Best VR Headset In India 2019

Gone are the days of watching movies like the regular folks. Now is the time where you can experience the movie virtually, all thanks to the latest VR Headsets in India.

With the launch of Google Cardboard, the craze for ‘VR glasses’ or ‘Smart glasses’ has took a sudden spike. Thanks to Google’s initiative, now you can find a bunch of OEMs manufacturing their own branded best budget Virtual Reality headsets in India, because of which the prices have come down to half when compared to the starting years.

Best VR Headsets in India(Our Top Picks)

Smart VR Headset GlassesCompatability
FeaturesBuy Online
WI Trance Android3D surround sound effects, noise
cancellation technology, Bluetooth 3.0
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Procus ProAndroid and
Built-in headphones and touch button,
PMMA lenses
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My VR Goggles Android and
Full HD video streaming, 120◦ FOV, soft
cushions and sheet moulding technology
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Aura VR Pro Android and
Highly durable materials, Adjustable focal
length and 360◦ viewing angle.
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WI Wiggle AndroidErgonomic design, In-built IPD and
adjustable screen distance
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Irusu Monster Android and
Curved design, 3-way headband, anti-
fogging technology, HD resin lenses
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Dream VR Android and
Precision tracking mechanism, face foam
cushioning and leather headbands
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Portronics  Android and
8-layer Nano coating lenses, Shark fin
design, Unparalled FOV
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What is Virtual Reality?

In the early 1980’s, the term ‘Virtual Reality’ was coined in a Sci-Fi novel and it has replaced the most popular term of those times – ‘Artificial Reality’. To be exact, Virtual Reality is nothing but artificially replicating the human senses like Touch, Hearing, Visuals and Smell. Of-course, not all the VR headsets come with all these features. What we see in the budget VR headset market is those with the senses like Visuals and Hearing. The Virtual Reality headsets are mostly famous for their ability to simulate the 360 degree environment.

We’ve reviewed plenty of Smart VR glasses available and picked only the top 16 VR headsets in India that are worthy enough to spend your bucks on.

With so many options and wonderful features, it is important to decide the right one by considering the factors like lens type, HD-quality, design, and smart controlling options. To know how we have selected the best VR-headsets with these key factors, read our “Buying Guide“.

Best VR Headset India under 5000

1. WI Trance VR Headset


Our first VR headset on the list comes from WI brand. It is a very popular VR headset brand that is aimed to bring new gadgets into the market by maintaining high standards.

The best thing about WI headset is that you can wear goggles and use it comfortably.

The headphones of VR headset are wired with a jack of 3.5 mm that have natural bass boost and 3D surround sound effects. Its great combination will give you the best experience of virtual reality.

Microphone has the best noise cancellation technology when you deal with voice calls. There is a pause-call button so that you can receive a call or hold the video or music while playing. There is an in-built volume controller option to let you adjust according to the requirements when you listen to music, watch videos or play games.

This device is equipped with 62-mm glasses at 120◦ for immense visual treat as it uses resin material with the zero glass door effect and high dense polymer to bring the VR box best quality of content and adoption with the eyes.

It is controlled by Bluetooth 3.0 technology for lag-free control and best suits for myopia (short-sight) people so as to avoid the spectacles while watching movies or playing games. It even uses etch-free foam material to set free from allergies and other irritations.

This wonderful WI trance VR headset is compatible with the Lenovo, Xiaomi, Redmi, Micromax, and Samsung devices. And to view videos or games in 3D, it should be of file 3D or sbs-format. You don’t need any batteries to perform any task.

On the whole, the performance of the device is too good as it excellent functionalities as mentioned above. The manufacturer offers 6-months warranty. It weighs about 748-grams which is too heavy to hold in front of the eyes. Apart from this, it also comes at very expensive rates which is not suitable for tight-budget people.

Things we like

  • 62mm of lenses.
  • Play-pause-call buttons.
  • Item weighs 748 grams.
  • 6-months warranty on glasses.
  • Very safe and comfortable to use.
  • Excellent surrounding sound effect.
  • Wireless Bluetooth remote controller.

