Best Smartwatches in India 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

Everything is getting smarter these days with improvements in technology. And this even includes things like wristwatches which offer a lot of features and options.

Such smartwatches offer much more than just showing you the current date and time. Smartwatches are in trend and for all the right reasons. It is essentially carrying your smartphone on the top of your wrist and with the added benefit of useful notifications, date/time, fitness tracking and what not!

With so many companies making their own smartwatches, Amazon is jam-packed with several options. Also, choosing one of the best smartwatches in India can be quite difficult as there are a lot of factors to check. Fret not! We are here to help. You should know about the following things if you wish to buy a smartwatch:

  • Screen Size: The screen size of any smartwatch is quite essential as a larger smartwatch is much easier to use. You can easily select all options as well as easily read text on a larger screen. A better resolution can also help quite a lot in a smartwatch.
  • Operating System: A smartwatch is considered as smart due to the various features offered by its operating system. While Android is the best operating system for smartwatches, there are various versions of Android available out there with different features and options.
  • Battery Life: As compared to traditional wristwatches, smartwatches need to be recharged quite frequently. Due to this, having a larger battery life makes a lot of sense for many users.

Since smartwatches are quite popular, we are here with some of the Best Smartwatches in India. In case you want to dig more into smartwatches, their major features and differences, we also have a proper Buying Guide. You can easily pick the best smartwatch for you by following this article:

Best Smartwatches in India 2020

Smartwatch BrandBody TypeScreenTop FeaturesBatteryWarrantyBuy Now
Apple Series 4 Smart WatchStainless Steel with Silicone Rubber1.7 inchesHeartrate, Sleep, Track fitness, Notifications, Voice Assistant, water resistance18 hours1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON
SAMSUNG Gear S3 SmartwatchStainless Steel1.3 inch1Ghz processor, Heart Rate, Sleep track, changeable dial skins, fitness activity track, notifications, music player, voice assistant, Wifi and Bluetooth,water resistance, SOS button3-4 days1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON
Fossil FTW4012 Smart WatchStainless Steel1.77 inchQuartz watch movement, 30 metre deep water resistance, Heart Rate and Sleep track, changeable skin, waterproof24 hours2 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
Huawei GT Fortuna - B19S WatchStainless steel and rubber1.39 inchHeart Rate and Sleep Track, Special sports modes, waterproof2 weeks1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON
Ticwatch E SmartwatchSilicone Rubber1.4 inchHeart Rate and Sleep Track, Multi app compatibility, Voice assistant and everything an Android phone can too, waterproof1-2 daysNo WarrantyCHECK ON AMAZON
Samsung SM-R500NZKAINU WatchSilicone rubber and stainless steel1.1 inchHeart Rate and Sleep track, Multi app compatibility, Voice Search, Always ON display, military grade build, water proof1-2 days1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON
Honor Talos-B19S WatchStainless steel and Silicone Rubber1.2 inchHeart rate and Sleep Track, Water resistance, multi app compatibility including calls, texts and notifications1 week1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON
Fitbit SmartwatchSilicone Rubber1.34 inchHeart rate and Sleep Track, Water resistance, Calls, texts, music and various other app compatibility4-5 days1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON
Garmin Forerunner 35 Rubber WatchSilicone Rubber~1.3 (approx)Heart rate and Sleep track, Water resistance, Multi app compatibility, various different workout and sports modes10-15 days1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON
MevoFit C500 Smart-WatchSilicone Rubber1.3 inchHeart Rate and Sleep Track, Water Resistance, Multi app compatibility and highly economic pricing1 week1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON

Best Smartwatches Reviews in India 2020

1. Apple Series 4 Smart Watch

Easily one of the most popular watches on the planet (smart or any other), the Apple Watch Series 4 has been a sought after piece of technology.

Its ability to detect fall, take ECG readings, heart rate monitor, GPS and the possibility of picking calls even when your phone is dead easily grants the Series 4 the first place on our list of the top Smart Watches in India.

