Best Budget Party Speakers in india 2020 Reviews & Ultimate Guide

If you are planning to throw a party, you can’t miss out on a great set of party speakers as a party never feels lively without any loud music on which your friends can dance and enjoy. Definitely, you can not achieve that level of craziness with any normal Bluetooth speaker though.

So, for sure, you will need a party speaker that is worthy enough to grab your friend’s attention at the party and make them dance on the bass-loaded music leaving all the stress behind and enjoy the moment. But, there are a few factors that you must consider looking before buying party speakers:

  • Sound Quality: The sound quality is obviously the main aspect that you should look at in the first place. A larger frequency band and power output help to define the quality. For instance, you will see frequency bands like 45Hz-20kHz and power in watts such as 120 Watts, etc.
  • Connectivity: Having multiple connectivity options such as Bluetooth, AUX connection, USBs, etc. provides a lot of conveniences.
  • Form Factor: Decent-sized speakers are good enough to be placed anywhere and provide loud and great sound quality at the same time.

Every party speaker is a unique one in its own, so make sure to choose the best suitable. If you want some in-depth information, you can have a look at the Buying Guide as well that is given below. In case of any queries, feel free to ask us in the comments section.

8 Best Party Speaker Boxes in India 2020

Party Speaker BoxesBattery CapacityPower OutputConnectivityWeightBuy Now
Tronica Dual Thunder Vibra Party Speaker6000 mAh60WattsBluetooth,USB, SD card slot3.9kgCHECK ON AMAZON
Ant Audio Rock Speaker4800 mAh60WattsBluetooth, FM, AUX, SD card 4.2KgCHECK ON AMAZON
Zoook Rocker Thunder Party Speaker1800mah x2 lithium-ion50WattsBluetooth, aux, mic-in, USB flash,
TF, and FM radio
LG Party SpeakerWorks on Live Power220WattsBluetooth, 2 USB ports, DVD,
CD, and FM Radio
Sony Party SpeakerWorks on Live Power ---Bluetooth, NFC, USB, HDMI, FM, DVD/CD12.6KgCHECK ON AMAZON
JBL PartyBox Wireless SpeakerNo battery120WattsUSB, Bluetooth, TWS technology15.3KgCHECK ON AMAZON
Sony High Power Portable Party SystemNo battery---Bluetooth, NFC, USB, HDMI8.5kgCHECK ON AMAZON
JBL Partybox 300 Powerful Wireless Speaker10,000 mAh120WattsBluetooth, USB 15.8KgCHECK ON AMAZON

Best Budget Party Speaker Boxes in India: Reviews

1. Tronica Dual 6.5″ Thunder Vibra Party Speaker

Tronica Dual Thunder Vibra Party Speaker

First on our list is the Tronica Thunder Party speakers that are one of the best that you can find on the internet these days.

It is completely party-ready as soon as you plug it into a power source. Although it does come with an in-built battery to keep the party going on outdoors as well. These speakers are primarily built for outdoor parties as it is quite lightweight and easy to carry anywhere. On a full charge, you can use it for a continuous 6 hours without any interruptions.

With the powerful RMS output of 60 Watts, you can surely expect some great loud music that is enough to blow everyone’s mind at the party. Apart from that, to spice up the things a little bit more, it comes with two mics that you can use as a host or enjoy some karaoke time with your guests.

There are multiple ways to use it, such as Bluetooth/FM, USB thumb drive slot, SD card slot. 3.5mm jack for AUX devices that you can use to connect to these speakers and play your favorite music at the party.

The two mics that you get with the speaker, both offer you a significant advantage as one of them is wired and the other one works great wirelessly. The wireless one is best for the host at the party and the wired one can be used for karaoke.

Apart from that, if we talk about its form factor, it is quite well built and one of the lightest on the list weighing only 3.9 kilograms so you can easily take it with you outdoors and enjoy some beach parties very well.

