Best Tripods in India : 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

Most people love taking pictures and capture their favourite moments. Either the mobile is their best partner or a full-fledged DSLR camera. But, sometimes the best moment misses getting caught on your camera because of slight disturbances or shaking of the hand. And that entirely ruins the fun.

Want to make your photography experience a brilliant one? Well, you can manage to do so by taking some steady shots using a tripod. There are situations where the shots get blurred out because the shakiness or the angles are not in the right place. A tripod can help you in maintaining the proper balance by providing your camera with a steady position to capture pictures.

But, most people think that a tripod is just a stand with three legs. But it is much more than that. There are various aspects of a tripod which makes it best suitable for your camera. Therefore, avoid buying one before going through the crucial factors that a good quality tripod consists of.

Here are some factors to look before buying:

  • Height: Before buying a tripod, make sure that the maximum height of the tripod is long enough so that you can reach the viewfinder of your camera according to your height. Also, check the minimum height or folded height as well. Because it makes a lot of difference when you need to travel along with it.
  • Weight: Another major factor that you should keep in mind is the weight of the tripod. It should neither be very heavy nor much lightweight because light ones have less stability, while the heavier ones are difficult to carry around.
  • Load Capacity: Beginners, mostly, do not consider this factor before they buy a tripod. But, believe us, this is one of the significant factors that one must look before buying. Because if you are using a heavy camera on a tripod that cannot withstand the load, your camera will eventually fall off and might get damaged.

In case you are still in doubt, you can read the complete Buying Guide for tripods which you will find below in this article. Meanwhile, check out some of our best picks of Tripods in India.

Best Tripods for DSLR and Mobiles in India

TripodsMax Height Folded HeightWeight Load CapacityWarrantyBuy Now
Digitek Tripods for Cameras67inches24.2inches1.2Kg5 Kg1 YearCHECK ON AMAZON
AmazonBasics 60-Inch Tripod60inches25inches1.23Kg3 Kg1 YearCHECK ON AMAZON
AmazonBasics 50-Inch Tripod50inches16.5inches0.57Kg3 Kg1 YearCHECK ON AMAZON
Bosch BT150 Tripod61inches22inches1.27Kg3 KgNo WarrantyCHECK ON AMAZON
Vanguard Aluminium Tripod60inches23.3inches1.69Kg7.7 Kg2 YearsCHECK ON AMAZON
Manfrotto Tripod7.2inches7.2inches0.19Kg1 KgUp to 5 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
SLOVIC Tripod Aluminum Tripod for DSLR60inches23.6inches1.1Kg3 Kg3 MonthsCHECK ON AMAZON
Jmary Tripod for All DSLR Cameras62.2inches19.6inches1.4Kg5 Kg1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON
Osaka VCT880 Camera Tripod 65.2inches26 inches2.1 Kg5 KgNo warrantyCHECK ON AMAZON

Reviews of Best Tripods in India 2019

1. Digitek DTR 550LW Professional Tripods for Cameras

Digitek DTR 550LW Professional Tripods for Cameras

Digitek is an excellent brand choice when you are looking for a premium finish and reliable products. Also, the brand provides top-notch specifications at reasonable prices.

This Digitek DTR 550LW tripod is for professional use. But, if you are a beginner photographer, this one will work for you brilliantly as it is quite easy to use. There are three sections in the tripod legs to extend its height.

This tripod is on 1st position on our list because it is one of the most affordable options out there and holds some premium specs as well. The max load capacity of the product is 5 Kgs which is quite enough to hold any camera steady.

Apart from that, the tripod can extend its height up to 67 inches which is quite good. Moreover, the folded height of the product is only 24.2 inches which makes it easy to carry.

Max Load Capacity: You can put a load of up to 5 Kgs on this tripod.

Best Features:

  • Premium Build Quality: This tripod from Digitek has a premium finish and carries a bubblehead mechanism that provides smooth movement and is quite easy to handle.
  • Additional Hook: It also has an extra hook that you can use to hang your camera bag or some other types of equipment as well.
  • High Weight Capacity: The max weight that it can hold is 5 Kgs which is quite good. It is suitable for heavy cameras as well.

Warranty and Customer Support: Digitek is a great brand when it comes to producing premium and reliable products. Also, it comes with a brand warranty of 1 year. In case there is some fault in your product, you can avail warranty by contacting Digitek from the link below.

