Best SSDs for Laptops and Computers in India 2021

A computer’s processing prowess depends on various factors. The main part being the processor! But the secret behind flawless and uninterrupted processing is the storage technology and capacity.

This is because even if the CPU processes millions of data within milliseconds, it essentially wastes time while your HDD feeds that data in the first place.

Gone are the days, where a normal hard disk took care of the main computer storage. Now, we have a faster and improved version of hard disks-SSDs!

Solid-State Drive or SSD is a storage device for computers, just like a hard disc drive. However, unlike a traditional hard drive, an SSD does not contain any moving part. Instead, it uses flash memory to offer faster access and boot time and lesser power consumption. Besides, it makes zero noise, and, most importantly, provides greater reliability and durability.

The main features to look for while buying an SSD are

  • Read/ Write Speed,
  • Storage Capacity
  • Power draw,
  • Boot-up times,
  • Durability and
  • Connectivity options
  • Price and many more.

But while these points above directly influence your buying decision you also need to know that there are several types of SSDs. And they are:

  • SATA SSD (mainly internal)
  • 2 SSD (mainly internal and faster than normal SATA SSD)
  • External SSD (Portable)

With SSDs getting powerful and affordable day by day, it is quite tricky if you want to buy one for yourself.  So, we highly recommend that you go through our detailed Buying Guide at the end of this article.

To make your buying process easier, we have also listed the Best SSDs in India that you can buy right now!

Best SSDs in India 2021

SSDData Transfer Rate (Read/Write)Flashed Memory Installed SizeItem WeightWarrantyBuy Now
Internal SSD
Samsung 860 EVO ISSD550 Mbps/520 Mbps500 GB90.7g5 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
Crucial ISSD560 Mbps/510Mbps500 GB90.7g5 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
Kingston ISSD500 Mbps/450 Mbps480 GB68g3 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
Western Digital ISSD545 Mbps/520 Mbps480 GB31.8g3 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
Samsung 970 EVO Plus M2 ISSD3,500 Mbps/3,200 Mbps500 GB9.07g5 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
CRUCIALM2 SSD1900Mbps/950 Mbps500 GB18.1g5 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
Western Digital Blue M2 ISSD560 Mbps/530 Mbps500 GB9.07g3 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
Western Digital Green M2 ISSD3470 Mbps500 GB9.07g5 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
External SSD
Samsung T5 Portable ESSD540 Mbps500 GB49.9g3 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
SanDisk 500GB SSD550 Mbps500 GB40.8g3 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
Seagate Expansion SSD400 Mbps500 GB150g3 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON

Best Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) in India 2021

1) Samsung 860 EVO Internal Solid State Drive 

Samsung 860 EVO Internal Solid State Drive 

Samsung is one of the most popular and well-served brands since 1938. It has never failed to serve its loyal customers. This time Samsung has brought 860 EVO SSD which is also serving its best.

This product ranks first because of its close to perfect features. It is designed for all kinds of PCs and laptops and has the newest V-NAND technology and an algorithm dependent controller. The TurboWrite feature has lead to high speed sequential and random read/write speed and large variable buffer.

It can easily store high-resolution images and 4k videos.

The Samsung Magician Software helps you manage the drive easily. It keeps your drive updated and looks after the drive condition and speed. The SATA based model helps it fit anywhere with its slim structure.

Data Transfer Rate- it has a transfer read speed of 550 Mbps and write speed of 520 Mbps.

Weight- The weight of the product is only 90.7g.

Best features:

  • Superior performance

It has a sequential read speed of 550 Mbps and a sequential write speed of 520 Mbps. The Turbo Write speed is upgraded from 12 GB to 78 GB.

  • Improved endurance

The latest V-NAND technology has 2400 TBW for 5 years. It can store high-resolution photos and 4k videos easily.

  • Extreme compatibility

It has better fluid communication with the main system. It uses ECC* algorithm and MJX controller for higher speed.

Warranty and Customer support:

This product has a brand warranty of 5 years or 300TBW.

For customer support, you can contact- 1800-726-7864.