Things we don’t like

  • Too expensive.
  • Difficult to handle the remote.

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Best VR Headset India under 3000

2. Procus Pro VR Headset with InBuilt Headphones

Procus Premium VR Headsets

To experience the virtual reality and immersion, bring Procus Pro VR headset to your home. There are convenient features like controlling options, and smart connectivity. That’s why we have listed on the 2nd position and is the best VR headset to buy in India under 3000.

Pro version VR headset is made with the highest quality plastic materials to last for a longer time.

The Procus headset comes in a protective box to ensure safety at the time of shipping. It further contains an instruction manual which gives clear idea on how to use the device. So as to keep the VR headset hygienic there is a clean cloth that comes along with the device.

VR headset has in-built headphones with a stretchable wire for better sound quality and is made with the PMMA lenses (Japanese imported) for a great vison. Lens helps in reducing the eye fatigue and best suits for the people with 0-800 myopia and 0-400 hyperopia to enjoy the virtual reality for longer duration.

You do not require any magnetic clippers or Bluetooth devices as you can simply monitor the device using touch button controller. And the external volume controller is provided to increase or decrease the volume.

With the adjustable and secure tray on the front panel, you can even slide the and make the necessary requirements as per your phone size to fit into it. The rubber cushions in VR headset stops light entering into the device and makes sure the eyes are well protected.

The knobs on either side of the VR headset will help you to customize the focal length for viewing the videos or games comfortably. It also has adjustable head straps to fit on your face for viewing HD videos very close to your eyes.

To this best 3D  VR headset, your phone should support feature gyroscope. You will get chilling horror games absolutely free along with the VR headset.

All together, the Procus pro VR headset offers cutting-edge technology with sleek design for the better performance of the device. There are no major flaws about the product.

Things we like

  • Adjustable knobs.
  • Good headband.
  • External volume controller.

Things we don’t like

  • Bit expensive only.
  • Bulky size and heavy weighted.

Lens quality is not up to the mark.

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3. My VR Goggles Infinity with Wireless Headset

My VR Goggles with Headset

Are you the one who don’t want to miss the call and enjoy virtual reality simultaneously, then My VR infinity headset is for you.

This VR device has built-in touchscreen for the functioning of google cardboard apps, and wireless sound headset to adjust the volume or for answering calls when you connect with the smartphone. Phone holders (without using clippers) avoids the automatic volume reduction and button issues.

It has a superior lens of diameter 42mm with 120◦ field of view for broadcasting HD videos or games. If required, the lens can be adjusted via IPD and diopter, according to the requirements of long sight and short sight people.

The 40mm diaphragm of VR headset is made of PET materials with a sensitivity of 98db, and frequency range 20-20,000Hz. It utilizes a maximum power of 50mW with high fidelity audio muff for better display and sound clarity.

It is equipped with sheet moulding technology for hearing the sound comfortably. The soft cushions on the device are made with sponge and the outer layer is covered with high-quality protein skin to relieve stress.

With the help of 3.5mm headphone jack, you can connect with the VR phone in India. The half transparent cover design enables the smartphone camera for exploring the augmented reality.

Instead of clippers it uses pallets to avoid automatic volume reduction and movable tray to adjust according to the phone size.

However, the only drawback of this product is the bulkiness of the VR headset. If you are the one who do not have problem with the weight, then this device best suits you and also offers wonderful features.

Things we like

  • Soft ear cushions.
  • 5mm headphone jack.
  • 3-months replacement warranty.
  • 42mm lens with 120◦ field of view.

Things we don’t like

  • Weighted VR headset.

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Best VR Headsets under 2000

4. Aura VR Pro Virtual Reality Headset

AuraVR Pro vr headset with gaming remote

Next one in the list is Aura VR headset. Aura VR headset is brought to you by the pioneers of virtual reality in India which is committed to provide high-quality products with the standard services.
Compared to others, Aura VR headset is made with good quality plastic material, making the device highly durable and light weighted.