Contact Digitek


  • Premium design
  • Height is great
  • Fantastic Load Capacity
  • Rubberized legs
  • Bubble Level
  • Quick Release System


  • Not much portable
  • Could have been more stable

Final Verdict:

Overall product quality is quite good at this price point. Moreover, the additional features like the hook are very rare to see in such affordable products. For beginners as well as professionals, this is an excellent option to buy.

Buy Now at Amazon

2. AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod

AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod

AmazonBasics is a well-known brand as you get trustworthy products from the Amazon brand itself. This brand has products for every buyer at great prices.

As we talk about this tripod from AmazonBasics, it has some pleasing specifications as well. The rubber feet provide excellent traction at any surface and can easily hold small devices like GoPro and even DSLRs as well.

This tripod from AmazonBasics holds the 2nd position on our list due to its solid build. As we compare it to the product on 1st position on the list, this one has more folded height and lesser load capacity.

The max height of the tripod is 60 inches while the folded height of the product remains 25 inches long. Also, the two built-in bubble view levels and 3-way head to allow to tilt and swivel motion with portrait or landscape options.

Max Load Capacity: It can withstand weight up to 3 Kilograms.

Best Features:

  • Very Lightweight: This AmazonBasics tripod is quite lightweight as it only weighs around 1.23 Kilograms which makes it convenient to keep along while travelling.
  • Additional Hook: This also comes with an additional hook that comes handy if you are carrying a lot of camera equipment. You can hang some other stuff and get yourself comfortable.
  • Quick Release Mechanism: The quick-release mechanism of the tripod allows you to quickly mount the camera or release it from the tripod, which keeps you always ready for the action.

Warranty and Customer Support: AmazonBasics provides a brand warranty of 1 year on its tripod. However, if you have any queries regarding the product, you can contact AmazonBasics using the link given below:

Contact AmazonBasics


  • Comes with zippered bags
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for Video cameras as well
  • Additional Hook
  • Quick-release plate


  • Folded height could have been lesser
  • Load capacity could be better

Final Verdict

If you are looking for some similar specs as the product in the 1st position, this one is a great alternative. However, the load capacity is moderate on this one. But, for the price, this is also a great pick for you. Moreover, the after-sales service is also good because it is Amazon’s product.

Buy Now at Amazon

If you want to buy a similar product with a smaller size at a comparatively lower price, you can go for the AmazonBasics 50-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag. The folded height of the tripod is 16 inch which is quite easy to handle, and you can keep it in your bag while travelling as well. However, for the maximum height, it can only extend to a height of 50 inches which might be an issue for some users. But the lightweight nature of the tripod tackles all other factors and makes it one of the best tripods to carry. Still, it is quite hard to find such a great deal.

3. Bosch BT150 Professional Tripod (Black)

Bosch BT150 Professional Tripod (Black)

Bosch is another good brand as it is quite popular for producing multimedia gadgets as well as accessories. You should have a look at this tripod from Bosch as well.

The Bosch BT150 is a professional tripod with some cool features that encourage the buyers. However, the price of the tripod is more than others. But, still, the quality that you get from this is worth it.

This tripod from Bosch is on 3rd position on or list because of its stylish design and premium build quality. As we compare it to other top products, it is the best in folded height, which makes it a good option for travelling.

The best part about the tripod is its height. It can easily extend till 61 inches, and the folded height of the tripod remains to be 22 inches only which makes it easy to carry. The tripod does come up with a centre post that you can use to extend the height further. The aluminium body is the reason that it weighs only 1.27 Kilograms.

Max Load Capacity: You can put a load of up to 3 Kgs on this tripod.

Best Features:

  • Center post: The Bosch BT150 can easily extend till the height of 61 inches. However, if you still want to adjust some height, you can do that with the help of the centre post.
  • Aluminium body: The aluminium finish makes it quite robust and rigid product. As you know, aluminium does not rust, so, inevitably, it will last longer than others.
  • Small size: The folded height of the tripod remains to be 22 inches which easily fits in any decent-sized bag. Therefore, making it convenient to carry around.

Warranty and Customer Support: As far as the warranty is your concern, this tripod from Bosch does not come with any warranty. However, the build is quite solid, so it is going to last longer for you. In case you want to contact Bosch Technologies, tap on the link given below:

Contact Bosch


  • Easy to carry
  • Small size
  • Center post for height extension
  • Aluminium body


  • No Warranty
  • Can only handle load up to 3 Kgs

Final Verdict:

The Bosch BT150 is a perfect tripod for the professionals out there. Apart from that, its rigidity makes it go through harsh conditions as well. Moreover, the centre post provides more adjustments in height. Therefore, it is quite a good deal if you have some extra bucks and want a premium quality product.

