Best Fitness Bands in India 2018

As per a study published in American Journal of Preventive Medicine, digital fitness trackers were able to motivate women and men in increasing their physical activity by 38 minutes more. Here’s how they did it…

51 overweight postmenopausal women who used to get 33 minutes of physical activity per week were considered for this study. The researchers divided them into 2 groups. First group were given standard pedometer wristband. While the other group were given a digital fitness band. For this research, Fitbit fitness band was considered. Both of them were given a target of completing 10,000 steps per day. After 16 weeks, though neither of the group completed the task, group of women using digital fitness band increased physical activity by 38 minutes per week. This can be due to motivation achieved from the tracking of digital fitness band (1).

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If you want to get motivated, increase your fitness activity and track down your sleep, heart rate, etc. then it’s time to buy a fitness band.

To make things easy for you, we have picked up the best fitness trackers after a thorough research and testing. We have spent few days on each fitness band to test their features and selected based on their accuracy, battery life, tracking capability and water resistance level.

List of Best Fitness Bands in India 2018

Fitness BandFeaturesBuy Online
Garmin Vivosmart HRGPS technology, Integrated barometric pressure Check the Price
Mi Fitness HRX Edition Water-resistant and high battery life,
energy saving technology
Check the Price
GOQii Fitness Tracker Advanced tracking algorithms, motion sensors Check the Price
Boltt Beat HRAuto-sleep detection, 24*7 heart rate monitoring Check the Price
Fitbit Charge 2 WirelessSmart app navigation, silent alarm Check the Price
Honor Band 3Long battery life, M4-core technology,
floating point algorithms
Check the Price
Huawei ERS-B29 Band 2 ProFirstbeat algorithm, 50-meter water resistant Check the Price

Out of all these, “Garmin VivoSmart HR+ Activity Tracker” has stolen our hearts. After knowing about its features, price and other factors, we have become a fan of it. We highly recommend this to any fitness freak if he/she is looking out the best for the best price.

Before knowing about each product, let us explain the “Buying Guide” factors to consider while choosing the best top 7 fitness bands in India.

The Best Fitness Bands India – Detailed Description

1. Garmin Vivosmart HR+ Activity Tracker (Under 10000)

Garmin Vivosmart HR Activity Tracker, Regular (Black)

Garmin is an American multi-national company which is one of the best producers of GPS-technology, automotive and aviation. The accurate data and product performance show how carefully the fitness bands are made.

It offers everything that you want from a fitness tracker. Features a wrist-based heart rate that also provides more accurate information about the burnt calories in your body when you do some activities like jogging, stretches or regular exercises.

Wear Garmin vivosmart fitness band that is capable of performing numerous tasks like auto-synchronization, no. of floor or steps climbed, monitors sleep, smart notifications, move bar alert and stopwatch.

All thanks to the Garmin fitness tracker that helps to note the readings when you climb the stairs using the integrated barometric pressure. It even displays the time and very comfortable to wear throughout the day as you are able to see the different parameters on display clearly even in the presence of sunlight.

You can synchronous the smartphones to Garmin fitness band wirelessly to get notified of calls, and messages. It reminds you to stay active with a moving bar and will vibrate if you are not using or inactive for at least 1 hour.

It is especially for those who are looking for a brand that can do high-end tasks with almost 5-days of battery life. However, there are few drawbacks like expensive nature, and no warranty on the product. And also the design structure of this Garmin vivosmart fitness band could have been better.

This device cannot monitor each and every action and only records the specific details of yours. So to get to know everything you have done, then it must feature GPS-system. You can find it in Garmin vivosmart HR+ Activity Tracker and Garmin vívoactive HR Smart Watch.

Both are from the same brand and the design structure is quite similar. The difference in prices and functionalities to track your data using GPS-navigation system and other sensors with a week-long battery life. Hence, it is considered as the best wrist band in india right now.

