Best Power Banks in India under 1000, 1500, 3000

As the usage of smartphone has increased rapidly, investing on power bank has become a necessity. Though smartphones come with high-performance battery, due to increased internet usage (thanks to JIO) for heavy browsing or live chatting, the battery seems to drain quickly.

So, if you are a person who travel long distance regularly or need your mobile to keep going on for a longer period of time then a power bank can be helpful.

While selecting a power bank, the main factor to consider is battery capacity which usually depends on your power backup requirements. A 10000mAh battery capacity power bank can charge your phone 2 – 3 times in a day while 20000mAH can charge 5 times per day. Apart from that, you have to consider No.of USB ports for multiple device charging, weight and portability for pocket friendliness and others.

Our team has done an extensive research for almost 100 hours and picked up the best power banks available in the market. You can read the factors we have considered while choosing a power bank by clicking here.

Best Power Banks for Mobiles in India (our Top Picks)

Power BankBattery CapacityEnergy EfficiencyUSB PortsBuy Online
Anker (Highly Recommended)20100mAh80%2 Check the Price
CoolNut2,0000mAh90%2 Check the Price
Mi (User’s Choice)20000mAh93%2 Check the Price
PNY 10400mAh>85%2 Check the Price
Moredon (Below 3000)11000mAh>85%3 Check the Price
Targus (Under 2000)8400mAh>90%2 Check the Price
Penibel 10050mAh93%1 Check the Price
Microsoft9000mAh80%2 Check the Price
Asus 10050mAh70%1 Check the Price
ADATA PT100 (Under 1000)10000mAh70%2 Check the Price
Intex (Under 1000)11000mAh92%3 Check the Price

After a thorough research and testing, we have picked up the best power banks available in India. Anker Power Bank has taken the top place in our list. Though the energy efficiency is a bit less than CoolNut power bank, the features of Anker power bank differentiate it from others. It features are battery cell protection, auto shut-off sleep mode, power overload recovery and many others.

 1. Anker (Highly Recommended)

Anker is America’s leading USB charging brand with 100 million+ happy customers and counting. It is known for its faster, safer charging and advanced technology. We highly recommend this product because of its superior quality, cutting edge technology and usage of advanced materials which ensures complete safety.

Anker power banks are available with 20100mAH, 10000mAH, and 5200mAH.

Anker PowerCore 20100mAH is a high-end USB-C with capacity that can charge an iPhone 6-7 times, an iPad Mini 2 times and a 12 inch MacBook 1 time. The PowerCore is equipped with two USB ports with 2.4 amps power supply and takes just 10 hours to charge using a 2amp charger.

It comes with built-in VoltageBoost feature that automatically delivers most stable current to the charging cable. The PowerIQ feature identifies the amp charge of the device plugged into the power bank and delivers the correct amp charge to it.

Anker PowerCore 10000 is a Qualcomm quick charge 3.0 portable charger which compatible to most of the devices – Samsung, iPhone, iPad and more. It is much smaller than other high-capacity portable chargers. It can charge a device at least 3 times and at least once for a tablet. It is incredible small, light and very handy.

Anker Astro 5200mAH is a compact portable external battery power back up with PowerIQ technology. This technology intelligently identifies your device to deliver its fastest possible charge. It also has features like battery cell protection, auto shut-off sleep mode, output voltage surge protection, output current stabilizer, high energy efficiency, short circuit protection, low voltage protection, and power overload recovery.

All the Anker devices have a Status button along with 4 LED lights that give you the status of the power bank.


  • America’s Leading USB Charging Brand.
  • Faster and Safety Charging Assured with Advanced Technology.
  • 10 Million+ happy customers.


  • A little expensive.

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2. CoolNut Power Bank

CoolNut is India’s most trusted premium charging brand which assures superfast charging experience with high performance and premium quality products. CoolNut power banks are available in 20000mAH, 13000mAH (Solar), 10000mAH (Solar), and 10000mAH.