Buy Now at Amazon

4. Vanguard Aluminium Tripod

Vanguard Aluminium Tripod

This tripod from Vanguard is one of the best tripods on this list. And, if you are looking to make a good investment in a tripod, you might be picking this one.

This Vanguard Aluminium Tripod Espod CX 203 AGH tripod comes with a pistol grip which makes it a lot easier to move the camera around every angle. As the tripod takes a big investment, it does provide you with some worthy specifications.

The tripod has a bubblehead mechanism on the top so you can move the camera at any angle you want. Taking landscape as well as portrait shots is so easy with this one. Moreover, it has the best loading capacity of 7.7 Kgs, which is better than any other product on the list.

Along with that, the height extensions are pretty good as well. It can attain a max height of 60 inches while the folded height is 23.3 inches which is a decent size for a tripod. However, in terms of weight, it seems a little heavy as it weighs nearly 1.7 Kilograms.

Max Load Capacity: It can handle a load of 7.7 Kgs easily.

Best Features:

  • Wright Capacity: It comes with a massive load capacity of 7.7 Kilograms that makes it suitable to hold any DSLR or video camera without an issue.
  • Gun type grip: The gun-type grip of the tripod gives you more control over the tripod as you can easily hold and adjust angles on your camera.
  • 360 degrees rotation: The 360-degree rotation of the head allows you to move your camera in any direction without the need to rotate the whole tripod.

Warranty and Customer Support: The after-sales services of Vanguard are pretty good. The brand also provides a warranty period of 2 years with this tripod. In case you have any queries related to warranty or you need any other services, you can contact Vanguard using the link given below:

Contact Vanguard


  • A great grip
  • 360 degrees rotation
  • Sturdy build
  • Excellent design language
  • Great after-sales services


  • Quite expensive
  • A little heavy

Final Verdict:

Vanguard produces some quality accessories for cameras, and this tripod is no different. The Ball head makes it more convenient to use and provides you even more adjustment without the need for moving the whole tripod. However, this is a little expensive, but the quality and features of this tripod are worth the price.

Buy Now at Amazon

5. Manfrotto MTPIXI-B PIXI Mini Tripod (Black)

Manfrotto MTPIXI-B PIXI Mini Tripod (Black)

Manfrotto is quite a big name in the industry. The brand is well respected in the industry and has various camera accessories such as tripods and lighting equipment available at a cost-effective price tag.

The Manfrotto MTPIXI-B PIXI Mini Tripod is a good choice for the users who like to shoot using their mobile phones. Although, if you have a compact digital camera, it will work just fine. But for using it with phones, you will have to buy the holder separately.

This mini tripod is made for those who are always on a hurry to take a stable shot on their digital cameras or mobiles. As the design is quite small, it does not get any height extensions. Specially made to carry around and you can always keep it in your bag as it does not weigh much.

The overall weight of the tripod is 0.19 Kilograms which is extremely lightweight. The max height of the tripod is 7.2 inches which are nearly the same to its folded height. You can also use this tripod as a monopod.

Max Load Capacity: You can put a load of up to 1 Kg on this tripod.

Best Features:

  • Compact Size: The small size of the tripod makes it attract the beginners. Because all the potential mobile photographers look for a small and sturdy design.
  • Comfortable Grip: With the screw on the top, you can easily mount any camera and start V-logging as it also acts as a monopod and has a really nice grip to handle.
  • Lightweight: It only weighs 191 grams which are very lightweight for a tripod. You can always keep it in your bag, and you will not even notice the difference.

Warranty and Customer Support: The Manfrotto brand provides a warranty of 2 years with this product. However, you can contact the company and extend your warranty period for up to 3 more years. So, you can have up to 5 years of warranty on this product. To contact Manfrotto, click on the link given below:

Contact Manfrotto


  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Highly Portable
  • Compact design
  • Push Button locking system


  • Little expensive for the features it provides.
  • Load Capacity is only 1 Kg.

Final Verdict:

For those who just want a small and compact tripod with great quality, Manfrotto is making products for them. For this price, you can get a full-fledged tripod with a lot of features, but no one is as compact and portable as this one.

