Best Tripods in India : 2019 Reviews

Whether you are an ace photographer or a newbie to cameras, a tripod is an essential piece of gear that can improve your image quality to a great extent.

And for those who love to take pictures of landscapes and architectures, a tripod is a must-have accessory.

Using a tripod while taking pictures guarantee that your pictures will come out sharper because of the stability it provides.

And the best thing is that a tripod allows you to take great pictures even in low light conditions because you have the freedom to set a long exposure and faster shutter speed without the risk of shaking or moving.

But when it comes to choosing a tripod for your camera, it is important to consider a few factors such as its weight, the weight it can support, its maximum height, tripod head, tripod legs and feet and centerpost, etc. to make an informed choice.

How to Choose a Tripod?

1. Weight Rating

The most important thing to consider while choosing a tripod is how much weight it can support. While some tripods can support only a few pounds and are designed for lightweight point and shoot models, others can support heavy cameras along with lenses without any risk of collapsing. It is best to choose a tripod that can support at least 1.5 times its total weight.

2. Tripod Height

Always opt for a tripod that can be extended up to your own height so that you won’t have to end oven to look through the viewfinder. When you set up the camera on the tripod the viewfinder should be at your eye level.

3. Tripod Weight and Material

Most quality tripods are made using aluminium which makes them lightweight and durable. Some high-end tripods are also made using carbon-fiber material which is rust proof, stable and extremely durable.

4. Tripod Legs

Tripods legs are either tubular or non-tubular in shape. Most tripods legs have a threaded twist-lock system to make them more secure and safe. Depending on the height of the tripod, the legs might have 3 to 5 sections. Tripods with multiple sections are higher, but have less stability.

5. Tripod Feet

Some high-end tripods come with different types of feet that can be replaced to make it stable on different types of surfaces such as ice, rocks, wood, marble, etc.

6. Tripod Head

A tripod head is the most important part of the tripod system that holds the camera securely and controls its movement. Some modular tripods don’t come with a head. It has to be bought separately. There are 3 main types of tripod heads –

  • Pan-Tilt Head – Pan Tilt heads come with a single handle or dual handles. The handles allow horizontal and vertical movement of the camera.
  • Ball Head – Ball heads have only a singular control that loosens and tightens the grip. Ball heads are extremely flexible and allow smooth operation of the camera.
  • Gimbal Head – This is a specialized type of head for long and heavy lenses. This type of head offers the perfect balance to the camera with the heavy lenses.

Best Tripods in India

TripodsRemote ControlExtended SizeWarrantyBuy Now
Tygot Adjustable Aluminium Alloy TripodYES3.5 feet10 days replacement availableCHECK ON AMAZON
Syvo Adjustable Aluminium Alloy TripodYES3.5 feet10 days replacement availableCHECK ON AMAZON
Venganza Adjustable Aluminium Alloy TripodYES3.5 feet10 days replacement availableCHECK ON AMAZON
OSVETA Adjustable Aluminium Alloy TripodYES3.5 feet10 days replacement availableCHECK ON AMAZON
Syvo WT 3130 Aluminum TripodYES4.1 feet
10 days replacement availableCHECK ON AMAZON
Tripods without remote
Digitek Professional TripodNO6.1 feet
AmazonBasics Lightweight Tripod NO4.1 feet1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON
Tygot Gorilla Tripod/Mini TripodNO1 feet
10 days replacement availableCHECK ON AMAZON

Reviews of Best Tripods in India 2019

1) Tygot Adjustable Aluminium Alloy Tripod

Tygot Adjustable Aluminium Alloy Tripod

First on our list of the best remote controlled tripods is Tygot, an adjustable tripod made out of Aluminium Alloy. The remote control has two dedicated buttons; one for android and another for iOS. 

With traditional height adjustment (telescopic rods), the tripod has a central shaft jacking system. This means that when the button is loose, the centre shaft can be moved up and down. In order to fix on a particular height, then turn the button till it is tight. 

When fully extended, the length of the tripod is 105 cm. The legs have quick-release locks that let you control and extend the height. The bottom of the legs have polymer rubber to them which prevents any slipping on a frictionless floor.

The ¼ inch screw lets you tighten your grip onto a camera when placed on it. As for mobile phones, the holder is your typical selfie stick mobile holder. For cameras and for Go Pros the locking is same but for mobile phones, you can simply strap it onto the holder and it will grip it tightly.

Talking about the movement, the tripod comes with 180 degrees rotating capabilities with its 3-way head. Sweep about and take panoramic shots with ease. The level adjustment meter at the centre lets you know if the shot is balanced or tilted towards any direction. 

