Best Fitness Bands in India 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

Living a healthy lifestyle is quite important for all of us. Unlike earlier times, we can easily keep a record of our exercise routine these days with the help of a fitness band.  Not only that, we can even track our heart rate and sleeping patterns and much more.

No wonder the Indian market is loaded with hundreds of fitness bands, but you just have to pick one for you. We have a list of best fitness bands in India for you so that you can choose one for yourself in case of any confusion. But, look for these essential factors before buying:

  • Charging and Battery Life: The battery life is the major aspect that you must consider before buying a fitness band for yourself. Choose a fitness band for you, which could at least run for one week at a single charge. Also, the charging time of the band should be feasible as well.
  • Water Resistant: It is obvious that there will be some splashes of water or sweat while training. So, do check if the fitness band that you choose is water-resistant or not.
  • Activity Tracking: Activity tracking is yet another great feature of smart fitness bands. Advance fitness bands provide the functionalities to track sleeping patterns, steps while walking, and even the heart rate.

In case you want in-depth information about fitness bands, we have a complete Buying Guide for fitness bands which is given below in this article.

List of Best Fitness Bands in India 2020

Fitness BandUSPScreen TypeBattery LifeBuy Online
Honor 5 Fitness Band SPO2 oxygen level monitor, Heart Rate Monitor0.95 inches AMOLED Touchscreen14-15 daysCHECK ON AMAZON
Mi 4 Fitness BandMusic Media Player, Heart Rate Monitor0.78 inches AMOLED Touchscreen15 daysCHECK ON AMAZON
MUZILI Fitness BandAnti-Theft, Heart Rate Monitor0.87 inches OLED Touchscreen7 daysCHECK ON AMAZON
GOQii VITAL 2.0 Fitness BandPersonal Training and Fitness community, Heart Rate Monitor0.82 inches OLED Touchscreen10-15 daysCHECK ON AMAZON
MevoFit Fitness BandHeart Rate Monitor0.84 inches OLED single touch7 daysCHECK ON AMAZON
Echo Dash HR Fitness Band & Smart WatchHeart Rate MonitorOLED single touch3-4 daysCHECK ON AMAZON

Before knowing about each product, let us explain the “Buying Guide” factors to consider while choosing the best top 7 fitness bands in India.

The Best Fitness Bands India

1. Honor 5 Fitness Band

Honor 5 Fitness Band1

First on our list is the Honor Band 5, black and full touch screen. 

The Band 5 is a current flagship fitness band from Honor, from a solo fitness band point of view. It can track your day time sleep, has a quick heart rate monitor, a very large screen and is by default one of the best fitness bands in India and thus deserves the top position on our list.

Top Features:

  • Has a 0.95 inch large coloured AMOLED touch screen with adjustable brightness and a dynamic cum vivid display. There are 3 different display brightness settings to choose and vary from. 
  • The home button control along with the belt clip design which makes the band fit firmly onto your hand. 
  • The Huawei Health App available on all app stores (Android and iOS), has a wide range of convenient features 
  • The Scientific Sleep Monitoring feature, TruSleep, recognizes your sleep status and collects real-time data for analyzing. Day in and Day out, you will now know and understand more about your sleeping habits and its impact on your health
  • TruSeen, the 24-hour heart rate monitoring is accurate and provides real-time data and also warnings to you.
  • The SPO2 detector detects the amount of oxygen available in your blood the moment you tap it and stay still. 
  • Water-resistant up to 50 metres and 5 atmospheres of pressure so can be used for a light swim or even in showers.
  • As for the swims, it has specific swimming posture recognition capabilities. Its 6-axis sensor can recognize all the major strokes, record the speed, number of turns, the distance you swam, calories burned and also the average SWOLF.
  • Other modes include sports, workout and daily exercise modes. These include the tracking of your daily activities such as step counts, distance covered, intensive activity duration, standing status, calories burned during these. 
  • You can also set up custom goals, targets and also achievement reminders
  • Comes with multiple watch faces to choose from.
  • If you have the Huawei Honor EMUI 8.1 or higher devices, you also can avail the remote control camera access
  • The smart assistant can toggle stopwatch, timer, find your phone and set custom alarm reminders too.
  • Apart from all this, you also have the typical notification reminders such as the Caller ID, SMS, calendar, weather and also other app notifications

Battery and Charging: Comes with 17 days long ultra-long standby battery. With the scientific sleep turned on, it can go up to 6 days. A separate charging dock is provided with the package. 