Buy Now at Amazon

6. SLOVIC Tripod Aluminum| Universal Lightweight Tripod for DSLR

SLOVIC Tripod Aluminum| Universal Lightweight Tripod for DSLR

SLOVIC is well known for making budget-friendly products that provide a lot of specifications and adjustment options to the users. And, this tripod just the perfect example.

This SLOVIC tripod is best for any user whether you are a professional or a beginner, you can grab this one. In this price segment, there is no other tripod that is providing so many features, so you must check this out once.

The tripod comes with a variety of locking systems at every part of the tripod. Whether it is the feet or the head, or any other part of the tripod, everything has a lock for stability. The panoramic knob gives a lot of advantage as well while taking panorama shots. Also, it has spirit levels for both landscape and portrait modes.

It carries many small parts, but that does not mean this is a heavy product, it weighs only 1.1 Kilograms. And, it has a max height of 60 inches which is near to the eye level. However, the folded height is nearly 23 inches which are quite decent as well.

Max Load Capacity: It can withstand a load of 3 Kilograms easily.

Best Features:

  • 2 spirit levels: There are two different spirit levels which help you take entirely levelled shots easily improving the picture quality with stable camera angles.
  • 360 degrees swivel ball socket joint: The feet of the tripod has a socket which moves in any direction to ensure that the feet hold the grip on any surface.
  • 90 degrees tilt knob: A quick adjustment knob is present, which can help you change the camera orientation quickly for taking landscape and portrait shots.

Warranty and Customer Support: The SLOVIC brand is providing a brand warranty of 3 months with this tripod. In case you have any queries, you can contact by writing to the seller at the following address:


Subject: Contact Seller

c/o Amazon Seller Services Private Limited,

26/1, 10th floor, Brigade World Trade Center,

Dr RajKumar Road,

Bangalore – 560055


  • Different Lock mechanisms
  • Highly Stable
  • Additional Hook
  • Tripod carrying handle
  • Lightweight
  • Aluminium body


  • Load capacity could be better
  • Only 3 months warranty

Final Verdict: The SLOVIC tripod comes at a budget-friendly price tag and does have features of a premium tripod. For mobile photographers, there is also a mobile holder available in the package. Even the aluminium finish makes it look like a rich quality product. Therefore, this might be a perfect pick for you.

Buy Now at Amazon

7. Jmary Professional Aluminium Tripod for All DSLR Cameras

Jmary Professional Aluminium Tripod for All DSLR Cameras

This is yet another professional tripod from a professional brand. Jmary is there in the industry for a long time now and knows what buyers are looking for.

The JMary tripod is made of aluminium which makes it quite solid for heavy-duty work. Apart from that, if we talk about its features, it has 4 sections in its leg which are responsible for attaining excellent 62.2 inches of height. The folded height of the tripod remains to be nearly 19 inches which is are quite comfortable to put in the bag as well.

It does come with two independent control knobs as well, which help you move your camera in any direction or angle. And, the ball head helps to rotate the tripod head in all directions smoothly. As it is made up of aluminium, the overall weight of the product is quite less. It weighs only 1.4 Kilograms.

Moreover, a dedicated mobile phone holder is also present inside the package making it a complete package for beginners as well as professional users.

Max Load Capacity: You can put a load of up to 5 Kgs on this tripod.

Best Features:

  • Lightweight and Convenient: As the tripod only weighs 1.4 Kilograms, and the folded height is less as well. As a result, it is quite compact and easy to carry. You can also keep it in any bag due to its small size and take it with you in the field.
  • Heavy Hook: An additional hook is also present at the centre of the tripod which you can use to carry your camera bag and other types of equipment.
  • Independent Control Knob: The independent control knob of the tripod helps you adjust your camera angles smoothly according to your preferences.

Warranty and Customer Support: As far as the warranty is your concern, the brand is providing a warranty period of 1 year on this tripod. In case you want to avail this warranty, you will need to contact your seller from which you bought the product.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Best one for travelling
  • Max height is good enough
  • Load capacity is fine
  • Additional Hook
  • 360 degrees head rotation


  • Not stable when extended to max-height
  • Not rich in quality

Final Verdict:

Overall, this is a decent tripod for travelling. It is lightweight, has good load capacity and comes with a control knob for easy usability. This is a good buy if you are planning to take your tripod for all your trips.

Buy Now at Amazon

8.Osaka VCT880 Camera Tripod 

Osaka VCT880 Camera Tripod 

You might have heard this name before if you are a frequent camera accessories buyer. No doubt, the products are good enough to make a place on our best picks.