The VR glasses supports all the smart phones ranging from 3.5-6 inches with an operating system android 4.1 and IOS-5 along with the eye-glasses. There is an option for you to adjust the distance between lens and screen for better viewing of the source independently in 360◦ wide angle.

This VR headset has come with 43 mm lenses that is made with the Nano coated optical resin and FOV of 100-110. It is a daydream content and to interface with, the phone must have phone-insertion mechanism along with the gyro sensor, proximity sensor and magnetometer.

Note: It is recommended to remove the mobile cover when you connect with the VR headset.

If you are using the smartphone continuously for a long time, there are more chances of getting heated up. When you place the phone in VR box containing removable front lid and air vents for heat dissipation.

When you purchase this VR headset, you get the following components like Bluetooth VR remote to monitor the device without taking out of the headset. Additionally, you can take selfies and play games as it has full of on-buttons.

Things we like

  • Adjustable focal length.
  • 360 wide viewing angle.
  • Highly durable and light weighted.
  • 2-months warranty on manufacturing defects.

Things we don’t like

  • Does not support with screen-sized mobiles below 3.5-inches.

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5. WI Wiggle VR Headset


Enjoy watching HD videos, 3D movies, games on WI VR headset. It has lot of cool features that you don’t find normally in other VR glasses.

With its classy ergonomic design, the wiggles headset can be adjusted – eye to screen distance for physical comfort. It completely eliminates stress on eyes and sickness by bringing flexible option that meets the customer’s requirements.

The Wiggle VR headset contains superior quality Aspheric optical lens (42mm of diameter) which is made with optical resin, and protected with 8-layer Nano coating. It offers unparalleled FOV-field of view to reduces the glare and stress on eyes when you use the headset continuously for hours.

It has built-in IPD and adjustable screen distance to make the headset best for watching YouTube videos or playing games. Also features super face foam protector, heat dissipating holes for inserting earphone into it and for charging the device.

This wiggle VR headset best suits for branded mobiles with touchscreen 3.5-6 inches. And also it should possess sensors like- gyroscope.

Overall, the WI Wiggle VR headset is best out there in the market. Its outer layer is built using poor quality plastic material and there is no detailed information about the warranty. Other than that, it is one of the best budget VR headset compared to others in our line-up.

Things we like

  • Aspheric optical lens.
  • Super face foam protector.
  • Heat dissipating ventilation holes.
  • Supports smart devices with 3.5-6-inch touchscreen.

Things we don’t like

  • Poor-quality material.
  • No warranty information.

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6. Irusu Monster VR Headset With Remote Controller

Irusu Monster VR headset

Irusu is a brand that is dedicated to provide top-notch products and good customers support services. For its curved ergonomic design and compatibility options, it has become one of the best VR devices in India on our list.

When you compare Irusu VR vs Procus VR headset, Irusu Monster headset is fully loaded with focal adjustment, IPD control, and 3-way headband for handling the device effectively. Additionally, it incorporates highly-calibrated HD resin lenses (polarized), anti-fogging technology, FOV, and window effects to make sure the customers enjoy the HD- streaming videos.

With the help of removable front panel and touch button option one can easily access the camera on the smartphone. A free Bluetooth remote comes with the set to handle smartly when mobiles don’t feature magnetometer. It even helps to connect android or IOS devices for performing various tasks.

The front bezel, super face foam protector, removable front tray, side slots and Headstrap parts for easy insertion of earphone, charging and other purposes.

As you run mobile on the VR headset continuously for a long time, it utilizes more power and gets heated up very quickly.

When you purchase this best VR box in India, contains VR headset, magnetic clicker, wiping cloth, and instruction manual with QR-code inside the box. Moreover, Irusu VR Zone app is available on google play store to interface mobile with the VR headset. For this to happen, the mobiles should internally have Gyroscope and accelerometer.

You can simply mount on your head as it just weighs 327 grams. It’s not necessary to wear the eye-glasses if the customers have a short-sight up to 600◦.