Warranty and Support: Honor provides a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year available from the date of purchase.


  • This is a device that is specifically made for fitness
  • Has everything you’ll ever need to track your wellness and health
  • Great fit for you. The device strap is locked via a clip and thus does not fall off like the Mi-Bands
  • Has a very bright screen. You can easily view the device in broad daylight


  • Though a very long battery life compared to all the bands in the list, it falls a few days short compared the mi-band. 
  • Does not have all the multimedia capabilities such as the music player like the mi-band

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2. Mi 4 Fitness Band

Mi 4 Fitness Band 1

Mi-bands have been something of a signature and pioneers in the area of budget-friendly multipurpose fitness bands. The Mi-Band 4 has been the only and direct competition to the Honor Band 4.

The Mi-Band 4 comes with a very high 20 days of battery life, ergonomic band, impeccable performance and also multimedia capabilities which makes it worthy to be on the second position of our list.

Top Features:

  • Comes with a big 0.78 inches of OLED touch screen with a 120*80 display resolution
  • Has an adjustable strap length of 155 to 216 millimetres that is made out of hypoallergenic materials which are comfortable to the skin.
  • Its inner lining has been redesigned, wrapping around the body tightly to secure it from falling out of the wristband. 
  • Continuous heart rate monitoring feature
  • Also has sleep analysis along with advanced sleep tracking to keep an all-round track of your sleep cycles.
  • With 5 ATM water-resistance, you can go in for a swim without worrying about water up to a depth of 50m.
  • Get your uber, WhatsApp and any other social media notifications including calls or text messages
  • Unlock your phone easily
  • Idle alerts and weather forecast onscreen
  • Has a find my phone that is highly useful and lets you ring your phone when you cannot find it.
  • Also has a music player that lets you play music on the go

Charging and Battery: On the whole, the Mi Band 4 comes with 15 days of battery coverage. If you have enabled the sleep monitoring, the length would significantly fall depending on the usage (3-9 days). As for the charging, it would need about 3 hours for a full charge.

Warranty and Support: Comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty available from the date of purchase.


  • Feels good on your wrist wearing all day too
  • Has different skins to choose
  • Lets you listen to music on the go


  • None specific to mention

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3. MUZILI Fitness Band

MUZILI Fitness Band1

The Muzili Fitness Band is an affordable entry to our list of the best fitness bands in India. 

It’s the ability to track your sleep, your phone and your health all for an affordable cost makes it worthy to be on the third place of our list

Top Features:

  • Daily Activity Tracking: Compatible with both iOS and Andriod. The “VeryFitPro” app can track all your activities like running, exercising, calorie count and others.
  • Waterproof: Easy usable for not just running but also for swimming, in rains, etc., Compatible in water up to a depth of 3.3 feet.
  • Sleep tracker and alarm monitor: With the automatic sleep tracking function, it analyzes, compares and measures the duration of both light sleep and deep sleep. 
  • Notifications: This band gives real-time notification alerts from all the social media apps along with receiving calls from the band instantly.
  • Anti-Theft and phone tracking function: If the band gets disconnected from the Bluetooth, the band alerts the owner by vibrating instantly. 

Battery and charging: The Muzili fitness band comes with a lithium battery which lasts up to one week for an hour of charging time.

Warranty and Support: Comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty 


  • Notifications, calls and messages work seamlessly
  • Good charging speed 
  • Has an availability of a number of options for straps.
  • Also has various colours to choose from


  • The band could have an in-built GPS tracker system.
  • The water-resistant depth can be increased.