  • This product works smooth with high-speed data read/write technology.
  • The boot time is less to approximately 10 secs which was previously more than a minute or so.
  • Due to low power consumption, it has a long battery life.
  • Easy to install.
  • It has an internal memory controller with DDR4 SD RAM to improve performance.


  • It is a bit expensive.


This is a Samsung product which is supremely advanced and feature-packed. It has made its name in this segment thanks to its high-speed data read/write technology. The smoothness can be really felt if you compare with other SSDs in this category. Thus highly recommendable!

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2) Crucial Internal Solid State Drive 

Samsung 860 EVO Internal Solid State Drive 

Crucial is an American producer of computer memory and part of Micron. It has come out with its new model MX500 which is serving well till date.

This product ranks second in our list due to its smart features It has a 3D NAND technology of Micron. It has integrated power loss immunity. This feature effectively stores all your data and work if there is a sudden power loss or system stops.

It has secure access of AES 256-bit hardware encryption.

Along with it comes 7mm to 9.5mm spacer, Acronis True Image for Crucial cloning software and installation instructions guide.

Data Transfer Rate- it has a transfer read speed of 560 Mbps and write speed of 510 Mbps.

Weight- This is a very light weighted product which weighs only 9.07g.

Best features:

  • Storage capacity

It can store up to 500GB with massive files, high-resolution photos, 4k videos.

  • Fast booting

Start your computer within seconds. Easy access to all apps and browsers. Faster transfer of high-resolution photos, 4k videos and files.

  • Easy installation

It has an installation guide provided with it for your benefit.

Warranty and Customer support:

This product has a brand warranty of  5 years.


  • This is comparatively cheaper.
  • The boot time is very fast.
  • The product has steady long-time performance.
  • It is very lightweight.


  • Sometimes it gives boot error.
  • The data write speed is slow often.


This is the most expensive in this category. It has a long warranty period and has all required features inside it. It has high storage and doing well in the market. You can definitely make a decision here.

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3) Kingston Internal Solid State Drive 

Kingston Internal Solid State Drive 

Kingston came up first in 1987 with their very own computer accessories. It has a new update to the market with their SSD A400 model.

We rank this product third as it has amazing speed in transferring files, booting and loading applications. It has an interface of  SATA Rev. 3.0 (6 Gbps).

It has a vibration operating at 2.17G Peak (7–800Hz) and the temperature variance for operating is 0°C~70°C.

It can consume power ideally 0.195W and on average 0.279W. But at most can use up to 0.642W.

Data Transfer Rate- it has a transfer read speed of 500 Mbps and write speed of 450 Mbps.

Weight- This product weighs only 68g.

Best features:

  • Shock resistant

It is shock and vibration resistant. It gives proper reliability when used in notebooks and other mobile computing devices.

  • Faster

It makes your machine 10 times faster than using HDD.

  • Easy to fit

It has 7mm form factor for which it can fit in slimmer notebooks with available space.

  • Improved performance

It has a sequential read speed of 500 Mbps and sequential write speed of 450 Mbps

Warranty and Customer support:

This product has a brand warranty of 3 years.

For customer support, you can contact- 1800-435-0640.


  • It is easy to install.
  • It can be partitioned into GPT format.
  • Faster window booting.
  • Faster access to all apps.


  • Poor speed while certain installations.
  • Poor copying speed from SSD to USB and phone to SSD.


Kingston is also providing a budget SSD with all the necessary features one looks for. If you are a first time user and don’t want to spend much then you can definitely give it a try.

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4) Western Digital Internal Solid State Drive 

Western Digital Internal Solid State Drive 

WD is a very well known brand in the mass hard drive market and their products are equally adored by a huge customer base. This is because they provide value for money equipment! It has brought a new SSD and it is quite a performer.

This product ranks fourth in our list as it has SLC feature which keeps our daily work boosted. It is easily okay-to-go with most PCs and tested in WD F.I.T lab.

It is shock-resistant and can easily store 4k videos and high-resolution images.

Data Transfer Rate- it provides a read speed of 545 Mbps.

Weight- This product weighs 31.8g.

Best features:

  • Reliability

It is shock-resistant and will protect data loss if suddenly dropped. It is tested in F.I.T lab.