This tripod from Osaka is yet another good option for you if you are willing to spend some bucks on the accessories. The price lies in the moderate range. The 3 sections of legs help the tripod to achieve a max height of 65.2 inches which is good. However, the folded height of the tripod is 26 inches which might not fit in everyone’s bag.

Even the weight of the tripod is on the heavier side as it weighs around 2.1 Kilograms. But, that weight does add up to provide some stability to the overall setup. Apart from that, it has a 3 way pan which provides easy movement. For levelling, it has a bubble level as well.

The grips of the tripod are equipped with locks so that tripod remains stable even on slippery or sloppy floors. Also, the elevator on top of the tripod has friction grooves to lock the mechanism.

Max Load Capacity: You can put a load of up to 5 Kgs on this tripod.

Best Features:

  • Stable: Due to its heavyweight, and lock mechanisms at the bottom, the tripod sticks to the floor and does not shake in windy situations.
  • Load Capacity: The 5 kilograms of load capacity is enough to put a DSLR with a large telephoto lens or a video camera.
  • Max Height: It can achieve a maximum height of 65 inches which is near to the eye level, making it comfortable for you to look in the viewfinder.

Warranty and Customer Support: The brand is not providing any warranty with this product. However, if you still want to contact the brand for any other queries, you can follow the link given below.

Contact OSAKA


  • Stable in windy conditions
  • Max height is good enough
  • Lock mechanisms in the feet
  • 3 way Panhead


  • Heavy
  • Not suitable for travelling

Final Verdict:

The overall product seems reasonable, but due to the heavyweight, you might struggle to take this one out in the field with you. However, if you need a tripod for indoor usage, you can surely pick this one as it is quite stable and holds well grip on slippery floors.

Buy Now at Amazon

Buying Guide for Tripods

Whether you do photography on your mobile phone, or it is a DSLR, you can get a tripod suitable for every kind of gadget. However, there are various kinds of tripods available.

Well, you should buy one according to your needs. So, ask yourself that you need a tall one or a short one? Is your camera heavy or lightweight? Will the tripod be able to handle the load of the camera?

So, you are looking for a tripod, and you have no clue which one should you buy? Stay tuned to this guide as we will be discussing all the significant factors which make a tripod best suitable for your needs. Go through each element thoroughly before you decide to buy a tripod for your camera:

1.Load Capacity

Many beginner photographers end up making the same mistake when they look for a tripod. Most people look for the cheapest option available on the Internet. But, they neglect the fact that how much their camera weighs and how the tripod can support. And, eventually, they end up buying the wrong product and get their cameras damaged or dropped from somewhere.

We don’t want that to happen with you so, the primary factor that you should check is the load capacity of the tripod. Make sure the load capacity is at least two times more than the actual weight of the camera that you are going to use.

We are suggesting 2x more because, if you are a DSLR user, there are chances that you might be using a bigger lens as well in the coming future, and that counts as more weight.

2. Height

Height is yet another crucial factor that most people do not consider while buying. An average tripod height ranges from 126 to 160cm, which is only a little less than the average human height as well.

So, it is better to buy a tripod of your height.

  • One reason is that you will be able to capture the similar shots as you see from your eyes. Well, we can’t precisely capture what we see, but still, in photography, angles do play a significant role.
  • The other reason is that you will be saving your spine from a lot of sprains. Because buying a short height tripod will make you bend every time to check the viewfinder. And, believe us, that gets worse in the long run.

Another major thing to check is the folded height of the tripod because it makes an enormous difference when you carry it around and go travelling. Therefore, the folded height of the tripod must be less so that you can easily keep it along with you.

3. Weight and Material

We suppose you are not a bodybuilder. You are a photographer, and you are already carrying a camera and some lenses along with you. So, you might not want to add more weight to your bag. If you mistakenly buy a heavy one, you will not see yourself using that much as it is a tough job to carry it around.

But, potential photographers need to travel a lot, and a tripod is a necessary tool. Therefore, you must choose a tripod that is lightweight and easy to carry along with you.

Also, you can check the material of the tripod as it gives a rough idea about the heaviness of the product. For instance, products made of carbon-fibre or plastic are generally lighter than metallic products. While plastic is a lightweight material, and metallic products are quite rigid.

But still, there are some complications with them. Plastic can easily break, and metals might rust.

So, the product that shines here is the carbon-fibre tripods, which neither break easily nor get rust. Another robust option is aluminium, which is a little heavier than Carbon-fiber but also provides more rigidity.