Top Features:

  • Comes in 3 different colors and 6 variants of these colors
  • 44mm display which is over 30% larger than the Series 3
  • 50% more volume on the loudspeaker
  • Comes with electrical and optical heart sensors
  • Digital crown with its haptic feedback lets you control the watch like the home button on the iPhone. It also lets you lock out the watch when you are underwater and when unlocked, the crown ejects any water that enters the speaker.
  • S4 Silicon in Package of a 64-bit dual-core processor for ultra-fast processing.
  • Aluminum case for break prevention
  • Detects heartbeat, fall motion and much more than any other smartwatch
  • The fall and heart monitor even prompt an SOS button in case you fall down or are having a health emergency.
  • Has a comprehensive Siri, We can Make calls, text and toggle a bunch of other things with its complete haptic touch screen.

Battery Life: Up to 18 hours

Warranty and Support: Comes with a default 1-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase and 90 days support from the day of delivery. With apple care, you can also claim for accidental damage too.


  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Acts as a secondary communication and healthcare device that is always on your person.
  • Built to last
  • Apple care benefits from all accidents and other issues too


  • Not compatible with anything that is not Apple.

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2. SAMSUNG Gear S3 Smartwatch

It’s not that easy to create a list of smart devices and not include Samsung in it. Samsung has always been in direct competition to Apple’s watch series. The gear series by Samsung stands as its answer to the Apple Watch.

The Gear S3 comes with impressive, classy and killer looks and a very strong stainless steel body. It’s always on the dial has 15+ changeable pre-loaded dial designs, very sturdy and waterproof corning glass screen and multifunctionality makes it be worthy of the second place on our list. 

Top Features:

  • Comes with a pure strong stainless steel body
  • Has a 1.3 inch super AMOLED touchscreen display with great viewability
  • Strong Corning Gorilla Glass
  • IP68 and MIL-STD-810G certified device and thus it is shock and temperature resistant
  • Compatible with any Bluetooth (4.2) enabled smartphone and also with the certain stand-alone OS (Android and iOS)
  • WiFi-enabled device
  • Tizen OS with Dual Core 1GHz processor with 768mb RAM for smooth and fast operation
  • 4 GB internal memory. Load in music to listen via Bluetooth speakers or images and run anything without interruption.
  • Contains high precision GPS, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Barometer, and Altimeter. Run, Jog, Trek and never get lost with this ultra-sophisticated wearable adventure buddy. 
  • The Heart Rate sensor keeps track of your health vitals while you are at it.
  • Comes with an SOS service that with just 3 presses on the home button will send an SOS to any security company you have signed up with.
  • Waterproof and can be used around wet areas too.

Battery and Charging: 380mAH very long standby battery. Without Bluetooth pairing, you can use this device for over 3-4 days. With pairing, the battery lasts for 1 or 2 days. 

Warranty and Support: The Gear S3 comes with a 1-year importer warranty for any manufacturing defects. For any further tech or hardware support, you can contact the toll-free customer support on 1-800-726-7864


  • Highly reliable wearable watch compared to all in the list
  • Ultra stylish killer looks that can easily replace any classy watch you own
  • High performance that makes it worth every penny spent on it
  • Has a loud and clear inbuilt speaker that makes it easy to use the device for phone calls too
  • You could say that it is a direct secondary mobile that you wear all the time
  • Has a very good battery back up compared to most smartwatches
  • 1-year warranty


  • None too specific but the Samsung pay feature which is one USP; is still not available in India

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3. Fossil FTW4012 Smart Watch

A brand that has been known to be the king of wristwatches, Fossil has always been royalty. Even the basic roll out by Fossil has been met with awe and synonymous to class and style.

The Fossil Explorist Hr Smart Watch FTW4012 for Men comes with all the premium build, waterproof for 30 meters, a classy clasp and 2 years of warranty that makes it worth the 3rd position on our list. 

Top Features:

  • Premium stainless steel design and build
  • 45-millimeter diameter big digital touch screen
  • Quartz based watch movement. 
  • Has a 30-meter deep water resistance.
  • Fold Over type clasp with a push-button for safety
  • Get notifications of calls, emails, apps, social media, time, alarm and calendar alerts 
  • Heart rate monitor strapped to the back of the watch and close to the wrist
  • Customizable dials based on your mood and choice
  • Customizable wristbands according to your choice
  • GPS tracking to track your steps, run and walk taken per day and your path too.