  • Improved performance

It has SLC caching technology that helps maximize performance for transferring files, photos, 4k videos, games or simple booting.

  • Easy upgradation

It is a 2.5”/7 cased model with an M.2 2280 version to match up with new computers and can be accommodated in any machine.

Warranty and Customer support:

It has a warranty period of 3 years.

For customer support, you can contact- 1800-120-5789 or email them at support


  • Faster file transfer from phone, hard drive and pen drive.
  • Faster access to all apps.
  • The boot time is very fast.
  • Comparatively cheaper.


  • The product is a bit bulky.
  • The item packaging is not good.


This is the cheapest item of Western digital among all. It has useful features and performs very well. If you are a first time user and don’t want to spend much then you can definitely give it a try

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Best M2 Solid State Drive (SSD)

5) Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500 GB Internal Solid State Drive

Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500 GB Internal Solid State Drive

Samsung needs to introduction! This M.2 SSD is simply a beast! It is super fast and is doing really well thanks to Samsung’s brand value and extremely well-designed product.

It comes fifth in the list as it comes with the recent V-NAND technology. It has dynamic thermal guard which maintains and looks after the operating temperature and reduces drop of performance.

It has advanced nickel-coated controller and heat spreader to maintain heat the dissipation property.

The Samsung Magician Software helps you manage the drive easily. It keeps your drive updated and looks after the drive condition and speed.

Data Transfer Rate- it has a transfer speed of 900 Mbps.

Weight- This product weighs only 9.07g.

Best features:

  • Reliability

It has heat dissipation properties. The Dynamic Thermal Guard maintains and looks after the operating temperatures to decrease performance drop.

  • Flexibility

It fits up to 2TB on the M.2(2280) form factor which has great storage

  • Improved endurance

It has the latest V- NAND technology with a 1200 TBW for 5 years.

Warranty and Customer support:

This product has a brand warranty of 5 years.

For customer support, you can contact- 1800-726-7864.


  • The boot time is very fast.
  • Due to low power consumption, it has a long battery life.
  • It has a good SSD maintenance tool.
  • It is easy to clone with the Samsung data transfer rate.


  • This SSD needs a mounting screw.
  • It is expensive compared to others.


It is the costliest in this type but has gained popularity due to its superior reliability since ages. It has all the required features and it is really a smart investment.

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6) CRUCIAL P1 500GB M.2 Solid State Drive

CRUCIAL P1 500GB M.2 Solid State Drive

The MX500 model is the new M.2 SSD in the market by Crucial. This 500 GB solid-state drive stores huge amount of data and increases your functionality speed more than a regular HDD.

This product ranks sixth in our list due to its long life thanks to a TBW value of 100TB. It also boasts a high quality design as well. It has great storage and speed for file transfer.

It is passed through several tests to prove its quality. Also, the 3D NAND NVMe PCIe technology makes it superior to similar priced SATA based SSDs.

Data Transfer Rate- it has a transfer read speed of 1900 Mbps and write speed of 950 Mbps.

Weight- This item weighs 18.1 g.

Best features:

  • Endurance

It has 100 TB of TBW value which is approximately 54GB per day for 5 years. This improves longevity and performance.

  • Improved performance

It has a sequential read speed of 2000 Mbps and sequential write speed of 1750 Mbps. This makes your work faster than ever before.

Warranty and Customer support:

This crucial product has a 5-year warranty.


  • This product is good for first time SSD purchasers as it provides an NVMe PCIe interface.
  • It has great boot speed.
  • Reliable and built for endurance.
  • It is very easy to install.


  • Sometimes gives boot error.
  • Non-functional SSD is delivered by a few retailers.


This is the cheapest item in this category with a mix of useful features and well-implemented technology. It has high performance and even better endurance. All this makes it highly recommendable.

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7) Western Digital Blue 500GB M.2 Internal Solid State Drive

Western Digital Blue 500GB M.2 Internal Solid State Drive

This WD Blue 500 GB implements 3D NAND technology for enhanced reliability. It is one of those SSDs which comes packed with superior write speeds, efficient power draw and very reliable internals. And all these at a very accessible price point!