Best Features:

  • Big battery life: Offers up to 6 hours of battery backup.
  • Dual mics: Two mics for karaoke and hosting parties.
  • Top-notch sound quality: The 60 watts power gives you that party energy with loud and crisp audio quality.
Specification of Tronica Dual Thunder Vibra Party Speaker 
Battery Capacity6000 mAh
Power Output60 Watts
ConnectivityBluetooth/FM, USB thumb drive slot,
SD card slot. 3.5mm jack for AUX devices.
Weight3.9 Kg

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2. Ant Audio Rock 600 Party Entertainment Speaker

Ant Audio Rock 600 Party Entertainment Speaker

Ant audio is a well-known and famous brand across all the audiophiles out there because of its premium sounding peripherals like headphones and speakers. And, the Ant Audio Rock 600 Party Entertainment Speaker is one of their best products so far. The product is great for throwing some great indoor parties because of its 60 Watts RMS power.

It is surely going to blow your mind as it pumps out thumping, thunderous low-end from its mighty dual 6.5-inch woofer for bass that you can feel as well as hear. The dual strobes, and party lightings offer different varieties of exciting effects. Moreover, the party lightings can match up the light pulse to the beat of the music for providing an immersive experience while dancing.

It has features to suppress the vocal frequencies of any song to make it apt for karaoke. Also, comes with a wireless mic for some karaoke fun. Apart from that, you can record all those songs sung by you on the karaoke mode and play them later on.

The overall weight of the speaker is not too much as it only weighs 4.2 kilograms, so it is easy to handle it and place it whenever you want. For connecting to this speaker, there are multiple modes available that help you to keep the party on as various connections can be made from different devices. Whether it’s Bluetooth, FM radio, aux or SD card mode, have options on how your music is played.

The speaker can be used by connecting it to a power source, but in case you are partying outside, 4800 mAh battery always has enough juice to keep the party going on at its best.

Best Features: 

  • Powerful Bass: The 60 Watts RMS output offers great thumping bass.
  • Karaoke creator: Drops the vocal frequencies of any song and makes it karaoke ready.
  • Recording and Echo functions: You can record all your karaoke songs with a click of a button and adjust the echo levels as well.
Specification of Ant Audio Rock 600 Party Entertainment Speaker 
Battery Capacity4800 mAh
Power Output60 Watts
ConnectivityBluetooth, FM, AUX, SD card
Weight4.2 Kg

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3. Zoook Rocker Thunder Party Speaker

Zoook Rocker Thunder Party Speaker

This Zoook Rocker Thunder Party Speaker can turn your house into a disco as soon as you plug it in and start playing some heavy bass party songs on it. We have listed this speaker on the third position on our list as it provides a great balance of features according to its price tag.

This is a complete package for an indoor party and you can surely get an idea about its power from the robust and rugged looks of it.

As no party starts without some loud music, the 50 Watts powerful speaker is definitely going to give the exact thump that everyone expects at the party night. To help you play with the sound quality, there is a dedicated amplifier fitted inside the box as well.

The Flashing DJ lights are vivid and flashy enough to keep everyone’s feet moving on the floor. If there are any over-excited people there in the party who want to show off their bathroom singing talents, you can simply hand over the mic to them and enjoy the karaoke moments.

Well, in case the power cuts off, the party can still keep going on as its 2 batteries of 1800 mAh each can provide you up to 6 hours of playing time. Apart from that, you can enjoy the music of your choice as there are multiple ways to connect such as onboard USB reader and TF card slot to play MP3 music files or plug-in any device via Aux cable.

The weight of the speaker is not much though, only weighing 3.2 kilograms, you can just put it in your car and even take it on vacation with you.

Best Features:

  • Light in weight: You can easily place it anywhere and take it along with you because of the less weight of the speaker.
  • Superior Build Quality: The build quality of the speaker is quite robust fairly near to the other premium options.
  • Multiple Inputs: You get the flexibility to play music via Bluetooth, aux, mic-in, USB flash, TF, and FM radio.
Specification of Zoook Rocker Thunder Party Speaker 
Battery Capacity1800mah x2 lithium-ion battery
Power Output50 Watts
ConnectivityBluetooth, aux, mic-in, USB flash, TF, and FM radio
Weight3.2 Kg

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4. LG XBOOM OL45 Party Speaker


LG is known for its everlasting products with great reliability and premium features. One product that meets all these expectations is the LG XBOOM OL45 Party Speaker, which sounds as beautiful as it looks.