Amazing Features-Garmin Vivosmart Fitness Band

  • Activity timer settings.
  • Stop watch, monitors sleep activity.
  • Automatic synchronization mechanism.
  • Minutes intensity and smart notifications.
  • sunlight-readable touchscreen display unit.
  • Tracks and displays calories, steps, and heart rate.


  • Sleek design.
  • 5-days of battery life.
  • 2-inches of display unit.
  • Smart app connectivity.
  • Light-weighted (32-grams).
  • Waterproof fitness band.
  • Smart band with music control.


  • No warranty.
  • Expensive fitness band

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2. Mi Fitness HRX Edition (Under 1500)

Mi Band - HRX Edition

Next one in the list is MI band. It occupied 2nd place on our list because of high battery life and the smart options.

When compared to Garmin, this Mi fitness band is the best budget smart band in India right now and is highly water-resistant. And the standby time (without using the device for a certain duration) of this Mi band is 23-days.

When you purchase the MI Fitness Band, you get the following:

  • Single strap
  • MI band sensor
  • Charging cable and
  • A user-guide

This wonderful device can track the steps, distance, calories, and sleeping hours and also shows the mobile notifications such as calls, messages and app alerts on the 0.42-inch display.

It comes with a Bluetooth connectivity option so that you can easily interface with any of your smart devices with Android version 5.0 or above. For this, no passwords or fingerprints required. It directly sends alert to the wrist band so that you don’t actually miss the calls, notifications or messages.

As the device is made with aluminium alloy and thermoplastic elastomer materials it is very hard to break. Due to the water-resistant nature, it can withstand up to 30-minutes in 1-meter of water level.

The updated pedometer algorithm in this fitness band filters out all the unnecessary movements like walking or climbing steps. Alert system will give a buzz when you are sitting continuously for a long time and also tells the person when to walk or take a break.

It uses OLED display unit to view the parameters like steps, distance covered and the calories covered. The battery is made with lithium polymer material; hence the standby time is 23-days.

The performance of Mi band is too good as it features long-battery life and excellent features that match with the requirements of a fitness freak. It is the only best and cheap fitness band in india available in the market right now. The only thing we didn’t like about this product is that it is restricted to limited features which isn’t enough and also it doesn’t have heart-rate sensor.

Comparatively Mi Band 2 (Black) costs higher than HRX-Edition. But the Mi Band 2 features gravity sensors, Bluetooth-4.0 and lasts for 20 days when charged once. They designed this model specially for those who want to track their heart rates (elders, heart-patients) and get intimated. And is very affordable too.

Amazing Features- MI Fitness Band

  • OLED-display unit.
  • Water-resistant (IP67).
  • Smart energy saving technology.
  • Bluetooth connectivity option.


  • Cheap fitness tracker in India.
  • Light-weighted (9-grams).
  • 23-days of standby time.
  • Generates accurate data.
  • Uses finest quality material.


  • Limited features.
  • No heart-rate sensor

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3. GOQii Fitness Tracker with Personal Coaching (Under 4000)

GOQii Fitness Tracker

Unlike other brands, this smart fitness tracker comes with motion sensors and advanced tracking algorithms to trace your day-to-day activities more precisely.

With this amazing fitness band, you get the readings of walking or climbing steps, heart-rate, distance covered and calories burnt. when connected via Bluetooth network to a smart phone with Android version-4.3 and IOS-devices above 8.0 it will receive the notifications of WhatsApp, messages, calls, and emails.

Download the GOQii app from the google play store or Apple store to interface mobile with the fitness tracker and observe the readings. It even provides cognitive games to the users for relieving stress and sharpen their mind.

It does not require any separate charger as it features a USB-integrated charger on a device. With this, you can charge the fitness tracker by connecting to the laptops, power banks or any other sources. It has a battery life of 7-days so as to use effectively.

Along with this product there is a family care plan with a validation of 12-months to visit experts and doctors.