The Western Digital Blue 500GB has really good read-write speed. It also has a dedicated WD SSD Dashboard and Acronis software which can be downloaded for upgrading the existing setup whenever you like.

It has an average active power of 60mW. This is substantially lower than the previous generation WD Blue SSDs. This also implies that it is very power efficient and if you use a laptop, it won’t need frequent charging.

Apart from being power efficient, it also claims to be reliable up to 1.75M hour.

Data Transfer Rate- it has a transfer read speed of 560 Mbps and write speed of 530 Mbps.

Weight- This item weighs 9.07g which is extremely light.

Best features:

  • Speed

It has a sequential read speed of 560 Mbps and a sequential write speed of 530 Mbps.

  • Improved compatibility

This product goes through many tests in the WD labs and is built to be highly compatible.

  • Reliability

It uses 3D NAND technology which is up to 4Tb in the 2.5” 7mm form factor. It also decreases cell-to-cell interference.

Warranty and Customer support:

This Western Digital product has a 3 years warranty.

For customer support, you can contact- 1800-120-5789 or email them at support


  • High-speed transfers.
  • It boots up fast.
  • Very power efficient


  • It gives only 300 Mbps read/write speed.
  • The item heats up a bit.
  • The mounting screw is absent.


This Western Digital product is a bit expensive compared to others. But it has all the facilities like high speed and reliable storage. It also consumes less power. All these qualities make it a successful purchase.

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8) Western Digital WD Black Internal Solid State Drive (WDS500G3X0C)

Western Digital WD Black NVME SN750 500 GB M.2 2280-S3-M PCIe Gen3 Internal Solid State Drive (WDS500G3X0C)

This 480 GB SSD from WD Black is a proper NVMe drive which is built for speed. It is priced a bit high and is having quite a good reputation in the market.

Being an NVMe SSD you can expect it to be fast! This is six times faster than SATA SSD. It gives high performance and it is ideal for heavy gamers, video editors and for those who want superior speed and boot up times.  It also has a low power mode for better power efficiency.

It has a 64 layer 3D NAND technology which enhances the storage limitation.

It also has a cool design with RGB lighting and being a high-performance drive, it also has dedicated cooling technologies.

Data Transfer Rate- it has a transfer speed of 3470 Mbps.

Weight- This item weighs 9.07g which is extremely light.

Best features:

  • Improved performance

To make life faster, like faster booting, easy access to load games, transfer and back up files this is an ideal choice.

  • Storage

It has 3D NAND technology by doubling the storage density. It has extended capacity on a one-sided drive which is approximately the size of a gum stick. This is enough to store large games and files.

  • Heatsink design

This heatsink model is perfect for desktops that support M.2 factor and supports systems like RGB lighting, cooling technology, etc.

Warranty and Customer support:

This Western Digital product has a 5 years warranty.

For customer support, you can contact- 1800-120-5789 or email them at support


  • Faster access to all apps.
  • The boot time is very fast.


  • It is a bit expensive.


It has a bit expensive! Other than this, it has all the necessary facilities. It has special RGB lighting which is not present in any other. So, if you think the pricing is worthy enough, you can go for it!

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Best External Solid State Drive (SSD)

9) Samsung T5 Portable SSD – 500GB – USB 3.1 External Solid State Drive

Samsung T5 Portable SSD - 500GB - USB 3.1 External Solid State Drive

Another Samsung product and this one is a proper external SSD. This is a 500 GB portable drive that boasts USB 3.1 Gen2 connectivity.

It has an aluminum exterior and is extremely lightweight. This has a cool appearance and it is very easy to carry thanks to a compact form factor. It is highly resistant to shock and can tolerate drop from 2m above on a concrete floor.

It has V-NAND technology for superior transfer speeds. It is easily 4 times faster than normal external HDDs. Keep in mind, the host configuration needs to be USB 3.1 Gen 2 for the best results.  Other than that, it has secure access to AES 256-bit hardware encryption. It supports phones, PC and other devices via USB-C and USB-A.

It also provides the option to password protect the drive as well with the help of dedicated software.