The central swivel rod can not just be used for movement of the camera but also to rotate and tighten your grip on the tripod as a whole. As for the bottom, the central stand is led angled so it makes it easy for retracting and expanding. 


  • Have accessories included such as the camera remote, mobile holder and also a carry case bag
  • Central Shaft jacking system handy in getting a stable shot
  • The Spirit Level capsule at the centre helps you understand the balance of the tripod during shots
  • Light in weight
  • Ideal for budget-conscious professionals
  • Value for money


  • Not often but some pieces have build quality issues. But the 10 days replacement warranty can get you a new piece

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2) Syvo Adjustable Aluminium Alloy Tripod

Syvo Adjustable Aluminium Alloy Tripod

Second, on our list is Syvo’s adjustable tripod made out of aluminium alloy. This product is spiritually very same as that of the Tygot tripod. 

It has retractable legs that give a total height of 105cm. The legs can be retracted and locked through simple swivel locks. As for the tips of the legs, the rubber tips help prevent the device from tripping or skidding on smooth surfaces.

A central shaft jacking system lets you tighten or loosen the jack so as to increase the height of the rod or decrease or set it to the desired level. 

There is ¼ inch screw that lets you place your cameras and GoPros and cameras easily. A locking nut helps you fixate the camera to its place and not move about. As for mobiles, you are given a separate mobile holder (similar to that of a selfie stick) which comes with its own locking mechanism.

At the centre, the handle has 180 degrees turning capabilities making it easier to take not just landscape or portrait but also any desired shot. In order to know if the stick is in a balanced position, you also are given a balance spirit capsule to monitor this. (Beware that some packaging has no liquid in these but a simple green stick. You can ask for a replacement in such cases very easily)

As for the remote, it is the same as the Tygot. It has two buttons; One for android and another for iOS. Other accessories fro this include a carry pouch and the mobile holder unit. 


  • Sturdy body
  • Comes with carrying pouch, mobile holder and remote 
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Perfect for budget-conscious professionals and hobbyists as well


  • None specific except for minor product problems here and there. If found soon after delivery, you can order for a replacement within 10- days of purchase.

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3) Venganza Adjustable Aluminium Alloy Tripod

Venganza Adjustable Aluminium Alloy Tripod

Venganza too is an adjustable aluminium alloy tripod stand which can support not just cameras but also for mobile phones. 

It comes with a ¼ inch screw that fixates cameras and GoPros easily and the lock switch makes it easier to fix them properly. The mobile phone holder that comes with it can be attached on top of this screw to accommodate mobile phones securely.

The stick can be unfolded to a total of 105 cm thanks to its retractable legs with simple swivel locks. The bottom tips of these legs have rubber stoppers which prevent them from skidding all over on the frictionless surface. 

At the middle, you have a centre jacking system that lets you loosen the rod to adjust the height. When you reach the desired height, you can lock up the swivel tight. The handle can move about 180 degrees for horizontal and landscape shot placements. 

It also has a green spirit capsule to help you monitor the level of the stick for the various different shots. 

Along with the mobile holder, you also are given a carry bag to place your tripod and remote control. This remote has two buttons; one for android and another for iOS control.


  • Accessories like the bag and the remote and the mobile handler
  • Value for money


  • Same as most products, there is a slight product reliability issue which won’t be an issue as you have a 10 days replacement warranty if you find trouble with the product. 

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4) OSVETA Adjustable Aluminium Alloy Tripod

OSVETA Adjustable Aluminium Alloy Tripod

Next on our list is OSVETA, another adjustable aluminium alloy tripod stand. Compared to the rest of the remote control tripod stands in the list, this one is the most affordable.

Apart from the price point, the OSVETA tripod is similar to all of the rest of the remote control tripods. The remote has two buttons; one for iOS and another for Android. 

Coming to the product, it has the usual central jacking system for height adjustment and 180 degrees rotating handle for horizontal or landscape shots. Overall, you can adjust the height of the tripod to a total of 105 cm.

The legs have swivel locks and the bottom of the legs have rubber stoppers for greater stability. It also has the ¼ inch screw for GoPros and Camera placement with a lock screw and also a mobile holder bracket too with no need for a lock. 

It also has the green level testing spirit capsule to know the level of the ground for clear and non-clumsy shots.


  • Economic and affordable
  • Good for semi-professional and personal usage too


  • None too specific to mention

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5) Syvo WT 3130 Aluminum Tripod

Syvo WT 3130 Aluminum Tripod

Finally, we have yet another Syvo product in our list of remote control tripods. The Syvo WT 3130 is an aluminium tripod that has sturdy feet and a longer rod length. 

