Best Smartwatches in India 2018

Do you reject important calls just because you are driving or miss vital notifications, e-mails and texts because you are away from your smartphone while it’s charging?

Now, don’t miss anything and stay up-to-date at all time with these best Android Smartwatches. It is a computerized mobile wearable device that does much more than telling the time.

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Its basic function is to save your time and bring important smartphone functions to your wrist so that you can to take/reject calls, check e-mails, get notifications, listen to music, set reminders and track your fitness by counting the total number of steps you take in a day and check your heart rate. In short, a Smart Watch not only tells time but will also double up as a Smart Fitness band.

It works by syncing with your Smartphone through Bluetooth pairing or using NFC chips.

Before you wish to have a smartwatch on your wrist, you need to be aware of the key factors like battery life, waterproof, compatibility and finally the price. We have given complete information in our “Buying Guide“. Have a look at these factors that help you to decide the right one.

Best Smartwatches in India 2018

Smartwatch BrandFeaturesRatings
Apple Watch Series 3Built-in GPS system, heart rate sensor
and ambient light sensor
Check the Price
Samsung Gear S3 FrontierNon-removable lithium-ion battery,
Tizen based wearable OS
Check the Price
Fitbit Ionic Smart 4-days of battery life, functions tracking the
various tasks- run, swim, ride, workout, and sleep
Check the Price
Huawei 2 NFC-google assistant, highly versatile
and stylishly designed
Check the Price
Pebble TechnologySleep tracking mechanism, water and
splash resistant smartwatch
Check the Price
Ticwatch 2Ultra-light weighted watch, Tic wear OS,
Voice search and control option
Check the Price
Garmin Vivoactive Sunlight readable touchscreen, notifications
and smart coaching
Check the Price
Motorola Moto 360Health and fitness tracking, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity,
Wireless charging with a dock
Check the Price
Fossil Q Marshal Digital Fully circular display, G-sensor and gyroscope,
built-in microphone and speaker
Check the Price
Intex IRIST ProBest Budget Smartwatch Check the Price

In this article we have shortlisted the best smart watches in India based on these specs and price and the Apple Watch Series 3 emerges as our top pick because of its multipurpose function and great activity tracking.

1. Apple Watch Series 3 42 mm Smart Watch (under 35000)

Apple Watch Series 3 GPS 42mm Smart Watch

Apple watch series 3 makes you more active and attracted than ever before. For its great design and stunning features made us to list number 1 on the list of best smartwatches.

Of all, apple series 3 smartwatch remains as one of the most useful smartwatch out there in the market right now as it tracks your health activities like movements, exercises on day to day basis to inspire you a little more.

This watch mainly focuses on fitness with the help of heart rate app to capture the data of heart rate, and breath app to relax. It even tracks your steps, calories burnt, and compare with your friends so as to compete and stay healthy.

All day assistant option binds you to the device by displaying the notifications of emails and allowing the user to just see the sender name and the subject. Navigation feature helps to reach the destination correctly and also shares the exact location to your friends and family members.

You can use Siri option to set remainder, send an invitation, give directions, attend phone calls and reply to the text messages without using phone. Though you forgot phone at home, you can still get the alert of your favorite applications like Whats App, Facebook and other social networking apps.

The batteries used in the device are made with lithium and hence it is light-weighted. The black sports band is made with fluoroelastomer, which is surprisingly soft and durable. When you place it on your skin, you feel more comfortable and relaxed.

The switching between different applications is very fast than compared to other models in our line-up. There is a built-in microphone to give voice commands so that the device functions according to the instructions. It supports Iphone 5S or latest IOS version.

Do not hesitate to wear the smartwatch while swimming as it is completely water-proof up to 50-meters.

On the whole, the performance of the device is excellent. Because it has outstanding features that helps the user to stay strong, and healthy. Like positive things, there are few drawbacks like low battery life, high-priced and the simple design.