Data Transfer Rate- it provides a transfer speed of 540 Mbps.

Weight- this item weighs 49.9g.

Best features:

  • Design

The size of the item is extremely small and can easily fit in a wallet or a pocket or a small purse. Easily portable!

  • Speed

It provides a transfer speed of 540mbps which is 4.9 times faster than external HDD. 4k videos and high-resolution photos can be easily transferred with back up.

  • Available software

It comes with software for PCs and Macs to set passwords and newest firmware updates. It also has mobile apps for android.

Warranty and Customer support:

This product has a brand warranty of 3 years.

For customer support, you can contact- 1800-726-7864.


  • It has great looks.
  • It is portable.
  • Password protection.
  • It is light weighted.
  • Faster than normal HDDs


  • Sometimes unstable connection.
  • The file transfer rate is comparatively low. (Needs 3.1 Gen 2 for best results)


Samsung has been always our first choice. This category is a bit expensive due to its go-anywhere-anytime facility. But it has a unique design which easily attracts customers. It has high speed and is highly recommended.

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10) SanDisk 500GB Solid State Drive

SanDisk 500GB Solid State Drive

SanDisk was founded in 1988 and is a part of Western Digital. This company has brought a new portable SSD model into the market that is quite a competition. With IP55 rating, 500GB storage, USB 3.1 connectivity, this is easily one of the best out there and also one of the costliest!

It has a high-speed file transfer rate and stores high-resolution photo and 4k videos. It supports Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and macOS High Sierra, Sierra or Mac OS X El Capitan. It is also shock, water and dust resistance property.

It is lightweight and can be easily carried with you whenever and wherever you want.

Data Transfer Rate- it has 550 Mbps speed.

Weight- This SanDisk item weighs 40.8g.

Best features:

  • Resistant features

It is IP-55 rated and resistant against dust, water and shock. It can tolerate water flow of 30kPA for 3minutes, 1500g of shock and 5 gRMS of vibration at 10-2000 Hz. It can also stay intact even if dropped to 6.5’ on a concrete floor, the operating temperature should be between 32-113˚F and storage temperature should be between -4-158˚F

  • exFAT

It can be instantly plugged and played with Windows 10/ 8.1/7, Mac OS High Sierra, Sierra and El Captain without using any special drivers or reformatting.

  • Storage

It provides up to 500GB storage for your files.

  • Encryption software

SanDisk Secure Access 128-bit encryption has kept private files protected. It includes a USB type C to type C cable and a USB type C to type A adapter.

Warranty and Customer support:

This product has a brand warranty for 3 years.

For customer support, you can contact- 866-726-3475.


  • It provides a free adapter from USB C to a regular USB port.
  • Very fast booting system.
  • It is lightweight and therefore, easy to carry.
  • Good connectivity options


  • The item sometimes heats up.
  • The encryption software does not work properly.


This SanDisk product comes with various features and is extremely lightweight and hence easily portable. It is the costliest among all. But it is a reliable brand that is serving well with good reviews and ratings overall. You can go for it!

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11) Seagate Expansion Solid State Drive

Seagate Expansion Solid State Drive

Seagate started long back in 1979. It is well known for memory drives, HDDs, and other peripherals. This new SSD- STJD500400 is gaining quite a number of followers thanks to a feature-packed portfolio at a budget-friendly price.

This one is a small portable drive with USB 3.0. It is lightweight and easily fits in your purse or pocket. It works with Windows and PCs without reformatting.

Boasts drag and drop functionality for photos and videos or you can directly stream them from the drive itself.

Data Transfer Rate- it has a speed of 400mbps.

Weight- This item of Seagate weighs 150g.

Best features:

  • Portable

The size of the item is extremely small and can easily fit in a wallet or a pocket or a small purse. During file transfer, its smooth and simple style makes the process very easy.

  • Speedy

The photos and videos can be transferred faster with a speed of up to 400 Mbps

  • Drag and drop feature

Compatible with both Windows and Mac. It can transfer files easily by simple drag and drop feature.

Warranty and Customer support:

This product has a 3 years brand warranty.

For customer support, you can contact- 000 800 4401 392.