The 3-way tripod has all the basic features compared to that of the products mentioned above. It has the signature central jacking system for easy height adjustment; the tilt level capsule, the ¼ inch screw to place cameras and the mobile holder too. 

The legs have the usual swivel lock and the bottoms have rubber tips to prevent skids. The one thing that differentiates it from its competition is its height. Compared to the usual 105 cm, this tripod can expand to a massive 127 cm tall which is effective for all types of film making.

It also has the usual remote control with 2 buttons; one for android and another for iOS.


  • Longer than most of the sticks given in the list
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Ideal for professional usage


  • Price

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Tripods without remote:

1) Digitek Professional Tripod

Digitek Professional Tripod

First on our list is the Digitek professional tripods that can be used for not just cameras but also mobiles. The best part about these tripods is that they have almost a 11 different tripods to choose from depending on your shot preferences, device and height choices.

The DTR 550LW is the standard tripod usually bought for DSLRs, GoPros and movie shoots.  The other tripods are different for different preferred shots as mentioned before but most of them are compatible with any camera device. 

In general, all of the Digitek tripods are light in weight and have an average adjustable height of 6.1 feet (185.928 cm). They all have a built in bubble head that lets you adjust the tilt and the position of the device. 

As is the case with most of the tripods, these sticks too come with quick release straps. These are present on the head and also on the legs making it easy for you to extend it  Also, there is the balance tilt capsule with liquid inside it that talks of the orientation of the tripod. 

The maximum recommended weight for most of these devices is about 5kg. While it could support a little more or less too but that is not recommended. 

Apart from the tripod stick, it also comes with various other latching accessories for free. These include you to place the mobile or the camera on the tripod. Apart from these, you are also given a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty on the product.


  • Versatile 6 feet long tripod
  • Multiple different models to choose from depending on your usage
  • Various latching equipment provided with the tripod
  • The latching lock and the feet extenders are perfect and do not wobble like usual cheap tripods
  • Great value for money (good life) and 1 year warranty


  • Non specific to mention

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2) AmazonBasics Lightweight Tripod

AmazonBasics Lightweight Tripod

The AmazonBasics 50 inches tripod is one of the most affordable yet high quality tripods without remote control on our list. 

As mentioned, this tripod can stretch upto a staggering 50 inches (4.1 feet) in length. Very light in weight (weighs about 400 or 450 grams in weight), the tripod is made out of high quality aluminium. 

You can easily use this in various different shooting situations. The tripdo has a 3 way head that makes it easy for you to shift. The handle at its centre lets you swivel and move about in any direction.

The centre shaft, also comes quick release plate that help you easily change the camera when you are in between shots.  As for the height adjustment of the legs, you have the 3-section lever lock just like almost all of the tripods.

In order to store all of these, you are also given a zippered carry bag. As for the warranty, you are given a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty from Amazon.


  • Very affordable and economic
  • Can expand to a massive size of 4.1 feet (ideal for almost all regular and semi-professional shoots)
  • Built with high quality aluminium
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty


  • No mobile holder is provided
  • Cannot hold a lot of weight

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3) Tygot Gorilla Tripod/Mini Tripod

Tygot Gorilla Tripod/Mini Tripod

First on our list is a Tygot product. The Tygot Gorilla Mini Tripod comes with anodic rotating spheres that let it grapple almost onto any surface in any direction.

The tripod is made of high-quality ABS material thus can be used for heavy-duty usage. Compared to generic plastic-based camera tripods, the Gorillapod is made for rough usage on any kind of surface and device.

It’s anodised rotating spheres are very flexible and thus make it easier for you to flex and keep your tripod in any shape or angle you wish. 

You are also given a mobile holder that goes about its ¼ inch screw so that you can comfortably hold not just your DSLR or GoPro but also your smartphone.

There is also a clasp lock that helps you first set in the angle you like your tripod to be at and then lock it there perfectly. Portable and light in weight, the unique design of the product is versatile and makes it easy for you to carry it anywhere. 


  • Versatile and very flexible design 
  • Made out of highly durable materials
  • Has a mobile holder for smartphones and a separate ¼ screw for DSLRs and GoPros


  • As it is mini in nature, it can go up to only 33 cm tall. 

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A tripod is the most important instrument for getting a clean and stable shot. If you are making distant shots or remote shots,then a remote control tripods is perfect for you. If you are making detailed shots which demand your presence behind the camera at all times, then pick a normal stable tripod. A normal tripod is also good for tall shots as well.

Considering various other factors, we have concluded that the Tygot Remote control  tripod with Aluminium Alloy is the best in the range of remote control tripods considering its favourable reviews and versatility. As for the normal tripods, you can consider Digitek professional tripods. They have a very big range of tripods in various lengths.