Best Power Banks for Mobiles in India (10000mAh – 20000mAh) 2020

Smartphones, our so-called best friends these days, require a lot of juice to keep running. And, in this world of heavy usage, we end up running out of the phone battery most of the time. Hence, investing in a good quality power bank is not a bad choice.

As there are a lot of options available on the web to buy, people tend to confuse while buying a good one for them. Since we are here to help you, we will be mentioning some of the Best Power Banks in India. Here are some essential features that you must check before buying:

  • Power Capacity: The most crucial aspect of a power bank is the power capacity that it can hold. Choose wisely while keeping in mind how many gadgets you might need to charge. The bigger the power capacity, the more you can recharge the batteries.
  • of Ports: Nowadays, you will get to see a number of ports on the power banks. It is good to have multiple ports as it gives us the flexibility to recharge multiple devices at once.
  • Weight and Portability: As power banks are devices to provide us power when there is no other source available, it should be easier to carry. If the weight and size of the power bank are more, you might face issues carrying it along with you.

In case you still have any queries, you can go through the complete Buying Guide that is given below in this article.

Best Power Banks for Mobiles in India (our Top Picks)

Power BankLED indicatorsOutput PortsWarrantyBuy Now
Mi 10000mAH Power Bank4 LEDS2 Ports6 monthsCHECK ON AMAZON
URBN 10000 mAh Power Bank4 LEDS2 Ports1 YearCHECK ON AMAZON
Samsung Power Bank4 LEDS2 Ports1 YearCHECK ON AMAZON
Ambrane 10000 mAH Power Bank4 LEDS2 Ports6 monthsCHECK ON AMAZON
Duracell Power bank4 LEDS2 Ports3 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
Micromax 10400 mAh Power Bank3 LEDS2 Ports6 monthsCHECK ON AMAZON
Syska Power Bank4 LEDS3 Ports6 monthsCHECK ON AMAZON
Lenovo 10400mAH Power Bank4 LEDS2 Ports1 YearCHECK ON AMAZON

Best Power Banks for Mobiles in India 2020 Reviews

1.Mi 10000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank 2i (Black)

Mi 10000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank 2i (Black)

First on our list is the Xiaomi 10000mAH power bank. From the house that bought us Redmi smartphones, Xiaomi slowly conquered the Indian Battery submarket with their lucrative and high capacity power banks 

Top Features:

  • Consists of a high-density lithium polymer batteries that are highly durable. It is optimized for better charging efficiency and can charge an iPhone 8 3 and a half times, an iPad Mini once, a Redmi Go for 2 times.
  • Boxed into a stylish aluminium alloy casing, the CNC edge technology gives a perfectly fine textured finish to the device. 
  • The 180 degrees ergonomic design gives you a comfortable and secure grip. Furthermore, it is available in 5 different and vibrant colours to choose from.
  • As for the battery and charging chipset, it comes with a total of 9 layers of protection in its schematic protecting it from any kind of over-currents, voltage fluctuations, overcharge or discharge or any kind of short circuit. 
  • Consumes 18 watts of power and has a very fast charging compared to conventional power banks. It supports not just the regular 12V/1.5 amperes ports, but also the 5V/2 Amperes, 9V/ 2Amperes ports as well.
  • The two-way quick charge feature ensures this faster charging and discharging too. For charging, if you use a standard USB cable but a fast 18-watt charger, it takes about 4.5 hours for a full charge. But for a regular 10 watts charger, the same USB cable will take approximately 6 hours of time.
  • It has a dual USB output much like its previous versions. The 2i model can intelligently adjust to the variable power output requirements up to 18 watts to a maximum of 2 devices. 
  • Easy to carry and highly reliable, the device comes with a 6 months manufacturer’s warranty that is available from the date of purchase. For any further queries or questions, you can reach their support team at 18001036286.