Point to Remember: Well, you like the apple products a lot. But you are not happy with the Apple series-3 because of the simple design structure or the expensive nature. Whatever it may be. Still you wish to have apple watch on your wrist. For them, the best alternative is to use Apple Watch Series 1 that comes at very low price and also the battery life is 18-hours which is bit more than series-3 model.


  •  Built-in GPS system.
  • Supports the 3rd party apps.
  • Accelerometer and gyroscope.
  • Speaker and microphone option.
  • Water resistant watch (50-meters).
  • Heart rate sensor and ambient light sensor.


  • Too expensive.
  • Simple design.
  • Low battery life.

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2. Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smart Watch – Stainless Steel (under 30000)

SAMSUNG Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch

Second one on the list is from Samsung brand. It has been dominating the world over the years by introducing new gadgets into the market.

Samsung gear S3 smartwatch is one among them and it mainly focuses on fitness by including the smart options like fitness tracker, heart rate sensor and GPS-system. It is quite different from other branded models because of its unique design and the compatibility options.

You can pair this Samsung smartwatch with both Android and IOS devices.

Unlike other smartwatches, it runs its own OS called Tizen to perform activities 24*7 and store the data. When you look at the data, you get an idea of what to be done for the next time to be more fit and healthy.

It has a non-removable lithium-ion battery of 380mah that can run continuously for hours or days. However, once the battery is down, you need to charge again by placing it on wireless charging dock and use for a specific purpose.

With the help of bezel, you can attend the calls, control the volume, adjust the screen brightness and turn off the alarm.

Wow, this gear S3 model has internal memory of 4gb to store the music or favourite songs and your activity data. As the device is IP68 rated, it is highly resistant to water (30-minutes) and dust.

You can change the appearance of your watch with the help of 15-preloaded designs along with the straps of your choice. It brings a seamless look when you wear it on wrist at the time special functions or occasions.

It has sensors, apps, and features that defines the mobility, lifestyle, and connectivity. you can simply store the songs in 4gb memory slot. Its cost is comparatively higher than the few models in our line-up.

As it is made with premium quality materials it has excellent build quality. All these wonderful features combined together, making it worthy to buy. Its appearance may look big for you but it completely depends on your wrist size. The only thing that made us so disappointed is the applications that aren’t much effective. And the Tizen operating system could have been better.

Point to Remember: If your options are limited. Why to waste the money spending on advanced features. It’s better to go with the simple models from the same brand. Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch best suits you as it comes at very reasonable prices and limited features like GPS, water-resistant, 24*7 auto-tracking etc.


  •  1-year warranty.
  • Excellent build quality.
  • Quick wireless charging mode.
  • Highly resistant to water and dust.
  • Non-removable lithium-ion battery.
  • Tizen based wearable operating system.


  •  No slot for sim card.
  • Improper applications.
  • Not suitable for all.

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3.Fitbit Ionic Smart Fitness Watch (under 25000)

Fitbit Ionic FB503WTGY Smartwatch

When it comes to the features like sleep tracking and workouts, no one can beat the Fitbit ionic smartwatch. It is one of the important smartwatch that everyone must have.

Fitbit is one of the strong device that has a sleek design to provide everything with the help of built-in GPS, multi-sport options, and automatic recognition.

The GPS-tracking system in Fitbit is much better than any other brand in the market. It has battery life of 4-days that can effectively records your data like steps, calories burnt, rides, workouts, swims etc. over the time.

You can increase the brightness of the smart device up to 1000nits and can gives the accurate results when the temperature is in between 4◦-113◦F. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi networks makes a strong connection with the smartphone to view the pace, distance, and other essential information on the display.

Keeps an eye on cardiovascular health. Multi-sport modes help to analyse the real-time statistics and record the readings automatically.

Overall, this Ionic smartwatch is very decent as it is exclusively designed for fitness enthusiasts who want to track their activities and stay healthy. The only thing we didn’t like about the product is the battery charging which is not up to the mark and you can just see the notifications on smartwatch but cannot respond to them.