Battery life: 20-24 hours of charge per 5 hours charge session. Magnetic charger provided with the packaging.

Warranty and Support: Fossil provides a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on the product. For any further support or product troubleshooting guidance, you can call on their toll-free support on 1-855-322-6465


  • A royal and premium look
  • Customizable dials and wrist bands
  • Ideal for party wears, events and with the proper wrist band, for a run and a swim too
  • GPS tracking and heart rate monitor keeps you on track with your vitals at all times
  • 2 Years warranty on the product is a deal-breaker too


  • Does not have a sustainable battery back up
  • Heating 

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4. Huawei GT Fortuna – B19S Watch

Next on our list is the Huawei GT Fortuna-B19S smart sports watch. Economic competition in terms of design and performance to the Fossil and Samsung Gear series, Huawei actually holds up pretty good in terms of providing value for money.

The reason why the GT Fortuna-B19S deserves the 4th place on our list is for its impressive 2-week battery life, high performance and sleep statistics all for very economic pricing.

Top Features:

  • Ultra-thin yet durable rubber watch strap with a classic stainless steel watch design
  • 2 Colors available for picking (true black or silver with brown strap)
  • Automatic pairing and recognition with the Huawei Health App via Bluetooth. 
  • Comes with TruSeen 3.0, a smarter heart rate monitor by Huawei and monitor your heart health
  • Monitor your sleep quality through the TruSleep
  • The app helps you keep track of your overall fitness and health vitals. Prompts you with personal training and fitness exercise with various sport modes with its scientific fitness guidance.
  • Waterproof and has special swimming modes to determine your strokes and performance
  • Special Cycling modes to determine your cycling performance
  • Inbuilt GPS with 3 different satellite positioning( GPS, GLONASS, and GALILEO) for faster and more accurate positioning 

Battery and charging: The Huawei smartwatch boasts of a very high 2 weeks battery life for its 1.57 Watt-Hours lithium-ion battery. For charging, there exists a separate charging station for the device.

Warranty and Support: The Huawei GT comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on the product from the date of purchase.


  • Awesome looks for its budget
  • The 1.39 inch Super AMOLED display is very convenient 
  • More than convenient high battery life
  • High product performance


  • No Microphone
  • Can’t make calls 
  • No proper notifications sync
  • No always-on display like the Samsung, Apple or Fossil watch
  • No media control option for music etc
  • Strap quality could be improved
  • The android OS is not Android wear OS

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5. Ticwatch E Smartwatch

The next device on our list is very interesting. The Ticwatch was actually built via crowdfunding and was crowdfunded in Kickstarter by Mobvoi. 

The reason why we placed Ticwatch E Smartwatch Shadow on the fifth positions is that it comes with a very bright 1.4 inch OLED display and very comprehensive multi-app compatibility. Track your fitness, use the Google Assistant and much more.

Top Features:

  • The watch is made out of high-quality silicone rubber (the strap and the covering of the watch itself)
  • 512 MB RAM and 4G connectivity enabled
  • Comes with the Android Wear 2.0 which lets you use a wide range of custom-built applications ranging from cab-hailing to golf swing, calculator, facebook, music, maps, misc, and many more.
  • Fitness tracking for runs, rides, and strength training through Google Fit integration. 
  • Workout and training advice
  • Also comes with an included heart rate monitor and GPS connected with your Google Fit data that helps you track your steps, calories, and rate of working out
  • Apart from the GPS, also comes with Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, e-Compass
  • Can use the Google Voice Assistant via “Ok Google”
  • Reply to texts and emails via voice assistant
  • Waterproof and thus can be worn for swims too
  • Extra strap skins available for changing

Battery and Charging: Takes about 1 hour to charge for 1 cycle and works for a full day and even 2 days in optimal conditions. For ideal results, charge and wait for full discharge for the next charge (for 3 cycles). This prevents any abnormal battery drops or short battery life.