4. Center post

You might not see the centre post in every tripod out there. But, that plays a significant role if you want to increase the tripod height further. It is generally another leg that is attached to the tripod head and only moves up and down. You can choose to have a tripod with a centre post according to your preference.

If you use short lenses, then having a centre post might help you with the height. But real issues begin when you attach a long telephoto lens and put your camera on the tripod. The centre post causes a lot of vibrations across the whole tripod, which might ruin your perfect shot. So, it is your choice whether to go for it or not.

5. Tripod Head

A tripod head is the most significant part of a tripod. Like all the other parts in a tripod such as legs, feet, etc. only provide support to the head. But, the main housing that supports your camera is the Tripod Head.

The safety and stability of your camera are dependent on this part of the tripod. In modular tripod systems, you do not get a tripod head, so you will have to buy it separately. But, it is advisable to buy a tripod head that has a load capacity like the tripod legs. As both parts are equally responsible for the safety of your camera equipment. There are generally three kinds of tripod head available in the market:

  • Ball Head: Ball head mechanisms have only one knob that controls the whole system. With a single twist, you can loosen or tighten the tripod grip. Allowing smooth movements to the camera and flexibility and a tight grip to the camera while using.
  • Gimbal Head: In case you operate using heavy lenses, we prefer to get yourself a gimbal head. As we compare gimbal head to any other kind of tripod head, this one generally provides a better movement and has a very high load capacity. These are quite easy to use, and you can move the camera in any direction without worrying about the stability of the system.
  • Pan-tilt head: This is the most common kind of mechanism that you will see in the traditional style tripods. These generally have a separate knob for the vertical and horizontal movements of the camera. But, it takes a lot of time while operating as you have to adjust the system for both horizontal and vertical axis.

6. Tripod Legs

You might get to see a lot of different kinds of tripod legs in various tripods. Some have tubes, while some have different shapes like octopus legs. As we talk about the tubular tripods, usually, the carbon fibre tripods have these which have a twist-lock mechanism that makes the legs fix in one place.

Others might have a flip-lock mechanism. Also, there are sections in the tripod legs which are responsible for the tripod’s height as they help the tripod to expand. Unfortunately, the more you stretch the tripod legs, it will start to lose stability, which is a risky business for your camera.

7. Tripod Feet

Some tripods come with an adjustable feet mechanism that has a screw that you can loosen or tighten to change the position of the feet to match the terrain conditions. That allows you to make multiple adjustments to the tripod feet so the tripod can hold a grip on the floor. For outdoor conditions, feet with spikes are available. On the other hand, rubber grips work fine enough for indoor conditions.

8. Quick Release System

Modern cameras generally come with a hole under them that have threads so that you can attach a tripod mount with them. And if your camera does have it, you are in luck. Because you can easily mount your camera and release it as well, you can attach the mount on the bottom of your camera with the help of screws, and that is it. The next time you put your camera on a tripod, fix that mount on the tripod head and tighten the screw. As simple as that.

9. Stability

As we are investing in a tripod, we must look for the best durability and balance. However, the weight of the tripod is not only responsible for its stability. There can be multiple scenarios in which you might be shooting. Look for each factor, such as the material used in grips, the weight of legs, hold, and load capacity of the head. All these factors combined are responsible for the overall stability of a tripod.


As we have seen so far, there are plenty of options available to buy, but still, some people struggle to find out the best one for themselves. There are few products on the list which fall in the budget category. While some products are trying to snatch all of that money from your pocket. Still, there are options available for those who have a decent budget and are looking for a product that has all the necessary features.

For those who do not care about the price, and only need a quality product, we have the best pick for them. The Vanguard Aluminum tripod is just for buyers like you. Yes, we do know that it comes at a price that is comparatively more than other products, but it does provide some useful features as well. The max load capacity of 7.7 Kilograms is enough to put any gadget on the tripod. Also, the weight of the tripod is not much so you can carry it with you without an issue.

On the other hand, the product that has a perfect balance between price and features is the JMary professional Aluminum tripod. It has all the necessary features of a tripod, such as good height, stability, lightweight and comes at a moderate price as well. Make sure to check this out.

For the budget buyers, the best pick from the above list is the SLOVIC tripod which has features of a rich product but comes at a very affordable price. It is best suitable for beginners who are still figuring out the basics of photography and want to learn professional stuff. At this price point, you won’t find any better option.

Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!