Wrapping it up, the Irusu Monster VR headset has number of features that are missing on the above-mentioned models. Additionally, it comes at very inexpensive prices. Besides it has minor cons like absence of soft cushions near ears and doesn’t match with the requirements of farsightedness people.

Things we like

  • Smart app connectivity.
  • Removable front tray.
  • Comes at affordable prices.
  • Super face foam protector.

Things we don’t like

  • Absence of soft ear-cushions.
  • Not much suitable for people with long-sight.

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7. Procus One Virtual Reality Headset 

Procus ONE Virtual Reality Headset

Yes, another model from Procus brand. It gives an outstanding visual experience and is considered as the biggest virtual reality headset on the market.

When you purchase this Procus VR-kit, you get the following:

  • Procus One VR headset
  • Magnetic clicker and
  • A user manual

It is furnished with a pair of VR glasses that measures 42mm to enjoy the expanded FOV of 100◦. As the lenses are made of polished optical resins with 8-layer Nano coating, helps to reduce the pressure on eyes.

Wearing this headset will allow you to watch HD streaming videos and play games conveniently as it is covered from all sides so that no light can enter into the device. You can even use VR headset by wearing goggles and adjusted accordingly to match with the requirements of near-sightedness or far-sightedness.

IPD-Interpapillary distance, adjustable leather headband, foam face cushioning and adjustable screen distance helps in making the device more effective in terms of visuals and sound clarity. The headset is accomplished with free magnetic clicker so that you don’t remove the headset to click on the buttons when it is essential.

This is highly-portable and great compatible with the android or IOS devices with touchscreen 3.5-6 inches to enjoy the virtual reality applications like movies, games, music etc.,

Overall, the Procus one virtual reality headset is a great kit and comes with the latest features for easy accessing. There are few drawbacks out there like the design structure and the soft cushions that aren’t up to the mark. For this, we made it number 7 on our list.

Things we like

  • Light weighted (380-grams).
  • 3-months replacement warranty.
  • Great compatibility and portable nature.

Things we don’t like

  • Appears to be the basic model.
  • No soft material like sponge (simply say cushions) near the nose area.

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8. Dream VR Headset

DREAM VR 44mm HD lens Headset

Next one on the list is Dream VR headset. With this amazing technology, you can explore the world and play the games just in front of you.

Dream VR headset comes with 44mm lens that is made with multi-layer Nano coating. It has a fabulous mini-wireless Bluetooth remote in a X-box styled design pad to establish a strong communication with smartphones.

The built-in inter pupillary distance controller is used for adjusting the screen distance for greater visibility.  It has an FOV of 110◦ so that you can view videos in different angles and precision tracking mechanism to functions accordingly to your head movements.

With its ergonomic design, face foam cushioning and leather headbands provides the comfort even when you watch or listen to music for a long time.

Dream VR headset is well-suited for Android, IOS devices with the screen size ranging from 4-6 inches.

Overall, the performance of the Dream VR headset is good as it has number of features that makes the users comfortable to use and the vision is very clear. But, the only thing we didn’t like about the product is that it is not suitable for the smart devices with screen size below 4-inches.

Things we like

  • Budget-friendly device.
  • Built-in IPD controller.
  • Face foam cushioning.
  • Adjustable lens distance.
  • Ergonomic design structure.
  • Mini-wireless Bluetooth remote control.

Things we don’t like

  • Not suitable for phones less than 4-inches.

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Best VR Smart Mini Headset under 1500

9. MY VR Headset Infinity Mini

My VR Headset !!! INFINITY Mini

Yes, another model from the same brand. It occupies 9th position on our list because of the wonderful features, good reviews and ratings it has.

It has built-in touchscreen to support the google cardboard apps via clicking function.

To experience the virtual reality, firstly you need to play a video or game on mobile and then place it in VR headset with bit adjustments. Now, the Phone holder is responsible for adjusting the volume automatic and also solves the power button issues.

Large lens has a diameter of 42mm with 120◦ FOV to provide superior wide viewing facility for the customers. It even has IPD and diopter adjustment to match with the 800◦ near and 400◦ far-sightedness.