Warranty and Support: Product is an import from the USA. No warranty is applicable to its purchase.


  • A sports fit device
  • Very convenient operation thanks to the Android Wear 2.0 OS which lets you use the watch as if it’s your smartphone
  • Reliable 
  • Good battery life


  • Does not contain any warranty

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6. Samsung SM-R500NZKAINU Watch

While the Gear series by Samsung is more of a luxury and high-end range of smartwatches, the Galaxy series of smartwatches by Samsung is targeted towards the mid-range market.

The galaxy watch comes with all of the features a regular smartwatch comes with a 4 stage sleep and stress activity tracker with continuous HRM makes it worthy to be on the 6th position of our list.

Top Features:

  • Available in 4 premium sports styled colored finishes
  • Military-grade build 
  • Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity available
  • 1.1 inch large super AMOLED display.
  • 5 atmosphere and 50-meter deep water resistance rating and thus is ideal for showers, beaches and pool activities 
  • Inbuilt GPS and GLONASS tracks every movement and stores it to help aid in your health stat insights
  • Also has a heart rate monitor coupled with the device lets you keep track of your all-day activity, and heart levels
  • Device also helps with guided breathing and meditation sessions. Also has 39 pre-programmed exercise modes
  • Has text readability and text to speech features available
  • Does 4 stage Sleep tracking too
  • The straps are a standard 20 mm thick

Battery and Charging: comes with a 230 mAH battery that gives you a 1 or 2 days optimal battery life depending on your usage. Also comes with a wireless power share option for charging. For best results, use 3 complete cycles before going for mid battery level charging.

Warranty and Support: A one year manufacturer’s warranty is available from the date of purchase on the product.


  • Durable and high-performance device
  • Ideal sports smartwatch
  • Enjoy the Samsung health ecosystem with its 90+ trackers and step challenges
  • Attractive colors available
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Could improve its battery back-up

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7. Honor Talos-B19S Watch

7th on our list is the Honor Watch Magic smartwatch from the house of Huawei. Its 1 week-long battery life,  sleep tracking, and tri satellite Satellite Positioning make it a promising product worthy of our list.

Released in 2018, the Honor Watch Magic is a direct improvement over the Honor Band Z1 health tracker. 

Top Features:

  • 1.2 inch large AMOLED screen with multi-faced ambient ALS light monitoring for auto brightness adjustment.
  • 5-atmosphere water resistance. Can go for a swim with this watch on our wrist.
  • Inbuilt heart rate monitor and tri satellite positioning systems (GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO)
  • Connect with the Huawei Health App for detailed health, sleep and workout metrics which help you try and workout with a variable of inbuilt guided sports and workout methods 
  • Helps you stay fit and in the track of your workout and activities such as swimming, running and your style at each individual activity
  • 24/7 heart rate and other vital monitoring
  • Scientific sleep tracking through automatic sleep recognition and Harvard Medical School’s CDB center validated data statistics.
  • Can display caller ID, SMS, E-Mails, APP notifications, schedules and calendar events etc,
  • Additional features include finding my phone, barometer, altitude recognition, compass, flashlight, stopwatch, weather and alarm clock

Battery and Charging: The device is backed by a 178mAH battery that promises to last up to 1 week. 

Warranty and support: Comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. For any support, you can contact the support at 1800 209 6555 or write a mail to


  • 9.8mm thick watch that is comfortable to wear
  • Compatible to both Android and iOS phones
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Available in 2 attractive colour variants
  • Good Battery Life


  • Not good NFC features 
  • Connectivity issues with apps
  • Accuracy not so great for GPS, steps, running or other cardio
  • No loudspeaker or microphone
  • Cannot use it for music or other conveniences 

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8. Fitbit Smartwatch

Fitbit needs no introduction. Known to be the pioneer of smart wearables and fitness bands, Fitbits range of wearable wrist bands have been the go-to for many fitness enthusiasts ever since the advent of the smartphone.