CoolNut 20000mAH power bank comes with 3 USB outputs so that the user can charge up to 3 gadgets at a time. It has maximum 2.1A output that charges the smartphones and other gadgets super-fast.

For completely safety of your gadgets, the power bank is equipped with IC protection and PCB technology that monitors temperature, controls input and output voltages protects against short circuit. The special feature of this power bank is its digital LCD power display that keeps the user updated of the remaining charge.

CoolNut 13000mAH solar power bank is stylish, compact and has dual USB ports. It features additional solar panel which recharges the power bank using sun rays in few days of time. It also holds another charging port convenient for electric charging. It is powered by Li-ion cells which are safest in the world. The external battery holds a multilevel security system for short-circuit, over-current risks and high voltage. It also has auto-cut technology which ensure automatic shut down in case of a short circuit.

CoolNut 10000mAH solar power bank has both solar panel and electric recharging option for recharge. It has dual USB ports which ensure fast charge for both devices at the same time with 2A output. Apart from having gorgeous looks, it is also very handy with a light lightweight design carved on Aluminium+ABS shell case. It also features 7 layers of protective circuits for cells, charging-discharging and short circuit.

CoolNut 10000mAH is durable power bank with maximum output of 2.4A. With compact and trendy looks, it always stands out of the crowd. It holds ultra high density Lithium-ion cells and advanced 2A input port which ensure fast recharging in half amount of time compared to other brands.

The CoolNut power banks are compatible with iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Nokia, Micromax, Lava, Panasonic and several other brands.


  • 60 – 70% of energy efficient.
  • India’s most trusted premium charging brand.
  • Most reliable and best quality finish.
  • Exclusive and enhanced charging technology.
  • Strong battery protection.
  • Automatic smart technology
  • Beautiful appearance.


  • Through solar power, it can take few days to completely recharge the power bank.

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3. Mi Power Bank (User’s Choice)

The Mi 20000mAh power bank from Xiaomi provides extraordinary value for money and it reflects a perfect balance of durability and charging efficiency.

It can charge a 3100mAh battery device such as the Mi3 2 to 3 times, an Apple iPhone 6 almost 3.5 times and a Samsung Galaxy S6 approximately 2 times.

Xiaomi claims that its high-end chips used in this power bank increases the charging conversion rate up to 93%.

The USB output is compatible with a wide range of devices such as smartphones, tablets, digital cameras and handheld gaming devices. It has 2 USB ports, so you don’t have to worry about sharing it with your friends. It is also approved by popular airlines, so you can carry it with you anywhere you travel.

The power bank takes 5.5 hours to recharge itself using a 5V 2.1A input. Superior quality of the product is achieved with the usage of high quality environmental friendly ABS and PC. The exterior of the product is scratch proof and slip resistant.

It is built using advanced battery technologies from ATL and Listen. The batteries are much light yet high on performance. It only weighs around 330.5 g so you can carry it in your pocket or handbag with ease.


  • Stylish and sleek design.
  • 93% energy efficiency.
  • Small in size and light in weight.
  • Scratch proof and slip resistant.
  • Secure from overcharging and over discharge.
  • Quite affordable.


  • Takes a little time to charge if the device’s charging is completely drained.
  • Product gets sold out soon.

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4. PNY BE-740 10400mAH Power Bank

It is a powerful and highly efficient power bank that can charge a 3,000 mAh phone such Samsung Galaxy S6, OnePlus 2 and Google Nexus 6 two to three times and a 4,000 mAh tablet such as Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 twice.

The PNY BE-740 had 2 output ports, one of which gives 1Amp output while the other gives 2Amp output. This power bank is ideal for those who want to charge one device at a time. Because, the 1Amps output is too low for any new smartphone.

It takes around 5-6 hours to recharge the power bank from 0 to 100%. There are 4-lights of LED indicator which display the battery level status – 4 lights indicate 75-100% capacity, 3 lights indicate 50-75% capacity, 2 lights indicate 25-50% capacity and 1 light indicates 0-25% capacity.