The augmented transparent cover design enables you to access with the smartphone camera for better visibility. If there is any sort of built-up defects or issues, the manufacturer has come with 3-months warranty from the purchased date.

On the whole, it is a decent VR headset. Moreover, it doesn’t have major flaws because of the very limited features. When you consider the price, it may not be a great choice but will surely match with those who desired to have a strong VR headset with good functioning capabilities.

Things we like

  • 120◦ of field of view.
  • Uses phone pallets.
  • Movable tray option.
  • Light weighted (340 grams).
  • Best budget VR box in India.
  • 3 months of warranty on manufacturing defects.

Things we don’t like

  • You cannot wear along with spectacles.

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10. Irusu Mini 3D Virtual Reality Headset


Another fascinating model is from Irusu VR box brand. With a great vision they started designing the fabulous high-end products at an affordable price for everyone.

This Irusu VR headset has excellent features like HD optical resin lenses with 8-layer Nano coating for reducing defects, and restore the loses in 3D virtual reality world. You can adjust the lenses of VR headset by considering the pupil distance and object distance.

Due to the unique front panel design, it supports all sorts of smartphones- Android, and IOS with maximum of 6.4-inch touchscreen. The mobiles should also possess Gyrometer, accelerometer for interfacing with VR device and head tracking.

It is strongly built and light weighted (just 242-grams). Hence, you can wear the spectacles even while using the VR headset.

There is a unique front mobile holder with wide open to act as a grip to the mobiles and also facilitates the heat dissipation at front easily.

With the help of Bluetooth remote, you can control the virtual reality headset effectively. It can even be used for monitoring the videos/music, selfie clicker and as wireless mouse for PCs or systems.

When you purchase the kit, you get VR headset, remote, and user-friendly manual. The manual has detailed information about the VR headset and how to connect with smartphone to view the videos or games in virtual reality format.

Just like My VR-headset, this product manufacturer also offers 3-months warranty on the defected items.

The performance of Irusu VR headset is wonderful as it comes at acceptable rates and features that helps in experiencing the virtual world. The only thing we didn’t like about the headset is the volume adjustment button which doesn’t fit for gaming. Apart from this, it’s totally worth the money you pay.

Note: Remote is not compatible with the IOS-11 Version.

Things we like

  • High quality VR box.
  • Moderately priced.
  • Curved ergonomic design.
  • Highly compatible nature.

Things we don’t like

  •  Volume adjustment option.

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Best VR Headset and VR Glasses under 1000

11. OCULAR Swift Fully Adjustable Virtual Reality Headset

Ocular Swift Fully Adjustable VR Virtual Reality Headset

Ocular VR headset is a premium device that has flexible design to allow users to adjust according to the requirements. It is specially designed to offer endless comfort to the user than other models in our line-up.

All the parts in VR headset are made with eco-friendly materials and is one of the major reason for light weight and portable nature.

The 8-layer Nano coating of HD optical resin lens helps in eliminating the glare and also prevents from eye-stress. These crystal clear lens stimulate your physical presence in the environment and enables you to enjoy the virtual reality.

The glasses are placed in an elastic heat-strap that can be adjusted from 3-ends.

Polishing the lens for 5-times helps in blocking the electromagnetic radiations and allows the light for clear visibility of the image. You can experience it in 360◦ with the head tracking and control via commands.

It enables the user to insert smartphone with touchscreen size ranging from 4.5-6 inches on VR headset, access to camera, and connect with the earphones.

The performance of the Ocular swift VR headset is good as it has excellent features to visualize the videos, games or music in 3D. But the major drawback for this product is that it is limited to only few devices.

Things we like

  • Light weighted.
  • Highly portable.
  • Very economical to buy.
  • Great compatibility with smartphones.

Things we don’t like

  • Limited to few smart devices.

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12. ANT VR Virtual Reality Headset

ANT VR Headset (Black) for Lenovo Vibe

Next one on the list is ANT VR headset. Its design is very simple and offers theatermax technology to provide widescreen cinematic experience.