The Fitbit Versa Lite is a mid-ranged wearable smartwatch that resembles the apple series 3 in design. Its 4+ day’s battery life and its deep sleep and REM cycle tracking abilities give it the 8th position on our list.

Top Features:

  • Sleek and slim body for comfortable wear
  • 1.34-inch full touch screen
  • Can track your heart rate and set up historical trends on the Fitbit app
  • Tracks your steps, running records and suggests improvements based on historical metrics.
  • The Fitbit app comes with a workout coach that suggests step by step workout routines
  • Track your sleep cycles (REM and Deep sleep stages) to get insights on your sleeping habits
  • Calls, calendar, text, social media, time, alarm clock and app notifications on the screen
  • Bluetooth connectivity for phone and audio devices
  • Store a massive of 300+ songs in the device 

Battery life: 4+ days in cases of ideal usage. Capacity varies according to usage.

Warranty and Support: Any Fitbit device comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase. For any further support, you can contact their customer support at 00 800 0501057


  • Sleek and stylish for wearing. It even comes in 5 different colours
  • Can listen to songs and workout at the same time
  • Great battery life
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Device unreliability
  • Unreliable step counters
  • Not easily compatible with all types of devices
  • Issues with notification display 

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9. Garmin Forerunner 35 Rubber Watch

Garmin has been known to produce high-quality consumer electronics at competitive prices. The Garmin Forerunner series is a line of fitness focussed smartwatch.

For its smooth and high performance and affordable price (not to mention the obvious apple smartwatch lookalike design), the Garmin Forerunner 35 takes up the 9th position on our list.

Top Features:

  • Comes with the Garmin Elevate Wrist Heart rate technology which basically contains a heart rate monitor under the screen and close to the wrist.
  • Has various workout profiles fit for each individual’s interest. For instance, there is a totally separate running mode. 
  • Has a handy built-in GPS tracker that keeps you notified of the distance you ran, how fast or where you are.
  • Can also monitor your entire day’s activities such as steps taken, calories burnt or the intensity of the workout you do. If you are too lazy, the Forerunner 35 even reminds you to move around for once in a while.
  • Smart notifications to keep you posted of everything that happens on your mobile such as calls, texts and so on.
  • Automatically uploads all of your data to the Garmin Connect, an online fitness community for free of cost hosted and managed by Garmin. You get to go about, share your results, take up new challenges, gain insights and set up new goals. 
  • The strap is made out of comfortable rubber

Battery Life: Claims to be 15-20 days but gives a solid 10 days with optimal GPS usage.

Warranty and Support: Garmin provides you with one year manufacturers and brand warranty. For any support, you can always reach out to the in-app support team or call their toll free number at 1800-121-00-1818.


  • An affordable alternative to the Apple watch
  • The GPS and heart-rate functionality is actually very handy for health patients
  • The rubber strap is comfortable for everyday and workout wear


  • Connecting to the satellites might be slow sometimes and thus delayed GPS
  • Not entirely waterproof

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10. MevoFit C500 Smart-Watch

Saving the best for the last, we have the MevoFit Race Space C500, one of the best and most economic fitness centric smartwatch in our list.

Top Features:

  • Strong and Durable body
  • Comes with a 1.3 inch OLED touch screen with gesture control
  • Smart activity tracker keeps a good eye on your fitness levels, Heart rate, Sleep, Blood Oxygen levels, Blood Pressure, 
  • 7 different sports modes seperate for walking, running,skipping, cycling, football, badminton and basketball.
  • Also includes features such as a music player, timer and notifications for social media, texts and calls
  • IP 67 water resistance and thus can withstand mild water splashes such as hand wash, shower or rain.
  • Has a very happening Mevofit community for diet and workout plans and lets you share your progress among many more through the app

Battery and Charging: For a 1.5 hours of charging time, you can expect a 30-day standby life and a massive 1-week working capacity which is actually more than decent for a budget smartwatch.

