8 Best CPU Cabinets in India : 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

In the early days, CPU cabinets were just some boxes that could hold a motherboard and other computer stuff. But now, times have changed. Even PC cabinets come in many varieties for different uses. Moreover, cabinets have their own features as well, such as input ports, cooling fans, cable management straps, liquid cooling systems, and much more.

As there are different sizes available, you can choose between a full-size tower, a mid-tower or a mini cabinet. A full-size tower is beneficial for the gamers out there who love to tweak and upgrade their systems. However, the mid-tower is best suitable for normal home-usage. Or you need a portable solution; then you can take a mini cabinet. Make sure to go through these significant factors before buying:

  • Size: As CPU cabinets are available in variable sizes like Full Tower, Mid Tower, and Mini cabinets, choose one wisely according to your needs keeping your future upgrades in mind.
  • Drive Bays and SSD mountings: Make sure the cabinet has at least 2.5 inch or 3.5-inch drive bays to place your HDDs and SSD.
  • Front Panel Connectivity: Make sure there are connectivity ports available on the front panel. This way, you can connect many hard drives or flash drives at once.

In case you want to read an in-depth Buying Guide for CPU Cabinets, it is right below in this article. Make sure to go through it once.  In case you are struggling to find a cabinet, you can check out our list of Best CPU Cabinets in India.

How to Choose a CPU Cabinet?


This is the most important factor to consider while choosing a CPU cabinet for your computer. There are 3 different case sizes – Full Tower, Mid Tower and Mini -ITX

  • Full Tower – As the name suggests, full tower cases are highly spacious (measuring more than 20 inches in height) and can accommodate all hardware and cooling systems including custom loop liquid cooling setup, radiators, 3 or 4-way graphics cards, multiple fans, 5.25-inch drive bays, etc.
  • Mid Tower – This is the most commonly used size that runs up to 18 inches maximum and has decent room for the ATX-sized motherboard, PSU, GPU, hard drive, optical drive, fans, SSD, etc.
  • Mini-ITX – Mini-ITX cases are specially designed to accommodate only mini and micro-ITX motherboards. This is a highly portable CPU case that can be moved around easily but it’s not compatible with all hardware. It doesn’t provide room for the liquid cooling system either.

1. Drive Bays and SSD mounting points

Make sure that the PC case you buy comes with 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch drive bays to accommodate your storage drives. Some cases also come with 5.25-inch bay for storing optical drive, fan controller, etc.

2. Tools-Free Installation

Most mid-range and high-range PC cases come with thumb screws that have a snap-on mechanism, so there is no need for screwdrivers and other equipment.

3. Cable Management

It is best to choose a cabinet with specific cut-outs in the motherboard tray that allows the user to route the cable through the back of the case which makes it easy to manage and keeps the cables tangle-free.

4. CPU cooler cut-away

Most high-end CPU cabinets come with a cut-out behind the section where the processor is placed which allows easy set-up and replacement of the CPU cooler without touching the motherboard.

5. Front-panel connectivity

CPU cabinets that come with front-panel connectivity are especially useful if you have a lot of external devices to connect to your computer. Look for cabinets that come with USB-A Type 2, USB-A Type 3 and USB-C ports, audio jack, etc.

6. Fans and Airflow

It is best to choose a CPU cabinet that comes with multiple fans that ensure better airflow and helps to maintain the temperature of the PC for better performance. Some cabinets also come with additional fan mounts which allows the user to install additional fans when required.

7. Water-cooling support

Other than cooling fans a CPU cabinet should also have space for accommodating liquid-cooling system along with a decent sized cooling radiator for more efficient cooling.

8. Dust Filters

Most CPU cabinets come with a dust filter that keeps your internal hardware clean and prevents the entry of dust, debris and pet hair.

9. Integrated lighting

Most modern CPU cabinets come with customizable RGB lighting that provides illumination and renders an edgy look to your system.