  •  Built-in GPS system.
  • Moderately priced.
  • 4-days of battery life.
  • 1-year of manufacturing warranty.
  • Functions tracking the various tasks- run, swim, ride, workout, and sleep.


  •  Better charging capability.
  • You cannot respond to the notifications

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4. Huawei 2 Smartwatch (under 25000)

Huawei Watch 2 - Carbon Black - Android Wear 2.0

If you are a fan of smartwatches and looking for something that does more than an average one, then this is for you. Huawei smartwatch-2 is a complete watch that has more number of features to get fit and stay strong all the time.

On comparison with the other models in our list, this Huawei-2 series comes in a light-weighted design and very comfortable to wear. Hence it has become one of the best smartwatches in our list.

With the advanced technology, this versatile device is specially built to record your workouts. It is equipped with built-in GPS and dual-positioning system to track your exact location when you went to outdoors.

Heart rate monitoring technology monitors and shows the heart rate on the display of smartwatch. It even adjusts the REM sleep hours so as to have a peaceful sleep.

Store your favourite music on the device and listen whenever you want. With the help of real-time coaching, you get the activity data and the instructions to be followed while doing a task.

It is highly compatible with the Android and IOS- devices. Using google assistant, you can give input as voice commands for calls, messages and other important apps. Also, it has a very long battery life with the customized battery settings.

In addition to these pleasing features, the manufacturer offers a warranty of 1-year on the product.

To conclude, the Huawei Watch 2 best suits for the sports persons because of its comfortable nature and the smart features it possesses. However, there are some major drawbacks like small-sized display unit, and the inaccurate sensors. These 2 factors may have great impact on the performance of the smartwatch. So choose wisely according to your requirement.


  • Affordable price.
  • 1-year of warranty.
  • Very long battery life.
  • NFC and google assistant.
  • Highly versatile and stylishly designed.
  • Sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring.


  •  Small sized display.
  • Inaccurate sensors

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5. Pebble Technology Smartwatch (under 25000)

Pebble Smart Watch (Silver Case, Flame Red Band)

Next one in the list is Pebble smartwatch. It occupied 5th position in our list because of light-weight, simple design and the compatibility options.

Pebble keeps the things nice and simple for the people who prefer the simplicity and probably the cheapest smartwatch in the list. Another interesting thing is that it supports both Android and IOS devices.

With this, you can track the daily activities, and sleep. Also, alerts you about the alarm, events, emails, and social-app notifications.

When you wish to have this on wrist, you need to check for the following that makes your life easy and comfort.

  • Pebble smartwatch
  • Starter guide and
  • The charging cable

To talk about the battery, it lasts for 2 days and can quickly recharge in just a matter of 15-minutes.

It is possible to change the wrist bands and watch faces by personalizing the smartwatch so as to look stylish.

With the help of voice recognition, you can or attend the calls or respond to messages, etc.

On the whole, the performance of the device is good. It best suits for those who want to go with the simple design and the features are limited. If you could afford more, you get everything for what you pay for. Lastly, it does not feature a touchscreen option on it and very difficult to navigate, to get the things done.

Point to Remember: As the functionalities of pebble smartwatch is limited, you can opt for Pebble Time Round Smartwatch as it supports Android 4.3 and IOS 8 or above. You can even experience the best features by connecting to the Wi-Fi which you don’t find in the listed pebble model. Also, the price is comparatively less.


  •  Splash resistant.
  • 1-year limited warranty.
  • Impressive battery life.
  • Sleep tracking mechanism.
  • Notifications and silent alarms.
  • Water and splash-resistant smartwatch.


  • Very simple design.
  • No software updates.
  • No touchscreen option.
  • Limited IOS functionality.

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6. Ticwatch 2 SmartWatch (under 20000)

Ticwatch 2 Smartwatch (Onyx)

Yes, you will be overwhelmed to know that stylish designed watches with smart features come at very reasonable prices. Are you the one who wish to have such amazing devices, then Ticwatch 2 Smartwatch is for you.

