoke machineConnectivityMicrophoneOutput powerBatteryWarrantyBuy Now
Takara Karaoke Speaker Bluetooth, USB, AUX, Memory card, FM Extra port to connect Guitar2120W RMS4 to 5 hoursN/ACHECK ON AMAZON
portable Karaoke from TakaraBluetooth, AUX, USB230W RMSup to 4 to 5 hoursN/ACHECK ON AMAZON
Qualimate Portable KaraokeBluetooth, AUX, USB port, CD player, SD card, FM radio225W RMSUpto 8hrsN/ACHECK ON AMAZON
Zoook Rocker KaraokeBluetooth, AUX, USB port, TF card, FM radio150 wattsUpto 6hrs1 YearCHECK ON AMAZON
Zooker Thunder 20W karaokeBluetooth Speaker, 3.5m Aux Cable, Micro USB Cable,1 Wired Mic20 wattsUpto 4hrs1 YearCHECK ON AMAZON
Persang Karaoke Portable SpeakerBluetooth, AUX, USB port, SD card, FM radio2 Wireless Mic20 RMS wattUpto 5hrs1 YearCHECK ON AMAZON
ACOOSTA UNO - Wireless KaraokeBluetooth, AUX, USB port, FM radioN/A2000 wattUpto 5hrs1 YearCHECK ON AMAZON

Best Karaoke Machines in India: Reviews

1. Takara Karaoke Speaker Trolley 12 Inch Woofer

Takara Karaoke Speaker Trolley 12 Inch Woofer

This Karaoke from Takara is just perfect for any outdoor parties, house parties, school functions, and wedding ceremonies. It’s a power-box that launches 120 Watt power music from its 12-inch giant speakers and UHF (Ultra High Frequency) microphones.

What is better is that it comes with dual microphones means you can sing duets with your family and friends. Also, if you have planned on a live music show, it has an extra port to connect it to your guitar or other musical instruments.

Speakers: 12-inch speakers with tweeters

Connectivity: USB, Bluetooth, Aux, Radio, micro SD Card

Microphones: 2 Ultra High-Frequency Mic with echo control, volume control, bass treble control

Battery: Lead batteries, 4 to 5 hours

Bluetooth is a wireless way to connect to stream music from YouTube or other music apps. Besides that, there is also an SD card slot and AUX, USB ports for wired inputs, and charging.

The sound is loud, clear, and crisp. You can control the bass treble, echo, and microphone priority. Those who still enjoy listening to FM, it has the option too.

One thing that sets it apart from its descendants is the ability to convert normal MP3 songs into Karaoke music. This is why it’s one of the best Karaoke for big parties and occasions.

Warranty: Not Applicable

A lot of you would prefer something that you could carry with you; in that case, there is a portable Karaoke from Takara, full value for portable Karaoke. It is a 30 Watt power karaoke box with 6.5-inch speakers and 2 VHF microphones. The battery back up is for 4 to 5 hours. It’s very simple to set up and easy to take with you on your vacations, get-togethers, dance classes or any karaoke parties.


  • Superb quality speakers
  • Ultra-high frequency microphones
  • Best for big parties and weddings
  • Best affordable karaoke
  • Duet singing and voice priority option


  • The battery only lasts for 4 to 5 hours


If you want to take the party in your hand, you go and grab this karaoke machine from Takara. Birthday, wedding, club, karaoke party, indoor party/out-door party, religious places it makes enough noise for any functions and festivals. The only problem is it is not portable, and it doesn’t come with a warranty.

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2. Qualimate 12 Inch Portable Karaoke

Qualimate 12 Inch Portable Karaoke

If you are passionate about music and karaoke, you would prefer something like the Qualine karaoke. It has a 12-inch speaker and a 1.3inch tweeter which could rock a family function, an office party, or a friend reunion. The best part is you can play songs from your old CD collections.

The box is actually a portable trolley with rear handles and wheels. You get to play this for 8 hours non-stop. And it comes with 2 microphones to get your friends involved in the duet.

Speakers: 12-inch speaker and 1.3-inch tweeter

Connectivity: Bluetooth, AUX, USB port, CD player, SD card, FM radio

Microphone: 2 microphones

Battery: 4400 MAh lithium batteries, up to 8 hours

The speakers won’t wake your neighbours, but 25 W power input produces strong bass, rich, and crisp vocals. The bass can be adjusted as you like it.

You can play music from Bluetooth, smartphones via AUX, USB, micro SD card, even FM radio, whenever you miss it. You can actually plug it to a radio or synthesizer for a live background-music.

There is a vocal priority button that lets you lower the music and prioritize the sound from the microphones. You can see the karaoke machine is made for parties, with the LED lights coming from the speakers.

