Best 3D Printing Pens in India 2020

The 3D printing technology is not new to the developed countries like the US. In fact, they’re now heading towards the 4D technology. But, the Indians are getting to know about the 3D technology only recently. That is the reason why the 3D printers are very costly in India, considering the shipping and other taxes included. Fortunately, if you’re just starting out with 3D printing, then you may consider the 3D pens that are affordable and at the same time gets most of the jobs done easily. These 3D printing pens are mainly useful for designers, artists and children. As of now, you can get a 3D pen in India starting Rs.700. But, I personally don’t recommend getting them due to their poor quality. If you’re serious about creating quality 3D objects, then it is always better to invest in some high quality products.

So, in this article, I’m listing the best quality 3d drawing pens that are affordable by most people these days.

Best 3D Pens in India

3D Printing PensFeaturesBuy Online
My3DMini.Me 3D Printer Pen] OLED screen & low temp FDM 3D pen Check the Price
Colido NA 3D Printer PenSupports both PLA and ABS filaments Check the Price
VAMAA 3D Printer Pen Very lightweight and even newbies can control this 3D pen Check the Price
Think3D 3D Printing Pen Won’t hear any fan noise Check the Price

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Best 3D Pens in India under Rs.10,000

#1.My3DMini.Me 3D Printer Pen

This 3D pen comes with an OLED screen and is the world’s first low temp FDM 3D pen with support for the regular PLA filament. The most interesting thing about this pen is that you don’t have to throw away the printed objects (if you don’t like the output) as they’re reusable. Just throw the 3D printed object in a bowl of hot water and leave it for a minute. It can then be hand molded into anything.

It is also safe for kids to use as the pen tip temperature is just about 50 Celsius, so that children won’t burn their hands while using it. However, do note that you should use only PLA filaments and not ABS. In the box, you also get 3 filaments (5m each), AC adapter, 3D pen and user manual.

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#2.Colido NA 3D Printer Pen

Colido NA 3D Printer Pen

This is one of the best 3D pens in India, mainly for its awesome features. It is not only safe, but also as simple as using a pen. Just start with a paper and draw in the air to create stunning 3D objects, which you can showcase in your science fairs. The pen supports both PLA and ABS filaments. You also get 1.75 mm filament free with your purchase. The quality of the material is very good.

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Best 3D Printing Pens in India under Rs.5,000

#3.VAMAA 3D Printer Pen for 3D Drawing

If you’re looking for the cheap 3D printing pen, then this gadget is for you. It is an amazing pen for drawing art in 3D as well as printing crafts on the go. You an give your art a life with this 3D pen. This gadget utilizes the plastic instead of ink, which melts at a set temperature in order to create live 3D objects. Using this pen is very simple. You can use it like any other normal ink pen on paper in the beginning, but then lift it in the air while pressing the nib to paper to create 3D art. The pen is very lightweight and even newbies can control this 3D pen without any hassle. However, you’ll only get a sample filament along with the product. You should purchase the filaments separately from the online or offline stores, which are available in different colors.

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#4.Think3D 3D Printing Pen for Drawing Artcrafts

If you’re a 3D printing enthusiast who likes to explore 3D printing technology, then this 3D pen is for you. You can easily create 3 dimensional artwork using this pen. You also get a set of filaments and a user guide to get started. You won’t hear any fan noise as it comes with advanced thermal management. Perfect for designers, artists and children. It only supports 1.75 mm filaments.

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Not just these, there are few more affordable 3D printer pens in India. But, they’re not worth considering their low quality build and poor reviews. So, I only listed the best 3D pens in India in this article. Select the one that fits your requirement and budget. Also, do note that you can purchase the filaments separately from the online stores like or whenever you want. The price of the refills is cheaper online than the offline stores.