The product manufacturer offers 1-year warranty for defects and is not applicable just in case of lost item or any physical damages.

Overall, it’s good to have this on your wrist. But when compared to the above-mentioned models, it is not much effective and also not a water-resistant device. Hence, you can opt for this model only when you decide to have it for limited usages and invest very less on fitness smartwatches in India.

Amazing Features- GOQii Fitness Tracker

  • Phone notifications.
  • Distance and active hours.
  • USB-integrated charger.
  • Inactivity and time alarm.
  • Has built-in lithium battery.
  • Heart care activity tracker.
  • Auto-sleep mode option.


  • 7-days of battery life.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Impressive edge design.
  • Cloud storage for health records.
  • 12-months warranty for any sort of defects.


  • Not a water-proof.

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4. Boltt Beat HR Fitness Tracker with Personalized Health Coaching (Under 6000)

Boltt Beat HR Fitness Tracker with 3 Months Personalized Health Coaching

This wonderful fitness tracking device is available in dazzling blue, deep red and black colours. It is designed to provide comprehensive health and fitness solutions for users with actionable feedback to transform his lifestyle.

Just like GOQii, it offers personalized health and fitness coaching subscription along with the fitness tracker. Depending on the requirements, you can go with the subscription plans (using Boltt health app) to get fit or lose weight.

When you personalize to al coach, you will get voice and text to support all your activities.

No manual logs required as it performs the tasks by recognition of the motion and activities. It is a 24*7 heart rate monitoring device that helps to do the tasks like tack your activities-sleep, steps, workouts, running, walking, and calories accurately.

The bio-sensing tracker senses the heart-rate continuously during workouts or at the training sessions.  It also has intelligent motion sensor and automatic sleep detection for monitoring the quality of sleep for greater accuracy.

As the battery is made with lithium polymer material, it can withstand for just 72-hours once charged.

When compared to the above-mentioned models, it has very good design structure and also guides according to the requirements set by the user for losing weight or get fit. Overall, it’s good to use as it comes at very low-prices and performs numerous tasks effortlessly. That’s why it has become one of the best fitness band on our list.

Amazing Features- Fitness Band

  • GPS-Integration.
  • Boltt app health coach.
  • Health tracker fitness band.
  • Intelligent motion sensor.
  • Advanced data tracking system.
  • Automatic sleep detection feature.


  • 1-year of warranty.
  • 24*7 heart rate monitoring.
  • 48-hours of average battery life.
  • Built-in all personal coach.
  • Comes in a reasonable amount.


  • Not much reliable.
  • Low-battery life (72-hours)

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5. Fitbit Charge 2 Wireless Activity Tracker (Under 15000)

Number 5 on the list is from Fitbit. It is a very famous brand for designing high-end products like activity tracker by adopting to wireless-enabled technology to measure the quality of sleep, steps count, and thereby enhances the fitness levels of an individual.

Fitbit Charger 2 is the best tracker you can buy right now and best suits for those who want to get fit just by jogging. This wonderful device is available in 7-different colours like black, blue, plum, gunmetal, lavender rose, and teal.

This classy fitness band is a water-resistant and is 4-times better than the above-mentioned models.   You can see the call, message notifications, time and date on OLED display unit of fitness tracker.

You can even track and measure the data like distance, steps, calories, pure pulse, heart-rate and active minutes or hours. With the results, you need to understand the body fitness levels and try to improve over the time by maximizing workouts or cardiovascular exercises.

When you fall asleep it will wake you up with a silent-vibrating alarm. The fitness band with GPS-system helps to see the real-time statistics like distance and pace. Also, personalizes the breathing sessions based on the heart-rate.

It has a very stylish look that may suit with your requirements to fit with customizable clock faces and interchangeable bands. The device has an option to synchronous automatically to the wireless devices by adopting to the Bluetooth technology.