It’s a bit on the pricey side, but the battery backup is awesome. And the size and portability are what make it so popular.

Warranty: Not Applicable


  • Best quality portable karaoke box
  • Comes with a CD player
  • Battery stays up to 8 hours
  • LED lights on the speaker
  • Super lightweight


  • It is an expensive karaoke machine!
  • No warranty


Qualine portable is a flawless karaoke with excellent customer ratings. It suits every occasion and people of every age group. The LED DJ lights, CD player, radio connection, two microphones, 8 hours battery life, suitcase design, it has everything. Mind that 25W won’t make much noise that you would expect at a wedding or outdoor party.

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3. Zoook Rocker Thunder XL 50 watts Trolley Karaoke

Zoook Rocker Thunder XL 50 watts Trolley Karaoke

If you are looking for the best budget karaoke, here is what you were searching for. The Zooker Rocker is portable, powerful, and cheap.

It comes in a rugged suitcase design that can absorb normal shocks and also few water splashes. The first thing that catches the eye is the glowing lights coming out from the speaker. It will be a lot fun for the kids as well as for adults who are into parties, lights, and loud music.

Speakers: In-built amplifier, 8-inch woofer

Connectivity: Bluetooth, AUX, USB port, TF card, FM radio

Microphone: Single, wireless

Battery: Lithium batteries, up to 6 hours

The 50W power-driven box with an in-built amplifier produces enough sound to blow walls if you wish to. The 8-inch woofer gives a deep and rich bass. The battery is enough good to go for 6 hours non-stop.

You can play music via Bluetooth, AUX, USB, TF card, even radio, but you can’t sing duets as it comes only one microphone.

There are user-friendly control buttons and features like echo control, bass control, one-click recording, light controls. It also comes with a remote. Obviously, you won’t leave your seat, so you can change the song and modes with the wireless remote.

However, a few customers didn’t like how loud the echo effect sounds. There are buttons to control the echo depth. For the best experience, set the karaoke machine inside a big room.

Warranty: It comes with 1 warranty from the manufacturer.

If this is expensive for you, we have another option ready not to spoil your karaoke plans. The Zooker Thunder 20W karaoke box is perfect for a small party, family get together, or to gift your kids. While the microphone is not wireless, it still delivers booming music and vocals. It supports 3.5 m USB, Bluetooth, AUX cable, radio, and micro SD card. And the battery will stay for up to 4 hours. Moreover, it also has eye-catchy flashlights on the speaker. It also has a 1-year warranty back up.


  • 50W power output
  • 1-year warranty
  • Flashy disco lights
  • Excellent value for the price


  • High echo disappointed a few customers
  • It is portable, but it is heavy


This is one of the best budget karaokes you can find. The lights are all you want to get into a party mood. The battery backup is also great, and the 8-inch woofer creates that best kind of base. A few issues with the echo effect, but that’s not a deal-breaker.

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4. Persang Karaoke A-1231 Trolley Portable Speaker

Persang Karaoke A-1231 Trolley Portable Speaker

Not everyone likes a funky, flashy karaoke; some like it simpler. For those who agree with me, Persang Karaoke is something that you were looking for.

The design is minimal, the sound is good, and the bass is intense. It’s not the most affordable, but it is reliable as it comes with 1-year warranty support.

It delivers music from its huge 12-inch amplifier and multimedia player. And the UHF microphone takes care of the rest. You can plug it into your guitar, piano, or any other digital instrument. Want to sing a duet? Yes, it has the option too. It comes with 2 microphones.

Speakers: 12-inch amplifier

Connectivity: Bluetooth, AUX, USB port, SD card, FM radio

Microphone: 2 microphones

Battery: Lithium batteries, up to 4 hours

The easiest way to connect it to your smartphone/laptop/iPad is via Bluetooth or AUX. But it also supports USB, SD card even has an antenna for the radio.

The body is made of high-density plastic that can withstand wear and tear without any issues. The battery power is quite impressive for such big speakers; it can go for 4 hours on medium volume. You can control the bass treble and echo effect according to your taste.

There are mixed reviews from its users, on the bass control and the battery life where the majority were happy with the product performance.

Warranty: 1 Year from the manufacturer


  • 12-inch speakers
  • Duet performance
  • 1-year warranty
  • Solid build quality


  • The base is not so intense
  • Not so clear sound when played loud


Persang Karaoke is not what kids will like. The design is very simple and professional, you might say. The sound is deep clear, and engaging. You can carry it with you. Moreover, you have a warranty on the machine. It is not the cheapest, but the experience is also above average.

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5. ACOOSTA UNO – Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Karaoke

ACOOSTA UNO - Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Karaoke

How about a device that is a lot more than a karaoke machine? The ACOOSTA UNO is actually a Bluetooth speaker, which is also karaoke, an FM radio, A PA system.