You will be surprised by the loudness of these speakers as the RMS output of the speaker is of 220 Watts. This is a huge number for an indoor party speaker and is surely capable of waking up your neighbors at midnight parties.

The colorful flashlights are placed in the middle of the speakers that can sync up with the beats of the music that adds great excitement and makes the atmosphere more energetic. It has a voice canceller feature that cancels out the vocals and keeps the music in the best possible quality so that you can sing on the beats of it. Also, it can tune your voice into 18 different vocal profiles for more fun.

Although the loudness of the speaker is good enough for the parties, still, if you have two of these, you can connect them via wireless party link and sync them to double the sound.

You also get the advantage of multiple music playing modes as LG offers a good amount of ports for connecting to this speaker such as Bluetooth, 2 USB ports, DVD, CD, and FM Radio.

This party speaker only weighs 8 kilograms so it feels a little heavy but it is manageable if you are planning to buy it for home use only. However, it is quite pricey but the loudness and the sound quality is worth the price.

Best Features:

  • Great Loudness: The sound is as loud as you expect from its 220 Watts power.
  • TV Sound Sync: Connect it to any LG TV via Bluetooth and experience more room-filling sound.
  • Versatile connectivity: It offers you a variety of input options, including Bluetooth, 2 USB ports, DVD, CD, and FM Radio.
Specification of LG XBOOM OL45 Party Speaker 
Battery CapacityWorks on Live Power only
Power Output220 Watts
ConnectivityBluetooth, 2 USB ports, DVD, CD, and FM Radio
Weight8 Kg

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5. Sony MHC-V42D Party Speaker

Sony Party Speaker

In case you are looking for a premium party speaker, you can surely check out the Sony MHC-V42D Party Speaker. However, the speaker is priced a lot higher than some products on this list.

But, as this is a Sony product, you can expect some really good features and quality from it. It throws various lighting effects on the floor as well as across the room, creating a great party environment. Although, if we talk about its sound output, there is no power rating mentioned but it sounds loud enough for an indoor as well as outdoor scenes.

To give you the best in class bass thump, it has a jet bass booster that can increase the bass up to great extents. It can also work as an amp for any electric guitars, so if you have one, you’re in great luck.

Moreover, the Fiestable app offers you great command over the speaker and allows you to control it using your voice. Also, there are other ways available to connect to this speaker such as Bluetooth, NFC, USB, HDMI, FM, DVD/CD as well.

However, it has all these great features, but it lacks an in-built battery for outdoor usage. It always requires its wires to stay plugged in to keep running. On top of the speaker, there are smart sensors placed that can detect the movement of your hands and allows you to control the speaker by the gestures of hands.

The speaker is best known because of its bass and it does have the karaoke feature to offer your friends some more enjoyment at the party.

Best Features:

  • Mega Bass: With the jet bass boost, it offers a great amount of bass.
  • Gesture and Voice control: Easily take control of the speaker using hand gestures and voice commands.
  • Guitar Input: It can function as an amplifier for any electric guitar.
Specification of Sony MHC-V42D Party Speaker 
Battery CapacityWorks on Live Power only
Power Output---
ConnectivityBluetooth, NFC, USB, HDMI, FM, DVD/CD
Weight12.6 Kg

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6. JBL PartyBox 200 Powerful Wireless Speaker

JBL PartyBox

The JBL offers premium quality products, but the products do come with a high price tag as well. This is one of the most subtle and sophisticated speakers on the list as it focuses on the sound quality more than any other extra features that you might never use.

As this is a JBL product, the brand is known for the best in class audio quality, and you can expect the same JBL signature sound from this speaker as well. However, there is no power rating mentioned on the product description, but the sound clarity and bass are one of the best and most thumping on the market.

Primarily, this speaker is built for in-house parties as it works on live power only and requires you to connect it to a power source.

Apart from all that, the build quality that JBL offers is always top of the class, and it looks like a small speaker to you, but it does have some weight to it. Weighing almost 15 kilograms is truly heavy for a speaker that is so small in size. But again, you can feel the quality as JBL managed to put some great quality speakers is such a small package for you.