Depending on the usage, charging duration may last for a maximum of 5-days. It is very expensive than other models in our line-up.

Overall, the performance of the device is too good. What makes us so depressed is the expensive nature and the phone notifications are very limited-it may not display the Whats App, Facebook or any other social networking notifications. Apart from this, it’s totally a good one to buy.

If you want to go with more advanced features in the same brand, then my suggestion is to have Fitbit Alta HR or Fitbit One. They have Bluetooth connectivity option, smart tracking mechanism to connect and records the readings of heart rate, steps, calories, and sleep hours. Though they are expensive devices, delivers high performance by providing accurate results to the consumers.

It has a battery life of a week-long and also the manufacturer offers 1-year warranty on the product.

Amazing Features- Fitness Band

  • Pulse rate tracker.
  • Interchangeable bands.
  • GPS-connectivity option.
  • Large OLED display unit.
  • Smart automatic tracking system.


  • 5-days of battery life.
  • Multi-sport tracking system.
  • Synchronous to wireless devices.
  • Best activity tracker smartwatch.
  • Fitness band with calling facility, message notifications.


  • Too expensive.
  • Limited phone notifications.

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6. Honor Band 3 Activity Tracker (Under 5000)

Honor Band 3 Activity Tracker

The fitness activity tracker from the Honor band is the most accurate and smart bands available in India. Honor Band 3 is a great combination for your smartphone. Once you get connected with it you get all sort of health-data like blood pressure, heart rate etc.

When compared to the other fitness bands on the list, Honor band has a very long battery life of 30-days. It comes with the advanced sleep tracking system to offer you better sleep at night times. The smart alarming option will let you wake up without disturbing kids or other family members.

It is very good at monitoring the heart-rate by giving the accurate results to the users with just a click on your wrist. You can connect to the relevant apps to monitor and secure the data of individual’s health.

The customized swimming mode tracks the swimming time, calories burnt, and many more as it is highly resistant to water of level 50-meters. M4-core technology embedded in it supports the floating point algorithms for 10-different possibilities.

When you link to your smartphone via GPS, it traces all the routes that you have gone through and provides instant results after performing a specific task.

Further, it features caller ID and call rejection modes. Thus, it brings joy to wear on wrist as it comes in vibrant colours like black, blue and orange. It just weighs 18-grams.

Note: Depending up on the usage capabilities, the lifespan of honor band 3 may differ.

The performance of the Honor band 3 is excellent as it accomplishes numerous tasks like heart rate, calories burnt, steps etc. There are no major flaws for this produce. Hence it has become one of our top fitness bands in the list.

Amazing Features- Fitness Band

  • Smart notifications.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Calorie counter watch India.
  • Heart rate monitoring system.
  • Advanced sleep tracking system.


  • Highly water resistant.
  • Light-weighted design.
  • 30-days of battery life.
  • Fashionable and stylish design.
  • All day assistant fitness band.


  • No major drawbacks

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7. Huawei ERS-B29 Band 2 Pro Activity Tracker (Under 6000)

Huawei ERS-B29 Band 2 Pro Activity Tracker

Last one in the list is from Huawei brand. Huawei comes with a pack of features in a compact design at reasonable prices. If you are the one looking for more accurate and precise metrics, then this is for you.

It has an independent GPS system, that enables the speed, movement and distance tracking without accessing to the phone. Also supports breathing exercises, running, swimming and other features let you accept the challenges on daily basis.

With this you can monitor the status of sleep and the data. It uses firstbeat algorithm to perform the specific tasks.

The notifications may include calls, messages, emails, events, WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media apps on the display unit of fitness band.

It’s actually a 50-meter water resistant band with a smooth ergonomic design that looks good and let you do great things in life.

This wonderful device helps to maximize the performance in running speed, strength, and also monitors the heart rate to stay healthy.