Best CPU cabinets in India

CPU Cabinets WarrantyWeightProduct dimensionBuy Now
Corsair Carbide Series CC-Mid-Tower Steel Gaming Case2 years4.81 Kg47.8 x 19.8 x 42.9 cmCHECK ON AMAZON
Ant Esports IMid Tower Gaming Cabinet1 year6.86 Kg42.7 x 18.5 x 46 cmCHECK ON AMAZON
Corsair Carbide Series Computer Case2 years4.81Kg47 x 20.1 x 42.9 cmCHECK ON AMAZON
Cooler Master Cabinet2 years4.7 Kg47.9 x 20.9 x 44.5 cmCHECK ON AMAZON
CHIPTRONEX Mid Tower ATX Acrylic Side Window Gaming Cabinet1 year4.7 Kg44 x 20.5 x 47 cmCHECK ON AMAZON
BBC Gaming Cabinet with ONE Rainbow LED Fan1 year6.56 Kg60 x 53.2 x 26.8 cmCHECK ON AMAZON
Antec NX200 Mid Tower Gaming Cabinet1 year4.23 Kg43 x 19 x 46 cmCHECK ON AMAZON
CHIPTRONEX Mid Tower Gaming Cabinet 1 year4 Kg42 x 19 x 42 cmCHECK ON AMAZON

Reviews of Best CPU cabinets in India 2020

1. Corsair Carbide Series CC-9011050-WW Mid-Tower Steel Gaming Case

Corsair Carbide Series CC-9011050-WW Mid-Tower Steel Gaming Case

Corsair has brought a new gaming case to the market. With such a minimum cost one can get a LED Mid-Tower Gaming Cabinet. It has a front USB 3.0 port with an internal connection. It has a red LED-lit fan and five other ports for mounting dual 140mm or 120mm fans.

This device deserves the first place because of its dust-free filters that keep the internal components clean. In such a low range you have space to install long graphics card and 4 storage devices as well. A total of 7 PCIe slots are included. All these features definitely make it fit for the first place.

USB Support: 3.0

Side Panel: Large side panel glass window

Other Features:

  • It has a cable routing system and CPU cooler backplate motherboard cutouts.
  • You can see all the components from outside from a large side panel window.
  • You also have the option to mount upto 4 SSDs with this case. And all this apart from the standard primary 2 hard drive slots.
  • Like any other Corsair cabinets, the SPEC-01’s main motto is superior cooling. So you are into overclocking or running multiple GPUs. It can take care of that easily with the availability of fans and unrestricted airflow.
  • It comes with 2 years warranty. But no responsibility will be taken for faulty usage.


  • USB ports are on top
  • 4 HDD or SSD slots
  • The front part can be easily managed to keep the air filters dust-free
  • Enough space for a long graphics card.
  • Comes with 7 PCIe slots
  • There are several slots for installing fan and water cooler at the top.


  • The front panel of the device supports USB 3.0 but today we have USB 3.1 gen 2 present in the motherboards.
  • The cable management is not decent enough to satisfy the user.
  • It has a sensitive glass panel which is prone to scratches.

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2. Ant Esports ICE-200TG Mid Tower Gaming Cabinet

Ant Esports ICE-200TG Mid Tower Gaming Cabinet

This is a mid towering gaming cabinet with RGB front panel which supports ATX, the side panel is provided with tempered glass with micro-ATX, and mini ATX. All this makes it an ideal gaming cabinet.

This product comes second on the list because of the lack of heat vent and bad IO management system. But definitely deserves this position because of the tempered glass side panel and all other features including the liquid cooling system.

USB Support: 3.0

Side Panel: Transparent Tempered Glass Side Panel

Other Features:

  • It has one pre-installed fan and 3 optional fans can be installed in the front end and 1 at the back end.
  • It supports liquid cooling: front 120-240mm and rear 120mm. It has 3 USB ports (2 for USB 2.0 and 1 for USB 3.0).
  • The fans are provided with RGB lighting features to complement the device. It has both the features of solid colors as well as multicolor.
  • There will be a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.


  • It has a good cable management system.
  • The glass panel is not sensitive. It has the protection of tempered glass to avoid any mishap.
  • The device has a premium look.
  • It has an option of solid as well as multicolor lighting.