Ticwatch is one of the popular brand that perfectly blends the traditional design and the smart features. It can be used as both analog and digital watch, simply when you put it on the wrist.

The smart integration technology gives authentication by tracking various actions like workouts, sleep, and health. It has a voice search and control option to attend the calls, messages.

You will always be in touch with your phone as you get notified about the emails, messages and also the social networking apps notifications.

Built-in GPS system accurately captures the data of speed and distance for all sort of workouts to compete with your friends. It has an ultra-light weight design of 44-grams, that you can wore on wrist comfortably. It best suits for sports personalities, fitness enthusiasts and can be wear for any occasions too.

The product manufacturer of this smartwatch offers 1-year of warranty.

Overall, the performance of the device is agreeable. For its smart navigating and controlling options, made to list number 5 on the list. However, there are some disadvantage like the sleep tracking and the color screen option that you don’t find on the device. Also, it can be connected to smartphone- Android and IOS-devices within a short range of 10-meters.


  •  Built-in speakers.
  • Ultra-light weighted watch.
  • Fitness and health tracking.
  • Tic wear operating system.
  • 1-year of manufacturing warranty.
  • Voice search and control option.
  • Supports Android and IOS devices.


  • No sleep tracking.
  • No color screen option.
  • Very low operating distance

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7. Garmin Vivoactive Smartwatch (under 15000)

Garmin vívoactive

Most of the runners or sprinters wear the smartwatches for tracking distance they covered with respect to time. For them, the best choice is to have Garmin vívoactive smartwatch that comes at very low-prices that other models in our list.

Garmin is made with the premium materials like rubber band or metal band and also has a very long battery life of 8-days when charged once. Hence, it has become one of the best smartwatch in the market right now.

It has an impressive GPS-tracking technology to capture the location even when you perform certain activities like running, walking, swimming and many more.

Display screen is a sunlight readable with high resolution touchscreen option and 2-buttons to monitor the device. Heart rate sensor keeps an eye on heart rate by capturing the information. It further helps you to analyse the fitness levels and health.

This Garmin smartwatch produces precise results than other optical sensors. To charge the device, you need to connect the power supply via USB-port.

Using the Garmin connect app, customize the watch faces, brightness, settings and much more. It has a water-resistant feature that allows you to take showers, swimming etc.

It is loaded with plenty of features that you expect from a high-end smart watch. Overall, it’s a worthy to buy as it very flexible to work in different environments. There is no information of warranty on the product and you might experience the problem in connecting with the smartphones.

Point to Remember: If you are very serious about your health, definitely you need to have Garmin Fenix 3. It is must for everyone who really care about their health as it has come with excellent options like 1.2-inch Chroma display, W-Fi or hotspot connectivity, and 100-meters of water resistant which you don’t find in Garmin vivoactive smartwatch.


  •  Water-resistant.
  • Budget-friendly smart watch.
  • Sunlight readable touchscreen.
  • Notifications and smart coaching.


  •  No warranty.
  • Bulky and heavy weight.
  • Connectivity issues.

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8. Motorola Moto 360 23mm Smartwatch (under 50000)

Motorola Moto 360 - Light Metal, 23mm, Smart Watch

The Motorola Moto 360 is the best looking smartwatch with a round design, premium materials that gives it a sharp and sleek appearance.

What makes the Moto 360 different from other smartwatches is its contact-free inductive charging and dock. Just drop the watch in the cradle and it starts charging.

It runs on Android Wear, Google’s futuristic operating system for wearable devices that ensures a smooth user experience. There is a dedicated home button at the side of the watch that activates it, puts it to sleep or brings up the settings menu when you press and hold it.

An optical LED heart-rate monitor in the middle of the back surface. It also has a Gorilla Glass-covered 1.56-inch diameter touch display and LCD screen with 320*290 resolution and 205ppi pixel density that give crisp and bright visuals.