The performance of Huawei fitness tracker is too good as it features excellent functionalities that records the data like heart-rate, steps, sleep, calories etc. When you look at the device it is very attractive. But the display unit is too small compared to others on the list.

You are willing to have this on your wrist, but cannot afford huge-amounts, then the best alternative is to go with Huawei ERS-B19 Band 2. Both Huawei ERS-B29 and ERS-B19 have the same functionalities and features. But there is a slight change in prices. This is specially designed for those who cannot invest more money on fitness bands or trackers and more worried about the health.

Amazing Features- Fitness Band

  • GPS-positioning system.
  • Sleep status monitoring.
  • Data storage mechanism.
  • Fitness band with caller ID, message alerts.


  • Best budget fitness band.
  • 50-meter of water resistant.
  • Displays 12-hour time format.
  • Seamless comfort with a bold style.


  • Small-sized display.

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Buying Guide for Fitness Band/Activity Tracker

 It is important for everyone to know about the fitness band before they are going to purchase- online or offline. As there are plenty of options available in the market, choosing the right one is always a bit fuzzy. So to help you out we have come with a buying guide that helps to take the correct decision by considering the key factors like Stylish design, price, compatibility, water-resistant etc. Read below to know more in detail!

1. Style: Bracelet, Watch, Clip

Before choosing a tracker, it is important to know which type of fitness tracker would be flexible for you. Most of the  fitness trackers in India are available in either clip-ons, bracelets or watches. Clip-ons can easily fall off, whereas bracelets and watches can get in the way while washing dishes or typing.

If you are fed up of the watches or if they don’t fit well to your clothing, then opt for a clip-on or bracelet. Clip-ons don’t have a display so; you have to rely on smartphone to look at your tracked activity.

2. Heart-Monitoring

This feature monitors heart rate during activities and while resting which gives a significant boost to accuracy. Though heart monitoring features sounds excellent but some people may not need it. If you are interested in knowing your heart rate to improve your health then this feature is available in Garmin VivosmartFitbit Charge 2.

3. Tracking Sleep

Many fitness bands can also track sleep. Using a three-axis accelerometer, this feature usually watches for the movement in a more sensitive degree than during the day. They report the graphs which shows the times when you were in deep sleep and light sleep based on your motion.

4. Sport Specific

If you are sportsperson, then try to purchase a fitness band that tracks your training. For example: for runner, a fitness band should provide time, distance, pace and lap time. For swimmers, it has to waterproof apart from tracking.

5. App Experience

Do you want to record all the data, stress level, calories consumed and other stuff tracked by a fitness tracker? Then purchase the one which can incorporate it with the app in your smartphone.

6. Water-resistant

To make your fitness tracker work all the day even at the time of swimming then you need to go with the band that can handle more than a splash of water. In this article, we have provided some top-class fitness bands that supports water-resistant feature that may match with your requirements.

7. Compatibility

They are specially designed to establish a strong wireless communication with the Smartphones-Android or IOS devices. You must check whether the device is compatible or not and also it should display the readings like heart rate, calories, steps, sleep hours etc., depending on the requirements.

However, not all the brands will not display the same parameters. So you should choose the fitness band accordingly.

8. Battery

A fitness tracker is a device that is meant for prolonged wear. So batteries are very important to make the device run continuously for a long-time. Many of the trackers uses lithium-ion batteries that can be charged via USB by connecting to laptops or power banks to keep a track of all the activities throughout the day. Different bands offer different battery lives and you need to choose the one that match with your lifestyle.

9. Pricing factor

Most of the fitness trackers comes at very low-prices. If you want to use it just to calculate footsteps and calories, then low-budget fitness trackers do a great job.

Your ultimate goal is to track running, heart-rate, sleep hours and many other amazing functions then high-end bands will offer you the accurate results. Though these devices are expensive but generates the right information with greater performance and also the battery life is good than the expected.