  • It is not a mini ATX case; it is quite a big one and will take up some space.
  • A heat vent is required in the PSU shield.
  • The IO shield management is not satisfying.

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3. Corsair Carbide Series 100R CC-9011075-WW Computer Case

Corsair Carbide Series 100R CC-9011075-WW Computer Case

This is a very decent looking cabinet which would complement your elegant setup. It has a steel body with mid-tower ATX. So, this is compatible with ATX, MicroATX and Mini-ATX motherboards easily.

Generally in this price, you get 1 USB port but here it has 2 USB 3.0 ports. This one hits the third position because of the sensitive side panels which may get marks. It also lacks SSD mounting areas. But the microphone and headphone jacks give extra protection with metallic caps. The dust filters also work well.

USB Support: 3.0

Side Panel: Clear glass side panel

Other Features:

  • It has 4 hard drive slots and all of them have SSD support.
  • Also has 5 fan mounts with a 120 mm fan already pre-installed.
  • Corsair also implemented direct airflow to top technology here for cooling off those intense gaming sessions as well.
  • It has a removable dust filter for SMPS. This should make it easy to maintain.
  • Comes with 2 years limited warranty


  • The headphone and microphone jacks will last long as they are made up of metallic caps.
  • 4 slots to install HDDs and SSDs.
  • Removable dust filters for SMPS are also provided.
  • It has a proper cable management system.


  • The side panel window is sensitive.
  • The front panel IO is not hard enough.
  • There is no separate mounting area for SSDs.

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4. Cooler Master K380/Window/USB 3.0 Cabinet

Cooler Master K380/Window/USB 3.0 Cabinet

Cooler Market has brought a new gaming cabinet to the market. This is an entry-level mid-tower cabinet. The overall aesthetics is all about gaming with contours and vents at the front.

We allot the fourth position due to its transparent plastic door which is not that good. It easily gets scratches and hampers the look. Apart from that, ventilation ports and space for cooler makes it a fair choice for gamers. Though there are better features available at this price range from other competitors.

USB Support: 3.0

Side-Panel: Small clear side window

Other Features:

  • It supports up to 4 fans among which one silent 120mm red LED fan behind the front panel is already installed.
  • There are mesh and Honeycomb vents for superior cooling!
  • It has 7-HDD bays among which 3 are tool-less for increased expandability.
  • It also has super speed USB 3.0 port (at the top) for ten times faster file transfer and two times faster phone/tablet charging.
  • Comes with 2 years of warranty from the manufacturer.


  • The net mesh system is good for cooling.
  • It can easily fit a full ATX board.
  • Good upgradability options.
  • 4 ventilation ports available.
  • It has enough space for additional coolers.


  • The door is made of transparent plastic which is prone to scratches.
  • It is not good for big graphics card.
  • Priced a bit high

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5. CHIPTRONEX GX1000 V2 Mid Tower ATX Acrylic Side Window Gaming Cabinet

CHIPTRONEX GX1000 V2 Mid Tower ATX Acrylic Side Window Gaming Cabinet

This is purely a mid-tower ATX with fair cooling and mounting options. CHIPTRONIX as a brand is not well known, but it has quite a few offerings that are mainly cabinets, gaming mice, cooling peripherals etc.

This is a total VFM gaming cabinet. Priced well and loaded with features. This one deserves the 5th position on the list due to its extreme dust attraction. This makes the interior too dirty. Other than this it has all good qualities like 3 pre-installed fans, long GPU card support, liquid cooler support etc.

The overall design is ergonomic and quite spacious. Supports almost all cooling systems, provides good airflow and upgradability. The dedicated cable management system behind the motherboard plate is there to reduce the cable mess.

USB Support: 3.0

Side-Panel: Medium-sized acrylic Side Window

Other Features:

  • The GX1000-V2is a gaming cabinet with acrylic side window.
  • It has two 120mm fan red LED fans on the front and one 120 mm rear normal fan which are pre-installed.
  • It has black interior chassis with PSU closer. It supports up to 360 mm graphics card and 170 mm COU cooler.
  • On top of that, it supports upto 240mm liquid cooler radiator at the top along with 3-fan GPU card support.
  • Coming to expansion slots and peripherals, there are 7 PCIe slots, 3X3.0 USB and 1X2.0 ports.
  • It also has removable dust filters present one at the top and one at the bottom.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty cover.