  • Stylish and Strong aluminium body casing made from CNC edge technology
  • Durable lithium-ion polymer battery
  • 9 Layers of protection against all fluctuations, discharge, voltage and current issues
  • Massive charge storage capacity
  • Dual output port
  • 4 LED charge level indicator
  • 2 Way charging
  • Universally compatible with all types of devices
  • Highly reliable and value for money
  • With an 18 watt USB charger, takes about 4.5 hours of charging and with a regular 10 watt USB, takes 6 hours of charging
  • Available in 5 different colours
  • 6 months of manufacturer’s warranty


  • Needs to improve its customer support

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While this is a 10000mAH variant, Mi 20000 power bank 2i also comes in a 20000 mAH variant as well. Compared to the 10000mAH model, it has all the same features and benefits with the charge capacity being the only thing that is different. Due to this, the only other feature that varies is its charge and discharge time which are both considerably higher than the 10000mAH variant

2. URBN 10000 mAh Li-Polymer Heroes Power Bank

URBN 10000 mAh Li-Polymer Heroes Power Bank

Next on our list is URBN, a highly reviewed and rated 10000 mah power bank that is so compact that it fits in your palms. It is available in 3 different colours to pick from and an aesthetically pleasant looking design.

Top Features:

  • It comes with two output outlets which have two different charging speeds. The first port has a 1 ampere speed whereas the second one has 2.1 ampere fast charge feature. 
  • Its Ultra compact body houses its high grade lithium polymer ion batteries. It can charge an iPhone 8 for 3.5 time, an iPhone X for 2.5 times, 2 times of a samsung S9 plus and 1.5 times of an iPad mini.
  • The device comes with a BIS certification which makes it a perfectly safe device to carry while travelling.The device comes with LED indicators which display the charge left, and blink as it is being charged. 
  • URBN comes with a 4 layer protection. These include protection from output voltage fluctuations, input voltage fluctuations, current surcharges and short circuits too.
  • While the Mi power bank of the same capacity comes with only 6 months of warranty, URBN comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase.


  • Value for money and affordable
  • Pleasing design and Compact size that fit into your palms
  • Dual output ports
  • 2.1 ampere fast charge feature
  • Lithium ion polymer batteries
  • 4 layer protection
  • LED indicators for the charge left
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Discharge is good but the charging of the powerbank itself is a little time consuming.

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3. Samsung EB-P1100BSNGIN 10000mAH Lithium Ion Power Bank

Samsung EB-P1100BSNGIN 10000mAH Lithium Ion Power Bank

Third on our list is a power bank from the house of samsung. From the looks of it, the samsung EB-P1100BSNGIN looks somewhat similar to that of the Mi Power bank 2i. Coupled with that, the capacity of this powerbank being 10000mAH as well is also fascinating. 

Top Features:

  • The power bank is made out of high quality aluminium alloy which gives it the sleek design, shine and build. As for the battery, it is made out of high density lithium polymer batteries.
  • While it may steal the looks from Xiaomi, it failed to steal the price range as well as often, the Samsung EB is priced about 1.5X times that of the Mi Power Bank but boasts superior quality and reliability compared to Mi. 
  • It has the same dual output USB 3.0 port as most of the power banks in the list. The central output port gives out 1 ampere output whereas the corner output port gives out a lightning fast 2.1 ampere output.
  • Apart from these, samsung holds a superior overcharge protection layers. These will not just protect your device AND the power bank from the voltage fluctuations but also the current and other short circuit related issues.
  • There is a 4 LED charge level indicator much like those of the other products in the list. This lets you know the level of charge left and the levels of power being charged.
  • Samsung provides a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase for the product. 


  • Sleek and compact design with aluminum body 
  • Surge and other forms of internal protection
  • Faster discharge and faster charging
  • 4 LED level indicator
  • Available in 2 colour choices
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Needs to improve power button quality
  • Pricing

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4. Ambrane 10000 mAH Lithium Polymer Power Bank

Ambrane 10000 mAH Lithium Polymer Power Bank

Next on our list is a very stylish and versatile power bank of the list. The ambrane 10000 mAH power bank not only has the usual micro USB input but also a C Type input port. Thus letting you charge the power bank faster and with a Type C charger cable as well.