Some Amazing Features in Fitness Band

1. GPS system

Fitness bands with built-in GPS are more expensive than the regular models. In addition to the tracking the steps and distance, it can even track the speed, number of laps and the exact location. It’s a great option for those who do regular exercises, jogging (preferred outdoors) as the device effectively communicates with the satellite signals to generate the accurate information.

2. Heart-rate monitor

To measure the fitness level, it is must to know about the heart-rate. Hence, all the fitness bands are equipped with the heart rate monitoring sensor to record the heart rate for a specific time.

There are some advanced models that come with the chest strap and if you don’t prefer such models then go with the real time display that uses finger sensor to measure the electrical signals from your heart.

3. Blood pressure monitoring

Knowing the readings of blood pressure is the best possible way to monitor your health. As it tracks the wrist arteries and gives accurate results on the display unit of fitness band. As the fitness bands are interfaced with smartphones, tablets or laptops you can view them directly and analyse the results so as to be fit and healthy.

4. Calorie counting

Calorie counting is an another important feature that a fitness band possess. It calculates the number of calories burnt when do a specific task by measuring steps, stairs climbed etc. You can even add your weight to the formula for more optimized results.

5. Steps tracking

This is the simple way to track is by calculating the number of steps using GPS-system or accelerometer. You can just wear it on wrist and get the results instantly. These 5 are the amazing features that almost every fitness band possess right now that are available in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to maintain your fitness band clean?

To maintain the fitness band neatly, it’s very important to clean the device especially when you are sweating. Here are few things that you should do.

  • Firstly, wipe out with a damp cloth and use only the mild soap to remove oil or dirt on it.
  • Do not use body soap, dish washers or other cleaning liquids as they get trapped under the band and make you feel irritated.
  • After cleaning, allow it to dry for some time by keeping it in sunlight for few hours-say 2/3 hours.
  • If you have allergies, eczema, and asthma you are more likely to experience the symptoms from a wearable device. If the symptoms last for more than 2-3days then immediately consult a skin specialist or dermatologist.
  • Before charging the fitness band, make sure the USB-port is completely clean and dry.

2. Can fitness band only be paired with one device at a time?

Yes, you can only pair the fitness band with only one device at a time. It is not possible for any branded device to pair with multiple or so as it required complex algorithms to be loaded in the device which in turn consumes more data that has to be stored.

As of now, there are no such pairing options available in the market. May be we can expect in future.

3. What is the reason for my screen turning black?

Sometimes the buttons on the fitness band may not respond quickly. Further, when you press the button, the screen may remain black. Leave it for 1-minute and again press the buttons gently. Now you are able to see the time, readings etc. Else there could be problem in the internal circuitry or the damaged piece.

4. Is it possible to add my own exercise to the fitness plan?

No, the user cannot change the activities that are being calculated using fitness band. It requires some code-stuff to get access to the device and change the plan. However, there are many fitness bands in the market that are designed to match with the requirements of customers.

5. What sort of notifications do I get on fitness tracker?

These notification alerts also vary from brand to brand. Some fitness trackers notify only the emails, calls and messages while the others include events, WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social networking app alerts.

6. How to connect fitness band to smartphone via Bluetooth?

First press the Bluetooth button on the fitness band. Then turn on the Bluetooth option on smartphone. Now you can see the pairing options on your smartphone (names). Simply click on the respective device name and pair with it (by entering the same code on both the devices).

Few Words to Say

With so many good options available in the market, we tried to pick up Garmin Vivosmart HR Activity Tracker as the best and most promising ones on the list. Because it has excellent features like timer settings, sunlight-readable touchscreen displays, and automatic synchronization mechanism Tracks and displays calories, steps, and heart rate.

Additionally, it features smart connectivity option to record the readings accurately. This fitness band India reviews and ratings are good for the sleek design, waterproof support, light-weighted and greater battery life.

So, which fitness band do you prefer? Still confused which one to choose? Write your questions and experiences in the comments section below. We love to hear from you.

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