With this great invention, now you can watch the movies or play games like never before. It has special Aspherical lenses for clear visibility of the image or videos and to offer 100◦ of field of view.

Holder section is provided with 2- movable flaps to grip the smartphones. And the mobiles should come with a screen size- 4.5 to 6 inches to support the VR headset.

The foldable body of the VR headset makes easy to hold and carry as it just weighs 159 grams only. Product manufacturer offers 6-months warranty for any sort of issues from the date of purchase.

On the whole, the performance of the ANT VR head is too good as it comes in a unique design with limited number of features. What made us so depressed is the basic design structure and also there are no soft cushions to protect ears and also there is no volume adjustments buttons. You need to set everything manually and then play the video of your choice.

Things we like

  • Affordable price.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • 6-months warranty.
  • Simple design structure.
  • Theatermax technology.
  • Very light-weighted (159-grams).

Things we don’t like

  • No soft ear cushions.
  • Appears to be the basic model.
  • Doesn’t feature volume buttons.

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13. Ocular Rapid Virtual Reality Glasses (WHITE)

Ocular Rapid Virtual Reality Glasses (WHITE)

Expert science the world of virtual reality with the Ocular Rapid VR glasses that has flexible design to adjust as per the requirements of a user.

The functionality of Ocular headset is similar to the aforesaid products. But, what makes this device more special is the price factor and the comfortable viewing option.

Lenses are placed in elastic head strap where you can adjust from 3 ends. The distortion less HD lenses reduces the eye-fatigue which also completely eliminates sickness and block electro-magnetic radiations for the safety of vision.

When you make a purchase it is important to check whether the lens is made with eco-friendly materials like optical resins with 8-layer Nano coating.

To connect VR headset with mobiles, it should have a screen size of 4.5-6 inches and internally it should possess gyroscope and accelerometer. It has a very unique design that makes it very easy to carry and is highly portable too. You can even install the smartphone on VR-headset very quickly to get access to the phone camera and earphones.

It incorporates the soft cushioning and ventilation holes for heat dissipation on the VR headset.

This is the another model than anyone can truly be impressed with. It has a very good adjustment of lens and allows to take off the goggles without hindering the eyesight. Apart from the built design and material quality, it’s totally worth the money.

 Things we like

  • 42mm of optical lens.
  • Inexpensive VR-headset.
  • Light-weighted and portable.
  • Compact and dynamic design.
  • Quick installation of smart device.
  • Excellent smartphone compatibility.

Things we don’t like

  • Doesn’t fit for phones with screen size below 4.5-inches.

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14. Portronics POR-714 Saga VR Box Virtual Reality Headsets 

Portronics Saga VR Box Virtual Reality Headsets

Portronics VR headset offers ultra-superior quality HD lenses to take you into the virtual world.

On a comparison note, the difference that can be clearly seen in the field of view which is too good and thus make the device more reliable and flexible to operate with an ease.

With the technology embedded in it, you can view the videos in 360◦. The saga series of this VR headset offers unparalleled field of view with a refracting range of -5000 to 2000 to enjoy the better sound quality and visuals.

The lenses are made with 8-layer Nano coating to visualize the HD-streaming videos or games. Holder helps in holding the mobiles with screen size 4.6-6 inches. And the VR headset should be compatible with Android and IOS devices-4.6 to 6-inch screen size.

As the headbands are made with leather, helps to keep the device in safe position even at the hard head movements. Also, the shark fins design is adjustable to fit for different sized faces.

Overall performance of the Portronics VR headset is quite satisfactory because of the limited features it possesses. It is strictly not recommended for children below 13-years. Apart from this, it totally worth the watching videos in HD-stream of virtual world.

Things we like

  • Moderately priced.
  • Weighs 250-grams.
  • Unparalleled FOV.
  • High quality plastic material.

Things we don’t like

  • Not for children.