Best Features:

  • JBL Signature Sound quality: It offers premium sound quality that you can expect from any JBL speaker.
  • Sophisticated Design: The design language is quite subtle, as it has all those flashy lights ready for every party mood.
  • Mic and guitar support: Easily plug-in your mic or guitar and be ready to take over the stage.
Specification of JBL PartyBox 200 Powerful Wireless Speaker 
Battery CapacityNo battery
Power Output120 Watts
ConnectivityUSB, Bluetooth,
TWS technology
Weight15.3 Kg

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7. Sony MHC-V21D High Power Portable Party System

Sony Portable Party System

Another great choice for an indoor party speaker in the premium segment is the Sony MHC-V21D High Power Portable Party System. If you are looking for a compact party speaker, definitely don’t forget to check this one out. However, compact and powerful things do come at a higher price and so does this one.

The sound quality of the speaker is as good as you can expect from a premium Sony speaker. But, the wattage is not mentioned, but it sounds fairly better than most other speakers of this price segment. In this small form factor, it has an integrated DVD player with HDMI ARC. Moreover, you can use other media input options to play music such as Bluetooth & NFC and USB as well.

Sony knows how a party speaker should work and perform, so the speaker outlets are given at apt angles to cover a wide range of areas. And, using it indoors gives a great experience as it completely fills the entire room with great and loud music with extreme bass.

In case there are people at the party who want to showcase their singing talents, the speaker has Karaoke and guitar inputs to help them and enjoy their time. The speaker light is of teal color and matches with almost any party theme.

And, in case you want to take this speaker to anyone else’s party, you can do it easily as it weighs around 8 kilos only. But, you will always need to search for a power source to play music on this speaker as it does not have an in-built battery.

Best Features:

  • Great Sound Quality: With angled speakers, it offers great room-filling sound with a good amount of bass.
  • Karaoke and Guitar Support: You can easily connect any mic or guitar and take over the stage.
  • Compact: The speakers are built in a very small and compact package offering great sound quality and easy portability.
Specification of Sony MHC-V21D High Power Portable Party System 
Battery CapacityNo battery
Power Output----
ConnectivityBluetooth, NFC, USB, HDMI
Weight8.5 kg

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8. JBL Partybox 300 Powerful Wireless Speaker

JBL Partybox Wireless Speaker

Last but not least, JBL has another great party speaker for us, and we know it by the name JBL Partybox 300 Powerful Wireless Speaker. By the looks of it, it looks very similar to its predecessor, the Partybox 200, but we get to see many improvements here and there.

But, the reason it is placed last on our list is because of the price tag that it comes with. As the sound quality you expect from it, it offers the Immersive audio experience that only JBL Signature Sound can provide. Moreover, the lights on the speaker can be adjusted in three different ways according to your moods, such as Meter, Pulse, and Party Mode.

The previous version didn’t come up with an in-built battery, so JBL decided to put a massive one this time. It now has 10,000 mAh of battery capacity that could last up to 18 full hours, and that is enough juice for almost two parties. Although if you are using it at home, just plug it into any 12V DC source and you are good to go. For providing the best in class bass and thumps, it has 120 Watts powerful speakers with 2 x 6.5″ Woofers, 3 x 2.25″ tweeters as well.

You can connect a microphone or an electric guitar to this speaker as well for a more fun and immersive experience at the party. For connectivity, JBL offers USB connectivity and Bluetooth mode too. Not just that, if you have two units of these speakers, with the TWS technology, you will be able to connect both speakers to double the sound and fun at the party.

Best Features:

  • JBL Signature Sound: With the support of the woofers and tweeters, you can expect some great music quality.
  • Mic and Guitar connectivity: Connect your guitar and mic to perform a small gig and grab everyone’s attention.
  • Massive Battery backup: The 10,000 mAh battery offers up to 18 hours of battery backup.
Specification of JBL Partybox 300 Powerful Wireless Speaker 
Battery Capacity10,000 mAh
Power Output120 Watts
ConnectivityBluetooth, USB
Weight15.8 Kg

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Party Speakers Buying Guide

Buying any speakers online is a little bit hefty task as you cannot experience the right audio. But various aspects come into play and make a speaker stand out from others. Well, looking at a speaker’s spec sheet, you can get a fair idea about it. And, to help you out with this, we have gathered a list of some essential features that you must check when you buy a speaker from the online market.