  • It is portable.
  • It has great looks.
  • Boot time is faster.
  • Drag and drop feature


  • The cable is not good.
  • No USB 3.1


This product is the cheapest but doing well in the market. The portability and sleek design make it very desirable. It has a very useful drag and drops feature that can make your life easier. Other than that, it only misses out on the USB 3.1 connectivity

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SSDs are expensive than HDDs, and just like an HDD, there are various parameters associated with it. When you have a complete understanding of the various buying parameters, you can purchase the best SSD for your computer easily. The following is all the information you need to know about SSDs before purchasing one.


A hard disc drive uses magnetic plates and moving parts to store and retrieve data. An SSD uses flash drives for faster data transmission, storage, and retrieval.

HDDs are fast becoming outdated due to the advancement in the processing power of CPUs. HDDs cannot keep up with the processing speed of the modern CPUs. That is where SSDs have chipped in to replace HDDs.

They complement the fast speed of the modern CPUs, and you see an instant boost in the data processing. However, HDDs are cheaper than SSDs. Therefore, people who do regular work on their computers, they opt for traditional HDDs. However, for heavy-duty work and even gaming, SSDs are the best option. The following is a complete illustration of the differences between SSDs and HDDs.

ParametersSolid-State DriveHard Disc Drive
Performance/SpeedVery Fast (Multiple Times Faster)Relatively Slower
Power ConsumptionLessMore
Boot TimeAround 10 secondsOver 30 seconds
I/O Request TimeAverage around 20msAverage around 400-500ms
Backup Rate3-5 fasterVery slow
NoiseNoiselessMakes up to 30dB sound
CostExpensiveRelatively Cheaper
Failure Rate2 million hours. (Less Failure Rate)1.5 million hours. (More Failure Rate)

Types Of SSDs 

There are four types of SSDs present in India.


It is the most common type of SSDs. It is like a traditional HDD, and it comes with SATA cable. The SATA cable connects directly to the motherboard. These SSDs come in 2.5-inch form factor.

The modern SATA SSDs use SATA 3.0 interface which gives maximum transfer speed of 6000MB per second. They are relatively cheaper in comparison to other types of SSDs. Therefore, these are the ones that are replacing traditional HDDs in laptops and mid-range desktops.

Add-in Card SSD

This SSD type is faster than SATA SSD. It operates over PCI Express bus instead of SATA cable. These SSDs need to be plugged directly into the slot of RAID controller or that of a graphics card on a motherboard.

Therefore, your computer’s motherboard needs to have a spare slot to plug it in. It is perfect for high-end desktops, where data processing rate needs to be extremely high.


With a shape of a RAM card, M.2 SSDs are rather long and thin PCBs with NAND Flash modules. They need M.2 connector on a motherboard for plugging in. Due to their size and shape, they are perfect for slim laptop. These days, the modern motherboards come with two or more M.2 slots to install multiple SSDs.

M.2 SSDs can also use different interfaces such as SATA, PCIe, and NVMe. M.2 SATA SSDs use SATA interface, and therefore, the maximum speed is capped at 600MB per second. M.2 PCIe SSDs are an improvement over M.2 SATA SSDs in terms of speed and performance.

On the other hand, M.2 NVMe SSDs are quite advanced and multiple times faster than M.2 SATA SSDs. This is because it can handle multiple processing queues instead of just one or a few.

External SSD

Just like external HDD, there are external SSDs also available. They are highly portable and can be connected to any computer as per requirements. They are a great alternative to flash drives.

In fact, they are better than external HDD as they are less susceptible to shock and impact with no moving parts. Moreover, external SSDs generate less heat and are connected via USB 3.0 for maximum speed.

Buying Guide For SSDs

Now that you have a complete idea about the types of SSDs available, it is time for you to check the main buying parameters.


SSDs have various types, and each of them has a specific purpose and application. The latest desktops with mid to high-end motherboard, they are compatible with all the different types of SSDs. However, if you opt for slim laptops, you have to go for M.2 SSDs or external SSDs. This is because such laptops do not have enough space to accommodate a traditional 2.5-inch SSD.

