Tusa Tyre Inflator Review 2020

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Tusa Tyre Inflator 

Flat tires are the worst and in a country like India, you never know when you’re going to get one or how worse it could be. The TUSA tyre inflator is a digital tyre inflator that one can use by directly plugging it into your car’s cigarette lighter and you are good to go. 

But is it really worth your money? Well, today we are going to talk about that and decide if you should buy it or not. 

How do we know about this you ask? Well, we have gone out and tried the device for ourselves. I personally tried and tested the device on my own car. You can actually catch my video review down below. 

What are the factors that contribute to the quality of Tusa Tyre Inflator?

In all the basics, the Tusa tyre inflator has the very same functionality as that of any other digital tyre inflator. 

The Build and The Box:

The box was delivered neatly packed and inside it, the device itself has been wrapped in bubble wrap (which you can notice that I’ve praised in the video as well). 

Beneath all of the wrapping lay the product. Neatly polished in red and built with sturdy plastic, the product feels heavy in hand and is actually very sturdy in quality too  (As I’m not good with handling things physically, I always prefer products with sturdy build quality just to be sure).

A power button and a button to switch on the torchlight (will get to that soon) are given and right beneath that was a dashboard of sorts. It a display and 3 buttons, The ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons are for the adjustments of the pressure values whereas the ‘R’ button resets the entire values to default.

The tyre inflator has a 3-metre long wire that, at one end has a plugin capability through which you can directly plug it into the cigarette lighter of the car. I found it helpful as there was no tug of war in order to reach all of the tyres of my car.

The nozzle of the inflator has a meter long pipe that is neatly coiled up neatly into the pocket of space on the side of the device.  Neat and Easy for storage. The nozzle also comes with a locking system which, when clicked, locks the nozzle onto the tyre and this makes sure of two things.

  • The air cannot escape easily
  • The nozzle does not come off easily

Additionally, Tusa also provides you with a packet of three different sized nozzle extensions. One each for different use cases ranging from filling in footballs, basketballs to filling the air of toys, bikes, bicycles or any other inflatable with different nozzle dimensions.

You are also given an additional fuse, which, is ideal in cases when the internal fuse goes off due to any reason.

Working of the Inflator:

We first decided to test out the device on a car(s). As is the case with any digital inflator, all we did was plug in the device to the cigarette lighter and the nozzle to the tyre. 

Before we powered the device on, the display shows us the default air pressure present in the tyre. While the digits were clear, the units were clearly laid out and well lit with backlight, I felt that the dashboard could have been a little bigger. But then again, given the pricing, warranty and the support, this is more than acceptable.

Now we set the desired tyre pressure (33 PSI but we have set it to about 33.5 in order to compensate the air loss when we remove the nozzle). Hit the power button and it began to roar to action.

This is where I have another small concern. The device seems to make quite a little noise but again, I felt that the same is the case with any of these digital tyre inflators. I had a Bergmann Typhoon tyre inflator and though it was great, it too, had an issue with the noise of operation. Thus I concluded that it is very common for tyre inflators to be noisy.

The Flashlight:

While this may not be a big of a deal to a lot of people, I found that the torchlight that is integrated into the tyre inflator is great and bright. Comparing it to my Bergmann Typhoon, this one is way brighter.

The reason I’m particular about this is the fact that I have a very dark garage and this has been super helpful to fill out or even check out the tyre pressure before I decided to drive around for early morning meetings. No one likes to wait in a gas station early in the morning.

Warranty and Support:

The device has an incredibly great build quality and a tad bit light in weight for that matter. TUSA provides you with a staggering 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and their support wins a lot of points as well.

I have called them up just to check on how they fare with customers (I basically asked them a bunch of questions about the product, the replacement policy and even on basics of how to use the product as well). They have been nothing short of a delight. 

Wrapping it up:

In all fairness, except for the small display screen and a little noise (which is very common in tyre inflators, I and my team have tried the device for a while now. We are pretty satisfied with the service and the quality the product has been giving us.

If you are a corporate person who has no time to spend in petrol bunks or gas stations, or if you’re a traveller who is always on the move, this product suits well and perfect for you.

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