The PNY BE-740 Power Bank is highly energy efficient. It comes with a smart Auto Switch Off feature that automatically cuts off power supply once the device is fully charged. This technology is not only applicable for your mobiles and tablets, but also for the power bank itself. The power bank automatically disconnects itself from the power-source once it is completely charged.


  • Powerful and Highly Efficient.
  • Trendy look, very handy and durable.
  • A built-in LED torch.
  • Perfect for using on travelling and outdoor activities.


  • Takes a little time to get charged.

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5. Moredon power Bank (Below 3000)

If you want a power bank that is stylish and high in performance then Moerdon is what you are looking out for. It comes in 11000mAh, 10000mAh, and 6000mAh.

Moerdon 10000mAh power bank has 3 USB ports with a top speed of 2.1 amp. So, you can charge 2 devices at the same time. It also recharges itself in less time with 1.5amp technology. It provides high quality 7 layer protections that include over charge/discharge protection, short circuit protection and over voltage/current protection. Apart from that NTC temperature protection monitors battery temperature which helps to avoid overheating damage. This product is light in weight, stylish and portable.

Moerdon 11000mAh has Dual USB ports and it charges at a fast output of 2.1A, subject to the device that is being charged, and enabling faster charging. It comes with 180° moveable LED flashlight strap on the front and beautiful 4-LED green power indicators. This worthy buying power bank is also equipped with 7 layers of protection unit to safeguard your devices from any risks.

Moerdon 6000mAh is a compact, ultralight and strong build power bank under budget. It also has two output ports providing high power of 2.1 Amp. It protects your phone or other gadgets from over charging-discharging risks. It has 4 LED lights which indicate the level of power drawn.

The moerdon power banks are compatible with most of the smart phones, digital cameras, and tablets.


  • Safety Mechanism and High Quality Accessories.
  • Trust worthy brand.
  • 1 Year Warranty on Power Bank and 6 Month on Box Accessories.
  • Innovative, stylish and sleek designs.
  • 4LED indicators.


  • Takes a little more time to get recharged than other power banks.

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6. Targus APB031AP-50 Power Bank (Under 2000)

Targus power bank is one of the solidly constructed power banks in the market. It has 2 USB output battery ports, 2.1A which allows to charge 2 devices at a same time. It is compatible to charge iPad and smartphones.

Featuring 8400mAh of battery capacity, the battery provides users with an additional 10 hrs of use on iPad and can fully charge a smartphone 5 times on a single charge.

The battery features a 3 level LED battery level indicator so users are never left without power. The thin and compact size is portable and can be easily packed away into luggage for easy travel.

It comes with 1 year limited warranty as well. It also has features like built-in protection for short circuit, over current over current charging, over discharging, and over temperature control.


  • Dual USB output battery.
  • 3 level LED battery level indicator.
  • Charges a Smartphone 5 times on single charge.
  • Max 2A input for much faster battery recharge.
  • Reliable battery performance.
  • Small, portable and handy.


  • Not so stylish in design.

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7. Penibel PT-10 Power Bank

Penibel is one of the premium LG high density battery with 3*3350mAh batteries. It is precisely crafted anodized aluminum shell which protects the power bank from dirt, oil, and scratches. With fire resistant ABS+PC alloy inside structure, it is safe to carry.

When compared to other products of same quantity, it is 30% smaller with only 3 cell inside. It has 30% high energy density up to 735 wh/L than ordinary battery which ensure better output efficiency, longer life cycles and increased charge cycles.

It has 9 layer safety circuit build by MPS – electronic protection, high temperature protection, battery over current protection, smart output recognition, output over voltage protection, input over current protection, and output shutoff protection.

It is equipped with smart LED indicator which helps to know the status of power it holds. It is ultra-light in weight and small size which is easy to carry in the pocket.