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4. GOQii VITAL 2.0 Fitness Band

GOQii VITAL 2.0 Fitness Band1

If I were to describe the GOQii Vital fitness band in one sentence, it would be its seamless display. 

Of all the devices in the list, the GOQii offers something different. It offers an ecosystem of fitness enthusiasts. While Mi band and Honor too come with an ecosystem, the GOQii ecosystem is more exclusive and has a plethora of options that bring the concept of health under the umbrella of a band. And this brings it to the 3rd place on our list

Top Features:

  • Personal coaching along with doctor fitness subscription for 3 months. Family subscriptions can be exempted for tax under 80D. 
  • Personal coaching will give you detailed instructions on as to how to get the most out of the band
  • GOQii platform comes with interactive videos that help you with workouts too
  • Has a health store where you can buy fitness equipment or anything additional to add to your workout routine
  • The health locker facility gives you all the cloud storage you need to store the medical records of you and your family.
  • Can measure your systolic and diastolic Blood Pressure under just a minute. The BP levels can easily be managed and monitored on your GOQii app. Proceed with caution as the device cannot be treated as a direct replacement of a Sphygmomanometer
  • Has a broad OLED colour screen that offers seamless display
  • Display of notifications include social media, WhatsApp, email and Calls too
  • No inbuilt GPS but makes use of the phone GPS to track your steps, heart rate, run, sleep, time and other activity to report back to the app.
  • Optimal 10 metres ranged Bluetooth connectivity that is compatible with 8.0 or higher iOS and 4.2 or higher Android
  • Waterproof for a depth of 50 metres and thus it is rain and swimming friendly

Battery and Charging:

Similar to most of the high-quality devices, this too comes with a standard 10 to 15 days of battery life for a few hours of full charge. As for the charging, there is no dedicated USB cable given and you need to directly plug in the device’s core to any of your android mobile charger or a power bank.

Warranty and Support: GOQii fitness band comes with a 1-year warranty which starts from the date of purchase. For support, you can easily avail the 24/7 Live Chat on GOQii app and site. You can also call their tollfree number 1800-3130-3930 which is available between 10 am-7 pm


  • Has a very active fitness community that is exclusive and thus gives you a higher motivation to workout more
  • Apart from the ecosystem, you also have the store and the fitness coaches along with the doctors which set this device apart from its peers. 
  • Health locker is a very useful feature of health report cloud storage
  • Different workout modes available
  • Higher device reliability


  • BP monitor cannot replace a Sphygmomanometer
  • People with Hypertension should proceed with caution

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5. MevoFit Fitness Band

MevoFit Fitness Band1

Next up, for our fourth position, we have MevoFit, a very slim, if not the slimmest fitness band in our list today. It has customized gender-wise functionalities and all the general health trackers all with high product reliability (compared to most generic brands in the list)

Top features:

  • Very slim band with screen that has the same width as that of the band. Easily adds style to your wrists as you engage in any physical activity or are simply inactive too.
  • The 0.84 inches display is made out of curved glass with rounded edges. The band itself is IP 67 water-resistant and thus can easily be used for water indulged activities such as swimming, showers, washing hands, and even in the rain.
  • Apart from swimming and running, it has 7 different sports modes which also include rope skipping, situps, pull-ups, pushups, cycling and badminton too.
  • Also includes the generic fitness band features such as activity tracker, sleep tracker, heart rate monitor and the ever usual notifications display (notifications on Calls, social media and SMS)
  • Does not have a full touch but has a single point touch screen button and gesture control
  • Also has weather forecast display too

Battery and Charging: A lot has not been specified about the charging or battery but in all consensus, the MevoFit provides about 1 week worth of battery backup for a full charge.

Warranty and Support: the MevoFit device comes with a standard 1-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase. For any further customer support assistance, you can call their help desk at 91 88266 92984/64 which is available  24×7


  • Very slim and stylish so its a great go choice for people who like to have a good aesthetic sense in their fitness accessories
  • Good Customer support
  • Sufficient battery backup


  • Nothing too specific to mention

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6. Echo Dash HR Fitness Band & Smart Watch

Echo Dash HR Fitness Band & Smart Watch1

The Echo Dash is a brand developed by Echoronics in association with MevoFit.

