Download Android APK Files From Play Store To PC

Android is ruling the Smartphone market as the #1 mobile operating system for the past few years. Although there are many other popular Smartphone OS like iOS from Apple and Windows from Microsoft, Android still didn’t lose its charm. The main reason for this is the availability of limitless & useful Android applications in the Play Store. You’ll find at least a dozen apps for almost every use on the Google Play Store and most of them are FREE to download & install.

But, there is one problem which many mobile users are facing – Low internet bandwidth or speed. Most of the Smartphone users are not having a 4G mobile and even if some people have the 4G data plan, they’re having the limited bandwidth.

Of-course, some users are using the Jio 4G SIMs to access unlimited data on their latest 4G VoLTE phones, but the number is quite limited. So, if you’re one such user having mobile data problems and wanted to download Android apps on your mobile phone, then here is a solution to your problem.

Instead of downloading the Android apps from your Smartphone, why not download the .apk files to your PC directly from the Play Store and then transfer those .apk files to your device? Yes, doing so will speed up the download process as well as save your mobile Internet bandwidth so that you can use that for your browsing needs.

P.S: This works only if you’re having a broadband connection for your PC or you can use either your friends PC or go to a netcafe.

How to Download Android .apk files to PC from Play Store?

  1. First, go to the website ‘’.
  2. Next, type-in the name of your preferred Android app in the search field and hit Enter.
  3. Click on your preferred app.
  4. Once you’re taken to the actual app page, just copy complete URL from the address bar.
  5. Now, visit either the Evozi APK Downloader page or
  6. Paste the copied URL (from step 4) in the text field and hit ‘Generate Download Link’ button in case of Evozi and click ‘Search’ icon in case of ApkPure website.
    download android apk files to pc
  7. It will now generate a download link for your Android app. Click on the ‘Download‘ link and save the .apk file to your Computer.

That’s it! Your Android .apk file is now downloaded to your PC successfully. Once it is done, you can transfer the apk file to your Android phone or Android powered tablet and install it manually.

Note: In case if your Smartphone shows an error ‘Install blocked’, then simply click ‘cancel’ and go to Settings > Security and enable the option ‘Unknown Sources’. You can then install the apps manually without any errors.

Install Android Apps from Unknown Sources

This process is helpful especially for those who’re having a limited Internet plan on their mobile but has access to a computer with Internet connection.

For easy understanding, watch the video tutorial below.

How to Download Android Apps to PC Directly from Play Store?

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