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Best Virtual Reality Headsets in India under 500

15. VR BOX 2.0 Virtual Reality 3D Glasses

Generic VR BOX 2.0 Virtual Reality

Last but one on the list is VR box 2.0 headset. This virtual reality headset brings fabulous look in the virtual world while playing games, or watch videos.For its anti-dust design and durable nature, made to list as one of the best VR-headsets in India right now.

To enjoy the 3D virtual reality, you can free up the myopia glasses (0-600◦) as it has 2 adjustable spherical lens to adjust the focus via buttons on VR glasses. It is highly durable and the adjustable T-straps makes it possible to fit for different aged people- from children, adults and even elders too.

The front-end cover with the sliding option will reject the dust entering into the device. There is an option for you to clean inside so as to have better experience with the virtual world. The soft pad in front of the cardboard allows the users to wear comfortably.

It is compatible with Android and IOS devices that have only 4.7-6.0 inch display. You need to install the Virtual Reality app on smartphone to interface with the VR headset. Else you may not be able to have fun with the headset.

Things we like

  • Anti-dust design.
  • Highly durable.
  • Cheap VR headset.
  • Adjustable T-shaped straps.
  • Supports Android and IOS with 4.7-6 inch display.

Things we don’t like

  • Bit difficult to carry (499 grams).
  • Does not support google cardboard app.

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16. Get Cardboard DIY Virtual Reality Kit 

GetCardboard DIY Virtual Reality KitThis wonderful DIY virtual reality kit is sold by AuraVR that is committed to provide high standard services to the customers. It is specially designed for those who cannot spend more on VR-headset.

With this amazing DIY virtual reality kit, you can personally experience the virtual reality on your smartphone with.

When you wish to purchase this DIY VR kit, you get the following:

  • Eye piece with 2 optical grade lenses
  • Neodymium magnet- magnetic trigger
  • Cardboard with ceramic disk magnet
  • Elastic head strap and
  • Instruction manual

An instruction manual is provided along with the kit for the convenience of users to follow the assembling instructions. To support with the DIY cardboard VR headset, the smartphone should possess Android 4.1 or above and IOS with screen size of 5.5-inch. It should even have compass, gyro sensor and magnetometer sensor.

To make the magnetic clicker work, the phone must feature magnetometer sensor. It functions effectively if the smartphone has a split-screen technology.

You can download the VR apps on smartphone via google play store or Apple tunes. And connect to the DIY VR box to view videos or play games in 360◦ angle. In less than 5-minutes you can simply assemble all the hardware components in a kit.

All these play a crucial role in making the device worth watching without any errors. And the performance of this device is enhanced with the beautiful visual and the sound clarity. Though its design is very simple, there is no doubt in considering t because of the excellent visuals you can see and the best VR cardboard box in low price.

Things we like

  • Easy to set up.
  • Split screen technology.
  • Item weighs about 127 grams.
  • Cheap and best VR headset in India.

Things we don’t like

  • Simple design nature.
  • No additional features like volume buttons or cushions.

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Buying Guide for VR Headsets

The popularity of VR headsets has exploded recently to the world by bringing fun and exciting features like sound clarity, HD visuals and compatible options. So, it is important for everyone to know how they improves the performance of top brand VR-headsets and also brings joyous moments in our lives.

Here are the main factors to think about before you buy VR headset. Let’s get in detail now.

1. Quality of lenses

Quality of lens should be your top most priority as it is the only thing responsible for clear visibility of image, videos or something like. If the quality isn’t good, then you are so bored with the VR headset and cannot enjoy the visuals.

For an ideal VR headset, the lenses should be of minimum 42mm diameter and is made with eco-friendly materials like optical resins with 8-layer Nano coating.

2.Field of View (FOV)

Field of view can be defined as the extent of observable world that can be seen at any moment of time. In simple words, it can be expressed as viewing an image or video at 360◦ rotational angle.

The main reason for us to list in the buying guide is because, not all the VR headsets offers at full-rotational angle. Some may offer 110◦ and some up to 120◦. There are some advanced models that offers 360◦ viewing options but at an expensive price. Choose the best that satisfies all your requirements.