Top Features

  • Aesthetically beautiful and available in black and red colours,  the Ambrane power bank has an ergonomically placed power button towards the front. 
  • Below this are the LED lights placed which display the level of battery left on the device. 
  • The battery is made out of high density and durable lithium ion batteries. Now to the output ports, the Ambrane power bank has the typical 2 slot USB output. 
  • The central output port has a 1 ampere current rating, the corner output port has a 2.1 Ampere maximum output current rating for fast and lightening charging. 
  • There are two types of input ports for this. The usual USB and USB Type C. Type C, can be used to be charged as fast as possible and does not require individual cables while travelling. 
  • Similar to the Mi Power bank 2i, Ambrane PP also comes with a 9 layer sophisticated protection. This will protect the device from any voltage fluctuations, short circuits, and other current related mishaps that may threaten the life of your power bank and your mobile device.
  • Lightweight and compact in design, the Ambrane PP is perfect for travellers. Also, it is priced at a very economic price compared to most of the 10000mAH power banks in the list. 
  • It also comes with a 6 months manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase.


  • Sleek, stylish and compact to carry about
  • Economic and budget friendly
  • Lithium ion batteries
  • Has 2 different inputs. Micro USB and Type C USB. So no more separate charging cable required.
  • 2 output ports. One with a 1 ampere current rating whereas the other with a 2.1 lightning charge rating.
  • LED based charge level indicator
  • Sophisticated 9 Layer protection
  • 6 months manufacturer’s warranty


  • Needs to improve overall product quality and product reliability
  • Power button needs to be improved

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Ambrane 20000 PP also has another variant of 20000 mAH as well. Monstrous in its looks yet compact to hold and feel, the 20000 mAH variant has all the same features as the 10000 mAH variant. The only difference apart from the obviously massive power capabilities are the build material and the placement of the dual inputs. The body of the power bank is made out of hardened ABS plastic whereas the input USB ports are placed to the side.

5. Duracell PB10050 5002732 10050mAH Lithium Ion Powerbank

Duracell PB10050 5002732 10050mAH Lithium Ion Powerbank

Duracell’s PB 10050 5002732 power bank comes with stellar looks. Holding it in your palms feels almost like you are holding an over-sized duracell battery.

Top Features:

  • Apart from the looks, the Duracell power bank has all the features similar to those of the other power banks in the list. 
  • It has the dual charge technology with two output ports. Out of these two, one is a 1 ampere current rated outlet whereas the other is a 2.1 ampere lightening fast power outlet. 
  • The 4 level LED indicator displays the charge that is left and also the upwards charging levels as well. 
  • The input of the power bank has a 2.4 current rating making it a fast charger for input. As for the batteries, they are made out of high density lithium ion batteries.
  • As for the protective layers, there are 10 layers of protection on the device. These will protect the device from various short circuits, current overcharge, voltage fluctuations etc., The outer casing is also over temperature, under temperature and also fire resistant.
  • Coming to the durability and longevity of the battery, the company claims to hold a high 72 hours of talk or surf time using this device. 
  • It also boasts 2x fast charging. While the charging part may be true, longevity has been questioned by a lot of customers.
  • There have been plenty of reviews which claim that the 10050mAH and also the reliability of the power bank are not up to the mark. This is after the product claims a high 91.12% energy efficiency.
  • Duracell provides a massive 3 years manufacturer’s warranty to tackle these issues. For any further support or query, you can contact their support at 1800-120-7897. The duracell power bank is also available in 6700 mAH and 3350 mAH as well.