It incorporates an ambient light sensor for auto-adjusting the screen brightness and the powerful microphone has amazing understanding capacity even in a crowded room.

The battery lasts for almost 20 hours on a single charge and it can last for 2 days when the ambient more is turned off.

Overall, it has everything that what you expect from a smartwatch. Besides, there are some drawbacks like low battery life, expensive nature, and the very limited features that cannot generate the accurate results. These cons can be ignored if you want to use it just like regular watches and get notified about the activities via notifications.


  • Health and fitness tracking.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.
  • Very comfortable to wear.
  • Wireless charging with a dock.


  •  Low battery life.
  • Too expensive to buy.
  • Lack of fitness features.
  • Heart rate sensor is not reliable.

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9. Fossil Q Marshal Digital Watch for Men (under 15000)

Fossil Q FTW2108 Marshal Digital Multi-Colour Dial Men's Watch

Fossil smartwatch have done a fantastic job in bringing new designs and smart features into the market. It has set a benchmark for many smartwatches that yet to come in future.

Of all the fossil models, Q Marshal is a great looking smartwatch that can be connected seamlessly to your phone. It comes in a beautiful straight-forward design that attracts most of the customers.

And also offers customized faces and interchangeable straps of length 22mm.

When you charge the device for the first time it can withstand for just 1-day. And once you get connected, you can respond to apps, calls, messages, and emails. As it is highly compatible with smart devices- Android 4.3+ above and IOS devices 8+, use the microphone instead of texting manually for navigating or monitoring the applications.

You don’t actually need to worry about the watch when you do swimming or under shower as it is highly water-resistant and IP-67 certified. It even records the readings of your everyday activities like running, steps, distance, calories burnt, etc.

If you find any problem, you can reset the watch. For this, you need to disconnect the watch from the app and then go to Bluetooth settings to unpair the device.

Overall, the performance of the device is acceptable. However, there are cons for this product like poor display, absence of heart-rate sensor, and is heavy to carry.


  •  Activity tracking.
  • Fully circular display.
  • Classic Watch-like design.
  • Uses G-sensor and gyroscope.
  • Built-in microphone and speaker.
  • Just 30-meters of water resistant.
  • 2-years of international warranty.
  • Compatible with Android and IOS devices.


  •  Heavy weighted.
  • Lack of features.
  • No heart-rate monitor.
  • Poor displaying options

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10. Intex IRIST PRO – Budget Smart Watch under 5000

intex irist pro budget smartwatchWe are ending our list of best smartwatches in India with a budget friendly smartwatch from Intex – the Intex IRIST PRO that is being hailed as the first branded Android “Watch Phone” to be launched in India.

The device features a micro-SIM slot and a micro-SD card so that the wearer can make calls, send text messages and even downloaded apps directly onto the smartwatch without the help of a smartphone. It requires a Bluetooth headset to make calls. The Intex IRIST Pro runs on Android 4.4 KitKat.

It has an attractive and sleek design with 1.6-inch display covered with 2.5D curved glass. It has a resolution of 240X240 pixels. The trans-reflective screen of the smartwatch improves outdoor disability under direct sunlight. The display shows tome even when turned off.

It also incorporates a built-in pedometer to monitor calorie count, steps taken and distance covered.

The smartwatch can be connecter to your smartphone via Bluetooth to provide notifications about calls, text message and more from the smartphone. The smartwatch is compatible with Android 4.3 and above and iOS 7.0 and above.

The Intex IRIST PRO is powered by MT2503C chipset from MediaTek coupled with 64MB RAM. There is internal storage of 128MP. It houses a 400mAh Li-Polymer battery which lasts for 150 hours.


  • Bluetooth support
  • Micro-SIM slot and Micro-SD card
  • Water resistant
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Pedometer
  • Compatible with Android and iOS


  • Good display
  • Interchangeable straps
  • Good battery life
  • Affordable price


  • Average design
  • UI cannot be flipped around

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How to Choose a Smart Watch?