Its advanced Quick Charge 3.0 charging technology delivers smart output with built-in Powerboost technology. It auto detects the connected device which adjusts the output accordingly. It take 3.5 hours to fully charge the power bank while the other power banks usually take 7 hours.


  • Original LG HD battery.
  • Qualcomm quick chargeTM 3.0 technology.
  • Advanced 9 Layer safety protection.
  • Super-fast charging and quick charge input.
  • Wide compatibility.
  • Compact and stylish.
  • Smart charging indicator.


  • The product gets a little high in temperature while getting charged.

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8. Microsoft Power Banks

The Microsoft power bank provides extraordinary value for money and it reflects a perfect balance of portability and capacity. It is a perfect companion in providing smart devices with emergency back-up power.

It can be used to charge smart phones, digital camera, media player, and tablet. These power banks are available in 9000mAh and 5200mAh.

Microsoft DC-34 9000mAh supports dual output ports so you can conveniently charge 2 devices at same time. You can power up a wide range of devices without buying new charging cables because both ports have the standard USB interface. And with an easy to read LED power indicator on top, checking your charging capacity is quick and convenient.

Microsoft 5200mAh is an excellent power bank with long lasting battery backup. It has several features like temperature resistance, input overvoltage protection, over charge protection, protection from short circuit, protection from incorrect insertion, protection from output overcurrent and over-discharge protection. It also has 2 USB ports which can be used to charge 2 devices at the same time.

Even if you leave Microsoft power banks in the bag for several months, you will still have up to 80% of charging capacity.


  • Well-known brand.
  • 80% of energy efficiency.
  • Dual USB ports.
  • Quick blast of power like a wall charger.
  • Compatible with smart phones and tablets.
  • Light weight and sturdy.


  • Only 6 months warranty.

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9. Asus 10050mAH Zen Power Bank

It is a powerful fast charging power bank with 10050mAh capacity that can charge a 2000mAh battery mobile such as Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro, Moto G4 Plus and Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 up to 5 times and more than 2 Asus Zenfone 2 smartphone.

It has a 2.4A output that offers high-efficiency and high-speed charging and it is compatible with most smartphones, tablets and other gadgets.

The power bank takes around 5-6 hours to charge from 0-100% when using a 2 Amp adapter.

There are 4 white LED lights that provide information about the power remaining in the device. Each LED light represents 25% charging percentage.

The power bank is equipped with Asus PowerSafe technology that provides temperature protection, short circuit protection, input and output over-voltage protection, over charge/discharge protection, cell PTC protection and adapter protection.

As for the size, the Asus 10050mAH Zen Power Bank is no bigger than a credit card which makes it extremely portable and light weight.


  • Asus PowerSafe technology.
  • Compact size and attractive design.
  • High efficiency and ultrafast charging.
  • Rigorously tested to ensure top quality.
  • Anodized aluminum casting which ensure style and durability.
  • You can choose from range of colors and cases.


  • It isn’t scratch resistant.

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10. ADATA PT100 1000mAH Power Bank (Under 1000)

It is an energy efficient power bank with high charge capacity that can charge an iPhone 5 times and an iPad 1.5 times from 0 to 100%. Although, it has 10000mAh capacity but it has only 70% efficiency.

There are 2 USB outlets one of which gives 2.1Amps and the other gives 1Amps power output so you can charge 2 devices at a time. The power bank also hosts a micro USB input that can be used to charge up the power bank.

There are 4 LED indicator lights which provide information about the power remaining in the device. The ADATA PT100 also works as an LED torch light with 4 different lightning modes to choose from.

It is a smart energy saver power bank that automatically turns off when disconnected from any device or if it remains idle for more than 20 seconds.

Auto On/Off options allows the power bank to begin charging as soon as a device is connected to it and automatically shut off when the device is fully charged.

It also comes with multi-protection features – Overcharge protection, Short circuit protection, over voltage protection, over discharge protection and over current protection.