  • Aesthetically pleasing looks that resemble that of a duracell battery
  • Stronger outer casing that protects it against any kind of falls and temperature protection as well.
  • Lithium ion batteries
  • 10 Layers of circuit protection
  • Dual output ports with 1 ampere and 2.1 ampere current rating 
  • 4 level LED charge indicators
  • Claims to have 91.12% energy efficiency
  • 3 years of massive manufacturer’s warranty
  • Also available in 6700 mAH and 3350 mAH variants as well.


  • Massive reliability issue
  • Connectivity issues as well

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6. Micromax 10400 mAh Power Bank 

Micromax 10400 mAh Power Bank 

Killing it with both looks and battery power, the Micromax PBAPB1041GRB is a 10400 mAH power bank. So far, the Micromax PBAPB1041GRB is the least expensive budget friendly power bank in our list. 

Top Features:

  • A massive spec improvement in the 10000 mAH power bank sector, the batteries of the Micromax Power bank are made out of LG Chem cels. These cells are a definitive brand and manufacturing level improvement over the common lithium polymer cells.
  • Talking of its aesthetics, Micromax has finally succeeded in creating something stylish which they have been trying with their mobile phones. The casing of the power bank is made out of high grip rubber (provides stronger grip and anti-slip) where as the inner casing is metallic. As for the design, it is incredibly detailed for a simple power bank.
  • It has the usual dual output ports where one port has the 1 ampere charge rating whereas the other one has a 2.1 ampere current rating. 
  • The LED charge level indicator has 3 levels compared to the conventional 4 but that is not that big of a deciding factor. But what is curiously good is its another LED indicator which displays the power on or off status of the device. 
  • Coming to its durability, the device is BIS certified and has protection against any short circuits.  Given its pricing, it is no competition to the high end Samsung or Xiaomi but it delivers to its promise. 
  • While Micromax tends to win in a lot of aspects, it falls short when it comes to operation. When it comes to capacity, there have been complaints about it not being able to deliver the 10000 mAH as a whole. 
  • Micromax provides a 6 months manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase. 


  • Stylish and detailed design
  • Budget friendly
  • 10400 mAH capacity
  • Anti slip and strong grip rubber finish
  • BIS certified
  • 3 level LED indicators
  • LED power indicator
  • Dual output ports with 1 ampere and a 2.1 ampere current rating
  • 6 months manufacturers’ warranty


  • Has reliability issues for the capacity

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7. Syska Power Port100 10000mAH Lithium-Ion Power Bank (Black)

Syska Power Port100 10000mAH Lithium-Ion Power Bank (Black)

Yet another budget friendly entry into our list, the Syska Power port 100 power bank comes with an impressive triple output ports. It also features an LED torch light which is a significant difference from many other power banks in the list. 

Top Features:

  • Starting off with the looks of the power bank, it has no design appeal but is a long rectangle which is here just for the job. 
  • It has the usual 4 LED charge level indicators and the aforementioned triple output ports. These ports, come have two ports with a 1 ampere current rating where as the third port has a 2.1 lightning charge rating. 
  • It comes with an advanced current shunt. This protects it from any current fluctuations up or down. 
  • The intelligent multi protection circuitry protects the device from any overcharging or discharging situations. It also protects it from any possible voltage fluctuations as well.
  • The top of the power bank features an LED light which consumes energy directly from the power bank. 
  • With over 6 months of manufacturer’s warranty, the Syska Power port 100 is a decent buy. 

While it is all fascinating and a useful accessory, Syska seems to fail in negligence. There have been multiple reviews of missing USB cables, the product being unreliable among a few to name.


  • Economic and budget friendly
  • Triple output ports (two have 1 ampere current rating whereas the third is 2.1 ampere rating)
  • LED torch light
  • 4 LED charge level indicators
  • Advanced current shunt
  • Intelligent multi protection circuits to safeguard the device from overcharging and voltage fluctuations
  • 6 months of warranty


  • Reports of missing USB cables
  • Needs to improve product reliability

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8. Lenovo 10400mAH Lithium-ion Power Bank PA10400 (Silver)

Lenovo 10400mAH Lithium-ion Power Bank PA10400 (Silver)

Finally, we have the Lenovo PA10400, a 10400 mAH lithium ion batteries power bank. It has a basic vanilla appearance with not a lot to talk about its design.