Purchasing the right one is not so easy. There are few things you have to consider while selecting them. Given below are some of the important factors that you should take into count before purchasing the smartwatch.

1. Operating system

Smart watches need to connect with mobiles to perform certain tasks or functionalities. For this specific purpose, it runs via operating system. And is varied from brand to brand.

2. Display element

It’s important to choose the smartphone that looks very comfortable when you wear it. These smartwatches come in different styles and designs. The watch straps make easy for you to change the style with respect to bands.

Now all the smartwatches are available with colourful LCD screen to let you view time, photos, apps, and events. It even utilizes more power to turn off the screen when you fall asleep.

LCD display utilizes a backlight to produce images on the screen with reflective designs to have a clear visibility in sunlight and other bright settings.

OLED and AMOLED displays work without using a backlight to produce deep black and contrast ratios. They are very thin and saves energy than other display types. The OLED displays single, multi or full colours whereas the AMOLED displays full color screen.

3. App connectivity | Interface- Android & IOS devices

You may keep your phone somewhere else and forget. What if you have a separate app to get notified about your smartphone. Yes, this app connectivity option on smart watches helps you to identify the device location quickly as both the smartphone and watch are interfaced via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

It helps you to customize the watch by changing colours, design, themes and fonts. There are many devices that will notify you about the social networking apps, fitness trackers and other applications that fit your needs.

4. Battery life and charging

The battery life of smartwatches may vary from a single day to 100 days depending up on the battery usage and the charging options. Hence you need to look for the rated battery life when you pick the smartwatch.

5. Waterproof

The traditional model watches have this waterproof feature. But now it’s good to hear that these smart watches have come with this waterproof option. Even some of the watches are splash proof which means it can handle the rain but not the water (inn excess amount).

6. Price

Last thing that you need to consider is the price factor. You should also look after your budget range smart watch that exactly matches with your requirements. If you are willing to invest more on smart watches then go with the Apple watch series-3 and Motorola Moto 360 that comes with advanced smart options making it more efficient to use. Otherwise, get the basic models that have limited functionalities.

7. Some Extra Features Include

Voice controller

Voice control feature is must now-a-days as nobody wants to give the inputs manually (texting or pressing the buttons). With the voice controller option, you are able to give voice commands, send and receive messages, record, surf the internet, etc.


When you are on a long trip and suddenly you found the low-battery on mobiles. Still you can hear the music or your favourite songs via smartwatches as there is an option for you to store the music or download the music-related apps.


Some smartwatches come with the GPS- option to track the exact location. It is much required for those who visits new places. And it in turn alerts your family members about your movements or current activities.

Alarm and Notifications

This feature on smartwatches helps to alert the individual with a small buzz sound. It will only buzz when you set the time to wake up or do some activity. It will repeatedly alert so as not to miss the activity of that particular time.

They display the notifications like calls, messages, e-mails, events, social networking and much more. The smartwatches have come with more customized options so that an individual can choose the notifications to display on the smart-screen, background images, and themes.

Tips and Precautions

  • It’s better to prefer high-rated battery life smartwatches.
  • Also check the glass, buckles and strap depending on your comfort.
  • Protect your device with lock pattern and passcode from being theft.
  • Turn off the notifications that aren’t necessary as it consumes very less power.
  • If you are a fitness freak, pick the smartwatch with heart-rate sensor and GPS-navigation.
  • Avoid performing important tasks on smartwatches like online payments, money transfer, etc.
  • Do not purchase a smartphone without confirming that it will support on your smartphone or not.
  • Always update the smartwatch new operating system as there are more chances of hacking your data.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is it so called smartwatch?

Just like smartphones and smart TVs, watches are often referred as smart because of the excellent features it offers. Its functionalities are different from traditional watches that has specific purpose of displaying only time and day.

Smartwatches can be paired with mobiles to get fully accessed to run some applications. Apart from this, you get the notifications, view messages, and events on a touch-screen display. As you can access to various features smartly, hence the name smartwatch.