It has a long list of 14000 songs, 200 playlists from 1000 iconic artists, different genres, English, Hindi. You can stream music from all Bluetooth enabled devices, but it also has a USB, AUX port, and a radio connection too.

Speakers: 2000 W PMPO speakers

Connectivity: Bluetooth, AUX, USB port, FM radio

Microphone: no microphone included inside the package but has 2 ports

Battery: 5 hours with a full charge

It has a 20 RMS watt speakers along with 2 bass ports where you can connect a bass speaker for added depth and intensity. And the battery should last you at least 5 hours with a full charge.

The karaoke has controls over volume, echo, and background music. You can lower the background music and deeper the vocals. Even, there are options like creating your own playlist or record and listen to your rehearsals.

The design is classy, smart, and the black brush finish with a blue LED dial will go hand in hand with your room decor.

The only disappointing part is you have to buy the microphones separately (has 2 ports for 2 microphones). But if you compare other features with the price, it will make sense.

Warranty: It has a 1-year warranty on manufacturing defects.


    • 14000 preloaded songs from a different genre, Hindi, English
    • Can record voice, create your playlist
    • Sleek and stylish design
  • Powerful, crisp and clear music


  • No microphones included
  • The battery backup could be improved


ACOOSTA UNO is not a typical karaoke; it has an additional function like 14000 pre-loaded and a design that actually looks better than karaoke. But you have to buy a separate microphone which is a major missing for the karaoke lovers. All in all, if you can manage the microphone thing, you can enjoy other benefits.

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A Guide To Buying The Best Karaoke Machine

Technology had gifted us several entertainment options, whether it be a radio, a TV, or a karaoke machine. The concept of singing with karaoke has been developed in this decade earlier. If you are one of the music lovers, who love to sing songs with proper lyrics, then with the help of karaoke, you can sing along. There are various types of karaoke designed for specific purposes. However, there are some essential qualities that every System must-have.

What does a karaoke system include?

Karaoke is not just a hardware machine; it also requires the support of software to display the lyrics on-screen. The hardware part of a karaoke machine is the input device. And the software part of the machine is an output device that cannot function without each other. There are a few points or qualities that you must check in both hardware and software parts of a karaoke system.

Qualities of a Karaoke system

These are some of the best qualities that every karaoke system must have:

  • Audio quality: A karaoke machine should have decent audio quality. Since it is a System that helps to produce music or sound, it has to have excellent quality audio support. Generous audio support included a stable base, the capability to produce sound.
  • Support multiple sound sources:The karaoke machine should be supporting different audio sourcing devices like a CD player, DVD player, MP3 player, Smartphone, etc. These are the primary devices used for playing karaoke machine. A machine that supports all these associate devices would be the best buy product always.
  • Complete accessories: A karaoke machine has to have complete associate devices that help to run the System. Like a display screen for lyrics and also needs to be easy to operate.
  • Comfortable setup:If the setting up the karaoke machine turns out to be difficult, then no one would like to purchase and would not refer it to anyone. A device that gets settled quickly and anyone can enjoy singing with karaoke makes the difference.
  • Intuitive controls:The taste of listening music or preference of volume differs with people, and when its karaoke, then the volume adjustment controls have to be very wide. Starting from a very low sound, it has to give a high sound and that too with quality.
  • Well built: If the inner material of the karaoke machine is good, but it is not well protected from outside, then the inner material can get damaged. The device should be well built and have great material inside as well as out. The controls should be prominent. The outer material should be sturdy for rough handling.
  • Warranty: Every device must have some essential warranty period. For devices like karaoke machines, the warranty starts from three months to two years. The warranty period depends on the manufacturing company. But the basic warranty speaks about the product reaching basic quality requirements.
  • Software compatible: most of the karaoke machine does not come up with a DVD or a karaoke software. You have to connect it externally. There are many karaoke software available in the mobile software stores which should get quickly connected with the System.

Think before you make a purchase

Even for buying a karaoke machine you must do some homework which includes few questions to yourself. If you have all the answers satisfactorily, then you can proceed and buy a karaoke machine. Here are a few things you need to answer yourself first:

What is your expectation from the machine?

Whenever we plan to buy something, there is a specific purpose behind that. If you are planning to buy a karaoke machine, then you would have imagined some future experiences. You must know your expectations about the looks, sound quality, device supportability, software readability, etc.

All these things matter when you are investing money on a karaoke machine. Get this answer to yourself, and if you are satisfied, then proceed to the next question.

Who are the primary users?