On the other hand, there are laptops these days where the SSDs are inbuilt into the motherboard. In such a case, you cannot buy separately and upgrade. You can opt for an external SSD if there is a need. So, be aware of the SSD compatible with the motherboard of your computer and go for that type only.

If your motherboard has SATA option, go for SATA SSD. The modern motherboards have M.2 interface for M.2 SSDs which are better than SATA SSD. Add-in card SSDs are for high-end desktops. If there is no such option, you can go for external SSD with USB support.

2) Storage Capacity

How much storage capacity you need is extremely important to decide beforehand. SSDs come in various capacities, and you should choose as per your requirements and budget. It also depends on whether you want the SSD to replace your HDD entirely or you want them to work in conjunction.

Opting for conjunction option is a better option as you can use SSD for OS and application files and HDD for other files. The performance will be boosted, and you do not have to shed extra bucks for buying a high-capacity SSD. In this case, you can buy SSD of capacity 40-80GB as it would be sufficient for OS and application files. In this case, a 128 Gb SSD can suffice.

If you opt for the option where you want SSD to be the only storage device on your computer, you have to buy at least 256GB which is enough for all system, app, and other files. However, it can fall short if you store large files like movies, songs, videos, and other backup files. In such cases, you have to opt for 500GB-2TB SSDs which are quite expensive.

3) Speed

The main reason for buying an SSD is speed. There are various parameters that manufacturers mention in the specification list. You have to check read/write speed or sequential read/write speed. On average, SSDs provide 500-600MB/s read speed and at least half of that for write speed.

This speed can go up a lot depending on the type of SSD and controller you have on your motherboard. For example, if your motherboard has SATA II controller, the SSD can offer 250MBPS read speed, and around 150 write speed. It will double when you have SATA III controller. Similarly, M.2 slot or PCIe slot offers greater speed for sequential read and write.

4) Random Transfer Rate 

In the previous point, speed refers to the scenario where the data are stored sequentially or side by side. However, in real-life scenarios, there are multiple instances where data are stored in a scattered fashion. This is represented by random transfer of data rate. It is the speed at which the SSD can read or write from or at random locations.

In sequential read and write, the continuous blocks of data are dealt with. But in random transfer, small blocks of data are dealt with. You have to check that the random transfer rate is not very low. This is because at least 25% of data processing happens to be random, especially when the data is large.

5) NAND Flash Memory

There are four different types of NAND flash memory SSDs use, and they are SLC, MLC, TLC, and QLC.

SLC is Single-Level Cell which means it can store one bit either one or zero in one cell. For MLC, it can store two bits in one cell. Similarly, it is three bits and four bits for TLC and QLC. It is obvious that a cell that can hold more bits, it is more cost-efficient and cheaper in price.

However, the higher the bit holding capacity, the higher will be error rate, and the lower will be the endurance. Therefore, if you are a gamer or using the computer for lightweight work, TLC and QLC are great for you, and you can save a lot while buying such an SSD. But if you have a good budget and you do not want to compromise on any parameter, go for MLC and SLC which is the best.

6) ECC Support

An SSD that has ECC support, it can protect the data from getting corrupted due to virus or malware. ECC stands for Error Correction Code, and its primary objective is to detect and correct internal data corruption. Therefore, your data will stay secure under all unforeseen circumstances. If data safety is your priority, go for ECC enabled SSD.

7) TRIM Support

SSDs are expensive, and therefore, buyers compromise with the storage capacity while buying one. That is why there are certain SSDs available that come with TRIM support. The primary objective of TRIM feature is to maintain a constant level of performance throughout the lifecycle of SSD.

What it does is it carries out selection deletion of temporary and unnecessary files. So, it is going to free up space constantly, and the performance will not be affected due to limited space or congestion. It is more like garbage collection, and it improves latency and optimized performance.

8) Warranty

SSDs are rather expensive, and whenever you buy an expensive gadget, you need to buy it from the popular brands for that product. This is because brands offer a warranty on their products, and buyers can buy with peace of mind.

The popular brands selling SSDs are Samsung, Seagate, Kingston, SanDisk, Crucial, and WD. All of them offer some warranty period for their products. Besides, they come with enough instruction for proper operations.