Top Features:

  • It has the usual dual output ports with unspecified current ratings to either of the ports. The input charging time for the Lenovo power bank is about 5 or 5.5 hours. 
  • Compatible with almost all smartphones, the device is not so light in weight but is durable. It has the usual 4 LED charge level indicators too. 
  • The lenovo PA10400 power bank is available in silver, white and gold colours. 
  • It also comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase. 

While this stays, Lenovo disappoints in performance. There have been multiple reports of the powerbank failing altogether and the device not charging. Also there have been reports of the customer care being non responsive


  • 10400 mAH capacity
  • Input charging time takes about 5.5 hours
  • Dual output ports
  • 4 LED charge level indicators
  • Available in silver, gold and white colours
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Product reliability issues
  • Non responsive customer care
  • Stops working after a few months

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How to Choose the Best Power Bank?

We have so many brands offering power bank products in the market. But if you think all are same then you are wrong. There are some features you have to consider while choosing them.

1. Requirement

Every one of us have a different requirement, so it is important to know the purpose of power bank before buying it. If you want to power back up for small devices like bands, smart watches and others then 10000 – 13000 mAH is more than enough. The same is also good enough for mobile or smart phones as well. Because most of the phones have 3000 – 4000 mAH of battery capacity, you can easily charge 3 – 4 times. However, if your requirement is much higher then you have to buy a power bank with 15000 – 20000 mAH. But remember that they will costlier and bigger in size.

2. Current Output

If the current output is high then you can charge your phone very fast. So, make sure the power bank you choose has PB of 2A or more. And it is also better to check whether your mobile phone is compatible to high current or not.

3. Type of Power Bank

There are three types of power banks – Portable charging, USB plug in charging, and solar charger.

  • Capacity: Make sure the battery capacity of the power bank is more than your devices. The mAh of the power bank you buy should be at least twice the battery capacity of your mobile.
  • Potable charging: This type of power bank helps to automatically charge the device when the power is down. You have to plug-in the device to the charging dock. They provide 2 – 3 times of full battery charging. These potable charging docks are recharged using an electrical outlet using a power adapter.
  • USB Plug-In: These are portable devices that fit in our pockets. They use USB to connect to the mobile. It doesn’t need electricity socket to get charged. It is usually charged with a laptop or any other power source and you will have a secondary battery in your pocket.
  • Solar Charger: This type of charger is very helpful when you go out for camping, trips, hiking or where you cannot get an electric power source. Its size is similar to that of a smart phone with solar panels on one side. It converts power from the sun rays which can be used to charge up your phones, tablets or others.

4. Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of a power bank depends on the percentage of charge transferred. Usually, when a power is transferred to a device, a small amount of it gets lost due to heat and voltage conversion. No power bank is 100% efficiency and it may vary depending on quality of components used, type of cell used, and environment. Usually, a good power bank should have 80 – 90% energy efficient as per industry standards.

5. No. Of USB Ports

It is better to select a power bank with at least 2 USB ports. It helps to charge multiple devices at one time. You can even offer a port to your companion while travelling.

6. Security Features

This feature plays a very important role because some power banks can have the risk of blasting. Always choose a power bank which has protection from overcharging and overheating. Or else it can be a risk in carrying it in your pocket.

7. Size / Weight

Most of the powers banks available in India come around 6 inches. You can even find smaller one if you travel short or you need power bank for only short period battery backup. A lightweight product can be easy to carry out. Heavier and bigger ones are not handy compared to them.

8. Charging Time of the Power Bank

You have to look out for a power bank that gets fully charged quickly. Usually a good power bank with a capacity of 10000 mAH gets charged completely in 6 – 10 hours.