Though priced nominally and about the same as most bands, it is its sheer product quality and reliability that makes it worthy to be on our list.

Top Features:

  • Sleek yet not exactly slim watch with good style and responsiveness
  • The strap is made out of medical-grade TPU material that is soft and skin-friendly. The strap comes with an easy to strap on the buckle.
  • Can count calories, steps, distance, track heart rate, blood pressure, sleep and much more.
  • Get social media notifications, call reminders, time and other reminders
  • Health trackers can also be tracked using the “Fitness Tracker by Echoronics” app via your smartphone

Battery and Charging: The device can be charged using any USB cord cable. For a mere 40 to 1 hour of charging time, you can get 3-5 days of use time. 

Warranty and Support: The fitness band comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty that is available from the date of purchase. For any support, you can look up the in-app help desk that is available 24×7. You can also call their support on 91 88266 92984/64


  • Value for money
  • The strap is easy going on the skin


  • Could improve on the battery side

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Buying Guide for Fitness Band/Activity Tracker

 It is important for everyone to know about the fitness band before they are going to purchase- online or offline. As there are plenty of options available in the market, choosing the right one is always a bit fuzzy. So to help you out we have come with a buying guide that helps to take the correct decision by considering the key factors like Stylish design, price, compatibility, water-resistant etc. Read below to know more in detail!

1. Style: Bracelet, Watch, Clip

Before choosing a tracker, it is important to know which type of fitness tracker would be flexible for you. Most of the  fitness trackers in India are available in either clip-ons, bracelets or watches. Clip-ons can easily fall off, whereas bracelets and watches can get in the way while washing dishes or typing.

If you are fed up of the watches or if they don’t fit well to your clothing, then opt for a clip-on or bracelet. Clip-ons don’t have a display so; you have to rely on smartphone to look at your tracked activity.

2. Heart-Monitoring

This feature monitors heart rate during activities and while resting which gives a significant boost to accuracy. Though heart monitoring features sounds excellent but some people may not need it. If you are interested in knowing your heart rate to improve your health then this feature is available in Garmin VivosmartFitbit Charge 2.

3. Tracking Sleep

Many fitness bands can also track sleep. Using a three-axis accelerometer, this feature usually watches for the movement in a more sensitive degree than during the day. They report the graphs which shows the times when you were in deep sleep and light sleep based on your motion.

4. Sport Specific

If you are sportsperson, then try to purchase a fitness band that tracks your training. For example: for runner, a fitness band should provide time, distance, pace and lap time. For swimmers, it has to waterproof apart from tracking.

5. App Experience

Do you want to record all the data, stress level, calories consumed and other stuff tracked by a fitness tracker? Then purchase the one which can incorporate it with the app in your smartphone.

6. Water-resistant

To make your fitness tracker work all the day even at the time of swimming then you need to go with the band that can handle more than a splash of water. In this article, we have provided some top-class fitness bands that supports water-resistant feature that may match with your requirements.

7. Compatibility

They are specially designed to establish a strong wireless communication with the Smartphones-Android or IOS devices. You must check whether the device is compatible or not and also it should display the readings like heart rate, calories, steps, sleep hours etc., depending on the requirements.

However, not all the brands will not display the same parameters. So you should choose the fitness band accordingly.

8. Battery

A fitness tracker is a device that is meant for prolonged wear. So batteries are very important to make the device run continuously for a long-time. Many of the trackers uses lithium-ion batteries that can be charged via USB by connecting to laptops or power banks to keep a track of all the activities throughout the day. Different bands offer different battery lives and you need to choose the one that match with your lifestyle.

9. Pricing factor

Most of the fitness trackers comes at very low-prices. If you want to use it just to calculate footsteps and calories, then low-budget fitness trackers do a great job.