3. User-Friendly

Strapping the device with heavy plastic material or parts isn’t that comfortable, especially for those who wear goggles. When you play a video or music using VR headset, you must be in a very comfortable position to enjoy the amazing visuals. Otherwise, you may feel depressed, and irritative sometimes. So, you should choose the VR headset that brings extreme comfort to you. It can be with limited features or uses soft cushions to relieve stress on ears.

4. Price Tag

Another important factor you should look into is the price-tag. If you have clear idea on how much amount you want to spend for virtual reality headset, then you can simply select the one that matches with your basic needs like watching videos, playing games and listen to music.

In the market, you can see all the models at different rates like Irusu, Procus, WI wiggle, Zebronics VR headset etc. You should check the price along with the performance and wonderful features it offers. Else, your total investment will be worthless.

5. Performance

You cannot judge the performance of any VR headset simply by looking at it. Unless you use it, you don’t know how it works. You can analyse the performance of the product by looking at its price, functionality, amazing features and the smart options. Lesser the features, lesser the performance of VR headset.

But, when you purchase online, it is very important to consider the product reviews and ratings.   Check out for the reviews and ratings of each product in detail. To your surprise, we have also provided separate column for pros and cons of each product beneath the description.

6. Hardware Design

Hardware design makes you identify the physical components and their relationships. Some of the models on our list are very stylishly designed and some are quite simple. If you are looking for something special in VR headset, probably it could be the design apart from the features.

And if you are not a big fan of hardware design then you can purchase the simple models available on our list.

7. Controllers

You can monitor the functionalities of VR headset using the controllers. It can be a remote or smartphone that can be connected to the VR-headset via Bluetooth protocol. Without this amazing feature, you cannot interface smartphone and enjoy the HD visuals.

In case, you face difficulty in handling the device manually, with just a single touch you can operate everything that you would like to and enjoy the virtual reality by using these controllers.

8. Casual or Hard-Core

Knowing the usage of VR headset will clarify all your doubts. If you are the one who love to use it very regularly for watching HD videos or listen to music, then go with the casual VR-headsets. And if you are a game lover then bang with the hard-core VR headsets to experience the gaming visuals.

9. Material Quality

We are going to end the buying with the material quality. Material quality determines the efficiency and long-lasting nature of the VR headset. Suppose, the VR headset is made with poor plastic, the chances are higher for damaging, which in-turn results in poor performance. Better to go with the environmental friendly materials that boosts the overall performance and also offers extreme comfort.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I really need VR headset to watch videos?

Definitely yes. In order to experience the virtual reality, you need VR headset. Watching movies or listening to music in 2D-format are gone away. These days, you need a VR headset to watch videos or even play games that offers HD quality and is just like entering into the new world as you are amazed with the screen in front of you.

2. How to use the VR Headset to play a video?

You need to follow the given below instructions when you deal with the VR headset.

  • Select a video on YouTube or from the downloads.
  • Now place the smartphone on the VR headset.
  • Hold the VR-headset right up to your eyes.
  • If you are using google cardboard, open the front viewer and then insert smartphone into it.
  • Now adjust the lense according to the clear visibility of the image.
  • If necessary, you can even adjust the volume of the current playing video with a button on the device.

3. Is it necessary to use earphones while watching videos on VR headset?

No, it’s not necessary to use earphones while watching videos via VR headset. But is only recommended to use if you want to experience the best sound quality.

4. What to do if the video I’m currently playing on VR is blurry?

If you find such problem, then immediately check the position of the mobile-whether it is flat or fit to the VR –device. If the zoom option is enabled in your device try to shut off the function via video settings and also remove the phone case.

Few Words to Say

Unlike other VR headsets,  this WI Trance VR Headset is quite good in quality, lens and the visual treat it offers. As per our analysis, we made it as the best because it very comfortable to wear for children’s, adults and elders.  Also, it has the best viewing quality in 360◦ at very low-prices.

Are you using any of the above-mentioned headset? How effective it is? Share your experiences and doubts with us in the comment section given below. We are very happy to clarify your doubts as early as possible.


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