Warranty and Support: Mevofit comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty on the product from the date of purchase. For any concerns, you can contact the customer care either through the APP, write to or call +91 88266 92984/64


  • Extremely economic product
  • Value for money
  • Tracks all health vitals
  • Active community
  • Compatible with all types of mobiles and OS
  • Also has a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty


  • None too specific to mention

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How to Choose a Smart Watch

Purchasing the right one is not so easy. There are few things you have to consider while selecting them. Given below are some of the important factors that you should take into count before purchasing the smartwatch.

1. Operating system

Smart watches need to connect with mobiles to perform certain tasks or functionalities. For this specific purpose, it runs via the operating system. And is varied from brand to brand.

2. Display element

It’s important to choose the smartphone that looks very comfortable when you wear it. These smartwatches come in different styles and designs. The watch straps make easy for you to change the style with respect to bands.

Now all the smartwatches are available with colourful LCD screen to let you view time, photos, apps, and events. It even utilizes more power to turn off the screen when you fall asleep.

  • LCD

The lcd display utilizes a backlight to produce images on the screen with reflective designs to have a clear visibility in sunlight and other bright settings.


The oled and amoled displays work without using a backlight to produce deep black and contrast ratios. They are very thin and saves energy than other display types. The OLED displays single, multi or full colours whereas the AMOLED displays full color screen.

3. App connectivity | Interface- Android & IOS devices

You may keep your phone somewhere else and forget. What if you have a separate app to get notified about your smartphone. Yes, this app connectivity option on smart watches helps you to identify the device location quickly as both the smartphone and watch are interfaced via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

It helps you to customize the watch by changing colours, design, themes and fonts. There are many devices that will notify you about the social networking apps, fitness trackers and other applications that fit your needs.

4. Battery life and charging

The battery life of smartwatches may vary from a single day to 100 days depending upon the battery usage and the charging options. Hence you need to look for the rated battery life when you pick the smartwatch.

5. Waterproof

The traditional model watches have this waterproof feature. But now it’s good to hear that these smartwatches have come with this waterproof option. Even some of the watches are splash proof which means it can handle the rain but not the water (inn excess amount).

6. Price

The last thing that you need to consider is the price factor. You should also look after your budget range smartwatch that exactly matches your requirements. If you are willing to invest more on smartwatches then go with the Apple watch series 4 and SAMSUNG Gear S3 Smartwatch that comes with advanced smart options making it more efficient to use. Otherwise, get the basic models that have limited functionalities.

7. Some Extra Features Include

  • Voice controller

Voice control feature is must now-a-days as nobody wants to give the inputs manually (texting or pressing the buttons). With the voice controller option, you are able to give voice commands, send and receive messages, record, surf the internet, etc.

  • Music

When you are on a long trip and suddenly you found the low-battery on mobiles. Still, you can hear the music or your favorite songs via smartwatches as there is an option for you to store the music or download the music-related apps.

  • GPS

Some smartwatches come with the GPS- option to track the exact location. It is much required for those who visits new places. And it in turn alerts your family members about your movements or current activities.

  • Alarm and Notifications

This feature on smartwatches helps to alert the individual with a small buzz sound. It will only buzz when you set the time to wake up or do some activity. It will repeatedly alert so as not to miss the activity of that particular time.

They display notifications like calls, messages, e-mails, events, social networking and much more. The smartwatches have come with more customized options so that an individual can choose the notifications to display on the smart-screen, background images, and themes.

Tips and Precautions

  • It’s better to prefer high-rated battery life smartwatches.
  • Also check the glass, buckles, and strap depending on your comfort.
  • Protect your device with a lock pattern and passcode from being theft.
  • Turn off the notifications that aren’t necessary as it consumes very less power.
  • If you are a fitness freak, pick the smartwatch with heart-rate sensor and GPS-navigation.
  • Avoid performing important tasks on smartwatches like online payments, money transfer, etc.
  • Do not purchase a smartphone without confirming that it will support on your smartphone or not.
  • Always update the smartwatch new operating system as there are more chances of hacking your data.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is it so called smartwatch?

Just like smartphones and smart TVs, watches are often referred as smart because of the excellent features it offers. Its functionalities are different from traditional watches that has specific purpose of displaying only time and day.