1. Sound Quality

The sound quality of a speaker is the most important aspect that one mostly looks for. And, as we are talking about the big party speaker here, you surely need some great sounding speakers to keep the party pumped up. And as there is plenty of space inside the large cabinets of the speaker, there are mostly sub-woofers and tweeters included for enhancing the sound quality and give you the right amount of punch in the music that a party environment needs. You can read the reviews of other people as well about how others felt while using the speaker in their parties and how was their experience.

2. Power and Frequency

The power and the frequency are important features that you can check while buying a speaker online. These figures are mostly responsible for the quality of the sound that you will be getting from a particular speaker. Generally, the frequency band gives you an idea about how many different varieties of sound your speaker is capable of producing. An ideal speaker can produce sound from 20hz to 20kHz. And, as we talk about the power, that is measured in Watts, give you an idea about the loudness of the speaker. And, loudness is a necessary factor for the speakers that are going to be used in parties. In the case of Power, the loudness of the speaker is directly proportional to Watts. And, if your speakers are loud enough, your neighbors will surely come and tell you.

3. Connectivity

The flexibility of having various ways to connect to a speaker is always a great thing. And, you can find a number of party speakers out there that allow you to connect using a wire such as a USB connection, an AUX cable, or connecting an mp3 player or any DVD player for the media input. But, the best part about this era is that most things can connect wirelessly these days with called Bluetooth. It simply allows you to connect your phone to the speaker and play your own choice of music at the party seamlessly. Hence, it will be a great pick if the speaker provides you both wired and wireless choices.

4. In-built battery and portability

As a party speaker is slightly bigger in size than a normal speaker, you must consider connecting it to a power source in case you arrange a party indoors. But, there are times when we need to arrange it somewhere outdoors. So, in that case, you might have a hard time finding the power source. In such situations, having an inbuilt battery is a viable choice as it can keep the party going on even without the need for any wires or any power source. Apart from that, the portability of the speaker is another aspect to consider if you often plan outdoor parties. So, make sure the speaker is not heavy enough to give you back pain else you would not be able to enjoy the party well.

So, these were some important factors that can help you buy some great speakers for all your parties and celebrations.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much loudness do I need in a party speaker?

As far as the loudness of the speaker is concerned, you can have an idea about the loudness from the RMS output value or the Power output value of the speaker that is given in Watts. You can see speakers from a lot of popular brands with wattage varying from 50 Watts to all the way higher. But, for a decent party, the 60 Watts power is good enough to play some loud music indoors and outdoors as well. But, in case the gathering size is large, you might need some more powerful speakers.

2. Is there a difference between the audio quality of wired and wireless connection?

Generally, it is believed that a wired connection offers a higher quality of sound than you could achieve from a wireless connection such as Bluetooth. But since Bluetooth has evolved a lot since the past few years, it is hard for human ears to fairly see any difference between the quality offered by both wireless and wired connections.

3. Should I get a party speaker with a battery?

A party speaker with an in-built battery is not much useful function if you are buying to use it indoors as you can easily find a power source at home. But, in case you plan outdoor parties, you might have a hard time finding a power source all the time, so it is better to buy one that offers great battery life and offers a playback time around 6 hours at least.

4. What’s the difference between normal and party speakers?

The party box is a way better choice to use at a party because a normal speaker can never provide you the party atmosphere. Whereas the party boxes have special lighting effects that can sync with the beats of the music. Moreover, there are woofers and subwoofers along with tweeters to offer you a great bass that makes the party lively and energetic. Also, few party speakers have the karaoke feature that is another fun aspect of any house party.


As we have checked out a lot of good speakers by now, we hope that you will decide which speaker best suits your budget and requirements. As in this list, there are some premium brands like Sony Party Speakers and JBL Party Speakers, and some other small brands that offer great sound output. Well, it is totally your choice to go for the premium brands or the less pricey ones as in the case of party speakers, people don’t usually listen to the crispy vocals, and bass matters much more than that.

So, this was our top picks of Best Party Speaker Boxes in India that are available to buy right now. In case of any doubts or queries, you can ask us freely in the comments section below.