  • Dual USB outlets.
  • Compatible with all Smartphones.
  • 4 stage lighting with LED flashlight.
  • Multiple protection features.
  • Superior quality hence guaranteed durability.
  • Energy efficient and Intelligent On-Off.
  • High durability and great performance.


  • It take a little long time to get charged.

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11. Intex IT-PB 11K Power Bank (Under 1000)

If you are looking out for a power bank in budget then Intex IT-PB 11000mAh has to be your choice. This product has 3 output ports – 1 with 5V 1A and other two with 5V 2A. So, it is a great portable charging station if you want to charge multiple devices at same time.

This intex power bank comes with 4 LED lights that depicts the level of charging of your power bank. So, you can easily predict that when the charge of the power bank is low. A fully charged Intex IT-PB 11k can easily charge your mobile (2000mAh capacity) 3 times.

It just weighs 222gms which makes it light in weight and portable. Its dimensions are 14.2*2.6*6.3 which makes it very handy. The slim design gives it a firm grip to avoid accidental slips and drops. It is made of sturdy grade of plastic to make it tough and strong.

One of the amazing things about this product is that, unlike other power banks, it doesn’t slow down its charging a phone during the last stages.

The Built-in battery is easy to operate as it works on plug and play mode. It has a life cycle of more than 500 times.

The power bank is fitted with a flash light which can be a useful companion while you are travelling. It is compatible with most of the smart phones available in the market.


  • Firm grip to avoid accidental slips and drops.
  • 3 USB ports.
  • Light weight and sleek design.
  • Built-in battery for easy operation.
  • 4 LED lights which depict the level of charging.
  • Comes with 1 year warranty.


  • The plastic case is not scratch proof.

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How to Choose the Best Power Bank?

We have so many brands offering power bank products in the market. But if you think all are same then you are wrong. There are some features you have to consider while choosing them.

1. Requirement

Every one of us have a different requirement, so it is important to know the purpose of power bank before buying it. If you want to power back up for small devices like bands, smart watches and others then 10000 – 13000 mAH is more than enough. The same is also good enough for mobile or smart phones as well. Because most of the phones have 3000 – 4000 mAH of battery capacity, you can easily charge 3 – 4 times. However, if your requirement is much higher then you have to buy a power bank with 15000 – 20000 mAH. But remember that they will costlier and bigger in size.

2. Current Output

If the current output is high then you can charge your phone very fast. So, make sure the power bank you choose has PB of 2A or more. And it is also better to check whether your mobile phone is compatible to high current or not.

3. Type of Power Bank

There are three types of power banks – Portable charging, USB plug in charging, and solar charger.

  • Capacity: Make sure the battery capacity of the power bank is more than your devices. The mAh of the power bank you buy should be at least twice the battery capacity of your mobile.
  • Potable charging: This type of power bank helps to automatically charge the device when the power is down. You have to plug-in the device to the charging dock. They provide 2 – 3 times of full battery charging. These potable charging docks are recharged using an electrical outlet using a power adapter.
  • USB Plug-In: These are portable devices that fit in our pockets. They use USB to connect to the mobile. It doesn’t need electricity socket to get charged. It is usually charged with a laptop or any other power source and you will have a secondary battery in your pocket.
  • Solar Charger: This type of charger is very helpful when you go out for camping, trips, hiking or where you cannot get an electric power source. Its size is similar to that of a smart phone with solar panels on one side. It converts power from the sun rays which can be used to charge up your phones, tablets or others.

4. Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of a power bank depends on the percentage of charge transferred. Usually, when a power is transferred to a device, a small amount of it gets lost due to heat and voltage conversion. No power bank is 100% efficiency and it may vary depending on quality of components used, type of cell used, and environment. Usually, a good power bank should have 80 – 90% energy efficient as per industry standards.

5. No. Of USB Ports

It is better to select a power bank with at least 2 USB ports. It helps to charge multiple devices at one time. You can even offer a port to your companion while travelling.