Smartwatches can be paired with mobiles to get fully accessed to run some applications. Apart from this, you get the notifications, view messages, and events on a touch-screen display. As you can access to various features smartly, hence the name smartwatch.

2. What is the main purpose of using a smartwatch?

Given below are the major advantages of using a smartwatch. Go ahead and check the points.

  • The first thing is that it tells you the time along with plenty of features.
  • Security purposes.
  • As a fitness tracker.
  • GPS-tracking system.
  • You can easily reply to calls and text messages.
  • Play music or watch videos on your wrist.

3. Are all smartwatches water-proof?

Not all smartwatches are water-proof. They are introduced into the market recently with a resistant up to 50-meters. Apart from the hardware parts, they have Ingress protection-IP68 that helps to survive in water for a short period of time. These sort of watches best suits for swimming and other activities like surfing, and diving.

4. Why the smartwatches feature built-in sensors?

As smartwatches are designed to wear on wrist, very close to the skin comes with built-in sensor technology. Most commonly used sensors are a temperature sensor, Gyrometer, accelerometer, GPS-tracking, ambient light, heart-rate sensor, etc. All these sensors help to track your health and fitness levels. Hence, you can expect more advanced features in the future.

5. How to set up and charge smartwatch for the first time?

Firstly, read the instruction manual provided in the box so that you get an idea of how to start and other issues. Now connect your smartwatch to the charger by placing it at the back. Once your smartwatch is fully charged, it is completely ready to use now by downloading the android support applications.

6. How to reset the factory settings of a smartwatch?

When you reset the watch to factory settings, the entire data stored on a smartwatch will be lost. You cannot restore the lost data. However, you can save it on google account. Now to reset to factory settings, follow the simple steps given below:

  • Press and hold the power button on display for 3seconds.
  • You will see the menu option.
  • Now scroll down and tap on the settings.
  • Click on disconnect and reset.
  • It’s done. Now you can pair with smartphones.

7. At what distance your phone and smartwatch can be connected?

Yes, it is one of the important factor to be kept in mind. The distance between phone and smartwatch can be at least 10-meters or sometimes it may vary depending on the environment. It can also be paired with a Wi-Fi network. If it is out of range, then the connection will be lost completely. And again you need to pair with other sources.

8. How to interface smartphone and a smartwatch?

To establish a strong communication between the smartwatch and phone, you need to follow certain steps…

  • Initially, when you download the application support software on smartwatch, you will be able to see the nearby devices.
  • Simply tap on the device name to get paired with.
  • You will receive a code to pair the device and make sure you enter the same code on both the devices.
  • To process this, it just takes 1-2 minutes.
  • If you have already paired with the same device, then it will not display the pairing options.

Note: The procedure is same for IOS-devices. But the only thing is you should look for the device compatibility. If it supports IOS-devices, then simply install the application from apple store and do follow the same procedure mentioned above.

9. Is it possible to connect smartwatch to multiple phones?

Yes, you can connect smartwatch to multiple devices as it features excellent compatibility options. But you cannot pair with all at time. There is no such option now and cannot expect in the future because it may lead to miscommunication and the data can be easily monitored via other sources.

10. What could be the reason for smartwatch not pairing with mobile phone?

If you are unable to pair with smartphone, make sure that the smartwatch power button and the Bluetooth is turned On. Go to the application and follow the instructions given for pairing the device. Still, if you find the problem, troubleshoot your device or visit the nearest service centre.

So, now that you know the best smart watches in India; choose one as per your functionality requirement and simplify your notification filled life by bringing the updates to your wrist.

Final Words

These days Smartwatches are in great demand because of the myriad applications like. It’s really a very good option than going with the traditional watches. Before you purchase the smartwatch, make sure to read the buying guide that helps to pick the right one as per your requirement. Don’t be fooled by the fraud brands and you need to do a bit research to make the best of available.

As per our analysis, Apple Series 4 Smart Watch is recommended to use. It features built-in GPS system, fitness tracking sensors and is highly water-resistant nature. As it is made with superior quality material and stylishly designed, deserves to be number one on our list.

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