What’s the Difference Between 4G LTE & VoLTE?

Until a few months ago, everyone thought 4G LTE is the next big thing in India. But, thanks to Reliance Jio, now the term (technology) 4G VoLTE has become much more popular. However, only a few tech enthusiasts know about what the 4G VoLTE technology is and hence in this article, we’ll try to clear your confusions regarding the 4G LTE and 4G VoLTE.

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4G LTE vs VoLTE: Major Differences

What is 4G LTE?

4G means the fourth generation of data technology for mobile networks, while the LTE stands for Long Term Evolution. Together, 4G LTE data technology helps the cellular network providers to offer the high speed data for all the 4G supported phones. In fact, a 4G Internet is 4 to 5x faster than the 3G technology. Through LTE, you’ll only be able to surf the web i.e., use the data. So, all the other services like voice calls, SMS messages will not be served through the LTE network (they use 2G/3G technologies instead).

Currently, 4G is offered in different bands such as 850 MHz, 1800 MHz, 2300 MHz and 700 MHz.

What is 4G VoLTE?

The VoLTE on the other hand stands for Voice Over LTE. It means that unlike the 4G LTE, even the calls, SMS and web browsing will be served through the 4G VoLTE technology. Saying so, you’ll be using the Internet data plan to make calls, send SMS or browse the web all together.

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What are the Benefits of using 4G VoLTE over 4G LTE?

There are a variety of reasons why using the latest VoLTE technology over the LTE is beneficial. Below a few popular reasons.

  • High quality voice calls
  • High definition video calls
  • Better battery life
  • Quick call connection
  • Increased VoIP functionality
  • Instant switching between voice and video calls

As of now, Jio is the only carrier with PAN India license to use the 2300 MHz spectrum.

What’s the Difference between 4G LTE and 4G VoLTE?

With 4G LTE, one can use the data (Internet) to surf the web, use the apps that require Internet connection etc…All the calls and SMS services will be carried through either 2G or 3G network.

Fortunately, the VoLTE or Voice Over LTE, as the name suggests, handles all the services like browsing, voice calls, SMS etc…through the data/Internet. This enables you to make HD voice calls over the web (similar to the WhatsApp voice calling, which make calls over the IP network).

In summary, you can use LTE without VoLTE but by definition, it is not possible to deliver VoLTE without LTE.

However, the only disadvantage is that when you’re travelling to remote places in India where there is no reliable 4G network, you’ll be switched back to the 2G/3G network (whichever is available).

Currently, Reliance Jio is the only cellular provider that is offering the 4G VoLTE services in India. Rest of the big players like Airtel, Idea, BSNL etc are readying themselves to convert to the new technology in the coming days.

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