6. Security Features

This feature plays a very important role because some power banks can have the risk of blasting. Always choose a power bank which has protection from overcharging and overheating. Or else it can be a risk in carrying it in your pocket.

7. Size / Weight

Most of the powers banks available in India come around 6 inches. You can even find smaller one if you travel short or you need power bank for only short period battery backup. A lightweight product can be easy to carry out. Heavier and bigger ones are not handy compared to them.

8. Charging Time of the Power Bank

You have to look out for a power bank that gets fully charged quickly. Usually a good power bank with a capacity of 10000 mAH gets charged completely in 6 – 10 hours.

General Information about Power Banks:

What is a Power Bank?

Power bank is a portable charging device that consists of a battery and a circuit that controls power flow. It allows the user to store electrical energy which is later used to charge up smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, handheld gaming devices and other gadgets.
What is a Power BankPower banks usually contain a cylindrical lithium ion or lithium polymer battery that gets power through a dedicated USB input socket. It uses mini or micro USB ports for charging other devices and a full-sized USB port for discharging.

There is a DC-DC step up transformer inside a power bank that boosts the output to 5V so that it can charge high-end smartphones.

The total time required to fully charge a power bank depends on its capacity. While power banks with low mAh take 3 to 4 hours to charge, power banks with high mAh take 10 to 15 hours to charge.

There is a LED indicator in most power banks that show the how much charge is left in the power bank. It also incorporates a safety circuit that prevents overcharging, over current, overheating and short circuit.

How to Charge a Power Bank?

  • Power bank comes with a dedicated full-sized USB input socket which is used for charging the power bank.
  • A computer USB socket or wall socket adapter can used to connect to this socket for charging.
  • A charging cable has a mini-USB port and a full-sized USB port.
  • Connect the mini USB port end of the cable to the mini-USB port of power bank and plug in the regular USB into a USB wall adapter or a USB plug on a computer.
  • Once the power bank is connected to a power source, the LED light indicator should illuminate in the power bank.
  • Time taken to charge a power bank depends on its capacity and its remaining charge level.
  • Power banks don’t have as much efficiency as their capacity. A certain portion of the power gets lost while being transferred from the power bank to the device due to resistance of the power bank.
  • Some power banks have 70 to 80% efficiency while others have 90%.
  • It is best to not to keep the power bank connected to the charging source once it is completely charged in order to avoid overheating.

How to use a Power Bank?

All power banks come with a USB cord. Just plug in one end of the USB cord into the power bank and the other end into a charger wall outlet. Keep the power bank plugged into the wall outlet till it is completely charged.

Once the power bank is fully charged, you can charge other devices using it. Connect the USB male end to the power bank and the USB female end to your cell phone and notice whether the battery icon in your device starts charging.

To charge your phone battery faster you can power off your phone until the battery icon on your phone’s screen fully green. It is better to avoid using a phone while it’s connected to the power bank to prevent slow charging.

Important Parts of a Power Bank

Battery – This is the most important component of a power bank which determines its capacity. Most of the power banks use lithium ion or lithium polymer batteries. While lithium ion batteries are cheaper, they have limited mAh capacity. Lithium polymer cells are a bit expensive but they last longer.

Output USB Port/s – A power bank may have one or more USB output ports. Output ports connect to mobiles, tablets and other devices, carry power from the power bank and charge these devices. Out ports may have varying rate of power output – some supply 1Amp power others supply 2Amp power.

Input Micro USB Port – Power banks have 1 micro USB port which is used to charge the power bank.

Indicator – Most power banks have either 3 or more LED lights or a LCD power display that indicates the capacity left in the power bank.

Off Button – Most power banks have a dedicated Off-button which is used to start charging a device. It is also used as the on/off button for torch present in some power banks.


We tried our maximum to list out the best options for you. You can choose any one as per your requirement and budget. Or else you can buy any power bank based on the guidelines we have provided.

As per our reviews, Anker power banks are the best choice. What will be your choice? Share your comments and queries in the comment section below.

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