  • Good cable management system.
  • Great pricing
  • 7 PCIe slots
  • 3 pre-installed fans for cooling
  • Comes with a dedicated fan controller switch to control fan speed and Led lights.
  • Big power button switch.


  • The acrylic side panel attracts too much dirt.
  • The side panel easily gets scratches while cleaning.

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 6. BBC Gaming Cabinet PMK1 with ONE Rainbow LED Fan

BBC Gaming Cabinet PMK1 with ONE Rainbow LED

This is a high quality mid-tower module design of BBC. It has a rainbow LED fan which is 120 mm and this comes pre-installed with this case. It supports 240mm cooler on the top or front part.

This product is too prone to scratches on the panels and has a messy wire system. Still with its rainbow LED fan support and cooling system, and decent peripheral support, this product is a good choice for the budget buyers.

USB Support: 3.0

 Side-Panel: Contoured Side Window

Other Features:

  • It can fit normal graphics cards and HDDs with ease.
  • Don’t expect that it will support longer 3 fan GPUS.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • The top-front part is easily removable.
  • The LED lighting is both in solid and has rainbow colors.


  • The wiring system is not impressive.
  • Not feature loaded.
  • Mounting limitations
  • The semi-transparent plastic is prone to scratches.

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7. Antec NX200 Mid Tower Gaming Cabinet

Antec NX200 Mid Tower Gaming Cabinet

The Antec NX200 is a mid-tower cabinet for gamers. It has RGB lighting which approves the gaming nature of the cabinet.

This product comes in the seventh position as it lacks a restart button. The panels are often not fitted properly. But still, this is suggestive due to its LED control options and proper cable connections.

USB Support: 3.0

Side-Panel: Acrylic Side Window

Other Features:

  • The NX200 features, a full-sized ABS side window panel.
  • Ventilated PSU compartment helps keep the power supply cool. It can support up to 5X120mm fan and includes one 120mm rear fan. This fan comes in-built with the case.
  • It has a good cable management system and 7 hidden expansion slots. 2 combo bays and provides enough space for drives and card support.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty cover.


  • Good cable management system.
  • Clear side panel.
  • Easy to install.
  • LED lighting control options.


  • No place for 4-pin mobo connector.
  • Panels sometimes fall off. They are to be fitted tightly.
  • No restart button.

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8. CHIPTRONEX X310B Mid Tower Gaming Cabinet (case Without SMPS)

CHIPTRONEX X310B Mid Tower Gaming Cabinet

Another CHIPTRONEX product and this one is a mid-tower gaming cabinet. It is comparatively lightweight than others.

We have placed it at the bottom because water cooling is not supported. The side panel is not glass. So you can expect scratches after some time. Other than that, it has a good cable management system and RGB color which gives it a cool look.

USB Support: 3.0

Side-Panel: Contoured Side Window

Other Features:

  • It supports RGB lighting and a full ATX motherboard.
  • 2 cooling fans packed with the product
  • This Made in India product comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Very well priced. Ideal for budget gamers
  • Good cable management system.
  • 2 fans provided, one of them is RGB.
  • It supports big graphics card options.
  • Support all kinds of mobos.


  • No water cooling system is supported.
  • The side panel is made up of glass which is hard to maintain.
  • The airflow system is not good.

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We have given you a detailed guide on some of the best CPU cabinets in India that you buy online. It is now up to you to choose the appropriate one for yourself. The one matching should be the one to be purchased.

Our recommendation is the Corsair Carbide Series CC-9011050-WW Mid-Tower Steel Gaming Case with Red LED (It has all the good qualities and ranks at the top. Good peripheral support, great connectivity options, durable construction and enough room for further internal component upgrades.)

But in case, you need something else, you have full liberty to make your choice. The entire lineup here has something for everyone.

If you read the above article you will be ready to take your decision wisely. Hope this is helpful and does justice to your choice.