How to Increase BSNL Broadband Speed in 2019?

bsnl broadband speed hackBSNL Broadband is one of the most used Internet broadband services in India. However, number of users complain a lot about the download speed of their Internet. Although, BSNL claims that the users get a minimum of 2MBPS speed, the speed will drop to 512 KBPS as soon as your FUP limit is exceeded. In some cases, even though the monthly FUP limit is still not reached, you may see a decline in the download speed due to several reasons.

The only answer BSNL employees give you for the decreased speed is to upgrade to a higher plan. Unfortunately, this is not the ideal solution for many and in this article, we shall see the exact tips to increase BSNL broadband speed without having to upgrade to a bigger plan.

Before following these tips, just make sure you take a screenshot of your Internet speed using the website ‘‘ so that you can verify whether the speed was actually increased or not.

#1.How to Increase Download Speed of BSNL Broadband?

Generally, every Windows operating system reserves 20% of the bandwidth provided by your Internet service providers. So, if we can try to reduce the limit to ‘0 %’, then we can use the complete bandwidth allocated for us.

There are several tools that claim they could increase your Broadband download speed but don’t rely on them as they could harm your computer with viruses. Most of the Internet boosters are created by hackers who intend to steal your information – If you install any of those software on your computer, you’re voluntarily giving keys to them to access your valuable information stored on your computer or laptop.

increase bsnl broadband bandwidth

So, better not to use those tools and stick with the normal trick mentioned below with which you can easily improve the download speed of your BSNL broadband or any other Internet connection for that matter.

  1. Navigate to Start > Run in Windows XP/Vista. If you’re using Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10, then you’ll have to install the Group policy editor manually. This tutorial will guide you. Once done, proceed to 2nd step.
  2. Type “gpedit.msc” to open the group policy editor.
  3. Navigate to “Local Computer Policy” >> “Computer Configuration” >> “Administrative Templates” >> “Network” >> “QOS Packet Scheduler” >> “Limit Reservable Bandwidth.”
  4. Now, double-click on the option named “Limit Reservable Bandwidth” and change the value from ’20’ to ‘0’ without quotes.

The third-party DNS servers are always better than the default BSNL DNS servers. So changing these can also help you to increase the download speed of your BSNL broadband.

#2.How to use Google DNS to Increase BSNL Internet Speed?

google dns settings

  1. Go to Start >> Control Panel >> Network and Sharing Center/Network Connections >> Open “Local Area Connection” and click on “Properties” button.
  2. Now click on “TCP/IP” and in the DNS address fields, replace the current DNS servers with the below two addresses.

    Preferred DNS Server:
    Alternate DNS Server:

  3. Click “OK” and restart the Internet connection.

That’s it! The above tips worked excellently for me to increase my BSNL broadband speed.

#3.Clear Browser Cache to Speedup BSNL Broadband

Sometimes, you may encounter slower Internet speeds when the browser cache memory gets full. If you encounter slow downloads or frequent browser crashes, then first clear your browser cache and it will eventually solve the problem.

Firefox Users: Click CTRL+ALT+DELETE > Select ‘Everything’ and click ‘Clear Now’.

Chrome Users: Click CTRL+ALT+DELETE > Select ‘the beginning of time’ and click ‘Clear Browsing Data’.

#4.TCPOptimizer Software to Increase BSNL Broadband Speed

If all the above options seem too technical for you, then simply install this little software called ‘TCP Optimizer’ and it will do the trick for you. The software is free to use. Once installed, open the tool > increase the bar to desired speed and click ‘Apply Changes’.

bsnl speed increasing software

P.S: I’ve tried each of them to ensure that all these tricks work best to increase the download speed of BSNL broadband. So, if you’re encountering any decrease in the Internet speed, you can try these methods.