2. What is the main purpose of using a smartwatch?

Given below are the major advantages of using smartwatch. Go ahead and check the points.

  • The first thing is that it tells you the time along with plenty of features.
  • Security purposes.
  • As a fitness tracker.
  • GPS-tracking system.
  • You can easily reply to calls and text messages.
  • Play music or watch videos on your wrist.

3. Are all smartwatches water-proof?

Not all smartwatches are water-proof. They are introduced into the market recently with a resistant up to 50-meters. Apart from the hardware parts, they have Ingress protection-IP68 that helps to survive in water for a short period of time. These sort of watches best suits for swimming and other activities like surfing, and diving.

4. Why the smartwatches feature built-in sensors?

As smartwatches are designed to wear on wrist, very close to the skin comes with built-in sensor technology. Most commonly used sensors are temperature sensor, Gyrometer, accelerometer, GPS-tracking, ambient light, heart-rate sensor, etc. All these sensors help to track your health and fitness levels. Hence, you can expect more advanced features in future.

5. How to setup and charge smartwatch for the first time?

Firstly, read the instruction manual provided in the box so that you get an idea of how to start and other issues. Now connect your smartwatch to the charger by placing it at the back. Once your smartwatch is fully charged, it is completely ready to use now by downloading the android support applications.

6. How to reset the factory settings of a smartwatch?

When you reset the watch to factory settings, the entire data stored on smartwatch will be lost. You cannot restore the lost data. However, you can save it on google account. Now to reset to factory settings, follow the simple steps given below:

  • Press and hold the power button on display for 3seconds.
  • You will see the menu option.
  • Now scroll down and tap on the settings.
  • Click on disconnect and reset.
  • It’s done. Now you can pair with smartphones.

7. At what distance your phone and smartwatch can be connected?

Yes, it is one of the important factor to be kept in mind. The distance between phone and smartwatch can be at least 10-meters or sometimes it may vary depending on the environment. It can also be paired with Wi-Fi network. If it is out of range, then the connection will be lost completely. And again you need to pair with other sources.

8. How to interface smartphone and a smartwatch?

To establish a strong communication between the smartwatch and phone, you need to follow the certain steps…

  • Initially, when you download the application support software on smartwatch, you will be able to see the nearby devices.
  • Simply tap on the device name to get paired with.
  • You will receive a code to pair the device and make sure you enter the same code on both the devices.
  • To process this, it just takes 1-2 minutes.
  • If you have already paired with the same device, then it will not display the pairing options.

Note: The procedure is same for IOS-devices. But the only thing is you should look for the device compatibility. If it supports IOS-devices, then simply install the application from apple store and do follow the same procedure mentioned-above.

9. Is it possible to connect smartwatch to multiple phones?

Yes, you can connect smartwatch to multiple devices as it features excellent compatibility options. But you cannot pair with all at time. There is no such option now and cannot expect in the future because it may lead to miscommunication and the data can be easily monitored via other sources.

10. What could be the reason for smartwatch not pairing with mobile phone?

If you are unable to pair with smartphone, make sure that the smartwatch power button and the Bluetooth is turned On. Go to the application and follow the instructions given for pairing the device. Still, if you find the problem, troubleshoot your device or visit the nearest service centre.

So, now that you know the best smart watches in India; choose one as per your functionality requirement and simplify your notification filled life by bringing the updates to your wrist.

Final Words

These days Smartwatches are in great demand because of the myriad applications like. It’s really a very good option than going with the traditional watches. Before you purchase the smartwatch, make sure to read the buying guide that helps to pick the right one as per your requirement. Don’t be fooled by the fraud brands and you need to do a bit research to make the best of available.

As per our analysis, Apple Smartwatch-3 is recommended to use. It features built-in GPS system, fitness tracking sensors and is highly water-resistant nature. As it is made with superior quality material and stylishly designed, deserves to be number one on our list.

If you have questions regarding smartwatches, feel free to share with us in the comment section given below. We are very happy to clarify your doubts as early as possible.