Your ultimate goal is to track running, heart-rate, sleep hours and many other amazing functions then high-end bands will offer you the accurate results. Though these devices are expensive but generates the right information with greater performance and also the battery life is good than the expected.

Some Amazing Features in Fitness Band

1. GPS system

Fitness bands with built-in GPS are more expensive than the regular models. In addition to the tracking the steps and distance, it can even track the speed, number of laps and the exact location. It’s a great option for those who do regular exercises, jogging (preferred outdoors) as the device effectively communicates with the satellite signals to generate the accurate information.

2. Heart-rate monitor

To measure the fitness level, it is must to know about the heart-rate. Hence, all the fitness bands are equipped with the heart rate monitoring sensor to record the heart rate for a specific time.

There are some advanced models that come with the chest strap and if you don’t prefer such models then go with the real time display that uses finger sensor to measure the electrical signals from your heart.

3. Blood pressure monitoring

Knowing the readings of blood pressure is the best possible way to monitor your health. As it tracks the wrist arteries and gives accurate results on the display unit of fitness band. As the fitness bands are interfaced with smartphones, tablets or laptops you can view them directly and analyse the results so as to be fit and healthy.

4. Calorie counting

Calorie counting is an another important feature that a fitness band possess. It calculates the number of calories burnt when do a specific task by measuring steps, stairs climbed etc. You can even add your weight to the formula for more optimized results.

5. Steps tracking

This is the simple way to track is by calculating the number of steps using GPS-system or accelerometer. You can just wear it on wrist and get the results instantly. These 5 are the amazing features that almost every fitness band possess right now that are available in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to maintain your fitness band clean?

To maintain the fitness band neatly, it’s very important to clean the device especially when you are sweating. Here are few things that you should do.

  • Firstly, wipe out with a damp cloth and use only the mild soap to remove oil or dirt on it.
  • Do not use body soap, dish washers or other cleaning liquids as they get trapped under the band and make you feel irritated.
  • After cleaning, allow it to dry for some time by keeping it in sunlight for few hours-say 2/3 hours.
  • If you have allergies, eczema, and asthma you are more likely to experience the symptoms from a wearable device. If the symptoms last for more than 2-3days then immediately consult a skin specialist or dermatologist.
  • Before charging the fitness band, make sure the USB-port is completely clean and dry.

2. Can fitness band only be paired with one device at a time?

Yes, you can only pair the fitness band with only one device at a time. It is not possible for any branded device to pair with multiple or so as it required complex algorithms to be loaded in the device which in turn consumes more data that has to be stored.

As of now, there are no such pairing options available in the market. May be we can expect in future.

3. What is the reason for my screen turning black?

Sometimes the buttons on the fitness band may not respond quickly. Further, when you press the button, the screen may remain black. Leave it for 1-minute and again press the buttons gently. Now you are able to see the time, readings etc. Else there could be problem in the internal circuitry or the damaged piece.

4. Is it possible to add my own exercise to the fitness plan?

No, the user cannot change the activities that are being calculated using fitness band. It requires some code-stuff to get access to the device and change the plan. However, there are many fitness bands in the market that are designed to match with the requirements of customers.

5. What sort of notifications do I get on fitness tracker?

These notification alerts also vary from brand to brand. Some fitness trackers notify only the emails, calls and messages while the others include events, WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social networking app alerts.

6. How to connect fitness band to smartphone via Bluetooth?

First press the Bluetooth button on the fitness band. Then turn on the Bluetooth option on smartphone. Now you can see the pairing options on your smartphone (names). Simply click on the respective device name and pair with it (by entering the same code on both the devices).


All things considered, the Honor Fitness Band easily wins the list of being the best fitness band with its SPO2 oxygen level monitor, brighter icons, easy usability and superior accuracy. 

If you are looking to find an almost equally high-quality band but at economic pricing, then go for the Mi Band 4; it even has the music player compatibility.

For any further questions or clarifications, feel free to write to us in the comments section below. 

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