General Information about Power Banks:

What is a Power Bank?

Power bank is a portable charging device that consists of a battery and a circuit that controls power flow. It allows the user to store electrical energy which is later used to charge up smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, handheld gaming devices and other gadgets.
What is a Power BankPower banks usually contain a cylindrical lithium ion or lithium polymer battery that gets power through a dedicated USB input socket. It uses mini or micro USB ports for charging other devices and a full-sized USB port for discharging.

There is a DC-DC step up transformer inside a power bank that boosts the output to 5V so that it can charge high-end smartphones.

The total time required to fully charge a power bank depends on its capacity. While power banks with low mAh take 3 to 4 hours to charge, power banks with high mAh take 10 to 15 hours to charge.

There is a LED indicator in most power banks that show the how much charge is left in the power bank. It also incorporates a safety circuit that prevents overcharging, over current, overheating and short circuit.

How to Charge a Power Bank?

  • Power bank comes with a dedicated full-sized USB input socket which is used for charging the power bank.
  • A computer USB socket or wall socket adapter can used to connect to this socket for charging.
  • A charging cable has a mini-USB port and a full-sized USB port.
  • Connect the mini USB port end of the cable to the mini-USB port of power bank and plug in the regular USB into a USB wall adapter or a USB plug on a computer.
  • Once the power bank is connected to a power source, the LED light indicator should illuminate in the power bank.
  • Time taken to charge a power bank depends on its capacity and its remaining charge level.
  • Power banks don’t have as much efficiency as their capacity. A certain portion of the power gets lost while being transferred from the power bank to the device due to resistance of the power bank.
  • Some power banks have 70 to 80% efficiency while others have 90%.
  • It is best to not to keep the power bank connected to the charging source once it is completely charged in order to avoid overheating.

How to use a Power Bank?

All power banks come with a USB cord. Just plug in one end of the USB cord into the power bank and the other end into a charger wall outlet. Keep the power bank plugged into the wall outlet till it is completely charged.

Once the power bank is fully charged, you can charge other devices using it. Connect the USB male end to the power bank and the USB female end to your cell phone and notice whether the battery icon in your device starts charging.

To charge your phone battery faster you can power off your phone until the battery icon on your phone’s screen fully green. It is better to avoid using a phone while it’s connected to the power bank to prevent slow charging.

Important Parts of a Power Bank

Battery – This is the most important component of a power bank which determines its capacity. Most of the power banks use lithium ion or lithium polymer batteries. While lithium ion batteries are cheaper, they have limited mAh capacity. Lithium polymer cells are a bit expensive but they last longer.

Output USB Port/s – A power bank may have one or more USB output ports. Output ports connect to mobiles, tablets and other devices, carry power from the power bank and charge these devices. Out ports may have varying rate of power output – some supply 1Amp power others supply 2Amp power.

Input Micro USB Port – Power banks have 1 micro USB port which is used to charge the power bank.

Indicator – Most power banks have either 3 or more LED lights or a LCD power display that indicates the capacity left in the power bank.

Off Button – Most power banks have a dedicated Off-button which is used to start charging a device. It is also used as the on/off button for torch present in some power banks.


A power bank is a saviour and a reliable accessory in times of need. Needless to say, you need to hold only the best of the product. With a strong aluminium casing body made out of CNC edge technology and a stylish design, the Xiaomi 10000 mAH power bank wins our list of being the best power bank in our list. It has a high density durable lithium ion polymer battery, 9 layers of protection against fluctuations, discharge, current and short circuits and dual output ports for multi device charging as well. Available in 5 different colours, the power bank also comes with a 6 months manufacturer’s warranty.

While those were our picks, we are very interested in your opinions and choices as well. Did we miss out on anything? Do you think we need to add or remove anything? Do you have any questions regarding power banks or any other electronics? If so, feel free to write to us in the comments section below. Our product expert team will write back to you as soon as possible.

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