Benefits Of SSDs In A Nutshell

SSDs are the future of the data storage industry, and they will completely replace HDDs going forward. The following is the list of the benefits of SSDs for which you should consider buying one for your computer.

  • Faster On All Parameters – Starting from boot time, access time, I/O request time to data storage, retrieval, and backup, SSD tops on all parameters when you compare it with traditional HDDs. Therefore, you should get an SSD to complement the high-speed of your processor. The performance will improve multiple times.
  • Multitasking – The higher the speed of data processing, the better is the scope of multitasking. You can toggle among multiple programs conveniently without any lag in performance. Therefore, it is a must for professionals. It is perfect for heavy-duty works like gaming and programming.
  • Energy Efficiency – Since there are no moving parts, the energy consumption is less. This is particularly useful when you have a laptop. The life of the battery in your laptop can provide more backup time.
  • Consistent Temperature – Since SSDs use flash memory technique, the temperature stays consistent throughout its operation. An HDD tends to heat up when there are multiple processes sending requests for accessing data. Therefore, the overall system temperature will not be high.
  • Noiseless – You may have heard the humming noise of a traditional HDD. There is no such noise for SSD, and it is practically noiseless with no moving parts.
  • Durability – Reliability and durability of a storage device are of utmost importance. An SSD is the least susceptible to damage due to solid construction and no moving parts. Even during accidental falls, they are more likely to stay intact. Some portable SSDs offer shock and vibration resistance for perfect data protection. With less failure rate, it is definitely a more reliable device.
  • Flexibility – You can use an SSD as a primary storage device by connecting it directly into the motherboard. You can also use it as a cache drive with an existing hard drive. Similarly, you can use an external SSD as a flash drive for backup.

Frequently Asked Questions

1)Do you really need an SSD?

It totally depends on the user and his usage. If the user is not satisfied with the current speed of the HDD, SSD is a better alternative. If you have the latest computer hardware like latest CPU, it is better to opt for SSD to complement the speed and performance. In general, an SSD will give an instant boost to the overall performance of your computer. Therefore, if you find your computer performing slow and your work is getting affected for the same, go for an SSD.

2) Are NVMe SSDs faster than other SSDs?

Yes, it is true than NVMe SSDs are faster than SATA SSDs, PCIe SSDs, and even external SSDs. Similarly, M.2 SSDs are faster than traditional SATA SSDs.

3) How long will an SSD last?

The expected life span of an SSD is 5 years. However, it can last longer like a decade or more. It depends on your usage. But after 5-10 years, the failure rate may increase.

4) Is a 256GB SSD better than a 1TB HDD?

It depends on your objective and storage requirement. If your objective is solely to boost the speed and performance, a 256GB SSD is better than a 1TB HDD. However, if you want to store large files such as movies and songs and you do regular work on your computer, 1TB HDD will be better. Otherwise, you can use a 256GB SSD for speed and keep an external HDD for the storage of large files.

5) Is a 128GB SSD good enough for Windows 10?

There are many laptops that come with 128GB SSD. If you install Windows 10, it takes up nearly 20GB. The SSD itself takes around 20GB for itself. Therefore, you will have 80GB of space. For basic works, 80GB is good enough. But we would recommend you to opt for a 256GB which is the most popular choice.

6) Is SSD good for long term storage?

SSDs are better for daily storage as the primary objective of buying an SSD is speed. If you are looking only for long term storage, HDD is better as it will cost you less.


Life is fast. Technologies make is faster. Solid-State drives are one such item that makes our computers, laptops, notebooks faster. With ever-changing technology, we are always on the lookout for faster, better and reliable performance

We have hereby listed some of the top most products that are in huge demand.

If you need high-speed file transfer, high speed read/ write feature with maximum storage then we would suggest you go for the top ones from the differentiated categories. You can choose the categories according to your need. We have internal SSDs, M.2 SSDs and External SSDs.

Our personal suggestion is Samsung as it is a reliable and trustworthy brand. But there are other options that have different features and will fit your budget.

The entire list has something for every user. We suggest you choose wisely.

Hope this is helpful.