You must know for whom you are buying this karaoke machine. Is it for yourself or your kids? Or your family? Or your friends. Knowing the primary users of the machine is very important. The device should be suitable for prime users. There are different types of karaoke machines depending upon the primary users, which play a vital role while choosing the best karaoke machine. If you know the primary users, then you can bring the best product for them.

Do you have a usage history?

If you are using any of the karaoke machines, then you must know using a karaoke machine. Then you can compare the new device with the previous one. You would love to get a device, which will be way better than your present device.

Moreover, that is the main reason behind a new purchase in most cases. If you have tried a low-cost karaoke machine and you are happy with the experience because then we would suggest you buy that product or a better version of that product because you have got used to operating the device and changing that might be a little tricky.

How much is this important to you?

Knowing the priority of the device is very important; the product should meet certain quality to meet your expectations. If you are purchasing a karaoke machine just for weekend entertainment, then it’s good to have a home karaoke machine. If you cannot live without your karaoke machine, then you can get a portable karaoke machine for your trips. The journey will be entertaining for you all.

Which device will you be using to operate?

Knowing about the karaoke machine that supports your device to operate the machine is also essential. If you invest in a product and that end up not supporting your mp3 player or your mobile phone, then that will be a considerable loss. So, before you purchase, you should know that your device can be supported by which karaoke machine and buy that device.

Once you are satisfied with all the answers, then you must proceed to know the types of the karaoke machine. As we have already mentioned that there are different types of karaoke machines depending upon the primary users, it’s time to know about them.

Karaoke machine for kids

A kid’s karaoke machine is the most affordable of its kind. The standard features like color, size, and controls are customized according to kids’ choice and comfort. You can find colors, which are preferred by kids; you can also see controls for the easy machine and all in one, so the kid does not get confused. The machine should be sturdy enough that it does not get broken by kids.

Karaoke machine for home

A home karaoke machine is the huge one, which is set up at home for a long time, and all family members can enjoy playing karaoke. This category karaoke machine generally has screen resolution, excellent audio quality, and receptive to most of the domestic AV devices. They come in a wide range of designs and prices as well, but your family can help you out to choose one.

Portable karaoke machine

If you are a travel freak, then you must have a portable karaoke machine. Such devices generally have a better-quality audio input and output effect because it can be played outdoors. The entire setup can be confined under a small kit to make it easy to carry. The microphone quality is also better, and they are noise-canceling microphones. These karaoke devices can also run on low wattage.

Professional karaoke machine

Anything when it comes to professional has to be the best. Also, it’s not your family or friend who will be listening to your karaoke singing. However, there will be a vast audience that will be focused on your performance. These karaoke machines have a great input-output system, superior sound quality, and support any device to play the AV. Moreover, the audio modulation features are far better; the sound controls are great.

How to find the best five products?

Now you all know what the types of karaoke machines are and what the primary concern behind designing these machines is. You can decide on the best product of your choice. If you are yet to find few designs that might match your requirements, then lost down the products from online shopping apps and read or view reviews on those products.

Then you will be able to decide on the right product to buy. Searching online will help to come across the reviews of people who have been using the machine for a long time, and their experiences will help you to decide on the product you should buy.

Bottom line

Before buying anything, do proper research about the product. Moreover, ensure your requirement to get the best product and do not regret your purchase. Once the money is spending you cannot get it back. So spend smartly with proper preparation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How should I connect the Karaoke machine to TV?

Connect one side of the yellow cord to a video-out jack (located on the back or side panel of your machine) and the opposite end of the same yellow cord to the video-in jack on your TV.

2. What is Karaoke CDG or CD+G?

CDG or CD +G stands for Compact Disc with graphics. These discs can also be played on other devices that play CDs. But the graphics will only appear on your device screen if connected to a Karaoke machine.

3. Can you play a regular CD on your Karaoke machine?

Your Karaoke machine allows regular CDs to be played along the CDG s.

4. Where can you search for music variety for your karaoke machine?

Most of the music stores found online offer a great variety of music. You can choose the right genre for you, browsing through so many of these sites.

5. How to get the best sound out of your karaoke machine?

Karaoke machine supports multi-format discs like DVD DivX, VCD, and CD/VCD -R formats also. It should have an HDMI output that is compatible with receivers and latest generation TVs. Dual microphone inputs along with individual volume control karaoke system, including the built-in Echo effect works best.


Before buying anything, do proper research about the product. Moreover, ensure your requirement to get the best product and do not regret your purchase. Once the money is spending you cannot get it back. So spend smartly with proper preparation.

If you want our suggestion, go with Takara Karaoke Speaker for big events or outdoor parties else choose the Takara 20W portable karaoke machine for small in-house parties. They both provide great value to the price you pay. They both have excellent customer ratings. There are plenty of controls and options to play music from.